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  1. catmeowkun added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    The before is short but actually cute, it has a nice silhouette since it goes in and out slightly at the hips and ends at just the right point. Flatters her well and has that cute/trendy/slightly sexy look she's going for. What she wants to do with it is going to make it look abruptly cut off, rather than making her legs look longer. She's a thin girl but things that cut off at the widest point of your hips/thighs always look weird. If she wants to elongate her figure that's not the way to do it.
    If it was a romper/playsuit thing maybe it'd look better, but as a skirt she's going to flash people. If I saw her on the street I'd think she's trying to wear a shirt as a dress. I keep thinking of those weird montages in cartoons when a toddler grows up/transforms into an adult in a matter of seconds and is still wearing the same clothing. If she's trying to go for the fetish/nymphet/ageplayer look then she's nailed it. If she isn't she just looks like she forgot her pants.
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  2. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Honestly influencers like her who have all the disposable income and a platform of so many people who still choose to promote the fast fashion lifestyle are scum to me (not like she isn't already morally questionable) I work in the fashion industry and right now the problem of how much damage we are doing to the environment is no longer a thing to debate about or use as a marketing strategy. It's a prerequisite to even existing because at the rate we are consuming and thoughtlessly discarding as a culture we don't have much longer and there's no planet B for us to go to. People like Taylor who don't have to settle for buying cheaper made clothes out of economical necessity, yet choose to buy it in excess and promote that lifestyle to 1million plus viewers need to be criticised. It's 2019.   They need to wake up and realise that this whole "wear it a day, throw it away" mindset is extremely harmful and no amount of being 'woke' about metal straws or whatever is going to make a dent into her massive carbon footprint.
    Taylor isn't buying her basics from zara because she can't afford better, wearing it until it falls apart like someone would out of necessity, Taylor is buying every tacky trendy piece of crap she sees to hit the next viral trend and fill the void in her life because she has literally nothing else going for her and no sense of who she is, only to maybe wear it once and never to breathe in it's direction again, rinse and repeat. I understand that most people don't have the resources to be zero waste or even always buy ethical clothing, and no one is perfect but Taylor has all the time, money and resources in the world yet she chooses to promote this lifestyle to her impressionable fans who then feel inadequate because they can't shop in  the sheer quantities she does. It's downright irresponsible of her. She wants to be seen as this ~mature 30 year old WOMAN who cares about social issues~ yet she shops like a 15 year old girl who first discovered F21 in 2007. Maybe I could be a bit more forgiving if she wasn't claiming to be some sort of woke self made fashion/lifestyle influencer. As seen through the MC debacle she's easy to brush off any blood on her hands as long as she can maintain her lifestyle. She should be ashamed to be living like this but of course she is not.
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  3. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't think even Taylor knows who Taylor is tbh,
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  4. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Everyone thinks that's creepy though. Unless you're a complete sociopath it's hard to argue that the way idols in Japan and Korea are overworked and hyper sexualised is okay. The idea of underage gravure makes most people in western society uncomfortable for obvious reasons. Who here is defending it? Only people like Taylor who say it's just a different culture or schoolgirl fetishes are innocent/not inherently related to sexualising children are the people defending it. Everyone who has a problem with MC knows that isn't okay and would be equally uncomfortable if elbowsan were making his money through a business like that too.
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  5. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    It honestly seems like since the moment she turned 30 she's given up on being anything other than Ew-san's trophy wife and actually having her own hobbies and ambitions. I get that when you get married and decide to start a family that your lives change but what does she even do all day? She acts like age 30 = mature adult must settle down have babies nothing else. I can't imagine that she'd enjoy motherhood much either, she just likes the novelty of having a ring and a bump because everyone else she knows does, regardless of if it's even what she wants. I remember when she went on about the whole VS debacle saying now she's a '30 year old woman' she needs to be able to have 'mature discussions' but it all seems so performative. All she has going on in her life is desperately clinging to her youthful looks and going on and on about trying for a kid so much she belongs in r/ihavesex.
    Now with the 2 new apartments and watching everyone around her have the big beautiful wedding she probably dreamed of she honestly just looks like she's playing house and doesn't actually know who she is or what to do with her life. She's become totally devoid of personality and her channel is just hollow and soulless. Everything with her feels like she doesn't even realise what is going on, she's just putting on a show of what she thinks a 30 year old woman should do/be like. If she actually does have a kid she'll be shocked by the reality of it all.
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  6. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    It got moved to their new weeb board. Same thread is still there.
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  7. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I get that ES has a preference for her old dolly style (god knows why) and her current hair is a part of that which he doesn't want her to change but come on! She looks amazing with the shorter white blonde hair! Either Elbow san is blind or just has really shit taste. 
