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  1. Mikan added a post in a topic 4chan.org   

    I dunno, nothing stays the same forever man. I always see people (oldfags mostly) pining for 2007, and to a degree I agree. But I think it's more of an internet cultural thing than a 4chan in 2007 specific thing.  If I'm honest I don't think 4chan has really gone down hill (I mean come on, it's 4chan. Is there any lower it can go on that metaphorical hill?). 4chan has and always will be the armpit of the internet, and thats why I love it. I can go on, waste my time reading the boards I like, shitpost and begone. It's out of my system then. 
    Sure, there's plenty of people there with shitty opinions, but I'd rather have them be contained on somewhere like /pol/ where they can express their shitty opinions and live in an echo chamber (ironically the same thing these people love to accuse liberals of), rather than have them elsewhere scattered on the internet. It's just a fact of life- people have different opinions and they have a right as much as we do to express them. 
    I don't personally really visit the '4chan 4chan boards'. Like the type synonymous with the name such as /b/. Most people that seriously visit 4chan on a regular basis and aren't 13 don't. My hobby homeboards are mainly /cgl/, /mu/ and /x/. I like to go to /adv/ and /r9k/ though, because there are often comfy threads on there, especially /r9k/ if you ignore the woman hate and tfwnogf posters. I often see threads about this very subject on there actually, people just getting comfy and sharing stories from 10 years prior and explaining to newer users to the site the general feel of the site back then. It's interesting. 
    Bottom line is, if you visit 4chan just go in with your feelings cast to one side and take everything with a pinch of salt. And if you can't deal with someone using the suffix '-fag' or the word 'cuck' you can always just close the tab.
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  2. Mikan added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    Looks like Beckii is moving house:
    She's moving to London, and what is shown and how she explains it it sounds like a fairly nice (ie: upper middle class area) that she is moving to with her friend Kelsey . Jeeeez, she must be loaded to be able to move to London alone, nevermind to a nice area like that. 
    Ngl I'm kinda jealous, but eehhh I'll calm my salt and try to be happy for her lol
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  3. Mikan added a post in a topic Anzujaamu   

    Someone mentioned bulimia cheeks on Lolcow.  I'd not heard of it before but after looking up pictures, the resemblance is to Anzu's face on some photos is kinda scary. It's easiest to see on her casual selfies, not the ones where she's obviously shooping a little to lighten her skin or whatever. 
    I dunno, I feel like it is really possible that she has an ED, I hope she is okay.
    Regarding the comp, it was apparently a modelling comp after all. But no, most (professional?? Like ones run by big conventions with experienced cosplay judges) cosplay competitions require you to have made the costume yourself. If a competition throws you in handmade costumes vs bought costumes there is no way to effectively judge the costume. I have been in and seen competitions like this that are run by small cons and every time a handmade costume has won anyway. 
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  4. Mikan added a topic in Gaming   

    Anyone here play the Touhou games or just into 2hu in general? 
    I was a bit of a latecomer to the party, only really got into it last year. I'd heard stuff like Bad Apple and Night of Nights on Youtube but couldn't play the games until recently because I'm on Mac. I have Ten Desires atm and my brother and I managed to get it working through Wine. It works a treat actually. I can only make it up to stage 4 though lol. Yuyuko is so cute! I think she is one of my favourite characters. 
    It's a great series, lots to explore. I want to play more of the games so I can experience all of the stories rather than watching lets plays or reading the Touhou wiki. 
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  5. Mikan added a post in a topic Yume Nikki   

    Yep. I played this pretty far through and collected most of the objects but I didn't want to finish it because of what happens at the end...
    I do enjoy reading the theories though and would like to cosplay Madotsuki one day. 
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  6. Mikan added a post in a topic Sailor Moon Drops   

