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  1. Cagari added a post in a topic Where can I buy cheap Lolita fashion?   

    Like what alot of people say, do be wary about Ebay because some of the pieces can be questionable. Not all of the, but Ebay does have that reputation. I would also say the same about AliExpress too. Also, better stay away from Milanoo because it is a scam, and a literal hit or miss.
    Definitely Bodyline is a great place if you need a real bang for your buck, especially they do have sales frequently. Another great source for more reasonably priced stuff is Taobao. Not to mention the quality is amazing as I have bought stuff from some of the Taobao stores before.
    As for me, since I do sort of live in Japan (I am gonna get this laid out for those who live in Japan.), is Closetchild. I have to admit, when I go directly to their Harajuku store, I dig through the store for quite a long time. I dig through whatever pieces they have which is under 100 dollars which all are usually in very good conditions. That is how I usually do my lolita shopping.
    You might also wanna look into lucky packs sold by brand, because they can give you some really nice random clothing pieces which has the price which would cost about one dress from brand. I usually get 2-3 dresses (With my experience from BtSSB) in one lucky pack. It is a bit pricey, but its worth throwing your money in for potentially good stuff all in one.
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  2. Cagari added a post in a topic Dealing with bullies, rude people etc on social media   

    While it is pretty difficult to ignore bullies and other sorts of rude people (Like in the thread I just wiped because I started to feel it was a really bad idea.), it really is the best to block them and ignore. And I mean it is hard to ignore them because it takes me a while to calm down to think and know it is the bestest option to ignore (My anxiety sometimes really does not help.). But, from my experiences, that is how it worked the best as someone who was relentlessly bullied in the past irl during middle school years. If you do react or respond to their comments, you are basically giving them what they exactly want, a reaction.
    The only time you should really react is when they threaten to kill or do something really horrible to you, know where you exactly live (as in they know your address), doxx you or anything that would very likely require the law irl, which you should basically report both to the SNS and the local law enforcement. 
    One way I coped with it is to talk about them privately through my close friends on skype as it helps me sort out my feelings, or just roll on doing things I really like or get bored and read something random.
    I have dealt with a rather whiny kid (As in an actual kid) on tumblr who pestered me to talk to them many times when I told them no, so I ignored and blocked them on all places. Wish you the best!
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  3. Cagari added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    I would like an admin to lock this thread as I am starting to feel personally uncomfortable writing this out. I think I should do a little more research on snowflake syndrome. Sorry about that.
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  4. Cagari added a post in a topic -rolls in-   

    Man I didn't notice this for a while....! I am so sorry!
    Anyhoo, I think most of the popular fandoms tend to have snowflakes, but I notice the Bleach Fandom has a reputation for being a cesspool for the anti-drama roleplayers, mostly because one of the snowflakes has a major influence over it.
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  5. Cagari added a post in a topic Fandom Culture/"Wars"   

    Oh man don't get me started on fandom culture and wars.
    I mean I seen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too many people getting bent out of shape because that one person dislikes their favorite ship or everyone's favorite ship, just because that person has a different opinion over the character or have different headcanons for that particular character or for the lore itself. Hell, I have seen people who fight over their character's love. For fucks sake they are FICTIONAL. THEY DON'T EXIST. Do they even know there are more important shit in this world than their own motherfucking ship and whatnot??????????????????
    And then, there are fandoms who get upset upon the realization that their yaoi/yuri ship never happened because they thought something with yaoi/yuri undertones = yaoi/yuri. As someone who is from the 07-GHOST fandom, which is very often mistaken as yaoi or shonen ai (Its really only just undertones, and c'mon look at Puella Magi Madoka Magica, alot of yuri undertones and still isn't yuri.), I seen alot of people who got upset because the yaoi never happened but one straight ship happened. Hell, they even sent HATE to authors because of the way it ended.
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  6. Cagari added a post in a topic How do they get so popular?   

