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  1. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    So... I do not share her illness, and yet, my hair used to look exactly like her does on that "bad hair" photo. 
    How I achieved that look? Well, I used to die it A LOT and straighten it everyday with a flat iron. I would also use products for my hair that made it sensible and susceptible to the sun (like Oil or creams). My hair looked like a bad wig, tangled and hideous -just like hers.
    It all changed when I decided to stop mistreating it, chop it off and use quality products + rest days.
    Now my hair is divine. You too, Lonbon, can have awesome hair
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  2. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    Oh my god...This photo has just too much brightness and exposure to it. I am okay with her pink-ish filter and the usual amount of brightness...but I agree that this is overdoing it. I mean, the ears just disappear, she has no silhouette because it is being eaten by the background's shine, the reflections on her hair look like patches of white splattered around her head... Ahri, sweeatheart, please stop overusing the filters. They don't make your photos look nice, but tacky, undone and unprofessional. They are making you seem fake and like someone who doesn't understand aesthetics, instead of being flattering.
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  3. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I also had to search for the character she was cosplaying, and while I do believe the character is quite difficult to imitate (she looks very unrealistic), the problem with Ahri's cosplay is the lack of personality. Like, I honestly thought she was just dressing up as a mix between fox girl and asian clothes. I would have never guessed this was a character, because Ahri's isn't behaving like one -she is behaving like Ahri with cleavage. I do believe she should make the habit of researching and practicing the character she is cosplaying's poses -at least for her photos.
    On a side note, I was very surprised by this photo:
    I mean, I don't know if its the make up, or the editing or what...but she looks her age -even, maybe, a little bit older? (22-23 years). I mean, most of her photos she looks pretty young but in this one...she looks like an actual average looking human being -not the whole kawaii desune face.
    Could it be that she forgot to fully edit this photo? Maybe she edited but couldn't repeat previous edits? Or perhaps someone else took the photo and so, she posted it unedited? Or -my hope- she is finally comfortable enough with her real self to show it to the world?
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  4. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    She looks normal. I like that.
    She also looks happy, like she was having a good time.
    Plus, you never know...Maybe the photographer asked her to pose that way, or maybe she was tired because it was already late; or perhaps she didn't want her photo taken (for whatever reason) but he insisted.
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  5. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    That shoot could have been AMAZING if Taylor had spent any time actually looking and analyzing the photo, rather than hurrying up to copy it.
    KK's photo works because it feels balanced, it has great lighting, a plain background that doesn't compete against her, and her focus is on her belly button (which looks way smaller thanks to the clothes she choose -the wide shirt and the baggy button. It is a photo with a well-done composition.
    Taylor's photo... meh
    She looks proportionate. Her head looks smaller than the rest of her body, given that it is thrown to the side and almost completely covered by the drink and her hand/arm. Her waist doesn't look as impressive as it could have, not because she isn't thin, but because neither the angle nor her clothes help to achieve the desire effect. Notice how in KK's photo her pants give her sort of a curve? Taylor's pants are too clingy on her body that they give her zero silhouette. The sweater is okay, though. The background is also not helping Taylor, given that it distracts the attention from her and give the feeling of the photo being too crowded.
    But the biggest problem, is the posture.
    KK has a zig-zag posture. Her hips are thrown to our left, her torso to the opposite direction and her head is slightly tilted again to the left. It forms a delicate S from the bottom of the photo, to the top of her head. Taylor tried to imitate her, but ended up looking more like a 1. Her bottom is very rigid, same as her torso and shoulders, only her head seems to be thrown in some direction, which makes the photo look odd. 
    How could she have improved?
    - Find a better background. Either go full sky, or find a nice ceiling (I bet Japan has many of those). Another idea would have been to take the photo with the sky buildings behind.
    - Posture. Taylor being a model shouldn't have a lot of trouble imitating the S silhouette. Practice makes perfect.
    - Find the right angle. Taylor's angle is more up front than KK's. She needs to find a better angle -maybe even as for help to a friend.
    - Hair. KK's hair matches her shirt, making it look concise and almost camouflaging with it. Taylor's hair, on the other side, clashes against her black sweater. Perhaps she could go with a golden sweater or even a white one. Taylor's hair also looks messy and uncombed, unlike KK's. 
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  6. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I love Umaru too! Not a big dan of D.Va, thought.
    I think girls find D.Va more appealing because she looks cute while being a gamer, unlike Umaru who goes into chibi mode and has to pretend to be normal when she looks her "cute-normal self". Also, I guess D.Va embrasses the whole "being a gamer and being girly" thing, while Umaru is more like "hide your love for gaming and pretend to be a girly girl". In any case, I think most of us -women- are like Umaru than D.Va
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  7. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I am guessing that the photo with Genji was a mutual agreement between her and the other cosplayer. So I don't see anything wrong with it, unless -of course- she hugged him without his permission.
