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  1. Veevee added a post in a topic Vikings   

    I studied viking and celtic history and I think it's pretty good, it has good characters and good writing. Once you get to season 2 it gets pretty intense, the acting is great and the battle scenes are phenomenally well-done.
    As for historical accuracy it's decently accurate, it sums a lot of stuff up but that's kinda necessary for TV, it definitely caters to the viewers and adds or leaves things out here and there to make it more watchable. Only thing I don't like is it paints history with a feminist brush and makes it seem like shieldmaidens were a common thing, which they absolutely were NOT. But other than that I really like it, it's entertaining and does a good job of realistically portraying what Viking life might have been like. As far as most history TV shows go it's definitely one of the more accurate ones. 
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  2. Veevee added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    It does have its own culture but according to SJWs pop culture and multiculturalism isn't "real" culture. 
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  3. Veevee added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Well not everyone has the same opinion as you guys, I don't think everyone here has just universally accepted that the tape thing is bad. You can't just say "we're right!" and leave it at that. It's a controversial topic that not everyone is on the same side with so people are gonna wanna put in their two cents.
     I agree though that a lot of people are repeating stuff that's already been said, but I thought the main reason why we were talking about Knite was the fact that he tapes his eyes and tries to be asian..? Cause if you take all that away he's not much different from other cosplayers.
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  4. Veevee added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Interesting how all his asian friends don't seem to care.
    I agree that the situation itself wasn't necessarily bad but the way Knite handled it was. That's basically what I was trying to say a few pages ago. Knite could've handled it differently but instead he cried victim and caved in so that people would stop criticizing him but then.. kept doing it. He's a weird guy. I think he just likes the attention tbh and everyone freaking out over his eyes is just giving him more relevance. 
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  5. Veevee added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Even if she admits she has anorexia people are still gonna look up to her no matter what. We don't know if she's anorexic or not so we shouldn't assume too much. Honestly I don't think she's hurting anyone she's just enjoying her life. I don't like how some people here basically want her to hide herself from the world because she *might* hurt someone. You can't censor and police people just to protect a few individuals. Let the girl do what she wants, making videos clearly makes her happy and probably helps her cope with whatever issues she has..
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  6. Veevee added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Yeah but I'm saying if you guys wanna prevent her from hurting people she shouldn't make videos at all. Because whether or not she talks about it regardless, she still has a "triggering" appearance. Anyone with anorexia or body issues could easily be influenced by her looks.
    Even if she does have anorexia, which we don't know if she does, would it really make it all okay if she sat there and nicely explained how bad it is to her viewers? That's like a drug addict snorting coke on camera and being like "Haha this is so bad! Don't be like me guys!" You're still gonna influence people regardless beca use your issue is part of who you are. Either she's online and a few people get hurt or she's offline and no one gets hurt. You can't have both. 
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  7. Veevee added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I'm almost 100% sure she's had work done of some kind. Lip fillers probably and possibly shaved down her chin/jaw. Her jaw looks smaller to me than it did when she first arrived in Japan. 
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  8. Veevee added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Yeah but even if she came out and said "hey guys I have anorexia" or "I have ___ disease" would it really change anything? She still has an appearance that can trigger some people.. so isn't it kinda inevitable that she'll leave an impression if she puts herself out there at all? 
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  9. Veevee added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Because she suffers from a disorder doesn't mean she can't make videos. The very fact that she exists and walks around could "trigger" people with EDs. That doesn't mean she shouldn't live the life she wants. I think the reason why she avoids the topic of her disorder/disease alltogether is because she knows that if she takes a stance on it one way or the other, she'll influence her viewers. She's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Whether or not she has anorexia or another disease, that's none of our business and likely something she can't change about herself, or at least can't change immediately. She's a bit annoying but she seems like a genuinely sweet girl, she's very kind to her viewers and keeps in close contact with many of her fans. I don't think she deserves any hate. 
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  10. Veevee added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    Same here! My dad is Irish, I live in Canada but I spent half my life in Ireland learning about our cultural traditions. I think that's why it's hard for me to wrap my head around the cultural appropriation problem. It's just weird with North America cause you're dealing with a giant melting pot of a country that doesn't really have its own culture, so North Americans feel the need to borrow and copy other cultures. But yeah, I hate how people paint all whites with the same brush and want us all to feel inherently guilty forever, when just like any other race, we don't choose our skin colour nor did we choose the way North America turned out. If I could change history so that POC were never oppressed I would, and I would love to eliminate the racism that still exists in North America, but I'm just one person, I can't do that, so why must I automatically be held accountable for the issues that still remain? 