    I understand telling her not to go too short if he thought it would look bad and she'd regret it but it looks so good.
    She should just take the plunge and go for it, she's obviously wanted to change her hair for a while and it's not like it'll never grow back lol. And if she really hates it she can always dye it back and get extensions. It's not like she can't afford it. Life is too short.
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  8. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Hasn't she been sewing for like 4-5 years now? I just don't understand how she fails to do basic things like match a zip or pic fabric that isn't shiny as hell. No offence to cosplayers, I really respect the craft and the people that pour all their effort into making costumes, but you can really tell that Jillian has learned all she knows about being a 'fashion designer' from making mahou shoujo animu outfits rather than from studying actual garment construction. She should at least know how use a block pattern or something by now, I learnt that in my junior year of high school. Also the way she said she doesn't care about finishings on her clothes because she's not entering them in a contest and just sewing for herself? Yikes. If she keeps up with that attitude she's never going to improve and will forever be making Yumi King tier garbage that falls apart. 
    Re: Fashion school, I think the problem is that she's settled for doing a crappy 2 year diploma course. Back when she was 16 or something she went on and on about Bunka Fashion College in Japan (not like that was ever going to happen but that's besides the point) so I guess thats where she might've gotten the idea of going to 'fashion school' rather than just doing a fashion degree. Personally, I'm going to a private art and design school to do my bachelors in fashion, but I just say I'm going to school for fashion or I'm going to art school. Jillian however is 8 months away from starting some crappy community college diploma because it's close to her mom, yet she still seems to be going on about 'muh fashion school'. Like I know she's from rural bumfuck nowhere but she's rather delusional and her standards are incredibly low. 
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  9. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    ^Same, I had my macbook air for 3+ years in high school and only upgraded to the pro because I wanted to keep big photoshop documents. It'd definitely still be going like new if I wanted to use it too. I don't see why she'd need a new one if she got this one in 2016. Is there something seriously wrong with the one she has or does she just want a newer flashier laptop for the sake of it? If anything the chargers are kinda rubbish and have to be replaced, I had one (wasn't fake, actually legit $100 from the apple store ) that literally caught on fire lol but Macbooks themselves are pretty long lasting and only slow down if you have too much crap on them. Does she take really bad care of her stuff or what?
    I generally like Mimei and I enjoy her vlogs, but the way she (and Duncan) go about handling their money is strange to me. Like shouldn't having a security net for emergency vet bills come before your comic book and BTS hoard? I know it's probably none of my business, and I'm not really bothered that she has a patreon (there are far shittier people than her that do) but with the sudden begging for money and now expecting patreon money to fund a new computer she doesn't even need... I just don't get it.
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  10. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    Not only that but some of her video topics are just really uninteresting to begin with and she doesn't know how to edit out the rambling. She just put out a 13 minute video about her accent and I couldn't get through the first few minutes because she kept going off on tangents. Like you I really tried, I want to like her but her content is just really boring and she doesn't know how to be concise and edit herself at all.
    I'm also really disappointed in her about the patreon thing if it's true, like she just kept the money and never sent out the rewards for months? Not that the rewards were that great but it's kinda shitty and I wouldn't have expected it from her.
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  11. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    Iirc she stopped her beckii box around the time she moved to London. I remember a few people on lolcow that were her patrons said they never got their last few boxes and she just stopped talking about it. Not sure how true that is but it really bugs me that she just goes completely radio silent on every one of her projects after a while. She has a proper job now working for a magazine company or something so I guess she doesn't feel the need to continue with the idol shtick or any of her side projects? Maybe she just doesn't have the time? Not sure why she still continues with youtube though, I'm in the camp that her videos are too boring and that's why her engagement has dropped. Even before the apocalypse and the Logan Paul drama she was making long rants about triggered jokes and recycled conspiracy theories. There are thousands of other girls on youtube that are more well spoken, have better production and present themselves better than her that make this same content. 
    She can't blame the algorithm alone for people just not taking an interest in her. Even if she doesn't want to pander to the young weeb audience she's still just bringing nothing new to the table as a creator. Maybe if she kept up with some of her side projects it would've been enough to set her apart from other youtubers? I'm not sure why she's making a video whining about the algorithm, while she's not wrong by any means it's not the only problem with her content imo. 
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  12. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Does Jill mean the April fool's thing when she talks about 'openly picking fights'? Even then Lor was nothing but sweet to Jill, all she said was that it was a bit insensitive due to the fashion dying out and she even told Jill she'd be welcome in the community again if she ever wanted to rejoin. I don't consider that picking fights and bullying.
