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  1. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Nathalie Paris   

    her mum used to help her take a lot of her photos.... 
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  2. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Nathalie Paris   

    Someone needs to tell this girl that sexualising yourself so heavily does not equal "body positivity" or confidence. It's sad to see her flaunt herself so much... I remember one snapchat where she posted a video of her chest in a silk top, legit it was just her boobs bouncing while she was walking and you could see her nips through her top. Like why would you post something like that.
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  3. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic General Booktubers Thread   

    Reading is my life lol so I watch quite a few booktubers. I don't watch a lot of the more popular ones because it gets boring; especially as most of them read YA and mostly talk about books they've been recently sent (like everyone did a bloody video on that book Caraval).
    Fav booktubers:
    ThoughtsOnTomes https://youtu.be/PDCpttyYIBA :reads mostly fantasy, YA and graphic novels . She's not afraid to dislike a hyped book and is very honest about sponserships, etc. 
    BooksWithEmilyFox https://youtu.be/G8ER9xvht9I : she reads a larger variety of genres and authors who are more so bigger in the literature world than the booktube community (like Stephen King). The main genres she reads are sci fi/fantasy/classics, but she isn't afraid to read outside those genres either.
    Shemightbemonica https://youtu.be/Z--N8UU9QdM : I enjoy watching her videos because she doesn't often reads books that are always talked about in the booktube community, and she reads more contemporary/thriller/coming of age books (tbh she reads every genre lol) that aren't always talked about. Also, I love her aesthetic.
    I also watch Lily, but more so for the lols. Her rant reviews are hilarious but I wish she did more videos. 
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  4. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    The main cast of Dunkirk.... just watched it, why is it that WW2/movies set in the older times always feature guys with the most chiseled cheeks and jawlines? Aneurin Barnard especially ugh
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  5. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Jake Paul   

    His brother definitely doesn't understand satire either. When he reacted to Pewdiepie's reaction of his roast, he didn't understand half the jokes he made (something I found funny was how he rambled on about Felix bullying the English guy in his video, but then cut out the part where Felix showed a screenshot exposing how Logan has bullied people in the past).
    Apparantly, people with lower IQs find difficultly understanding things like sarcasm. Definitely seems like the case here 🙄.
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  6. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I know something like this shouldn't annoy me too much but it's still all over my instagram and seeing people who seem to think Indian and Arabic culture is apparently the same thing is just p i s s i n g me off.
    Aladdin IS arab. People are saying the whole "oh it's a fictional place, it could be set in the Middle East or India" are just trying to excuse the whole Naomi Scott thing (I don't actually mind her as Jasmine, because she can pass off as Arab... I'm tryna compromise lol, but that's not what I'm mad about) and are probably people of Western culture who group anyone with brown skin as coming from a desert place called India where people are bellydancers and ride camels. 
    Proof Aladdin is Arab and not Indian:
    Agrabah is inspired by Iraq. The clothing is similar to Arabic fashion not Indian. Otherwise Jasmine would be wearing a shalwar kameez/sari, wear a massive nose ring, tika and the whole jewellery attire that's worn by Indian royalty (look at my signature for a clearer idea). Also, they dress Jasmine in bellydancing attire when Jafar traps her. Aladdin is wearing a bloody fez. And, no, the men in the movie are not wearing turbans- if they were wearing turbans they'd have Sikh names which bring me to my next point...Majority of the characters have Muslim names, showing that they are living in a country where most people are Muslim. No, most people in India are not Muslim- while there are Muslims in India, the majority of people are Hindu or Sikh. Also, trust me there wouldn't be a kingdom ruled by a Muslim King populated with only Muslims in India. Trust me.The Genie is the biggest clue as to where the whole thing is set. Genie is the English word for "jinn". Jinns come from Arab beliefs/folklore/myths and are also a massive part of Islam. Look at the character features! Both Aladdin and Jasmine have long/hooked noses- typical trait in Arabs who have more prominent noses. If you think, nah that's Indians too tho then you aren't familiar with India. If you want to make the whole "but they have dark brown skin" then I will remind you that not all Arabs are white. Also, it's not very surprising that Disney did make them look a darker brown, it's a stereotype.There's a song called "Arabian Nights" God dammit.If anything Aladdin could possibly be Persian. But not Indian, NOT INDIAN. Arab and Indian culture are faaaaaaaaaaar from similar. Also, I hate the "if Emma Watson can play a French girl then who cares" argument. 
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  7. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic -   

