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  1. LostSouls added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Sometimes I wonder if people who act like beasts online attacking other people for their opinions or if theirs were the only right ones would do the same face to face. I left FB but I wish I could leave everything and sometimes I regret joining others including here although I never was harassed here. I feel like some people can't understand behind the screen there's a human being who aren't flawless like everyone else. These are some of the reasons I never use my real name or real photos. I remember once someone got extremely salty above me in a otome game group to the point I felt scared just because I said what I thought about certain title and character. Here where I live people take political sides too much seriously (like leftists vs. rightists) and as always they attack anyone who disagrees with the minor subject. It's difficult nearly impossible to say what you think (sometimes even if asked) without being called horrible names and even threats and this goes to both. As an example if you defend the lgbt rights you are a leftist/communist/government puppet but if you say you disagree with the 3rd wave feminism, says men can also be abused by their female partners then you deserve to be raped or enter a abusive marriage to never say anything about feminism again. And even if you have constructive criticism you get either blocked or called a lot of names. Once I got death threats just because of my cover image which was one of my favorite bands! And some just can't stand the truth. How often you see people saying "sorry I admit I was wrong" or "I apologize for my earlier statements", "that wasn't my intention to hurt you so please accept my apologies"? 
    I've come across some people I hope they never give birth. In their heads bullying and mental diseases like depression are BS. Imagine if they had a child and the child started being bullied on school (punched, called terrible names, having materials stoled) and he/she come home crying and trembling of fear, shame and a lot of feelings. Then the parent say "stop crying already (with boys sometimes they use worst terms like "fag") and fight back". It's not just pretty cruel to the child but in worst cases can make the child develop violent behaviour and even became an abusive person. And these are the same people who are extreme hypocrites and intolerant to other religions, treat domestic workers as slaves, thinks feminism (including the one that gave them the right to vote and be what they want) is sickness and trans women are "men with women costumes", black people are all vitimists and lgbt+ people and atheists will burn in hell and other disgusting statements. I can't stand how gross it all is and sometimes I can't rant with people I know because they are too busy with their new friends or boyfriends, so my only option is to stay quiet and leave my thoughts of any subject for me only, and to the point it gives me headache. 
    No matter what you say or do, I feel like in certain social media if you don't follow the mare you are more likely to be called names, ridicularized, threatened and become a meme just for the sake of getting likes and feel powerful toward the other
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  2. LostSouls added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    finally someone who understands, there are a lot of better and more creative people and yet she manages to make almost 30k on patreon just by fanservice 
    this is what I tried to say, although I see someone got it on the wrong way (or maybe I was harsh). I don't do social media anymore but I know from my experience and other people keeping up with it is really difficult specially in the beggining cause good materials are expensive af, and it takes at least some hours to finish a piece, and I honestly don't believe you can fully live with commissions since many people don't respect all the work hard and want it cheap. Unless when you work for a company, but I'm not sure if it's very satisfying 
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  3. LostSouls added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I have only a few friends which I can count in my fingers but lately specially after a tragic event 2 months ago I noticed some of my friends have found "better" ones. I thought I must be annoying or boring  but I don't think it's really that. One other rarely talks (I mean really) with me since she started dating with a douche. Other did the same and everytime I called her she started to say stuff about the guy she was having a relationship (another douche who only used her to provoke his ex KEK) but now came back but I always feel like I'm the second option, I don't know what to do and I don't really like people of my college because they are childish as fuck 
    Hell, I hate that. I'd rather die than give birth, having children always looked like a nightmare for me but some people always says I'll change my thoughts, that children will make me "complete" and worse, they say the quiet ones are the first to give birth and most naughty ohhhh STFU and respect my choice pls 
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  4. LostSouls added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    thanks for the tip ^ ^ I thought about it but my cellphone is slow and a bit old and wouldn't allow me to upload everything, but I think I'll refresh the main post later w/ the screenshots 
    everything questionable counts (from little to zero knowledge to triggering/problematic and stealing/plagiarizing, harassing and scamming or just someone nice you want to discuss about), his arts are pretty nice but nothing amazing and yet a little repetitive (same girl style as you said). I don't know what's with these people they do always insist in the same thing, hey the magic happens outside the comfort zone 
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  5. LostSouls added a post in a topic Demon.Rikachi and Pistacye/dy.ska- Instagram Artists   

    oh my, I already did the post but I haven't saw your comment before doing it , but you and the guys who are more familiar to this girl can post there (anyways, the thread was done for anything worth a discussion), and I'm very sorry about what happened! 
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  6. LostSouls added a topic in Online Personalities   

    General e-Artist thread
    Updated with screenshots instead of links, but I wish there was a way to put hidden content through phone 
    This is a thread to discuss about online artists of any genre/style since most of them don't need or are worthy enough to have an entire thread but can have problematic or just questionable behaviour and skills in the art community or towards their fans or even someone you just want to discuss about. I'll start with the ones I know, and please feel free to add more 
    they can be versatile

    i really like when manga artists show they are capable of drawing beautifully in different styles 
    "professionals" with questionable skills 

    honestly, this look like a begginer starting to level up 

    ^dat neck 
    I find really funny how she can draw only faces with clear anatomical mistakes (disguised by the coloring) and yet managed to release a "how to draw" book and a manga kek 
    The copiers

    These last 2 ones speaks for itself though very little of his drawing style is actually original, I once confused one of his drawings with one of the Godchild manga original illustrations, even his yaoi hands and coloring style are similar to the Godchild's author style, proportions and anatomy sometimes betray him too 
    the lazy 