    The most interesting question to this day.
    The other sub-questions for this question are:
    Even if they are known to be jerkasses/toxic/shitty how do they still maintain popularity when there is enough evidence?Why do they constantly stir drama and basically ruining their own reputation then whine about it when people say they are so-called slandering them?And for the roleplayers and authors, why people don't realize those cahracters are absolutely bland shitty deviantART mary-sues?Might add more later.
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  7. Cagari added a post in a topic The weeb among us   

    To be honest I think everyone who is into Japanese culture even by a tiny bit or totally into it are weebs. We are basically weeaboo in one way or another.
    I am not really an avid collector of figurines and all, unless it is a character I absolutely adore and all, but sadly he doesn't have any merch albeit artworks of him n the manga covers (You may probably take a wild guess who I am into and I even bought the bunkoban 07-GHOST just because--)! Or I just receive hand-me-downs of various merch from my cousins becuase they are trying to clean out their room LMAO.
    And now, onto the term weeaboo we understand of, those who think Japan is a holy land/anime world/etc. and all, I absolutely hate those types of people. They are basically bastardizing and fetishizing my country. I don't really mind if people say kawaii or nani or sugoi esp if it is thrown in for the lulz, but constantly using it seriously outside Japanese convo or thinking you are Japanese by saying it will probably get me right on the edge.
    Now lemme use my encounters....
    I had this really creepy dude who is late 30s as in definietly way beyond 35 who I thought would be a friend and all because we had similar interests in anime adn thought my outfit was *cosplay. My biggest mistake was to give him my **LINE scan barcode so we added each other. He started to text me, right after we parted and the next day he asked me out and I gave him a big fat no because I was not interested. I think the other factor other than my outfit is because I look underage to the non Asian people (Which I ain't joking, as us Asians do have tendencies to look younger), so yeah it was creepy as fuck.
    Now the second one? This is a popular roleplayer from tumblr whom I intend to write about later on this forum on its own thread, and its this OC riiiiiiiiiiiiight here (Image below so open to expand it.):
    Again I will write more about this particular lady (The writer and her terribad marysue) and post it at some point so stay tuned.
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  8. Cagari added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    Didn't mean to offend anyone or take it beyond the context. My apologies if I sounded insensitive, and for what you been through, I am sorry to hear that and I hope it never happens again.
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  9. Cagari added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    Reading some of the stories about some of the member's encounters with Vanity is really sickening....Especially @NymphPrincess' story. I am sorry to hear some of you have to get some very distasteful and obscene messages/acts from this horrible excuse of a human being (To me, all sex offenders are absolutely poor excuses for a human being for ruining people's lives mentally and physically.).
    I fortunately was too busy listening to Vocaloid, trying to make m UTAUloid famous and being a butthurt teen back in the days.
    Now back on the topic of BoTDF....
    Just to say as a musician myself (Mostly classical with admittedly judgemental tastes on music.), BoTDF is the worst of the worst excuse when it comes to music that I can hardly call it music anymore. First of first, Dahvie can't sing. He can't sing at all. A singer must know what types of song they are good at, their skills (control in tone, pitch, pronounciation and etcetra etcetra), he lacks all of this. I absolutely dislike singers who use autotune to correct bad singing and all, as it sounds absolutely annoying to the ears. I don't mind if autotune is used for making weird effects on voices. As someone who doesn't exactly have a favorite genre of music, I have heard much better metal and rock music than this band. In fact, Dahvie's makeup makes me think of a really shitty ripoff of KISS's makeup style.
    Also, have any of you guys seen his live performance? Apparently his mic can do the autotuning (Or something like that but still it is a pain to the ears )....
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  10. Cagari added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    In my honest opinion....
    I think Nailogical has a pretty interesting sense of humor, and I love some of the terms she say like holosexual and peel porn. She seems to make reviews of kiddy nail products and the likes, as well as tutorilas in the most hilarious way possible. She is overall rather pleasing for me as some beauty tutorials tend to be really monotone as in they really only explain the steps with minimal humor or comments. I think she really knows how to blend humor with teaching which I absolutely adore.
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  11. Cagari added a post in a topic Languages   