    God, I feel so bad for you! I knew some girls being forced to wear hijab by parents who don't even understand the meaning of it themselves, usually making their kids to do so because of cultural reasons and other bullshit about being accepted into society and God knows what. It's also bad because when you're forced to wear the hijab, you see it as something negative and don't see its true meaning. 
    If you really don't want to wear it, then don't. Because at the end of the day intention matters massively when it comes to things like this in Islam. The hijab won't benefit you if you're not wearing it for the right reasons and because you don't want to in the first place. It's more personal than that. If you do decide to not wear it then remember it's okay. Your parents at the end of the day are your parents and will hopefully learn to get used to your decision as time goes by. But if they start threatening you/getting violent, etc., then please do get help. They're not being "good parents looking out for the best" or "fulfilling their roles as Muslims" by forcing and being aggressive with their daughter to wear hijab.
    Here are links to some videos by Dina Tokio and her husband (muslim youtubers), she's touched on the topic before and mentions good points/advice.
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  8. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Bubz had baby Ayla!
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  9. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    I'm really curious too. When she has Ayla we'll see how much Tim helps and if he leaves for HK again. When Isaac was born she only revealed later on that he didn't do much to help. Hopefully if he does the same when Ayla is here she'll open her eyes to the situation. I doubt she'd leave him tho, especially considering the fact that they've been together for 10+ years and how she's the religious type. 
    While she was ready to go in labour (she's in labour rn!) Tim was at home and it seemed like he was helping. Even when Tim is at home, Bubz doesn't show much of what he does, only snippets. I'm guessing he's cooking and helping with Isaac too (which is good). In a recent vlog Bubz was talking about how they're both quite busy with work, I really wanna know what work Tim does.
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  10. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Ouija boards   

    I believe in ghosts/supernatural and all that and I'd neverrrrrrrrrrrr fuck with one, whether it works or doesn't, because I don't want to take the risk lol. 
    I've heard many people go on about having weird experiences with the board, and while I do believe in the supernatural, I still am skeptical of people's experiences. 
    A youtuber called FazeRug has done many videos with the Ouija Board, I guess it's up to you if you believe them or think they're fake. I used to call bullshit on his experiences but I kiiiiind of have started believing them? IDK, here's one of his many videos where it seemed somewhat genuine/not fake because the girl really seemed freaked out- https://youtu.be/SzFQ5VCbEnc
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  11. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Wtf is wrong with him? You're gonna blackmail someone because they don't want to be your friend? No wonder people avoid him and he has such a small friend circle (consisting of people who just want a raise in popularity). Can he not just let people go easily? Friendships break down and that's normal, doesn't mean you have to hold a gun to their head everytime you see them after that.
    Perhaps the reason as to why he feels the need to threaten ex friends with drama, is because they leave him due to something he does/says or his own drama. The whole blackmail thing is a way to cancel it out. 
    What a mess of a person. He seems so proud telling people about how he can ruin someone... fam, you a human or a wannabe Disney villain?
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  12. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    PRIYANKA CHOPRA WOULDN'T MAKE A GOOD JASMINE GOD DAMMIT! SHE'S INDIAN, NOT ARAB, trust me- there's a MASSIVE difference. Also, just because Priyanka is brown, it doesn't mean she can take roles as an Arab/Persian/Literally Any Other Ethnicity Ft Brown Skin. Soooo sick of seeing instagram posts of "who would make a great Jasmine/Aladdin" ft some random non arab actor .
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  13. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Beckie0 (Rebecca Brown)   

    Didn't fully watch the video (I stopped watching her ages ago, way too negative- didn't want to sit through another video of hers). However, I read enough of the comments to know briefly what it's about.
    It's sad to see how she is. I really think that she's so absorbed in herself and so lonely that all she can do is look at herself, pick out and name her flaws and assume everyone else's actions somehow relate to her. The comments.... is she even reading them properly? There was one comment talking about how they used to be a member of the group, but left because it was too negative and made the member believe that there was no hope to her own recovery because of how much Becca preached that it's not possible. Becca replied to the comment, taking it a different way completely and said that the commentor was somehow belittling her own recovery? 
    She really does make herself the victim. In comments that don't side up to her, she'll either twist the words or flat out call out the person for bullying her in some way. She REALLY needs to get off the internet and social media, I think that that's where a lot of her problems come from. 
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  14. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    TBH, I don't know why I was shocked to see that she had surgery. I used to think she was gorgeous and very doll looking (still do) and thought she was naturally blessed. Man I wish I could get a nose job too tho; I think like with Bella Hadid, it really suits her face.
    Really wonder how she'll change through Disney, especially considering how young she got surgery and how early she's been involved with them. I don't see her as becoming as controversial as Raven, Bella or Miley etc, she doesn't seem that big fame wise (I could be wrong, don't know much about their current shows and popularity). 
    Does she already have any controversy around her? The only big thing I heard is her breaking up with her long term fiancé like last year, but that's not really a scandal.
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  15. RabbieWingz added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    I *kind* of see where she's coming from. I know people who like Bubz but would complain that Isaac is really whiny, moreso when he was a new toddler because he cried a lot. 
    I think he's a sweetheart tho.
    She's gained a lot of weight during this pregnancy (but hey that's what happens when you bring kids in the world!). TBH, I can't wait for her baby to come, really want to see how having Ayla will affect her, hopefully in a positive way. I think last time she had post partum depression and later regretted not appreciating Isaac more as a newborn. Also curious to see whether she gets to have a natiral birth or c section, I think she'll end up doing the latter because she's so big. Hopefully not tho, because recovery is a bitch.
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