    Faces, more faces! 
    Did I said FACES? 
    This guy's skills are really something but he prefers to invest in the same boring repetitive stuff and stupid fan art to gain following. His art consists in basically tacky fan art and women faces 
     his fan arts looks all the same, what a waste of skill 
    all these people could get out of the comfort zone cause their skills are very good to remain in repetitive things and stuff they probably don't even like to attract a fan base, but maybe they are aware of that 
    the 3edgy5me 
    This lady's style is very attractive and well worked with tons of illustrations worthy to see but some of her pieces are of a terrible taste and can be a little problematic/triggering since you can find a lot of fetishization of young lesbians and stuff like suicide or animals (mostly rabbits) being harmed

    I'm not against portraying suicide and these stuff and dark art, I actually enjoy dark art a lot but you need to know what and how to show it because what is fine and 3dgy for you can be upsetting and unpleasant to other people (and there are other ways to shock and make people think through your stuff) 
    what's ironic is that she had a pet rabbit which originated her artistic name and it died in 2014, she said she only continues to honour her (something like that), right, the poor rabbit would really like to see lesbians as fetishes and it's semelhants portrayed murdered and skinned. 
    and this one 
    I really like this channel because the tips and advices are helpful to everyone in any style and the comment section isn't unpleasant to see since there's no kids whiteknighting and trolling, the only thing I don't really like is how Lisa talks SO FAST and it's a little hard to understand even with subtitles 
    To finish: there was some drama surrounding baylee jae when she did a video about art block, it got a lot of responses from other artists and mostly negative because her behaviour was very petty, elitist and unprofessional. I think she deleted it but if I manage to find I'm gonna post it here 

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  7. LostSouls added a post in a topic Demon.Rikachi and Pistacye/dy.ska- Instagram Artists   

    I'll do it then 
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  8. LostSouls added a post in a topic Demon.Rikachi and Pistacye/dy.ska- Instagram Artists   

    Guys I had an idea, what about starting a general insta artist thread? Since most of them are only known/relevant inside ig/tumblr or deviantart, but I'm not sure if it's worth it and how many people here are interested 
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  9. LostSouls added a post in a topic Demon.Rikachi and Pistacye/dy.ska- Instagram Artists   

    ^ wow I thought sophie-chan and bittersweetnightmare/nitemare/whatever sucked at basic anatomy drawing but this piece is absolutely awful, no need to be a professional to see that everything is so messy and this face and arms ehhh.......so many good artists out there and I don't get why people chose to commission this girl specially if you consider she acts so unprofessional starting by not respecting the deadlines, I feel sorry for the ones who paid her to get a comm and yet she only posts these pig services  
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  10. LostSouls added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Found this screenshot at her thread in lolcow, I don't know if these fans are just dumb or they do this just for the sake of whiteknighting 
    Plus I heard her ugly daddy called her "ugly" in some video and complained again about her weight (she said she won 3 pounds and he says "no dessert", it must be the last video which I don't want to watch), these "jokes" aren't funny and I suspect this relationship specially if we consider things that must happen when the camera is off isn't very healthy at all 

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  11. LostSouls added a post in a topic DELETE THIS POST, PLEASE!   

    I get hou are pissed about her behaviour towards you, she must be probably envious of you (I've experienced something similar) but I have to agree it's definitely not worth a thread, is she even relevant? It seems just another generic kawaii person trying to have e-fame 
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  12. LostSouls added a post in a topic Jessica Beppler   

    First, J Bep is a "model", right? There's a thing called "pink book" (I don't know how it's called in english), that some flop or small companies does searching for "models" (a nicer term for "prostitute" since it's illegal here), these "models" do nude-lingerie-NSFW photoshoots and get around 1,000-3,000 BRL to EACH hook up to whoever pay for. The company does this in order to grow faster and easier. Most of the models-prostitutes are standard looking whites and young around their 18-25's which is the age most interested men that can pay look for. There's a documentary on YT and tons of articles about this in portuguese, men do it too and it's called "blue book" but in a very smaller proportion
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  13. LostSouls added a post in a topic Evie Dee   

    I live in the capital and I always buy from art stores on the south region and the economic fastest shipping is never more than 20BRL (when I buy small or a few things, now when I purchase larger and heavier things the shipping increases only a little), I wouldn't be surprised if this "brand" is a rip off or even a scam considering the astronomical shipping for only a few SMALL products. 
    About this drama regarding if the products are vegan or not it's unprofessional AF like lime crime's customer service. Why just don't give the components already so people can tell if it's really animal friendly and decide if they'll buy or not. Ohhh I know.......the products must have animal ingredients or were even tested on them and they don't want to lose customersssss 
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  14. LostSouls added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Their relationship looks creepy not because of the age gap but the weird baby talk and how their tastes and personalities are completely different and how things changed........according from her ok cupid profile I'm sure she must have found him there, but could it be that she was so desperate to find a man and ended up picking the first that appeared? I remember that instagram posts about her goals and I still find strange (and sad) how she left everything for him as if he were some kind of hero........and he doesn't encourage her to nothing but she started doing more doing "sexy and cute" content......... I just hope she's not in an abusive relationship, you know, she can confuse manipulating with caring, not that I'm saying that ugly man is someone really evil but it's undeniable how everything became creepy (never forget the cringy cat play and night routine video) when he entered her life
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  15. LostSouls added a post in a topic Jessica Beppler   

    FB has been very boring lately, where's all that drama happening? 
    ~Am I the only one who thinks she should be moved to little snowflakes? kek 
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