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  1. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I’ve really enjoyed bubbly Venus while she was around, but now I’m starting to realize that the reason she probably stuck with that persona for so long was because that’s what her mother initially forced on her. To act like this super childlike living doll. That’s what she was doing when she was building her channel and it started booming with popularity. So I can see how it must have been really hard to break free from that, and why it’s taken her so long to do so. I feel like she’s probably also felt scared to deviate from what she started with, seeing as that’s what made her channel grow so much. Not knowing if being her true self would be as successful.
    Glad to see she’s getting a lot of support in her comment sections. And the people there who are saying things like “I’m worried about you, you seem so different” probably haven’t been following Venus for very long.
    End ramble.
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  2. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    @Gundamu Yeah she probably had somewhat of an interest at one point. But considering she had no idea what Comic-Con was, and it was her then fiancé’s (Vann Childs) idea to get her tickets to go, tells me she wasn’t all that interested in geeky culture. 
    She had the idea to go dressed as a “sexy pikachu” and once she saw how much attention she was getting there for it, decided to see what else she could do with that sort of thing. Thus, she garnered more and more notoriety online for being a “sexy cosplay girl” by making more horrendous crop top + tiny skirt + ears and maybe a prop “cosplays”.
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  3. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    So I had no idea about this until I was scrolling through YouTube last night. But apparently Tana started some shit with a Hispanic female rapper I enjoy who goes by the name Snow Tha Product (Claudia Alexandra Feliciano). Snow was at a party with her GF, and Tana was there was well. I’ve only seen Snow’s video on the subject (which she didn’t even want to make but felt like she had to), but from the sound of it, Tana was behaving in a way that rubbed Snow’s GF wrong enough to cause her to try and assault/fight Tana. Then Tana accused Snow of trying to come on to her.... yeah, it’s a messss.....
    Tana’s video  (31 mins)
    Snow’s video (13 mins)
    I’ve just found this whole thing interesting, and I’m inclined to believe Snow over Tana (even without seeing Tana’s video) only because Snow is typically pretty quiet and unproblematic.
    I’ll be watching Tana’s video now to get what I can only imagine to be her very exaggerated side of the story. Even though it’s 31 fucking minutes, dear lord.
    EDIT: oh shocker, Tana is lying and exaggerating. And the first almost half of the video is shit that’s completely unrelated anyway.
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  4. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Like the person above said, it’s quite a drastic change!
    I just hope that the mature/grown up demeanor she’s showing isn’t something she’s forcing on herself to try and create some sort of new image. I don’t think that would be healthy for her mentally. 
    I just hope she’s being herself and is happy.
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  5. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Yeah seriously, it needs one. Most of those pictures are in her photo thread anyway. 
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  6. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    While I can agree that the Venus we saw in this video is a lot closer to the real Venus that exists off camera, I can’t help but feel like she was sad while filming this. 
    Like I understand that the real Venus isn’t super bubbly to an extreme extent as we see in her usual videos. But I also don’t think she’s that dry in real life. I think she’s going through a rough patch and I hope she is ok. As someone said above, I also just want a healthy Venus. Mentally and physically.
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  7. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    Ethan has really fallen off in this last year, which has been both disappointing and sad to watch. You can almost see the exact moment it happened when looking through the uploads on the H3 channel. They made the “VAPE NATION” video, which blew the fuck up, garnering 23 million views. Then shortly after that he tried making another vape video in what I can only assume to be an attempt to milk the success of the first one. It got 4 million views. 

    I believe after this point he said he felt overwhelming pressure to keep making videos as successful as the vape nation video. I can’t speak much for the podcasts because I avoid them. But what I have seen has either been boring or problematic as fuck. I did watch the highlight where they announced Hila’s pregnancy, which made me very happy for them! But as soon as he started talking about “squirting in Hila for more than a year” it immediately when from happy moment to fucking disgusting. Your kid is gonna come across that one day, I hope you know, Ethan.
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  8. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    So the new video was essentially an ad  disappointing. And I agree that something seems off with her.
    But I am glad to see she’s still with Mana and in her same home. I thought the part where he came in was cute and funny. I wonder what (if anything) is going on.
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  9. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Wait what? When did that happen? Where did she say that? No judgment or anything! I’ve been busy lately and unable to keep up too closely with the people I’m interested in. 
    I always had a feeling she might be.
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  10. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I find it funny that there’s women who post very similar photos to Nigri (sexy shoots with underwear and general half-nakedness) and their pages get reported and taken down by Instagram. Yet with Nigri they do nothing, and I assume it has everything to do with her follower count. Literally what she posts now is nothing but softcore porn with gaming/anime themes. And Instagram doesn’t care
    Like wasn’t Momokun’s Instagram deleted at one point if I remember correctly? She posts such similar things to Nigri.
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  11. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Something about this most recent video felt off to me, as others have said as well.
    She went from uploading a video consistently almost everyday from September 6th until October 17th. Then there was a break between her October 17th video and the video from today, November 7th.
    The room she was filming in for the most recent video seemed vastly different from any rooms we’ve seen in her/Manaki’s apartment. But for the sake of not assuming things, perhaps she had just taken one of the rooms we are not familiar with and decorated it.
    But for me, something seemed drastically off in the way she acted on camera in this new video. I hope she is ok/everything is ok.
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  12. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Its not about “motivation”. This girl is unfortunately very sick. She has concivnced herself that there is nothing wrong with her, and this is what she continues to tell not only herself but everyone else too. 
    No doubt that the attention she gets is what encourages her to continue making content (which she also makes her income on). But even before she became slightly famous, it was clear she already had an eating disorder when watching those first few videos she uploaded. Her second video ever for example. Her videos are essentially “body checks”, and she always seems proud of what she is showing us.
    ***What it really comes down to, is you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. It has nothing to do with any attention she may be getting. And she has demonstrated time and time again by denying anything is wrong that she does NOT want help. Her eating disorder has everything to do with herself and nothing to do with other people.***
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  13. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I’m no expert but im pretty sure that’s not how eating disorders work.
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  14. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Ok so, has anyone seen this Tweet? I don’t see anyone talking about it. I know that this is the Shane thread and not the Trisha thread, BUT this Tweet would obviously never exist if it wasn’t for that series Shane made about Jake. So I feel like this is related to Shane and his series 100%. And Trisha’s thread is dead anyway. 
    I don’t understand why that series has made some people actually think Jake is a good guy, or “awesome and genuine” like wtf. The general public who replied to this Tweet didn’t have anything nice to say. She had to be making content with Jake for the sake of making money because everyone has been talking about Shane’s series. And the fact that Shane is now constantly talking about Jake as if he’s some great guy, plus his reaction to the criticism REALLY makes me rethink him. Ugh.
    (Sorry if this post shouldn’t be here but damn I had to say something about this. And I do feel it’s related to Shane’s series. Also sorry about how the link is posted, I’m on mobile.)
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  15. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    looks like they’re kinda figuring it out finally lol

    Also look at this master craftsmanship on that fake arm

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