    Even when Jill was a lolita she was like 15-16, Lor would never come for someone that age, she just didn't want anything to do with the whole LACE bullshit that Kate and Jill were peddling. Jillian is just trying to start shit, but unless she has receipts against Lor, no one is going to believe her because Lor is well known for being one of the nicest and most genuine people in the community. 16 year old Jill was probably pissed at Lor for being everything she wasn't in the community (kind,well respected, not forcing herself to be a lifestyler and still had a decent following etc.)
    I really don't think Lor 'bullied and tried to get people against her'. Jillian is extremely sensitive and thin skinned, she probably reads too far into things that aren't even about her. Lor was much nicer to Kelly than she deserved, no way would she outright bully Jill like she is claiming. Unless Jillian has receipts, no one in the lolita community is going to take her word over Lor's.
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  13. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    She's still in the Lolita community? Do you mean your comms facebook group or something? She's always seemed to have it out for Lor after Lor didn't want anything to do with the LACE fiasco and questioned their credibility or something. More recently Jill made an April fools joke about returning back to lolita and Lor pointed out that it was insensitive ( it was around the time Kera and GLB were announced to close and cathycat made that video crying) and there was some sort of discourse there (there's probably an archive of it on lolcow somewhere) and Jillian ended up removing the photo. I remember Lor said to Jillian around that time that she'd always be welcome if she wanted to wear lolita again.  No way does Lor publicly bully her. Lor is probably the nicest public figure in the Lolita community and Jill wishes she was half as well liked as Lor.
    Lor has been nothing but nice to Jillian even though she's rude and always throws the lolita community under the bus since the LACE thing. She's  on Kelly's side with the whole dress debacle. I'm guessing she's siding with Kelly because she still believes 'all lolitas are meanies weh', even though what Kelly did was totally wrong, lolita store or not. Even if it wasn't AP, Kelly was still culturally insensitive and rude to shop staff who were only trying to do their job. I wonder if Jillian would still defend Kelly then, she claims to love Japan and has worked retail in the past even making videos about shitty customers (even though that was more sjw pandering) or if she's just desperate to kiss Kelly's ass. Either way Jill has no right to come for Lor. Lor seems sweet and genuine, she was far too nice to Kelly in her video too. Lor is nice all round and Jillian's always had it out for her and the lolita community. 
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  14. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    To be honest I doubt she copied the design from this Cara person. Jillian is shallow, materialistic and unoriginal but she's not the kind to specifically go out and copy ideas from one person. If anything she probably saw it on pinterest or got the idea from those anime outfits with the colour switching pleated skirt. Doesn't one of the cosplays she's making have a rainbow skirt with alternating colours like that? She probably thought to combine the ideas and adapt it into a rainbow tennis skirt. It's not exactly a super unique and interesting design idea. It's tacky af in my opinion (also the execution is shit) but regardless she's not selling it, so I don't see the problem. If she had copied someone's specific illustrations and sold it on her merch store then there would be a problem. 
    I really don't like Jillian at all but this girl sounds like a snowflake herself, why would she make a public callout post towards Jillian if she didn't want the attention. Jillian handed it as well as she possibly could. There's nothing special or unique about a tacky rainbow tennis skirt, forever 21 will probably sell one next season if they haven't already. Also judging by the amateur school Jill intends to go to, and her current level of design/pattern making, fashion design is never going to be something she has a future in unless she does a complete 180 and seriously tries to improve her skills instead of constantly buying tacky crap. So I highly doubt she is a threat to this Cara person anyway. Jillian isn't even selling the skirt, she just made one for herself. 
    Also for the record, I googled rainbow tennis skirt, rainbow pleated skirt etc. and searched pinterest. There's nothing that even somewhat resembles Cara's skirt. Unless Jillian was actively following Cara's social media there's no way she would've come across the skirt idea. Hers is pretty different to the dollskill version too. I'm no fan of Jillian's but she's not in the wrong here. 
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  15. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Why the hell doesn't she film cutaways of the products she's showing? No one wants to see up her nose or her nasty ass roots ffs. For such a ~professional youtuber~ she's really lazy.
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  16. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    She missed a zero on the dress price and was genuinely surprised that they didn't want to accept the return? I don't regularly follow this woman but is she always this stupid? No AP dress is $148, unless it's a special set or something. She was wondering why the shopgirls were being so nice to her when she bought one of their $1000+ brilliant dress collection dresses, did it not occur to her to look at the price when she paid for it? And it was extremely rude for her to try and return it. Lolita is a niche fashion and those expensive dresses are highly sought after. Obviously the shopgirls thought they hit the jackpot when some rich foreigner girl came and bought one of the special dresses. And then a few days later the same girl comes back asking for a return and she expects them to smile and take it. AP isn't forever 21. She's extremely lucky they let her the return the dress and the brand didn't blacklist her for life. 
