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  1. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Well, if you watch carefully on her "Tokyo Vlog" video, you can see her skin is pretty...normal. Yeah, like a normal, 19 years' old girl's skin. It doesn't look any way near porcelain, or how her photos look like, so maybe she is trying to hide that by using ultra-brightness on her videos. I mean, her hair is practically BLONDE in this video, while on last one is was dark ash-brown ;/ WHAT?!
    I honesty can't deal with Venus. She goes from uploading decent content, to crap (IMHO). I don't know if she is just a bad youtubber, or if she doesn't have a clue on how to do a channel. She has no schedule, no theme on her contents, no one-personality, nothing. I actually prefer her IG ten times more because there, at least, she gets to have a continuum, a sort of direction with her photos.
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  2. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Isn't it weird she hasn't post anything in her Instagram in the last 3 days?
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  3. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Does anybody ever feel that there are days when Venus is plain bored and, as result of this, she randomly posts selfies on her IG (usually editing her captions after uploaded -as if she forgot to "keep up with her image")?
    I mean, I agree that people can post whatever they want on their IG, but posting random photos of random things that make no sense at all just seems to "attention seeking" for me. Not in a vain way, but more of a "I am sooooo bored! Need to talk to someoneeeeee", with Manaki not being around to spend time with her.
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  4. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I knew that. I was trying to make a joke because in her image of the planet earth you can clearly see the country of Mexico (and not any other country).
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  5. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    All I got was that according to that image, Kanadajin3 is Mexican. 
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  6. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    She looks a thousand times better without her dollish make up on. You can actually see that she is a grown up woman, 19 years old, mature and interesting. I hope her new hairstyle comes with a new self-image and that the old Venus "doll" is put down to rest. I applaud the fact that she didn't end her video with her "boo-bye-bye-boo" thing, it just doesn't suit who she is anymore, and I felt she was genuinely excited to show her removing make-up routine (at the same time, I can't help but feel this video was so last minute -nothing particularly wrong there). Hopefully, the following videos will be about Venus being a 19 years old who embraces cuteness and Japanese lifestyle into her everyday, in a way that seems elegant and sophisticated -not weebish. Though, I really doubt it.
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  7. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    So...she made a mistake and decided to make a video complaining about her lack of planning and how, as a result, the public transportation "failed" her. I mean, I would understand if she had done a good plan and then things went sour, but to insult the country you supposedly love-so-much just because YOU made a mistake is...well, so hypocrite! 
    I can't see why this video was made other than to get some pity out of her viewers. It isn't informative -explaining, for example, what you can do in a situation like her- nor useful -maybe getting to know the small towns of Japan. It is merely "I feel so lonely and stupid, comfort me!".

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  8. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Not my type of video, but I prefer it a million times to her "eating X quantity of X unhealthy food" videos. At least she is bringing something unique and entertaining -at least for some.
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  9. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    People started a discussion in her latest video. Thought I could share some highlights.
    Context: At the end of the video she asks her viewers to add anything they'd like regarding rude things you should not do in Japan. A guy (Marshall Pope) commented explaining a situation he had experience and how his Japanese wife had had to instruct him on what is considered rude for Japanese people. Of course, Mira being the all-knows about Japan said he was in the wrong and so was his wife, and that in such situations the waitress was the one being rude so he should be even rudder to her.
    Personal opinion: She lives in Tokyo. Tokyo, as I have read, it is known for being Japan's tourists capital so it should be very common to find non-Japanese speakers everyday (some of them with basic Japanese knowledge). Because of this I wouldn't find strange that people would assume that someone who looks foreigner might not know Japanese.
    I am from Mexico, and used to live in a city that was visited by a lot of tourists, and it never seemed rude to me that some waitress would speak in English to people who were clearly out of the country. Some of them would reply "Oh, please speak to me in Spanish, I want to practice it", while other would just appreciate the gesture. I never heard of anyone complaining about it. Not even the people who had lived in the city since they were born but looked like foreigners -they would sometimes be annoyed, but most often found it funny. On the same note, I actually think it is more rude to simply speak in the country's native language because they should know it. I have been put on the spot twice when I visited some places and they started speaking to me in another language, it made me feel super uncomfortable and a little bit embarrassed when I had to say "sorry, I don't understand you". I just felt like I was being disrespectful to them. Many people have also mentioned feeling the same way, as if they were "less" of a person because they didn't speak the language.
    Also, Mira is really taking things out of proportion. Stereotypes, in this case towards race/nationality and language spoken, can be bad, yes, but they are also useful for us humans in order to help us figure out others. It is basic nature, and as long as it isn't something that is harming someone else I just don't see the problem with seeing someone who looks from outside in Japan, and assuming they might feel more comfortable speaking in English (the current UNIVERSAL language) than testing how much Japanese they know. They are not even assuming they are of a certain race or nationality and should speak X or Y language, but simply that they might feel more comfortable if speaking in a neutral language. It is the safe road, so you won't make anyone feel uncomfortable, and it also means the waitress is making an extra-effort to make the customer feel comfortable. Also, how is that bad business? In any case, it would be better for business! Honestly, I just can't see how someone would be SO offended by something like this. Mira should just walk around Japan with a t-shirt that read "I am Japanese and I speak Japanese. Treat me like a Japanese", and avoid getting her feelings hurt.
    Oh! And guess what? Mira has finally decided to share a NEGATIVE aspect of Japan.

