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  1. lowblow added a post in a topic Confessional   

    I don't want to post in the gothfruits thread bc I honestly think that s/he is a trans trender and I can't call this person a "they" it's the same problem I had with the Sara Marie Jude Karda thread and I'm afraid I'll get downvoted to hell for not using the right "pronouns". I don't really like using they/them pronouns so I can't really get behind it in the first place, the phrasing in the thread confuses me often because I find it hard to follow what "they" posters are referring to... I'd rather there was just a clearer line there. Also some people keep referring to rin whatever as "he". With the confusion and my personal opinions on the existence of nonbinarism (which is that I don't really believe in it) I've decided to stay out of it... even though I'd like to make a comment I really don't want to say anything if it will anger people. 
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  2. lowblow added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    + to add onto that imo survival shows should have a minimum age for contestants because seeing 96 liners be the oldest members of the show is kind of discomforting and I think most survival shows should be tailored to trainees in their mid-teens to twenties, not early teens, the process is very laborious and it's not good for kids who've literally just started puberty to be on rigorous survival shows that are even more stressful than training
    age range for survival shows should be 5-8 years between oldest contestants and youngest contestants, not 10-15, so like 1994-2002 liners as an example range instead of 1993-2005 liners please. 2005 liners make me sooo uncomfortable to see competing alongside people who are already grown adults, specially in the case of ygs treasure box show where you could see the 05 line boys looked 13 years old compared to the 18-19 year old 99-00 line boys...  and don't get me started on produce 48 where wonyoung and yujin who I still think are too young to be debuting kept being shoehorned into the sexy concept box despite being middle school kids no no no no
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  3. lowblow added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    my mother and sister said a pair of jeans that were giving me fucking cameltoe looked "good" on me... are you insane...
    ladies I know you're both waifs who wear your clothing two sizes too small but please understand if something is hugging my vajayjay that tightly it doesn't fit at all, please understand, it's about me being comfortable and not about me having shit fit snugly as possible
    and they can claim to be authorities on fashion whose clothes "fit properly" all they want, doesn't change the fact that the shit they wear is typically at least a size too small and I like to be comfortable!
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  4. lowblow added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    they want someone to target and they picked you because you want to help the side they oppose, I guess. As someone who's been the recipient of unwanted attention like that from a harassment standpoint before, even though I wasn't the only person involved for the harassers to harass, the only thing I could really do was step away for a bit, observe and report from the shadows. I kind of did what you did, because I felt hapless and like there was no other way for me to escape them. And I got tired of it too. 
    nobody should have to deal with threats and other insanity because someone brands them their "target" in a larger scale situation. you're not the only one who opposes Vic, they just think they can do this to you because they find you to be most targetable. You have a voice and want to help others, and that angers them. people like them are trash. Hopefully they'll get tired and stop. I think you've taken decent measures by protecting your account... though I wish it didn't have to be this way. Sometimes the only thing you can do actively is stay more mum to avoid these loonies.
    if they don't stop, by all means, keep reporting them and having your mutuals report them. you may not have a huge amount of followers but you clearly do have followers who are watching out for your sake, and that is a good thing, because that means they will also help to take these people down, observe and report them. 
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  5. lowblow added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I have like 0 followers so luckily I haven't really gotten on their radar...
    So you/your friends reported this person to twitter for directly mentioning you? why haven't they done anything? That's harassment plain and simple, why the fuck wouldn't they take this person down? They're encouraging others to harass you, that alone should be grounds to ban them.
    as for interaction with VAs, I follow a couple I like who have Instagram accounts. Since I'm very shy about interacting with them I don't respond a lot to their twitter posts as often anymore. maybe for the time being you could use an Instagram account if you don't have one already, change the username if it's linked to your current one, or make a new Instagram, and use that as a line of communication with VAs who have Instagram?
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  6. lowblow added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    only 24 hours?
    ONLY 24 hours?
    thats a light sentencing...
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  7. lowblow added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    this is one of the few forum communities where i feel more safe talking about myself, all the other ones have been corrupted by weirdos for me
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  8. lowblow added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    the art style of that show is so ugly to begin with and not even in a stylistically sucky way, it's just ugly
    and it's so uncomfortable because it makes me think way too much about how awkward and disgusting puberty was
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  9. lowblow added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    the kind of boba tea i like is something this local place calls ""fusion tea"", which is sort of like sweetened, better ice tea
    it's the kind of boba tea i favor, i dont really like the milky stuff as much and it does not mix well with the consistency of boba. i like the fruit flavored tea a lot better than any of the milk based teas
    the only milky asian drinks i like are certain calipico flavors, which go down like smooth soda, i thought calipico looked really gross when i first picked it up, but i ended up liking it.
    normal milk triggers my bad breath gene and i really do not like drinking it. for some reason, it gives me the nastiest aftertaste and the nastiest breath. chocolate mlik is probably the one form of milk that doesn't do that.
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  10. lowblow added a post in a topic Coolsculpting   

