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  1. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic helenoppa/fakehelen   

    LOL this chick is so flakey, if not petty
    "i'm naturally pale and pretty!" 
    *uses the deeper skin of SEA refugees to joke about her friend's skin tones, because ya know, whole hearted comedy!*
    *actually photoshops herself lighter, saws down her chin, and enlarges eyes* 
    LOL seriously so ~milky~  
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  2. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

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  3. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    Yeah that's her. They've been together since around 2011-12 iirc, but I can't do any substantial 'research' through her fb atm.
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  4. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Kiwi Farms shut down   

     I think a lot of people would have gone there to just enjoy it like people do on any site, so I'm curious why it would shut down, as suddenly as you say. It seemed like a lesser known site but with a rather large and active user base. 

    idk how related they are hosting wise (Sorry, I really don't know any terminology for website hosting and how these two sites are related, besides being linked on kf and the 'farms' term) but lolcow.farm is still up so I'm not personally upset/effected by this.
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  5. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic helenoppa/fakehelen   

    probably a meitu filter.
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  6. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    LOL thats a really sad part about koreaboos/fetishist behavior... they will worship and praise any person as long as they check in ONE box, and in this case, they see him as Asian. They don't know which exact ethnicity or nationality he is, but they fill in the blank with "definitely Asian" and that's good enough.. it doesn't even matter if he shoops himself into a Living China Doll thread esque mess. He's an Asian, knows kpop, can use copy and paste, and now his comments all say "oppa i love you! >_<" (or some variation)
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  7. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    exactly this... I do feel bad for her, because nobody should be living like this at 16, or frankly, I don't think anyone should have to go about in life like she had to. But she knows what she's doing and even if she may or may not think something is wrong, she will do it. She's making these choices, and I don't think she honestly cares enough to do anything to change that. What goes on online and what she can 'make' happen online is more exciting to her, I think. 
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  8. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Evie Dee   

    Lol she is flakey. She probably would buy followers LOL
    I know they're different people, but these girls like this have all meshed into one being in my head now. Even looking at Evie's insta gave me deja vu now LOL
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  9. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Blaire White   

    Click-bait edgy flake who panders to far [left or right]. Sorry but I see so many people like this on yt, the only way to differentiate her from the bunch of others with content almost exactly like her on yt is that she's trans... Which may or may not be in her favor from her own pov, but I feel like some people who are her viewers (or not) would use this fact against others to be like "Look! EVEN THE TRANNY AGREES WITH ME/DISAGREES WITH YOU!", kinda like the "I'm not racist, my best friend is black!!!" card....
    Her twitter is toxic. Especially because she's serious, and isn't parodying as some sort of stan twitter, or anything else equally as stupid yet somewhat more "excusable".
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  10. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Nibbles   

    Her insta is nice, and she seems like an interesting person. Beetles (maybe more in the future) and snakes, piercings, and cool hair. I like her braces, too. I kmow her flakeyness surrounds her over defensive behaviors, but she seems fine to me... 
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  11. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    it's just cringey lol  It's a line from a song called Thunder, which is from the same EP his photoshop pic was from, but it just says "Now I know"... like that's it. Know WHAT? LOL it just comes off as just one of those really wtf type fake deep captions, and he went and used Korean for it probably for more of a koreaboo factor than it being related to the shoop theme.
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  12. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    He captioned it with "I wish I was Key"....

    I think koreaboos of this genre do this a lot, actually. Because the comments on theses types of pics were either like "wow good job so handsome" praise or like "Im going to do this next too!" on his overdose pic.

    His caption... uh ok LMAO.....
    He just reversed the image

    spoilers entail two more pics of this genre (a la "Koreaboo Becomes One With Their Idol") and some koreaboo "*english followed by* "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" for emphasis" realness
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  13. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    LMAO, what a joke. People like him who do this... race cosplay (?) have no shame or self respect, tbh. 
    On that note, did he used to photoshop his own face on kpop star pictures? Besides the exo one. There's one photo I'm really suspicious of but I'm looking into it right now.
    Wow he did, to key's pictures lol. I don't think it's wrong or anything to paste your face over a celebrity you admire, just reeally...interestingwhen you realize how much he wants to look like a kpop star caricature east asian ulzzang boy like @Iggybee said.
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  14. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    All of this feels true and it's sad. I'm happy for Sunny to feel better about herself from surgery, and from her yt channel blowing up, because she really is such a sweet and kind person, but the korea vlogger yt clique she hangs out with + and kim dao are for the most part...erm..... very snowflakey. I think she [Sunny] just really wanted to, in the past (like one or two years ago), really reeeally wanted to be more outgoing and have more friends (idr where I read or saw this) and she started meeting with edward and all those vlog people. And then her content started to kind of reflect that.. which is fine imo. You're a product of your enviroment. But I think it's unfortunate that most of her yt-friends end up being some level of koreaboo... and her videos could easily become koreaboo pandering  .... and she's bff with kim dao, and every vlog with her in it is just as boring as kim's videos.  
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  15. pooraesthetic added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    mariah carey is a bitch queen who invented christmas. delete your comment.
    I think some of these are my worst opinions. Sorry if they hurt you... I just wanted to let this out...
    I don't like feigning sympathy for botched surgeries for celebrities, or normal people who are/were so insecure about how they look they get voldemort's nose and dissolved chin. If they get surgery and look good, good for them. But if it comes out bad well... sorry for their loss, but disproportionate, alien faces are funny. 
    People who complain about everything are annoying... but I find people who complain about [people complaining] more irritating. Ironic because I'm about to do just that, lol.
    I also think people use "people complain about everything these days" as a cop-out to having a discussion, and it's pathetic. I'm not trying to deny that they hurt, but words are only as bad as you let them be (not in regards to say, being framed for a crime or something, and you need a testimony....) Bite back harder. Be meaner.  
    Screamo singers are fine, but that type of vocal performance ruins all of the really great instrumentals by the rest of the band members. The genre shouldn't exist. 
    Children are the most important demographic. I don't think that means you should spoil the shit out of your kids. Just take care of them, please. I don't think anyone is born evil, but they can surely become that way. 
    Children who are CHOMOs should still go through the rehabilitation process, but if it happens again, they can't get out of the system. Especially if they are adults, they shouldn't get another chance.
    daoko or however you spell her name is not a good rapper/singer. And her music is.... really bad.
    Also, reading a lot of you guys' (???english???) posts, since sjw is a popular topic... I like them. I don't mind them, probably because I barely see how ~bad~ they can really be. I think this is a very unpopular opinion in real life. But, what I like most about them, is when the extreme ones fight with some other extreme pleb online who also thinks they are right about everything. That's when things get the most interesting. I think the more wild sjw have potential to be really dangerous irl, but if they get labeled as a terrorist group or something in the US and the KKK doesn't that's going to be so fucking wild. Yeah. it will be shite, but it would be so fucking wild lmao.
    Rather than holding grudges, when someone bites more than they can chew, either irl or online, it's hilarious when they can never escape from it. It's just really entertaining LOL 
    I think I've mentioned things being entertaining/funny/interesting having pretty high regard to me so far in this post, so I'll bring up my final unpopular opinion: TW if you're suicidal(?)

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