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  11. Veevee added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    ^ I reworded my post because I didn't really express what I wanted to say properly, I wasn't saying that people can wear whatever the heck they want and not care about the implications. I definitely understand the reasoning behind it, I don't deny that western culture is a mishmash of cherry picking "ethnic" items from cultures they forced themselves onto. I guess my whole thing is I look at things from an individual perspective, rather than just putting all white people in the same box.  
    I 100% agree with you about the head garments, I believe it is very distasteful to wear sacred or religious items unless if you are invited to do so by the culture it belongs to. But when it comes to clothing like kimono or sari, non-sacred items, I don't think these people should be called out and berated for what they're doing, in most cases they're either ignorant or they just passionately love the culture the clothing belongs to. It's difficult for me to see this kind of behavior as inherently bad, or at least it's difficult for me to lump it in with other forms of racism. 
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  12. Veevee added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

     That article was awesome. The line between cultural exchange and appropriation is so thin and convoluted sometimes. It actually made me understand a little better why people take it so personally. I'm super libertarian and believe that any person can wear anything, no matter what race or culture they belong to, so sometimes it's difficult for me to wrap my head around the concept. But I can understand the reasoning behind it, especially sacred items, I think that people that wear religious or sacred items without permission shouldn't be hated on necessarily but should be taken aside and kindly told to not do it, and maybe get a mini lesson on the significance of what they're wearing. I think education is a big factor, people that are well educated on different cultures are less likely to wear items from other cultures for fashion's sake. 
    I've got no qualms with that, I'm talking about the idea that people are taught that rape is acceptable through western media. I've seen a lot of people suggest that we live in a 'rape culture' that subconsciously teaches people to rape. I'm not talking about consent, that's all good. And slut shaming and victim blaming is obviously very wrong. 
    YES THANK YOU!!  fuck eurocentric beauty standards, there's so many kinds of beauty in the world. Your post was really well-written and I completely agree with you. 
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  13. Veevee added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    I get that lots of people reason that whites can't wear certain stuff because historically they haven't been oppressed. But this doesn't make much logical sense to me. Nobody chooses what race they're born as, including white. Whatever happened to judging people on an individual basis rather than their skin colour..? 
    I understand where people are coming from but I honestly don't know how you want to prevent people from wearing things from other cultures. Create more rules and regulations? I think that people forget about nuance a lot, and the fact that people that wear these things AREN'T trying to hurt anyone. You don't have to wear a costume to learn about other cultures, but I think a lot of people, especially young people and kids, get really enthusiastic about cultures they like so they completely immerse themselves in it. I really don't think it's an evil or malicious act.
    Idk, I'm just the type of person that believes every person is free to do as they wish so long as they aren't deliberately hateful.
    About the whole kimono and yukata thing... I really don't think weebs wearing kimonos or yukata to cons are diminishing people's view of Japanese people. I have been to both Japan and India and in both countries I was given traditional garb by my host families to wear and BRING HOME WITH ME so I could wear it again. In Japan they really aren't very strict about who can and can't wear kimono or yukata. I actually discussed this with my host family and they were very chill about it.
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  14. Veevee added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Cool, so I'm not allowed to have an opinion because it goes against the norm? And no, you guys never logically explained it you just said it's wrong because it's wrong, basically.
    I'm not talking about like when white actors yellow faced or black faced themselves instead of hiring asians and blacks to play those roles, I'm talking about modern day people cosplaying and changing their appearance to resemble another race because they want to accurately portray a character they love. I just don't see it as hateful. I dunno, I guess I'm just crazy. Plus I'm white so I'm probably not allowed to comment on stuff like this right.
    Just wanted to offer a different opinion. Honestly I can see the reasoning for both sides of the argument (although at this point its pretty one sided).
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  15. Veevee added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    I read the whole thread and I really do understand why so many people are upset, I think a lot of people think that Knite is just 'taking' something from asians and using it for himself to make himself look 'cool'. I can understand why that's an upsetting thought, but I still don't believe he's a serious racist. When I first saw Knite I didn't sit there and think, oh man haha asian people sure have funny lookin eyes. No, in fact I didn't even realize he was trying to be asian at first, I thought he was just trying to resemble characters from anime. When I heard he did it as an everyday look I thought wow this guy is an idiot, not because he's racist but because he's bound to upset lots of people, which he has. I never once said what he's doing is 100% ok, especially not as an everyday look. I just don't think he's as harmful as people are saying. 
    I'm probably gonna get majorly shit on for this, but I wanna know, why is it so evil to pretend to be another race? I'm honestly wondering, should all races be distinctly seperate and must never ever try to resemble one another, even if it's only for a costume? I know a lot of people have issues with white people doing this, but say if a black person pretended to be asian or white for a cosplay, why would that be wrong? I'm honestly asking for a logical response. 
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