    Yessss!! I have such a love/hate relationship with this game. Started playing early last month. I have up to sailor Jupiter atm but some levels are so damn hard, its literally like rolling a dice every time and if you have an awkward board and no chance of getting a good combo...forget it. 
    I also kind of hate Tuxedo Mask now because of him being the token 'give us your money to win! character lmao
    I'll get my friendcode later on and post it here so if anyone wants to add me as a friend you can. 
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  7. Mikan added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    Honestly, when it comes to cultural appropriation I'd love to know what it would of been like if we had these same ideas as we did now during the 60's and late 80's in my country respectively. Why these eras? Because these were two signficant eras of cultural exchange if you can call it that in the UK and in my region of the UK specifically. 
    In the north of England in the 60's you had something called the Northern Soul movement. Basically, (mostly white, but other races too), working class young men and women would go to clubs and dance to black soul records. The DJ's that would play at these clubs would fly out to record stores in America to find these records (some that were very rare because they were distributed on small black record labels and were ignored by mainly white radio stations) to bring them back to the UK and play to the audiences because they loved them. You literally had clubs that were in rivalry because one club had a record that the other didn't so that was the only place you could hear that specific song.
    So basically TL;DR you had young mainly white youths, from working class northern towns dancing to majority black soul records. Was this cultural appropriation?? Was this bad because they were white and the only ones that wanted to consume this music at this point in time? 
    Now the '80s and '90s. I'm not even kidding you, two generations apart literally had the SAME thing happen but with a different style of music. In the SAME region. 
    You know house music right? Like actual proper chicago house, detroit techno? Original shit. Picture this: 
    Manchester, UK, an abandoned mill (factory), hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS of youths having the time of their LIVES dancing to majority BLACK records from America. Records that these young people absolutely went MAD for but failed to make an impact in their own country for being 'black', embraced by a majority white, working class, Northern generation. Seriously, just google the Hacienda. 
    I honestly feel like if this was happening right now, the freedom felt by these youths would of had political pressure put on them for 'appropriating' black music and culture. This is why I find cultural appropriation to be inherently bad as an ideology. I pretty much live by: have respect for other cultures that aren't your own and you will be sound. 
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  8. Mikan added a post in a topic Fetsu Chan   

    >Sudden Daddy-kink out of nowhere
    Yet another Instagram kawaii girl jumps on the ddlg/melanie martinez/crybaby bandwagon.
    Seriously, its getting old now. 
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  9. Mikan added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    You mean like, bringing up valid points about her videos and the points she brings up in them and critiquing them? Sorry but critiquing a woman on her clearly biased and hoodwinking tactics does not equal harassment. 
    Also inb4 'his twitter followers sent her all those death-threats during GG! because I'd love to see some statistical evidence of that. And even if the twitter stuff she got did end up coming from a majority statistic that followed his channel, its not like he personally asked his followers to attack her. Nobody gave a shit when it was Jack Thompson talking about video games causing violence and the shit he got for that. Oh no. Make the critic a woman and all of a sudden she gets the A-star victim treatment- talkshows, a spot on the UN, countless media outlet supports, even a fucking fictional episode of a drama based on her story. 
    Also, lmao about the Wikipedia thing. He uses Wikipedia as a reference point if anything and goes from actual solid research (ie: graphs showing statistics etc). Sargon knows probably better than anyone that Wikipedia is flimsy and prone to ideology. The Gamergate wikipedia page is a glowing example of that. Heck, Feminist theory turns up on Wikipedia pages about shit that doesn't even concern feminism. 
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  10. Mikan added a post in a topic shoe0nhead / June   

    Sorry this is OT but what? 
    Sargon is cool lmao 
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  11. Mikan added a post in a topic Kitty Brooker (and the cosplay community)   

    I've seen this girl dotted around the Britfag threads on /cgl/. In regards to her cosplay and costuming, she's seen as generally cringey and thinks she's more popular than what she actually is. She even makes a 'tour list' of all the cons she's going to in the year. NAGL really. 
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  12. Mikan added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    New video. Thoughts on this one, guys? 
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  13. Mikan added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    That second picture just looks ODD around the legs. Especially the one on her left and our right. The weight distribution for a pose like that doesn't add up. To me there should be more distribution around her inner thighs. I have fairly thin legs and I'm an illustrator so I draw a lot of people, and to me it looks wrong. Just to show what I mean, even though the model is a different body type and is in a slightly different pose, take a look at this ref stock image from Senshishock  on DA:
    The thighs should be rounded and not that slim and straight. Also notice how it looks fairly blurred around the middle too. 
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  14. Mikan added a post in a topic Dysfunctional family members   

