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  1. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    God. I am really getting tired of her, this behavior is so immature. I mean attacking “bad comments” and deleting them is that the only thing she cares about? And can she not be mature about it as well as Duncan 🙄 She does not seem to take criticism and it is not even a bad thing is just reality or what we see. Always feeling down and complaining of everything, I do not think I want that kind of energy in my Instagram really 
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  2. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Mimei spends so much of her money in BTS concerts, I mean she is in another prefecture (sorry I don’t know which one) to see a K-pop concert. I mean that is too much in your almost 30’s, it is not bad to have a hobby or something you like but this is just too much 
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  3. michaella added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I don’t know where else should I put this comment as I do not see a threat of Laura Ribeiro. But anyone who follows Laura knows that she is in Japan and her girlfriend (fuzztaft) came to visit and proposed. Well they both proposed and I am so happy for the two of them that I needed to wrote about it to see if someone is as excited as I am!! 

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  4. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    well when I was living in Japan, I dyed my hair in Japanese salons and they actually did recommend me not to dye certain colors. If you really want it they will make it but they will tell you that it will damage your hair so maybe Mimei just didn’t care. 
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  5. michaella added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    She looks so nice in this photo! Does anyone know how Sharla gets the money to travel so much? 
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  6. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I really hate those clickbaity videos, I mean her followers know she is not leaving japan but still why making such a clickbait title ugh 
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  7. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Duncan is doing new collaborations (finally!). Hopefully he will not mock her later 

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  8. michaella added a post in a topic lovelymilky   

    This thread is kind of death but look what I found
    I think she is pretty young to do this but oh well 
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  9. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I wonder if Mimei is really happy in Japan. I mean living in Tokyo is pretty hard and you can feel lonely even if you have friends and a partner (been there). Besides depression is not seen really like a disease there, so I just wonder if she missed back home. I think going back home can make good things for her. I don’t know but Japan can be not a friendly foreign environment sometimes and she doesn’t seem seem happy nor healthy 
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  10. michaella added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I live here as well and the only think they show is legs. The stomach showing is just like in Shibuya but it is definitely not frequent, I dont think Japan is changing in that aspect. I don't know what @frogs saw but it is not changing as he/she states
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  11. michaella added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    OMG that blue dress is beautiful I want it!! 
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  12. michaella added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    God, another spoiled girl in Japan who doesn't know how to control her money. I mean if you have a part time job, then how do you spend it all!? This girls just want to have fun in kawaii shops and spend everything in clothes/food but they can't even know how to support themselves 🙄 
    And sorry, but I live in Japan and had real stalkers worse than what happened to her, but I don't move every 2 months because of that. It just doesn't make sense...
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  13. michaella added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    And let's not forget but the fashion industry is saturated already with white girls, that in my personal opinion Japan don't need as the're are beautiful Japanese models out there. But apart from that there is more experienced models out there. Just like Keira she is as well a model but don't get a lot of job offers. 
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  14. michaella added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    This is my first year but I've lived here before a year as well. So I count this as my second year where the negatives outweighs the good for me. But my boyfriend lives here so Ill be living here for a while until I move back with him to China. No, I came here to a japanese language school. But now I am tired of it and I am looking for a job. 
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  15. michaella added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I think all the sister thing was a joke just for youtube. And lets be real, I don't think Nat-chan and Duncan are really close friends as I don't see them hanging out together. Not even with Mimei, I don't think she will get along with Nat-chan. I just don't see it, and Mimei and Duncan go everywhere together. Duncan even went with Mimei to that cafe (I mean my boyfriend never goes with me to thematic cafes because he say its a waste of money), I mean he is supportive I guess but does Mimei have other friends? Don't intend this to be mean though, but lately she doesn't look like hanging out with other people. 
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