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  1. Haeltide added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    Showing two gays and a black guy on a leash in public? Wow, that’s really celebrating the power of women as she said. I honestly feel embarrassed that anyone still thinks that having female power is related to sex and sexual control over men. Our power should lead to equality. Women can embrace their power by their intelligence, character, talents, they can help others and make world better. Meanwhile we see something like that. It’s offensive for anyone including women themselves.
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  2. Haeltide added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    That’s awfully sexist and at this point she isn’t any better than some dumb rappers with poorly treated models in their music videos. Not to mention the dress and hair look cheap - and she could afford a designer classy dress...
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  3. Haeltide added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    In more developed societies - surely not and that’s how it should be for everyone no matter what sexuality they are. (Although I wouldn’t devalue personal problems of people wanting families or relationships that aren’t possible due to their orientation).
    But please don’t forget that there still are “traditional” cultures where people are being forced into marriages, having sex and children. For some of them (and especially asexuals) that’s being raped everyday (even if they possibly could like their partner otherwise). And that’s hell with possible tough punishment if you’d like to escape it.
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  4. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    If you mean real gentlemen, then they are probably out there working, having hobbies, living calm life. Lots of them are doing it with educated women with actual passion, interesting job and well manners.
    But “thirsty men” expected to give you “something” for the things you provide them... well, everybody likes a good deal and to pay less for more so I’m not surprised.
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  5. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Doesn’t she know how to behave in cafe or restaurant? I’d be ashamed to go anywhere with a person who doesn’t even have a clue what savoir vivre is.
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  6. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    it’s not slut-shaming, it’s drastically unhygienic...
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  7. Haeltide added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    If once again I'll see a complaints about how concealer/foundation range should be 50-50 white and black, I'm going to explode. It's not like some brown colors are for black people and the rest is for fair or tanned white population. According to various data white European people are about 16%, African black - 14-15%, but then Middle Eastern/North African are close to 10%, Latina are about 5% and Asians are something like 50% (rather equally distributed between South (mainly Indian people) and East (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam etc.). So most of the population has more tan/in between skin shade (including the fact we have a lot of mixed people as well). 
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  8. Haeltide added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Of course I’m against some 30 years old creeps hunting for 15 years old girls, because the gap in life experience and maturity gives the older person every possible chance to manipulate the younger one, not to mention drastically small chances to create a healthy relationship. On the other hand I can imagine 15 years old being attracted to 30 years old purely for sexual reasons. People are sexual, it it what it is. Therefore we should educate them to chose safe options reducing chances of being mistreated, but also shouldn’t ignore their needs and acknowledge things that come with puberty.
    In my opinion the most important factor is setting the age of consent on the level excluding physical problems. (Imagine 13yo who unfortunately got pregnant and “decided” to give birth...) The second - choosing age when overall people become interested in sex in emotional and physical way. (Not childish curiosity, but feeling serious needs). Third factor - moment, when people are aware of their actions. And when a 14yo usually still lives with parents, I know 16yo people who moved to different cities for better school availability. They’re not “kids”. Of course - also not adults, but their life, needs and things they’re interested in are much different than just underdeveloped kids. The gap between 17 and 20 years old people is often less drastic than between 20 and 30yo both life and emotional wise. 
    I don’t see sex at age 16 as an adult choice in any way. Probably it doesn’t have the impact as the sex in real mature relationship when it’s an addition to being really passionate about other person. But people have sex for fun and pleasure or because they just feel the need to. It’s not the most serious thing on earth and big restrictions will only cause huge problems. You don’t have to pass all of the life tests to be allowed to do what your body naturally wants to do. Don’t make teenagers feel that wanting to have sex is something inappropriate. Stigmatizing basic needs is more dangerous than taking care to make them safe. We should educate how to have safe sex preventing std and unwanted pregnancy, how to say ”no” and when somebody’s actions might be sketchy, when someone just wants to take advantage of you and when your body is developed, but not picturing sex as a secret activity for people who passed certain age (when some people decide to marry and have kids, lol), level of maturity (hard to measure) and chosen the one acceptable age of partner. We should protect people from other potentially dangerous people, not from themselves.
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  9. Haeltide added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Yep, in Europe the age of consent is usually 15 or 16, but in some countries even a 14yo. (Germany, Italy or Austria for example).
    And it’s not like everyone having sex is being raped. 
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  10. Haeltide added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    I kind of understand her with her hair quirks. A lot of people who aren’t really into being conventionally attractive leaves their “flaws” like slightly crooked teeth (not so healthy tho), hyper pigmentation on the skin or hairdos that aren’t flattering but seem fun to them. Or maybe she just likes her hair and doesn’t feel urge to change it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also cut my hair only if it starts to be really uneven and rarely dye it two tones ligthter for no reason knowing it could look so much better, I just really don’t care that much.
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  11. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Where I live (Europe, so far away but still) really good tattoo artist trying to be accepted to popular studios usually have an apprenticeship for about two weeks to show they can pull off various styles on various bodies before they’ll focus on what exactly they want to do and then you can get a tattoo for free or barely free - the only things is that you can only accept projects they have to do during the training.
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  12. Haeltide added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    What’s funny is that she doesn’t even do any brand collaborations, ads or anything, because she has a lot of money from well known source. So even the you tube is hardly any business for her.
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  13. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    she at least looks here like an Asian girls for once 
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  14. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I guess she realized that Kylie Jenner phase of the Internet is slowly dying and a lot of people like more Korean/just girly looks. It’s completely new face, but - being her - I’d stick to it as the best option that has been shown for some time.
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  15. Haeltide added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    I think you’re mixing two things. One is how people in Eastern Europe look today and one about the phenotype of historical Slavs. (More “pure” type when it was hard to travel and mix genes). 
    Here you have an interesting translation of the essay published by one of the European universities (in Poland) where you have lots of historical quotes of travelers stating that Slavic people were light skinned, with rather straight and really light hair and these with darker eyes and complexion live near the Mediterranean Sea or are from Romania. I think that the citizens of Mediterranean area are now considered by anthropologists as a different type connected more with Orient/Hindi origins. 
    Why Slavs have darker eyes and hairs now? Well, because light ones are supported by recessive genes, so it is decreasing by the law of nature.
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