    My native language is English as a Canadian lol. But then as a Japanese, *Japanese is also technically a native language in my case too, but I consider it more on the secondary as I don't use it much as English, as well as the fact that I am unable to handwrite Japanese properly, as well as to write an essay or anything (Writing essays in Japanese are really really tough I heard from my mother, who is a very native typical Japanese...).
    I would also love to take the time to learn how to speak Mandarin-Chinese as I am also half **Taiwanese as Mandarin-Chinese is the language used in Taiwan, and in a way it should be a language I should also be speaking too as I do have a pretty strong pride as a Taiwanese person myself, as well as French partially because we learn French in Canada. I am also somewhat interested in Korean because I love Aion Online (Which is a MMO from Korea.).
    I just love languages in general as someone who grew up travelling around the world. 
    *Its enough for me to have a normal conversation and get around really smoothly while I am back with my family in Japan.
    **My Dad is Taiwanese. I do...Have a fairly complex history yes being from three countries at once lol.
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  12. Cagari added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    (We shall suffer together .)
    No wonder there is the /unspoken rule/ to stay away from SU fandom alot among the 'saner side of tumblr', along with BLEACH, Frozen and Undertale and probably a few other insanely popular fandoms I haven't listed here. And holy shit your sister accused you of being homophobic and anti-feminist just because you don't like it? Wow. Just wow. 
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  13. Cagari added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    (I am having bit of a trouble removing the quoted blocks so I am terribly sorry, so if you do not mind please tell me how to remove these.)
     People will do anything to cover up the truth really...Just like how my country covers up the truth about WWII in their school textbooks as well as the government which I think is absolutely absurd and stupid. Also, do look at the intense censorship in communist countries too. Its really no different, but on a grander scale.
    Also, these tumblrinas are basically triggered by pretty much everything...Even by pomegrantes and bees
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  14. Cagari added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    Oh boy tumblr. Where the bloody flying hell do I begin with? 
    As a regular roleplayer on tumblr lemme tell you how much bullshit I have seen fly across my eyes via the dashboard and beyond to the point it would probably take up its own post to speak about it!
    I mean, hell, on my free time when I should be drawing my own personal stuff, writing more on my character or playing Aion Online or replying to my RP threads, I am screencapping and gathering evidence about how some of those popular roleplayers on tumblr are really actually vile and abusive and no different from the people *they tell you not to follow, to the point that I am gonna probably make an adendum and post about these people here on PULL on how and why, and to highlight their hypocrisy and overall idiocy because I am absolutely sick of the peope posing as RPers with **really shitty OCs or really canon diverged canons that they would be rather called OCs who are only here to boost their teensy egos by bullying others and making them feel bad.
    *Some people they mention though aren't actually bad and are just unfortunate victims as I have seen one who got called out for something which happened over three years ago.
    **OCs so shitty it is comparable to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight characters imo.
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  15. Cagari added a post in a topic College advice?   

    I won't have much advice on roommates and such as my college doesn't have a dorm nor anything like that, so I live with a lovely homestay family taking care of me during my stay!
    But I can tell you a few things I learned, and one which I learned in the hardest way possible.
    Assuming you won't be living with your parents (As alot of my classmates, as well as my friends back in Japan who go to college do still live with their families.), do remember that there won't be any verbal reminders when there are no parents, but only text reminders from them texting. So be responsible with your responsibilities like paying phone bills, etcetra etcetra.So a way to solve the issue above; set up a reminder on your phone which rings at a particular day!Be wary of the people you choose to hangout with! Unlike school, where everyone knows everyone ish, college has all sorts of people, which includes unfortuantely the not so good or questionable people. I had this one guy who was in my class, I wasn't friends with him other than hi and bye and awesome art (As I was in an art school). He did the total unthinkable; he got into an argument with a classmate and stabbed him with some sort of art knife that the victim had to be sent to the hospital, and the assailant handed himself over to the police. Dunno what happened afterwards.Do try to maintain a good relationship with the people you are staying with, and if things go down the drain, leave asap.Do not. DO NOT. EVER fail your classes or have bad grades consistently! I am emphasizing this because I learned this the very very very very hard way. I had bad grades because of my anxiety (It did not help when it is time to look at grades because I did have a panic attack over grades before. But I am gonna have to grow a spine and get over it.) and my bad procrastination habit, as well as getting sidetracked extremely easily. This lead to me getting forced to withdraw from my college and needing to attend some local community college to get better grades to get back to my initial place, in which I am right now successfully in another school to relearn my habits. So as someone who absolutely regrets this, please keep a very good eye on your grades!Watch your budget, and probably try learn how to cook! Try refraining from eating out too often, and definitely you might wanna learn some simple recipes and hoard some emergency meals like instant noodles! Thanks to this, I now am teaching myself to cook and totally love it. 
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