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  17. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    I agree with Beckii to an extent on this, touchups and stuff are fine, but when it gets to the point of your entire identity being based around a fake version of yourself (this is PULL, you know who I mean and all the people who do the same thing) that's when I can't stand it. Her plaster analogy was kinda stupid imo, like if people think they can just filter stuff away they're never going to deal with their real problems and be comfortable with themselves.There's no reason to crucify people who do it if it's not hurting anyone but it's usually not a good thing for the individual themselves. If you're able to separate the real you from the photoshopped you then it's fine, and if you're comfortable admitting you did this and that to your pictures (by admitting I don't mean broadcasting it everywhere, but if people ask and you deny it, you have issues) you're really not hurting anyone but your own self image. To me her plaster analogy is like when people get plastic surgery to make them happy but they're actually depressed and need to sort out their inner problems before trying to convince the world they're perfect.(looking at you Kalel) Otherwise literally no one cares if you blur out a zit on instagram, but if you're using meitu xiu xiu as a "plaster for your real problems" then you need to get your shit together imo. If you can't tell, the analogy kinda bothered me but the rest of her points I agree with completely. 
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  18. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

     Honestly I don't think I can believe either of them, they're both terrible people so how do they expect their viewers to know what to believe? People are just going to take sides based on who they like more. I don't doubt for a second that Freelee does use botox etc. but they're both obsessed with money and appearances. Wouldn't trust either of them, they're both liars and scammers that are now just profiting more off the break up and off each other's stories which are likely all fabricated for views. Not saying I don't believe male victims of abuse or whatever but they're both just so full of shit, the fact is that we'll never know all the real ins and outs of their relationship but us feeding into all this back and forth is just giving them more money. They don't hesitate to try and profit off of people with eating disorders and other health issues, they don't hesitate to make horrible videos about how a 13 year old dying of cancer would've lived if she was vegan, so I really wouldn't put it past them to be making all of this shit up because everyone is tired of them doing the same old shit trying to ride on the coattails of popular youtubers. It's wearing thin and coincidentally so is their relationship so they might as well try and profit off that too. Freelee has tried to pretend for years that she's down to earth and isn't obsessed with her appearance and plastic surgery. Chest deformity my ass. I have nothing against plastic surgery but for someone like Freelee, who supposedly stands for what she does, it's wrong. If she didn't have implants she'd look like a skeleton and no one would follow her diet. Harley isn't really any better, he's always been emaciated trying to kid himself and his viewers that he's so muscular and healthy because he cycles and all his vegan minions lap it up, but to any normal person he just looks like a junkie that's wasting away because he has literally no fat on his body, Freelee would look the same if it weren't for (non vegan) breast implants. They're both just as bad as each other and they probably both need to see mental health professionals. Sorry I just had to get this all off my chest since I watched the video above. They both sicken me.
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  19. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Kylie's lipkits barely look good on Kylie, let alone someone like Sharla. Like some has said it just looks dull and lifeless when it seemed like she was going for somewhat of a healthy glow with her makeup? Having dry, matte plastic looking lips just throws off the whole look and it barely even works for Taylor. I miss when Kota and all the other ~living dolls~ used to do somewhat natural looking lips or lips with a bit of shine, now even they have fallen victim to the gross matte over lining trend that barely looks good on the people who started it. I literally couldn't get through Sharla's video, I was just staring at her awful lipstick.
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  20. catmeowkun added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    I like Beckii most of the time, sometimes she can come off as a bit pretentious or trying too hard to be politically correct but I do generally enjoy her videos. My only problem with her is that for someone who does lots of hauls, she gives lots of information about the fit of certain clothes but otherwise she's not too good at describing what the clothes are like. She just states the obvious like "oh it has a heart cutout" yeah, we aren't blind. and then she goes on some boring tangent. Now with the watch time thing, she has even more of an excuse to not edit out her rambling so she just sounds like she doesn't really know what she's talking about. I guess most of the hauls she does are for taobao knockoff brands so she probably isn't allowed to talk about the quality of the clothes since they likely suck though. Having said that I did really enjoy her daily vlogs back in the day when she was still in school on what is now her gaming channel. Now it doesn't seem like she does much at home besides sewing which is nice, but boring for daily vlogging. I don't think I managed to get through her vlogmas but I do enjoy the travel vlogs.
    Also her fashion brand is kind of weird. I appreciate that she's making the clothes herself but I feel like she only thinks about what looks good on her, rather than what looks good on other body types. She focuses too much on having unique cuts and silhouettes for her clothes instead of them actually being flattering. I remember when she was first starting out (maybe her second collection) she had this weird shirt with tie straps made out of towel fabric? and it hung really weirdly on her let alone someone not rail thin. 
    Also what is this stuff about people not liking her larme? The pictures don't work. Personally I don't really think she has the face for larme. It just doesn't suit her.
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