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  1. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I hope she takes enough footage (and doesn't lose it/misplace it/gets erased) for a video. 
    It would make for a nice follow up to her quiz. 
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  2. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I think she would have liked Japan more if she had stayed in Kyoto, Hokkaido or even Osaka. I think those places would have fit her aesthetics way better. Tokyo certainly has beautiful places, but it requires you to actually want to explore the big city which can easily become overwhelming (especially due to her condition). I imagine even Disney Tokyo feels that way, which would explain why she doesn't go much/is probably depressed. 
    Here's hoping she can expose herself to new thing wherever she chooses to go next and go full into Autumn-Kenna which I personally like the most -of all her versions.
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  3. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I am not even her fan and I was disappointed/frustrated with her suddenly cancelling the stream -without any real notice or info on any social media.
    Can't imagine how her fan -some of whom had been waiting her for an hour- must be feeling! Can't imagine all of them will wait for her next time too.
    Girl seriously needs to find consistency 'cause if she can't even deliver on her viewers with the easiest of things (streaming whatever thing pops into her mind -seriously, she doesn't even plan a streaming session) how does she plan to deliver on a business environment?
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  4. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I actually liked her idea of making a totally-fake outfit. But, yeah, it isn't that original nor was it well executed -especially since Taylor was trying to do the whole opposite with a "themed" outfit (AKA Using the same brand).
    However, I think the real problem is that Safiya doesn't know how to share the spotlight -or screen time, when doing a collab.
    Her latest videos with both Taylor and HojuSara feel more like a "look who tagged along during my trip" than a proper collaboration, which seems really unfair given that they did an amazing job showcasing Safiya in their channels -and I am sure they introduced her to a lot of their viewer base. Especially in the latest "K-pop Makeover" video, HojuSara looks more as if she is part of her recording team than her companion; just like Taylor is framed as a translator/guide rather than an established Youtubber/hostess. 
    It would have been interesting for Safiya to have shifted the focus onto her collaborations than to make it all about herself and treat them as just fans who were following her. I also think she doesn't like to share the spotlight with Tyler, but she has come to accept that videos with both of them together just get more views (maybe because Taylor looks like such a fun guy to follow around).
    Also... why didn't she (ft. Taylor R / ft. HojuSara) like she did with Wengie and Natalies Outlet? 
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  5. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Why is she talking about making friends in Japan when she can't (wouldn't be able to) make friend with a large part of the Japanese population (males, lgbtq+, feminists)?
    She should have talked about how to make Muslim friends in Japan.
    And then a follow up on how to get a Muslim husband when you are a scammer living in Japan and traveling to Canada for family.
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  6. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I actually feel bad for Manaki, and I wish he could put some boundaries to prevent himself from getting hurt by Venus' behavior. As someone who went through a very dark stage of BPD, I still feel guilty over how much I hurt my loved ones with my actions.
    I can understand Manaki worrying about Venus so much that it takes away from his own mental health, maybe even feeling guilty because he is not giving her enough to be able to help her.
    In fact, after rewatching Venus' drunk video I can't help but be reminded of how teenager-me used to use similar type of content (self-harming facebook posts, quote about how no one cared for me, going out late at night despite knowing it was dangerous) as a means to grab attention or try to hurt someone who had "hurt me so bad". This was my BDP talking and reacting, and I have to wonder if Venus only got drunk and choose to film it because she wanted to get Manaki's attention. So once she got it, she basically stopped, only filming to show "hey, I am okay now", and then moved on.
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  7. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I can't help but feel so sad for her. I hope she is feeling better.
    I have to wonder if maybe this was Venus wanting to have fun but not having anyone irl that would hang out with her. I am skeptical of her YT friendships, and I doubt Manaki would be going out with her now that they are no longer together.
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  8. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   


