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  2. Haeltide added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    One and and only byredo bal d’afrique if it comes to pleasant everyday scent. The only problem is - it’s quite weak when it comes to performance. I use the regular ones, the hair ones and it still has some problems with staying in during the day.
    I’m a vetiver freak so quite often reach for essential parfums Mon Vetiver too.
    And when I’m in the mood for something different - Los Angeles by Gallivant and Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian.
    Thinking about Chanel Sycomore right now. It’s amazing, has full and elegant scent, but at the same time it’s quite pricey...
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  3. Haeltide added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It’s quite obvious that from early ages Central/East Europe had a lot of conflicts with Mongol Empire, Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Persia, also with Tatars. More or less the Middle East. Same pattern as Nordic countries fighting with each other. There’s no historical mystery why “empires” were empires at the first place. It has something to do with the war policy and the range of it. Ofc the time gap is bigger, but in you can’t use an argument supporting your proof and at the same time deny its logical force.
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  4. Haeltide added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I mean... this is more of a socially inherited bias than any kind of rational reason not to date somebody. Fear of being treated differently than your partner or having drastically different backgrounds may be a serious problem for some, but this? Idk where you live, but there are lots of predominantly white countries that never have had any colonies or even were brutally attacked by non-white armies. Many Slavic countries up to this day still don’t have nearly any people of colour as citizens. I’d die of laughter if anybody told me he can’t like me because I’m white. Ofc cruelty is a shame and shouldn’t be forgotten, but what the hell people in Central Europe have to do with cruelty of other nations in history? It’s just straight up race prejudice and also really takes American point of view as an universal one.
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  7. Haeltide added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    Ofc her figure is really nice. But imagine paying for photos enhanced in such a poor way. 
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  8. Haeltide added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    yeah, in France it’s quite common to have your WC in a separated room and not everyone has the sink there. Apparently people are still alive, so maybe Ashley will stay alive too.
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  9. Haeltide added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Honestly I don’t get why are you bothered by the apartment thing tbh. Where I live the average-salary-to-rent ratio is almost identical as in NY. To get a nice studio in a good area for 2k is considered a really good deal overall. I’m in my early 20s and couldn’t imagine sharing a flat with anyone except my partner or really close friend, especially when I also work at home. Not to mention me and my partner have IT jobs, and it’s not the level of being a YouTube star with millions of fans. With her position the small flat is rather a great way of saving money. In a city centre you have all of the nice restaurants for lunch, cafes, boutiques to visit, art galleries etc. It’s just really convenient and you don’t have to spend ton of money on Uber to get there. So it becomes a great place to live, not just sleep or work. Houses in quiet areas are good for families, but being shocked that young singles/pairs are choosing heart of the city? Cmon.
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  10. Haeltide added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    the bending lines tho... dear God. She is trying to change her whole body.
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  11. Haeltide added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    I mean be real - Poppy probably stayed with Titanic so long because of his manipulative behavior and threats. No one should be treated like that and he’s guilty. But her staying with him so long is sketchy and - well - she ended this personal/business relationship after being involved in a scandal and any day earlier. 
    It was very comfortable situation for years. He picked her, created her image (I mean even Mars Argo has proven it by her lawsuit), whole story behind her persona (because it’s fairly similar to MA project and vibe), directed short videos that went viral and basically made her popular. Thanks to his creepy storytelling in videos there were even popular conspiracy theories etc. He also helped her transform into a regular star. It was convenient to stick to him even if he was a bad person to begin with. First problem came with the lawsuit scandal and stuff that happened later. It was perfect time to get rid of him, but she waited a little bit more. Maybe because of some business agreements or something. She was also well known when she decided to do it and I don’t believe he magically became a different person last year. She had to know who he is after some time spent together, cmon
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  12. Haeltide added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    Showing two gays and a black guy on a leash in public? Wow, that’s really celebrating the power of women as she said. I honestly feel embarrassed that anyone still thinks that having female power is related to sex and sexual control over men. Our power should lead to equality. Women can embrace their power by their intelligence, character, talents, they can help others and make world better. Meanwhile we see something like that. It’s offensive for anyone including women themselves.
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  13. Haeltide added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    That’s awfully sexist and at this point she isn’t any better than some dumb rappers with poorly treated models in their music videos. Not to mention the dress and hair look cheap - and she could afford a designer classy dress...
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  14. Haeltide added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    In more developed societies - surely not and that’s how it should be for everyone no matter what sexuality they are. (Although I wouldn’t devalue personal problems of people wanting families or relationships that aren’t possible due to their orientation).
    But please don’t forget that there still are “traditional” cultures where people are being forced into marriages, having sex and children. For some of them (and especially asexuals) that’s being raped everyday (even if they possibly could like their partner otherwise). And that’s hell with possible tough punishment if you’d like to escape it.
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  15. Haeltide added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    If you mean real gentlemen, then they are probably out there working, having hobbies, living calm life. Lots of them are doing it with educated women with actual passion, interesting job and well manners.
    But “thirsty men” expected to give you “something” for the things you provide them... well, everybody likes a good deal and to pay less for more so I’m not surprised.
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