    As for the rest of the photos...
    meh, almost everyone nowadays use filters on their IG photos and I actually happen to like how she looks on all of those. She seems happy, even with her "boring blank face", she seems like a regular 19 years old lady having fun at a convention -are snowflakes now not allowed to have fun in conventions? The "Snape stepping on her" photo seems weird but to each their own, perhaps it was from a parody or something -who knows, but I like that photo because it is not very edited so you can see more of the REAL Ahri.
    I guess I just want to say that I think we should be encouraging more "having fun" photos, instead of just searching for flaws and insults to her appearance.
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  8. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Not to WK the OP, but... Who decides whats relevant and what's not in regards to snowflakes? People discuss here Tay's relationship, Tay's finances, Tay's family, Tay's friends, Tay's spending habits, Tay's wardrobe, etc. But Tay's sex life is off limits? Even after people are speculating elbow-san is her sugar daddy?
    I honestly want to know.
    I also agree that lately there has been a lot of people just hating for the sake of hating, calling personalities ugly just because and not adding anythinh of relevance beyond "she look so ugly here", "she looks old", etc. I am all for criticizing, but bashing? No. There's a reason I am not in LC or KF.
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  9. Jellyfish added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Tokyo Mirage did the same thing on their US version of the game (and added cersorship to bikini parts). It is all set in High School, characters talk about being underage (-18), and the only part where it says they are older is on their profile/character's sheet.
    So, yeah, doesn't surprise me from TB.
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  10. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I don't know if they have or haven't agreed to help promote her in return, but I do believe it is a way often suggested by entrepreneurs to increase followers and have influencers notice you -even if they don't return the favor, at least they know who you are.
    As according to this websites (there are many more, but for now I'll just post this ones):
    ETA: I do agree that there must be a right way of doings shout-outs for increasing one's number of followers. Could be that HimeAhri isn't aware of it -and she wouldn't be the first nor last IG user to not know it. PLUS, something similar happens with Twitch when people host each other, maybe she got her ideas from there.
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  11. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    Isn't this what you call "networking"? I wouldn't exactly call it "sucking up to people". I think she is just doing what many PR and marketing agencies advise to brands: promote others to help promote yourself, build relationships with those on your same area.
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  12. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I think giveaways are a great way to increase visibility online, but she is doing it wrong. If I was here, I would have used that jacket to enhance the audience's interaction with my media -to gain more likes, followers and comments; all of which IG takes into account to decide to promote you on their home page. So my giveaway would go something like this:
    - To participate, you need to be following me on Instagram and Twitch.
    - You need to like this post, and follow "jacket's brand" IG (to also help them and build stronger business relationships).
    - Then, you must comment below the IG photo saying what's your favorite thing about D.Va, or something silly -IDK.
    On a side note, I really liked this comment:
    And I am glad the HimeAhri took advice -from here or anywhere else- to improve her camera settings and interact more with the audience. Last stream was much better! I even consider following her. 
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  13. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    At least she changed the camera angle, now you can actually see her streaming. I think it is mostly bad lighting.
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  14. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    Wanted to add (I don't know if it has been mentioned before), that she needs to seriously Google herself, because there is some very public information online that shows her address -which I find it very scary, especially considering her audience. Ahri, if you read this, please be careful
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  15. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I agree that she is pretty -again, at least in IG, I thought she was simply nice when I saw her on her Twitch. I can understand her fan base, but not the donations. I can see why people would follow her on IG or see her Twitch (usually between 6-14 viewers), but not really why they would donate -especially when she hardly says "hi" or talks with them. I think she could become a great influencer, but she needs to step up her game.
    I find her D.Va photos not so flattering to her cosplay. When I first saw them I thought she was cosplaying as a motorciclyst. It wasn't until I saw the gun and lines on her face that I realized it was D.Va. Of course, I am less familiar with OW but still! 
    So, IDK if HimeAhri reads here, but if she does, here are some tips she can use to improve as an entertainer and an IG cosplayer:
    I personally LOVE her IG aesthetic. The soft, blush colors, it is very feminine. This shows effort and dedication.
    That being said...
    Take inspiration of these cosplayers. Choose poses that are different and flattering, choose locations that make you seem like part of the video game/anime, or go with simple backgrounds which are much more appealing for a poster. Invest on hiring a good photographer, or search for a photo-student to help you take and edit your pics.
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