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  10. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I also agree with @honey. Venus married Manaki in order to get a visa and escape from her mother. I do believe they both planned her escape -and Margo might have a little bit of reason when she said they did it behind her back- and following thru with the marriage was part of the plan (like it was for him to visit her in South Korea -maybe he had to give her her ticket or money or something). I also believe that Venus at one point actually told Manaki she wasn't ready to be married (or to become a wife with all that it involves), so they agreed on "marrying for a visa" but continue their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. if you pay attention at the way they interact, you can see they are still in the dating months and not really acting like spouses (though, this DOES NOT mean I don't believe they have feelings for each other). This would also explain why they haven't had a formal ceremony, as Venus said they would do this year. 
    I actually think it is a very mature thing to do, because they honestly seem to not really know that much about each other and are still figuring out their relationship. They have just started to getting to know each other, so it is good that they are taking things slowly (despite the fact that they are legally married). 
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  11. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Yeah. I saw this photo and though, "wow, Rody and Erika (I think that's her name) look pretty mature and good looking in this photo", then I looked at Mira and wondered "What is she doing?!".
    For me, the context must have been something like:
    Rody approaches a random stranger and asks him to take a photo of them three. Stranger is about to take photo, Rody and Erika pose normally because a stranger is taking the photo (and I believe Japanese people might feel uncomfortable if you do something to wild?). Suddenly, Mira decides she is special and strikes a pose. The photo is taken and Mira is so proud. Rody posted the photo on his IG because he wants to keep his fans informed on what he has been doing and with who.
    Also, I believe there was alcohol involved when they went out (not 100% sure), so maybe Mira drank too much?
    Also want to know what it means in Japan as I couldn't find anything online
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  12. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I really, really enjoyed watching this video because Manaki just made it awesome! He made me laugh with both his jokes and expressions, and I seriously liked the way he explained what they were going to do. Some of the things he said, though, make me think that he is kinky (or pervert, if you want) and out of place -like when he said she was wearing red panties, I mean, I wouldn't like my significant other to say that kind of things publicly (but maybe Venus doesn't care).
    I am not 100% comfortable with the way Venus treats Manaki, and once again I feel she is being too controlling with him and even forcing him to do things he doesn't enjoy -like saying it was a competition and throwing a tantrum when he replies "no". I understand this is just my point of view, and probably many disagree with it, but if the tables were turned (Venus being a guy, and Manaki a girl) some might considering it a red flag in their relationship. I guess I just don't like it when Manaki seems to feel disappointed because "it has to be Venus' way".
    I think Manaki should start his own channel about Japan and Japanese stuff. I would probably see it, as long as he provides some subtitles.
    The slime was GROSS, yuck! But, again, that is my opinion.
    The blurriness was hideous, and it made me really dizzy at some point. I do hope she's more careful in the future.
    Didn't notice the audio problem.
    The editing was pretty nice -I am surprised!
    Also, doesn't she look very different from her Instagram photos? She looks very-very pretty, indeed, but compared to many of her selfies she just looks...less cute? 
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  13. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It could be a fan, or one of her close friends (Rody or PandaGoesTokyo -she has been hanging a lot with them lately). 
    Actually, there is a video on Rody's channel which is recorded by Mira and/or PandaGoesTokyo (they all went to Shibuya and Harajuko), so I am starting to thing that the cameraman in her channel is actually either Rody or, les likely, PandaGoesTokyo. Hmm...
    Also, wanted to share this photo because I found it hilarious! Rody and PandaGoesTokyo are all posing normal, while Mira goes while and does a gesture that, well, in my country is code for "I want to give oral sex to you (a woman)". I have to wonder, does it mean the same in Japan?

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  14. Jellyfish added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Well, for me this constant uploading and deleting might actually mean that she is in fact having some sort of personal problem which she doesn't know how to (or can't) address and solve. I won't say that she is depressed, suicidal, harming herself, etc., but from my experience sending these multiple help me messages and then hiding them is usually linked with someone going thru a difficult phase and finding herself unable to cope with it.
    I still hold that things between Manaki and Venus are going south (mostly because she has become completely dependent on him), and that her loneliness is taking a huge toll on her psychology. I am an introvert, but even I acknowledge that sometimes I need someone to interact with. In her current state, Manaki is at work most of the day (apparently), her relationship with her mom is non-existent and she has no close friends (or any friends, on that manner); so it's no wonder that she has this brief screams for help here and there on her IG -her most active social media account. 
    Why doesn't she allow her fans to help her? I have given it some thought and I think it is because she doesn't really trust them for it. She know they expect a certain image from her (cute, nice, etc.) and that anything far from that might make them turn their backs on her (like when her fans started complaining about her making too many mukbangs). Her fans are people that compliment her and support her channel and photos, but they are not -in her mind- people to whom share your deepest secrets because (and this is entirely my opinion) she doesn't even free enough to show her true self to them. Why doesn't she vlog about her everyday life? Why doesn't she post videos from when she goes out with Manaki? Because the Venus on those occasions are NOT the Venus that her fans know (and that is completely normal).
    Do I think there is anything we, as viewers, can do for her? Not really. I think she needs to seek for professional help or at least make an attempt in going out with someone other than Manaki. Unless she calls for a meet and greet with her fans, I don't see how they can be of any help.
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  15. Jellyfish added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but she made an interview with another vlogger in Japan (not 100% focused on Japan), where she sort of said that she was tired of Japan and Japanese culture and wanted to go back to Canada ASAP. She also said that she had had enough with the Japanese way of working, and that she wanted to have kids and didn't find Japan to be the perfect place for it. She also mentioned that being a J-vlogger can sometimes be too tiring because you have to be filming everything, hence not enjoying BEING there, and then there is the issue of privacy.
    So, I do believe Sharla is done with being a J-vlogger but she is still tied to it until she goes back to Canada (in the same video she mentioned she might do a Canada-vlogging series, but hasn't really thought about it).Yet, she still needs to save money and doing a kickstarter for "moving back to Canada" might not be welcomed by her fans. I would say she is just doing whatever videos to keep up her popularity, but with no intention of making of YT a life-long career. 
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