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  1. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    i'm suuuUuUuUuUuUuUuper late to the party but hey, another apology video!
    it was a good video, I must say. numbers dropping are really a good alert, huh??
    my last question for all this situation is: did that hurt, Kenna???? lol see, it's not hard to say you're wrong and do the right thing.
    maybe she can finally learn from her mistakes now and don't push things to the extreme, before everything blows up in her face ^^
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  2. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Twitch.tv Cam Girls   

    uuuuhh giiirrll I wish I had some tea hahaha but to be honest, I would not be surprised if some big mods did something like this, to protect their loved ones.
    and for registration, my mocha prince is lirik 
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  3. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Twitch.tv Cam Girls   

    well, you got me here. There's 2 RP streamers that I think it fits, though.
    but if you are expecting some WoW player or League player, I won't send you that. Because I don't give a fuck about those games.
    also this hassan meme is so funny, i'm probably banging him right now and i'm not even a streamer! hi hassan~~~~~ luv ya bb :3
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  4. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Twitch.tv Cam Girls   

    i'll put my answer in a spoiler so it doesn't get too big, ok?
    tl;dr: it's okay to complain about this type of girl (kinda NSFW - she's already banned, btw) but not every girl on twitch is purposely using their body, at least I don't think so. I have like 3 different girls in my mind right now who do not do that.

    also i'd like to say that I really like twitch, so it's good to talk about its problems here. PULL is, by far, my favorite forum but some subjects are not discussed here, so it's nice.
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  5. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    sorry for digging up the post, but I REALLY need to get some things out of my chest... I have a confession to make...
    i'm having this huge obsession with joji miller...
    (yeah, that's right...)
    ((that's him...))
    (((papafranku, the filthy frank show, nyeeesss and all that shit...)))
    (someone pls help me)
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  6. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Twitch.tv Cam Girls   

    oh, this ^^^^^ 

    In reddit/livestreamfails and all they keep posting is "look at this whore, she did this, she did that" I mean... yeah, it sucks, but if is such a big problem, why people keep following the girl and talking about her? people always get triggered about titties.
    they (the girls) know this is a bad thing, the followers also know this, no one is completely innocent about it.
    "oh, there's people with actual talent and they actually care about the gaming community, why give attention to some random girl shaking her tatas in front of a camera?" 
    I'm gonna use the same argument that subscribers use when someone talk shit about their favorite: "don't watch it, then".
    this is all BabyRage BabyRage BabyRage to me
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  7. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    pretty soon, I guess. I hope she considered the possibility of making a better video, probably it's the only thing that could save her right now (if there's any salvation left)
    not that I care that much, but still
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  8. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    so if I put a blue bikini this automatically becomes a Mr. Meeseeks cosplay now? HEY, LOOK AT ME!!
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  9. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I don't understand. If this is an apology, why did she disable her comments? Wasn't this supposed to be a "lesson", so she can learn "from her mistakes"?
    And a 3:30 video is enough for her to resume all the shit she made? I don't think so... Just go straight to the point, Kenna: "hey guys, I did this & this & that, here's my apology to the creators, artists, people from YT I tried to drag under the bus, sorry to the fandoms, sorry if i'm being too extra with my yaoi obsession, I'll educate myself next time."
    move on with your life and that's it. Don't try to use pretty, "aesthetic" words to phrase the storm you caused, because that stuff wasn't cute.
    "when people demand apologies, I tend to run away. I'm not sure why"
    oh Kenna, I know why. Because you're a 12-year-old-princess who do no wrong =) that's why.
    sorry about the rant, everytime I see new things about this girl my salt levels jump through the roof. goddamnit, even JStar did a better apology video than her
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  10. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Instagram Sex Ring   