     Where? They are still following each other on Instagram =/
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  9. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I think it she is using a program, like Facerigh or something similar. I believe all VTubbers were given the software, so when the company broke they just allowed them to keep the program (as a compensation maybe?). Hence, why it looks so glitchy as it is trying to responding/imitate Venus' real gestures (which we know from previous videos that she does a lot -like the winky eye she uses sarcastically). 
    I don't think she is paid as much as she is paying someone to maybe help her manage her image and/or help her create more outfits/backgrounds for her Vpersona. She mentioned at some point during the video that she hopes to eventually use more clothes and settings, so perhaps she is paying this person to give her a new wardrobe and scenery. I doubt she is getting paid. I think she just really thinks this might be the future of Youtubbing and is trying to get ahead of the game using her Venus reputation to get noticed.
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  10. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I watched her IG story which she uploaded to Youtube, and couldn't help noticing the blue pen that Mira's husband throws at the phone. I found it odd that he would throw a pen at a phone (like, seriously, who throws a pen at their phones when they are angry?), so obviously -I thought- this is Mira trying to get across a message (just like she tried to do so with the passport and the money), like, maybe this pen means something, as if it should prove that he is really a S.A. citizen.
    I googled the name on the pen and it lead me to a company named NOV AMEROM which apparently has deals in places like Canada and Saudi Arabia, but NOT in Japan.
    So here's my tinfoil theory...
    She is married, but she is currently either (a) living in Canada with this guy, OR (b) he visits her every now and then at Japan. He mentioned that he might be transferred to SA someday soon and that's why she is telling everyone that she is going to go live there. I don't think the guy is actually from there (he sounded Mexican to me -also, the company does have branches in Latam) which could explain why he isn't actually acting like someone who grew up Muslim and why he didn't show his face -which is odd, like, if you're gonna make a threat to someone, why not show your face so he'll know you meant it? Punching the bed can hardly count as intimidating... 
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  11. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    So, after Venus/Malice's last video I was curious to know more about this company that helped her become a VTubber.
    I went to her "About" section and found out a new e-mail listed: [email protected]

    I was curious so I Googled it, and found out it was related to a VTubbers talent agency ( https://www.cbinsights.com/company/laetia ). I believe this is the company that is currently employing her.

    Prior to that, back when Malice was born it was as part of another project of an agency named WINKS, which no longer exists and, hence, the group of VTubers was disbanded. The VTubers where given free control over their avatars. Some member kept doing videos for a while, but Venus/Malice is the only one that remains active (there is another VTuber who was active up until a month ago, when she stepped down for health reasons). Venus/Malice seems to now be under the management of an former WINKS member, Takuya Ishikawa (maybe he works at Laetia?), although I couldn't find anything about him.

    So, yeah... I think this is just another Venus failed attempt to become relevant (again).
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  12. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Apparently, a Malice's Q&A video will be posted tomorrow morning.
    Is it okay to keep discussing it here or should a new subforum be created to discuss Malice?
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  13. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I just hope that, if she chooses to quit being a Muslim, she does it while being in Canada and not once she is (or if she ever goes to) S.A. I don't think she will have that option if she lives there anymore.
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  14. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Kanadajin's visa status   

    Could explain why she doesn't upload videos related to Japan or Japanese things anymore, AND why the only videos filmed outdoors are edited with footage from trips 1+ years ago (she has said so on her comments section/video description). 
    Also, it would totally answer the question on why the Saudi guy married her -so he could stay in Canada.
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  15. Jellyfish added a post in a topic 3rd Party Videos Related to the Venus/Margo Drama   

    In short, she describes the whole Manaki-Venus situation after they deleted each other's photos from their Instagrams. She discusses Venus' sexual orientation, as told by Venus, and the implications this new information might have on her marriage with Manaki.
    After the initial exposure -which is basically everything said on PULL but in Spanish- she pounders the possibility of Venus using Manaki just to get a spouse visa, the chances of them being in a poly amorous relationship (which she dims low), and ends the video with the belief that they are close to breaking-up/divorcing (after she gets her permanent visa OR she enrolls in school and gets a student visa -which Venus hinted at, supposedly). 
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