    i'd love to get rid of the fat on my stomach and thighs specifically since i find it to be pesky and i will have inclination towards cellulite buildup even if i continue to stay skinny and don't exercise enough, even when i was at my most fit i had jiggle... i really can't afford it and it'll probably come back if i am not cohesive enough to maintain my body (facing it, i probably won't be)
    i'd rather not do it if i don't have to, it seems like an easy way out, but i can't afford it nor do i think itll last
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  11. lowblow added a post in a topic Brittany Venti   

    Edit: double posted for some reason, please delete/merge my posts i am so sorry somehow the site messed up
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  12. lowblow added a post in a topic Brittany Venti   

    there was a pic showing she attended a 4chan /pol/  meetup (why on gods green earth would you do that...). she was as far as i could see, the only girl there.

    someone also said she's wearing a "pedobear" cosplay here, hence the furry suit. i can't confirm nor deny that, but it probably is.
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  13. lowblow added a post in a topic Annie Smith (Lil Xan)   

    aren't they like 18? babies shouldn't be having babies... or faking pregnancies.... these face tatted soundclouts with no talent and chance at relevancy within the next five years ought to be mindful of the fact that they're sooner going to be forgotten than remembered
    i guess once his career is done mr. xannie will have fun finding a job in the fast food industry, i dont think even hot topic will take someone with those atrocious tats
    not to say that everyone on soundcloud is untalented (there are some good singers on soundcloud and i've found quite a few indie k-rappers who have decent material, wading through the masses, soundcloud is good for some things), but there are very many soundcloud rappers with no presence and mumble mouth druggie voices whose appeal fizzles out as quickly as it gains traction, and he is very much one of those
    speaking of soundcloud rappers i'm surprised that lil pump the forgotten suicide squad castmember somehow ended up on a song with kanye west, because god that kid is atrocious as well.
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  14. lowblow added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    YHS should really step down as CEO at this point... but I doubt he'll do it. They need someone who can manage their artists better who doesn't have a shady history of harassing them, giving them false promises, and entrapping them in their contracts. Not to mention the legal implications of what he's currently tangled in. 
    I heard yg's stock is falling, in the very least for now there seems to be residual consequences that are affecting the company as a whole.
    YHS may have "fired" seungri, that doesn't erase his own dubious dealings
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  15. lowblow added a post in a topic Confessional   

    there were some personal cows I almost considered making a thread for, a long time ago when the drama with them was current, so, mid last year (July-Oct)
    then I found out that one of them that I know of has a PULL account and is an OP of a thread in one of the personality sections. but that's like their only post, and I don't think they've been online recently. the other one may have a PULL account and lurked around me since they used to stalk me feverishly but I haven't really bothered to try and find out what it is.
    one of them has an inactive lolcow thread and I didn't add said thread to lolcow... they probably think I did but I'm not responsible. they blamed me for everything including shit I did not do, so I was afraid that if I made a post when the drama was at its height that it'd come across too vendetta like. even though I'm not the only person they've creeped on.
    people really hate them on the respective site that they're on, but they're not instagram personalities or gurus. They're forumers who are notable for making cringeworthy and edgy posts and openly talking about really gross sujects on a forum site, and harassing people there for disagreeing with them, rather than people who attention whore by showing their face. Which is a toxic, albeit different sort of bad from the microcelebs, instagrammers and  youtubers 
    both stopped being dramatic eventually- so the well kind of dried up + they were personally threatening and harassing me as of like a fucking month ago even tho the drama was supposed to be over in October they kept exacerbating it and passive aggressively harassing , I'm glad I never tried to get them added here. they haven't done anything since to me, but I'll never see these ppl as redeemable. they were certainly wacko. the mods finally made them leave the site that we were on after putting their foot down and saying that any references to abuse/harassment/edgy shit that goes against rules would be an insta ban for them, AMEN. 
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