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  1. jeykehey added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    i mean bighit is pretty much constantly suing people, they only really update the fans on it occasionally. and this didnt even come from bighit, this newest wave of people getting sued started posting about it which is how the fandom found out. truth is we have no clue who the "big guns" get pulled on or how often, for all we know they do this all the time for much smaller infractions. not that that makes it okay or whatever but i wouldnt be so quick to assume this is out of the ordinary for them. 
    also suga confirmed sometime last year that the company provides a therapist for them so im not sure why vader_chan thinks they dont. but yea, just fyi for those who didnt know, i guess. 
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  2. jeykehey added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    i did some digging, apparently someone accused jungkook of being a sexual predator and harrassing nct's jaehyun and it trended pretty heavily in korea... this person was a part of that and i would wager is only one of many people getting sued over it. 
    im honestly having a really hard time finding a reason why this should be overlooked and forgiven tbh, these kinds of false allegations ruin not just peoples careers but also lives, meanwhile this minors privacy and criminal record will be protected under korean law so this lawsuit wont damage their future anyway. so yeah. expensive way to learn a lesson but you can bet they wont forget it.
    edit with more context: the person (not this minor) who started the rumor on weibo originally received a warning from bighit but the defamation continued, which is why legal action was ultimately taken and that announcement about not accepting apologies was posted by bighit. 
    we all know what happens when online harassment, bullying and accusations go unaddressed by companies and i really have no sympathy left for people who wouldnt even heed an official warning. clearly a lawsuit is what it takes, and so be it. 
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  3. jeykehey added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    any context as to what claims the 11 year old supposedly made? not defending either side but i cant imagine they were spreading harmless rumours if bighit is taking them to literal court. 
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  4. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    streaming counts towards both music shows in korea and charting in the west, so its hardly pointless. it can mean the difference between a successful comeback and a flop sometimes. should people be losing sleep over it and shaming eachother for not streaming, though? absolutely not. especially if theyre going to get on their high horse about organic success right after. 
    truthfully im still waiting for the fans to catch on to the fact that no amount of scheduling and rule bending will fool the algorithms - its literally just not going to work the way it used to anymore. they have so many guides for what to do and when and how but theres no way those loopholes havent been accounted for already within the system.
    its a huge waste of time to do anything besides listen to the song when you genuinely feel like listening to it, and even then you might get flagged as a bot sometimes. 
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  5. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    these are the same people who were flexing that their kpop boy drives an expensive car after news dropped that he got in a car accident so... nuff said. 
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  6. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    how else are they gonna afford to lose and repurchase 34 pairs of airpods tho 😓
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  7. jeykehey added a post in a topic Halsey   

    well at least 2014 halsey was open to admitting she made shit up for the aesthetic of it

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  8. jeykehey added a post in a topic Halsey   

    im not sure if people here know but the reason superm are being shaded is because they had quite a bit of controversy when their first album came out due to the 60+ merch bundles they were selling just to get on billboard, which is obviously ridiculous. i fully believe thats what armys are clowning moreso than halsey, but i do hope some of them are shooting for her too.
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  9. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    uhh i mean sure, if we completely ignore the fact that kpop as a concept exists and was created primarily as a soft power export for korea and is actually meant to gain recognition in the rest of the world. like, its arguably their main and most successful export? it wasnt created solely for koreans and its not marketed solely to them either. thats kind of exactly what the hallyu wave is. 
    and besides, a majority of koreans think kpop is watered-down garbage that doesnt appeal to them in the slightest, with notable exceptions of course. kpop isnt "doing well" in korea - not long term or sustainably in a capitalist sense, at least. it has to grow and expand to remain profitable and popular. 
    i do agree that american validation means nothing and shouldnt be the ultimate goal, though. 
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  10. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    the fans have been contacting bighit for a while now about making the albums more environmentally friendly, i just dont think they expected that to mean a pizza box sized collection of shitty quality posters for double the price. but also no, no official confirmation that it was done because fans asked for it. 
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  11. jeykehey added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    'sustainability' isnt a valid excuse for having shitty quality album/photobook/pcs when you:
    a) made the photobook bigger, more expensive, and more difficult/costly to ship
    b) included the same unnecessary plastic bits and bobs you do every single time instead of cutting down on that waste 
    c) gave your other group a high quality, glossy, spiral bound, gorgeous album and photobook not even half a year ago
    d) produced the paper in china amidst a virus outbreak bc its cheaper for you to exploit labour than pay factory workers fairly
    e) chose the shittest quality paper for what happens to be the darkest and most inconvenient concept to print on newspaper - especially when higher quality options more suited for the job, and which would actually justify the price increase, exist 
    @ bighit admit you dont give a shit about the environment or sustainability and are just cutting corners with army bc you know theyll buy and hype anything involving bts while also bullying anyone who dares disagree into silence and go
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  12. jeykehey added a post in a topic Halsey   

    halsey also has songwriting credits for bwl though so i think you could probably stand to beef that number up a bit
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  13. jeykehey added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    i wish i could be someones forever farter.. 
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  14. jeykehey added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    i mean not liking the girl is one thing, contacting her or her parents privately and asking her to stop is one thing, hell even sending a cease and desist privately would be fine. but putting a 14 year old who doesnt have a fraction of your power or fanbase publicly on blast for your millions of rabid fans to bully and attack is not okay no matter how you spin it. 
    she knows exactly how her fans react, shes even bitched about how they treat her, let alone a nameless teen whose feelings they couldnt give less of a crap about. she knew what she did by throwing shade. 
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  15. jeykehey added a post in a topic Halsey   

    idk man, who goes to someones show just to antagonize them? like this aint standup comedy night, she came to promote her shit and youre presumably there because you want to hear it. if you wasted your time and money to get to her gig just to yell her ex's name in her face, whether you believe the abuse and cheating allegations or not, youre no better than her for snapping at you.
    no need to defend or justify her actions but lets not act like shes the only asshole in the situation. just my opinion. also spitting anything on anyone is just gross and unsanitary. 
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