    Since you've all been talking about SO family members, I thought I would pitch in with my sort of -issue- with my boyfriends mother.
    Like, I'm sure you've all heard of mommas boys and overbearing mums in general- but honestly this woman makes it hard to bear. It places a huge restraint on our relationship. Essentially I find her very cagey about her son, he's her only son and she has two older grown up daughters who have both left home. He also has High Functioning Aspergers which means she uses this as an excuse to mollycoddle his every move if you ask me. 
    Which ironically- is one of the reasons as to why I think she dislikes me in ways. She pulls this whole 'I'm so accepting I love my son the way he is!!1!!" bs- yet I'm on the AS too, and I've had instances where when I was undiagnosed (i literally got diagnosed bc of my BF ad her noticing my patterns of behaviour in conjunction with his) I had these little instances where I didn't understand what I was doing was socially unacceptable. Such as when we went out to dinner with his family and extended family, I shouted over to a waitress asking a question. And I don't think she can bear this, because he's a different type of Aspergers (quiet and reserved) where as I'm the very loud and brash type which is more common in girls. She seems very socially highly aware of herself, needing to appear as more than what she really is (she has a lot of higher end accessories and dresses even though she's pretty much just a social worker for her job), she likes to CONSTANTLY gossip about other people generally not in a good light etc. I think she dislikes how I reflect on her too, as her daughters' styles of dress are more refined too, where as I'm alternative so not as pristine and 'grown up' looking. And pretty much since then I've never been invited to another family gathering from her side of the family  since (his parents aren't together anymore). And even when there have been events organised in which her daughters boyfriends have been present and when I asked for a reason as to why, my boyfriend told me that it's probably because they are 'older' and her eldest is married. Sounds like BS to me.
    She's very awkward when she wants to be too- just for an example, like I told you guys how socially obsessed she is about how she appears to other people? Basically I had slept over at their house the night before and mostly when I go to his house we just spend time up in his room playing vidya. Anyway it turned out that the next day she was having family over (mainly her adoptive parents) and her daughters and their BFs. So like I say- we mostly spend time just in his room right? She literally comes up and tells us (me) to fucking LEAVE the house because she needs to 'clean' it. So we had to be gone by 11 o clock so she could start obsessively cleaning her house just so her fucking FAMILY could come around. I honestly just ???? I mean fair enough nobody wants their house looking like a shit tip when they have guests around but this was like- polishing the brass type cleaning. Nobody does that for family coming round. So yeah, me and him went around to his Grandmas for the day seen as she only lives around the corner, but I couldn't help but feel furious at the treatment I was getting. My parents wouldn't DREAM of kicking my BF out because they needed to 'clean'. I just felt so insulted, like if I wasn't there she wouldn't of asked HIM to leave- it was just because I was there. 
    There have been a few other little instances too such as when it got late when we got back from something and his sister had to literally ask for him if I could stay over. Even his SISTER saw something was up, because I heard how hesitant his mother was over the phone. I think his sister was staying over the night (therefore sleeping in her old bedroom) but thing is, I've slept over in the past when his sister has been there too and we slept in the same bed fine. Nothing happened ofc, we just fell asleep because it was late. 
    She also excessively wipes his own arse for him Aspergers or not. He's 23 and still leaves his chair untucked when he gets up, won't clean up dishes after eating etc. I was doing that shit when I was 16 and I'm 2 and a half years younger than him.  It's not even funny sometimes. Most recently- he was going to sort something out to do with getting a job and I shit you not- she WENT WITH HIM. She went with her 23 year old son to an appointment that he could of quite easily have handled himself. I even outright said to him 'that's sad' when he told me on the phone. He said to me she 'didn't trust him to give the person all the information he needed'. I could of screamed. 
    Pretty sure I'm not the only one that gets the shit end of her stick when it comes to treatment. I find his father a much more down to earth and chill person and even he can't stand her. Not saying he's perfect, but for some reason in the ways he has his issues- I can't help but feel that his mother has been the route cause of anyway. (Mostly stuff like not seeing his son as much as he could of, but I get the feeling she wouldn't of liked him being around his dad excessively as a kid). But y'see, he's very much like me too. He's not obsessed with how people percieve him and we both like the same bands and stuff. He's openly mentions that he avoids her like the plague and thinks she's a cow. 
    Anyway- this got lengthy so I'll leave it here lol. 
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  15. Mikan added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    Oh my god people do this? I stay as far away from the SJ crowd on Tumblr as I can so I'm not clued up on everything but I don't know why I'm surprised. 
    Like, if the west is so bad feel free to go get on a plane to a third-world country, express your sexuality as freely as you would in your home country and THEN go and complain on the internet how the 'white, western centric world' is oppressing your sexuality.
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