    what the fuck did I just read
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  11. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    oh sorry, I meant to say back in that time the kids would call you a "poser" if you didn't knew them since Hybrid Theory lol
    but yeah, the feeling is terrible, yesterday I came home and started to cry again with my mom, how someone that doesn't even know who you are can be such a huge part of our lives like this? I didn't want to be *this* affected by his situation, but I guess that's what makes some people so special in the first place...
    I hope Mike, Rob and everyone else are okay... :'(
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  12. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Holy Christ. I'm just... shocked.
    I wish I could be calm enough to write correctly about my fan relation with LP & Chaz, but goddamnit my mind just can't accept that as being true! 
    I started to like them when I was 11... and used to hear Meteora's musics on the TV, it was before the MP3 era and everything...my first CD was actually a DVD, a gift: Live In Texas, I know, a little "too late", but I didn't care that much at the time, because I couldn't afford the CDs myself... And then my mom got me Frat Party At The Pankake Festival and I watched that thing every single day... With subtitles, without subtitles, one day I got bored and started to watch in slowmotion lol... this band was responsible for all the interest that I have for the english language, I used to translate their lyrics with a dictionary, word by word... holy jesus I'm crying and this doesn't seem correct to me... because when I was depressive and feeling suicidal, LP's songs helped me a lot back that time... I still have my CD's, I got Hybrid Theory after some years when I was already a teenager and gathered some money, my whole collection with magazines and shit... I went to their first show here in my country, I still have the ticket... I fucking pierced my bottom lip because of Chester, goddamn... he was very emotional and yes, you could see he suffered a lot when he was younger, he said that himself in their first DVD... but fuck, man, this band made such a huge part in my life, I can't accept his death at all... especially in that way... i'm sorry, this is going to be all wrong but this situation really got me out of my mood, I wasn't expecting...
    R.I.P. Chester 
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  13. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Trisha Paytas (blndsundoll4mj)   

    I can't stop laughing
    summary: she hates people who drives under influence; she's not a top girl and 👏 will 👏 not 👏 lose 👏 weight 👏 to be on top, no sir uh-uh
    that's it lol
    actually it's funny because she's talking about someone using drugs and shit and clearly she's not the most sober person on earth
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  14. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic karlyelizabethk   

    LMAO that booty... people don't know how to prepare the photo before using liquify, that's the problem
    is there anything more interesting about her?
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  15. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    this is a very well-made video and sums up everything I hate about these MUA's on internet.
    that's why I avoid all kinds of big influencers when it comes to reviews because none of them seem genuine enough. it's all about the money!
    now, that snapchat is really disturbing, I just hope one day someone has courage enough to blackmail HIM or expose all his "dirt" because goddamn this bitch really needs a reality check, he's not the only one in the world and *specifically* not THE BEST make-up artist that exists.
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  16. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    what's the point of this?? pity points?
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  17. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    you can see all of them here (I hope this works, i'm on my phone)
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  18. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Flavia Sayuri   

    I hope so! 
    anyways, I think this thread belongs to Online Personalities, right?
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  19. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    that's amore, so much amore
    geez Natasha, what's up with your hair????? it's a wig, right??
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  20. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Flavia Sayuri   

    oh wow, from all girls boucing around the Internet I never thought Sayuri having a thread here... hahaha
    She's pretty ok, I can't see why so much people go head over heels about her. Maybe is the squirrel voice plus the "teenager" face?
    to be honest, I think her boyfriend (yes, exactly) is more of a snowflake than she is. But I don't wanna get into trouble, his fanbase is insane and if they find this i'll be dead. lulz
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  21. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Jessica Beppler   

    i'm sorry, I know this is a english forum.
    But I feel the urge to use a brazilian meme right now.
    don't worry, it's nothing important, she's useless anyway
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  22. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    sometimes I wonder what papa @Wedjamin knows about all this situation...
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  23. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    someone pls stop this witch hunt poOR KENNA

    SERIOUSLY, how can she lie SO GODDAMN MUCH????
    what's next now, she's some sort of social experiment and this is all just a prank, bros??? she's a troll and all this time she's just trolling us?
    If I was her, I'd never try anything related to social media ever again, I'd pull my Felice Fawn trick and delete all my stuff, find a job, maybe dye my hair or use some wigs and try to change my name, you know, just in case.
    this SB ranks usually shows how much influence you have in the platform, in her case, it's a low influence indeed.
    (just made things easy for her to delete everything)
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  24. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    THISSSSS ^^^^^ 👏👏👏👏
    guys, it's KENNA VERSUS THE WHOLE WORLD!!! EVERYONE IS CONSPIRING AGAINST HER!!! CAN'T YOU SEE???? we are all mad because she *friendzoned* us, this is all revenge!
    she's in another level of despicableness, smdh
    I'm pretty sure if you search "egocentric" on google, there's going to be a huge picture of her
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  25. UnrealityShow added a post in a topic Ban the User Above You (Forum Game)   

    are you fucking kidding me IS THIS LIL' PEEP?
    banned for being a S A D P E R S O N 2001
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