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  1. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Seems that her follower count on Instagram dropped drastically? Last time I checked on her page (sometime last month I think?) She had above 9,000 followers and now it’s down to 7,901. When did that happen?
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  2. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I feel bad to say something like this but... idk here she reminds me of a spooky monster or an SCP, level keter... 

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  3. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    It’s possible, but I feel there would have to be a mass reporting where a lot of people participate.
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  4. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I’ve tried before, but when Instagram got back to me they claimed that her content doesn’t violate guidelines. Yet women with smaller followings and Belle do? It’s ridiculous. 
    Reminds me somewhat of how the people who run Twitch are super lenient towards titty streamers who break rules, and incredibly hard on male streamers. Apparently you can literally throw your cat on livestream cuz you’re pissed, as long as you have titties and show them off. 
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  5. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Instagrams bias towards anything with tits or a blue check mark disgusts me to no end. 

    I’m baffled that Belle Delphine’s Instagram was terminated, yet Jessica’s is still allowed to exist (I dislike Belle as much as the next, but c’mon). It’s true Belle was literally baiting pedos and pervs with her softcore porn... But Jessica LITERALLY posts softcore, that in my opinion, is worse than what Belle was posting. It seemed like often times Belle’s body was mostly covered up. Yet Jessica has degraded to wearing tiny micro bikinis and sometimes just tape over her nips. And it’s ok why, cuz she looks older?? I don’t get instagrams logic. They are both adults but one was penalized over the other, despite both of them having around the same follower count.
    I just don’t understand how her content is allowed to exist on their platform when it clearly violates guidelines. While women with not even a small fraction of the followers Jnig has, who post the same shit, get terminated.
    Instagram needs to get their shit together by either deciding all of it is ok, or none of it is.
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  6. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Manaki   

    @Gr33dy oh shit my bad! I see what happened 😅 I was looking back on Venus’ Instagram and she had the account ‘manasenpai’ tagged in an old post, and I clicked it. I guess someone must have taken his old handle when he changed it to manarosenrot, or he made a new account altogether 
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  7. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Manaki   

    Hey guys soooo it looks like Manaki unarchived some of his photos on Instagram:

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  8. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    @Andromeda Galaxy I completely understand what you’re saying, and it’s all correct! But I was focusing more so on the things she can control, not genes, which she cannot. Her style of hair, makeup, and how she chooses to treat her body are all things she can control. (IMO it’s harsh and unfair to get on her case, or anyone’s case, about things she inherited through genetics... everyone has things about their appearance they inherited that they can’t change, but can do certain things to help the appearance of)
    Definitely if she has bad genes there’s not much she can do. Besides take charge of the things she can control and change to help her overall look. And sadly, right now, I don’t think she really cares much.
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  9. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

     I feel like this is due to her picking hairstyles and makeup looks that aren’t super flattering for her... She lets all her hair hang down around her face and neck, and it causes so many unflattering shadows. Like the shadows are making the shape of her neck and chin area look mega frumpy. But she insists on keeping a common hairstyle Japanese girls do, where they have the straight bangs parted more towards one side and long straight locks. 
    Also her abuse of alcohol will definitely take a toll on her looks. You don’t get very good sleep when you’re plastered (despite the fact it’ll knock you out) and that can’t he helping. 
    Shes not ugly and has the potential to look super cute, she just boxes herself in to certain styles for her ~aesthetic~ and doesn’t seem to be taking care of her body. 
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  10. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Can someone explain to me what the role she got is? Sorry, I think I missed something... This video is the first I’m hearing of her doing VA work.
    Dear lord though that video is so hard to watch... it gives off some legit secondhand embarrassment. Like Jesus how humiliating... Why did she think it would be a good idea not only to film that, but to post it??
    He keeps trying to tell her different ways she can try it, but she does it the same way almost every time.
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  11. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    @BitchPlox Oh damn, I did realize I was speaking directly to you and you only in my post!
    oh wait...... that’s cuz I wasn’t. 
    You wanna tell me that I don’t think discussion is allowed and I’m trying to police what topics are “worthy”, yet when you quote my post you break down everything I say and why it’s wrong. Policing my opinions. I shared what I thought, and you seem to think I’m trying to control the discussion..... what even the fuck?
    Stop with the condescending breakdown style analyses of people’s posts. That’s how you “attack” people.
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  12. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I have no idea why you were attacked, cuz this is very true. Like yeah Venus is DEFINITELY showing her true colors, and even people like myself who wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt understand this. 
    But there are genuinely users right now who seem to be comparing her to Margaret in the sense of how well she’s doing financially and in general in life. When really comparisons should be made because of the manipulative and psychotic natures. 
    Wasn’t it Maggot who just recently went through legal troubles and was detained? Even Venus has to be doing better than Maggot financially and in terms of her visa. 
    Margaret Palermo will always be 100% worse than Venus. And anyone who wants to pretend that Venus ISNT 100% a product of her mother is lying to themselves.
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  13. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   


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  14. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    They are definitely NOT the main points at all. Like at all. It’s a 2 hour long video. There were also way more details about the hair color and wigs than what I posted. I try to not post entire novels when I post here, and that’s why the video was linked.
    And what I highlighted in your response is exactly why the points don’t add up to you. You need to watch the video to get all the details. I’m not great at explaining things, so if you don’t watch the video, there’s not much more I can do to help. 
    But this is the last I’m ever posting in this particular thread. I used to believe Timothy until more proof was collected and presented to me. I’ve made peace with the situation and my feelings on it. I believe Timothy lied for many obvious reasons and I refuse to support someone who would lie about sexual assault or even r*pe. All the people she has convinced of her false allegations, she has lied to and used for her gain. And all I want to do is show others that there’s way more to look at concerning this situation. 
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  15. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Yes, the video @OctoberSky linked is all the proof anyone needs. I would have linked it myself but they beat me to it!  It’s a long video, but it’s damn worth it. It’s extremely well done and full of receipts and sources.
    One of the biggest things (in my opinion) is the inconsistencies with the “photographic proof” Timothy posted, which was supposed to support her claims but only discredited her. 
    She claims the photo of Melanie in the handcuffs is from the night of the alleged r*pe. In that photo, Melanie has chin-length half grey and half black hair. Timothy then had ANOTHER photo claiming it was from the same weekend. Yet Melanie’s hair is longer and half blonde instead of half grey. There’s no way she could have stripped all the color from her hair within a night without destroying it. Let alone have it grow multiple inches over 1 night. Just one of the many points made in the video.

    Also another thing to note which is also noted in the video. If Melanie was a r*pist, and turned on by the idea of doing that to someone (Timothy describes sadistic r*pe) she would NOT gravitate towards the role of being in cuffs. The person in cuffs is NOT dominant towards the person who put them in cuffs. They are submissive. Also in this photo of them standing together, which of the 2 of them looks shy and passive?

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