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  1. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Anyone aware of this account? Popped up on July 19th. I looked back in the thread starting from that date and I didn’t see anything. Is it legit? It seems legit to me but idk, I’m dumb as hell and y’all would know better than me. (Also sorry for the huge pics but it’s impossible for me to add a spoiler on mobile)

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  2. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Yeah.... she’s definitely being self destructive on purpose. As someone pointed out, her consuming basically straight hot sauce and some 9% alcohol level beverages (at the same time) can’t be helping her reconstructed stomach. Venus knows this too. She knows she can’t overfill her stomach and do mukbangs or food challenges the way she used to since that botched surgery. 
    She could have literally done a stream based around anything else and still have viewers and donations. Yet she chose this? When even was her last mukbang, like 3 years ago? (yes, yes it was. It was the giant donut challenge. I don’t count the “ramen challenge” from 2 years ago cuz all she did was eat 1 packet of super spicy ramen.... which she added tobasco to)
    She has to know this is horrible for her. It would be horrible for anyone. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for consenting adults putting whatever they want into their bodies. But with her, she literally almost died cuz of the illegal weight loss surgery. She knows her stomach is fucked up. She’s being reckless.
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  3. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Oof her expression in those screenshots above really disturbs me. She just looks so dead inside. She’s supposed to be doing something fun but she’s clearly so far removed in her head.
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  4. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I was watching some of Venus’ stream last night and immediately dipped out when she started talking to people on the Discord she made. It’s so obnoxious to listen to random people have a conversation! It’s like when someone answers their phone and proceeds to have the whole conversation over speaker phone. Who wants to watch that? How is that any fun unless you’re participating? (Deff not gonna lie though, I totally thought about trying to hop on that Discord lol but I did not)
    Also Venus could have gotten a serious strike on her channel with her carelessness showing her discord chat to the stream. Everyone was like “Venus stop!!!!” cuz at one point people were spamming the Discord with porn. Idk how she’s had a career on the internet this long, yet still seems kinda clueless and inept at using the internet in some ways. And shit like that goes right over her head  
    Also she goes from never uploading to YT, to spamming everyone’s subscriptions feed. I wish she’d pick a damn schedule to stick to like a normal YouTuber.
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  5. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    So Venus didn’t fully delete the “revealing my sex life” video. She only made it private, and I know this cuz it was the most recent video I “liked” and it’s in my liked videos playlist as being private. 
    Not that it means anything, just thought I’d point that detail out. With some of her videos she seems to have completely deleted them, but some of them are still in my liked videos playlist as private videos. I wonder why she chooses to completely delete some, and make others just private.
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  6. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Venus’ marriage to Manaki has always been seen as suspicious (cuz VISA) and strange (cuz he was a fan who showed up to randomly meet her), no doubt. And I admit in the past I wanted to give their relationship the benefit of the doubt. But I think it’s absolutely a possibility that Manaki was abusive and possessive over Venus, even when simply considering ONLY how he met her (or rather forced their meeting, depending on how you view it). I just don’t understand why she would embellish the story with a lie like “he quit his job and I supported him”. 
    So many of you guys think this is a lie, but I’m not so sure. Not disagreeing, just not sure. IMO he definitely took advantage of the opportunity to marry Venus, and when I say “take advantage” I’m referring to Venus’ age and her mother’s willingness to sell her off. He knew these things. So I don’t see why he wouldn’t also take advantage of her YT money? She has released a lot of videos since running away to Japan, and with over a million subs she had to have made okay money at the very least.
    Idk If he’s abusive, I could see him thinking that his new loli idol wife would be his meal ticket as well.
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  7. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Yeah like hell Maggot doesn’t already know about the video and everything Venus said. Plus Maggot trying to say that no one knows if Mana is still alive is so laughable. She’s acting like she doesn’t care or keep up with Venus’ content, yet she still after years  will engage people in the same arguments over and over. 
    Definitely, she thrives on this shit.
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  8. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Idk I wasn’t SUPER bothered by her Sailor Venus costume (although I can understand where people are coming from). She said that cosplay was encouraged as the “dress code” but not mandatory. I don’t think anyone expected her to show up in something super extravagant, especially when she said she was doing a sailor scout. Cuz that’s a pretty straightforward costume. They weren’t going to see her in a cosplay, they were going to see her. 
    Albeit I don’t know why anyone would bother to throw on a costume if they didn’t intend to make it look nice unless 1. It’s just a joke costume, which Venus’ wasn’t or 2. It’s just meant to be casual. I’m thinking Venus was leaning towards something more casual, hence why she went with a costume that is mostly a one-piece with a wig and some heels (didn’t look like she had the gloves). That’s just my 2 cents tho.
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  9. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Ella Freya   

