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  1. michaella added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    I don’t know if anyone saw her video answering questions, but it seems she is trying to get an entertainment visa to live again in Japan 
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  2. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Did someone watched this video? https://youtu.be/0tEAFyrlxTU
    PDR says it’s a compilation of his and Mimei’s recordings and Mimei wanted to upload the video, but I guess she didn’t at the end. You can definitely see Mimei’s style in that video and I loved it and miss her videos so much 😭
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  3. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Looking at the new video from PDR-san, I’ve feel that it’s been so long since I saw Mimei. I really used to like Mimei videos before the j-gang drama and seeing her in that video makes me miss her videos 
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  4. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    If she takes this route and stay in Japan an married frog face it will be so disappointing. But everything to stay in fantasy land right? 
    And I was thinking maybe her mom did not want to pay for Bunka because she knew her kid is a lazy ass and would have dropped school either way 
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  5. michaella added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Why isn’t Taylor cancelled already? There is just a lot of drama around her and defending a pedo is just the worst one and now this ...
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  6. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Omg if she does stay in Japan and marry this guy who she just met, I’ll be surprised that she wants to stay in Japan that much. I mean I don’t think the UK is a bad place, I think it’s a good place to live. I don’t know why all these foreigners think of Japan as a “paradise”, it is proved on news that most foreigners stay in Japan for 5 years and then think if they should stay or not because they can’t either get a job, feel discriminated, they get sick of the Japanese working culture or their family is getting older and they prefer to move to stay closer to them. I mean people can always go back. I don’t get this weird dream young people have of Japan. I am moving there on September (if coronavirus allows it) but I already lived there two years and it can be stressful and hard, and lonely and depressing. I just don’t get why people who say they will stay a year, end up staying more with no real goals (another example is peachmilky). And people really just stay when they are married to a Japanese person or do really like Japanese culture (like sharla, even though she said she would like to go back to Canada one day I think). But the dreams of this girl seems that she only wants to be there to still be “famous” in Instagram 
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  7. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I will be attending Hokkaido University in a few months and it is totally accepted to have a part-time job and the majority of people I asked that had a scholarship like me said they did part time jobs as well. Sounds pretty weird that the university you attended did not let you had a part-time job. Also to clarify I am a foreigner and in my university papers sent to me, they stated that it was okay to work but they did not recommend it, but I mean it is fine. I am already searching for jobs 😆
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  8. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I really hate that about influencers. I mean you get to be that person because of the people that followed you. Why can’t you even respond back or put a heart or something? Is not like you are that big of a movie star or something. If instagram, I don’t know starts fading into darkness then well you will not have any job or support (talking about people who only does instagram). I hate this influencers consider themselves such a big deal ... and I guess we actually gave them that power 
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  9. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I feel like people here are praising Mikan so much... I mean there are a lot of people going to 専門学校 (vocational schools) in japan, entering into one isn’t that hard. If you have an 85% of attendance in a Japanese language school then is almost certain you will get in. You just need to pay and that’s it, a lot of my friends are doing exactly the same as Mikan with better Japanese and I don’t see people praising them. Let’s see Mimei who actually knew Japanese and had a side job (a lot of people hate her but I mean she did YouTube and had a second job), so I don’t think Mikan career as spectacular that is just a common path every Vietnamese choose to stay in Japan. I feel that if she went to a prestigious university in japan (Tokyo University, Waseda, Osaka University, Keio University, etc.) then I will admit she did put a lot of effort to get in as it is really hard to be admitted.
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  10. michaella added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    Well she posted a new photo on Instagram. What kind of visa does she have that she is still in japan? I thought it was only for one year 🤣

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  11. michaella added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    So I was looking at her Instagram numbers and she has 18.3K followers, however the majority of her photos only have like 1,000 likes. Is that weird? 
    I don’t know I see a lot of this people with a lot of followers and less than 40% of their followers give them likes. Also she did a TikTok with Duncan 
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  12. michaella added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Why Laura Ribeiro does not have a thread? I would like to discuss about her haha
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  13. michaella added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    She uploaded a new video about being in japan. Is that old footage? As she said she has to return to the US, what kind of collaborations is she having going back and forth to japan? 
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  14. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    She’s always being like this, I don’t know why people started to praise her when she is still over her head. God she needs to calm down, that girl is her fan why responding that defensive. The same old Mikan ....
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  15. michaella added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    In her recent video she said she is moving, where do you think it is? I think it is New York. And she went to japan for a week, I thought that after what she said in her video she will not be returning any time soon 
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