    @eru777 If you’re going to post NSFW stuff you’re going to want to put it inside of a spoiler my dude.
    Not everyone is in a place where they can just have full frontal nips on their phone screen  
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  10. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Dan Schneider Scandal Thread   

    Well, there’s lots to factor in. The biggest one (unfortunately) being that if anyone were to speak out about Dan (or any of the other disgusting men working on his shows cuz there were plenty) they’d probably be met with a huge legal battle. Men like Dan Schneider will do anything in order to keep indulging in their sick behavior. Including fighting one of their victims using the legal system.
    And not only this, but if one of his stars still working in entertainment were to speak up, there’s a good chance they could be blacklisted. And never work in entertainment again. Alexa even mentions that while she was a child on Zoey 101, she was told she’d never work again cuz she spoke up about how she was being treated. And how much have we really seen of her since Zoey 101? Not a whole lot.... (looks like she’s been in some B-movies in the mid to late 2000’s and that’s it)
    It can be so scary for so many reasons... and after hearing about how Dan spoke to Alexa when she was being bullied by his cast makes me think he REALLY does not care. And could even be dangerous.
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  11. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Ella Freya   

    Oof I mean, with this Ella girl, there is no way of knowing if this is true. This is just speculation and the impression I’ve gotten within the last month, so don’t come for me. But I’ve gotten the feeling that maybe Venus cheated on Mana with that girl (or others). And that’s why her marriage is in the toilet right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mana were to give Venus his consent for her to sleep with this girl. But if she were to just do it without talking to or asking him about it, I could see him (or literally anyone) being really mad, hurt, and betrayed.
    People have said that maybe Venus and Mana deleted the ‘couple videos’ they made together because it could be a bad look for Mana in the professional world. That’s reasonable. But to even delete simple selfies together? When they’re married? I can’t see a photo of him with his wife, posted by either of them, being detrimental to his professional or private life. It seems extreme and makes me think that something pretty bad happened. I just really get the feeling it could be a possibility that Venus went behind his back to experiment with Ella and other women.
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  12. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Dan Schneider Scandal Thread   

    I’m super interested in the documentary Alexa mentions in that livestream. I wish she could have said more about it, but at this point I don’t think anyone really knows when it’ll be released. The fact she said in the livestream that she couldn’t go into more detail about Dan specifically because she does so in the documentary.. just really has me chomping at the bit to hear what she says.
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  13. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Idk if this is just me or what, but I believe Jaclyn and those other 2 that Eugenia’s Mom probably isn’t a good person and is even dangerous to Eugenia’s health and recovery.
    It definitely rubbed me wrong in the past when people just assumed her Mom and family was not helping. Or even enabling. Because no one actually knew anything. Eugenia never said anything, and her friends (who are capable of being unbiased towards her Mom if she was a bad person) certainly never said anything.
    But now that I’m hearing from 3 people (who know them both) that her mother was actively trying to get Eugenia away from mental health professionals... Telling her to get out of there however she could and calling Jaclyn a “fucking bitch” for getting her daughter life-saving help... idk honestly I believe it. I really can’t fathom why they’d lie about that. There’s nothing to gain from stating that Eugenia’s Mom has not had her best interests in mind.
    and with Eugenia saying her Mom and the rest of her family are good, supportive people... well I’m not surprised she feels that way. I think they enabled her behavior for years, and in Eugenia’s mind, that was them being supportive and good. It’s all really sad. 
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  14. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    @rieaku Oh yes totally agreed, there’s definitely something wrong with her mom. 
    I’m just triggered by all the random and irrelevant comparisons to Gypsy Rose and her Mom  cuz there’s definitely nothing there and it feels like people are grasping at straws to either have some sort of understanding of the situation, or LOOK like they do (not to say I completely understand it all).
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  15. AnarchyStocking added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Could Venus’s new channel mean that she’s trying to distance herself from her old YouTube persona? Specifically the “dolly” persona that’s been prevalent in her videos for years? I haven’t watched the new video yet, so I’m not sure if all her mannerisms are the same on this channel as they were on her old one.
    Also I kinda wish we could stop constantly pointing out that Venus looks somewhat like her Mother. First of all it’s something we already know (unfortunately) and it’s been rehashed a lot. Like I definitely see where people are coming from and I don’t think they mean harm... but holy shit, how insulting... if someone even told me ONCE that I looked like Margo, let alone constantly pointing it out, they’d catch these hands real fast  
    issa low blow, guys.
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