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  1. kohh added a post in a topic Most overrated/underrated singers?   

    Overrated : Beyonce, BTS, Taylor Swift, Cardi b

    Underrated: Kohh, Sevdaliza, Azealia Banks, Sik-k, the neighbourhood
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  2. kohh added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - Cardi b is overrated

    - Bodak yellow sucks (I listened to it so many times just to understand the hype but I still don't get it or like the song lol)
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  3. kohh added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    Idek what I am anymore 
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  4. kohh added a post in a topic Karin/ani.ya (koreaboo?)   

    Karin is always copying ulzzangs and their poses, when I first saw her, I thought she was imitating hwa.min? 
    I've seen so many kpop fans on ig having the same style as her and that other girl. They all try to look like ulzzangs

    Also, the other chick has a Korean girl with short hair as her pfp so she probably likes this style and wants to look like those girls and not Karin(who actually is also copying Korean girls like that one in her pfp tbh lol)

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  5. kohh added a post in a topic Chip Chan / The woman trapped on the internet   

    She's still alive streaming :
    I remember when I heard about her a long time ago and I cant believe she's still broadcasting... It's really sad
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  6. kohh added a post in a topic Lizabeth / @bunnyjingg   

    She isn't claiming to be Korean or part Korean although she uses Korean makeup and at least it kinda suits her features?? Idk
    She's just another cringey kboo but at least not a ''problematic one''?
    The only problematic thing I'm finding is all those comments left by ''lovelyhann14_''(you) on her pics. 

    Also, your username is ''notyourbasickoreangirl'' but I bet you're not even Korean since Ive seen on insta you follow a lot of Arabic pages who talk about Korean stuff and I doubt a Korean girl is going to follow a bunch of Arab kpop fans or Arabic pages talking about Korea, you're a bigger kboo than her 
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  7. kohh added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I hate the baddie look, every girls look the same online, irl, where I live... At first it was nice but now pls, Make. It. Stop

    I also hate this blue-grey contacts trend. I see so many people wearing contacts like these and it's just....... meh

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  8. kohh added a post in a topic @Roastkardashian   

    I'm pretty sure the owners are White girls from Germany or the Netherlands. One of them posted selfies before and she looked White.
    I dislike the Kardashians too but it's crazy how much time roastkardashian spend and waste on insta talking and posting always about the Kardashians. It's like their life revolves around them. 
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  9. kohh added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

     Lol maybe it's just me but he looks like a fcked up version of Sangwoo from KS
    Those aegyo sal are just horrible. He would look a lot better without them.
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  10. kohh added a post in a topic Youtube child explotation   

    I found so many videos that are supposed to be normal posted by random 8-12yo kids without their parents knowing I guess, showing how to do gymnastics, dancing or also random webcams? and in the comments there are bunch of random guys aka pedos commenting the time where you can see by example the kid's panties, even calling them sexy (I saw a bunch of guys calling a freaking 10yo doing gymnastics sexy gosh) and when I go to those guys profiles, all the videos they liked are kids doing gymnastics, swimming, dancing, random kids in front of a webcam..and some are also wearing short clothes, I mean, the kind of clothes kids or also adults wear in their house when it's summer? with their family and not strangers

    I reported so many videos, comments and profiles but most are still here 
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  11. kohh added a post in a topic Sulli f(x) / @jelly_jilli   

    I didn't like her before when she was in f(x), but I started liking her when she left and started to post on insta.

    I liked how she didn't give a f* about what others said online about her but after she posted that video of herself laughing at an animal dying I think I lost all my respect for her, she crossed the line. How can you laugh at an animal dying and trying to survive? This is just not funny. This is cruel.

    Honestly I believe she got some mental issues. 
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  12. kohh added a post in a topic Mind Audio Central   

    I don't understand those subliminal videos??? I also found this video ''Become Asian'' some months before and I remember in the comments ppl (Kboos and weebs) were asking how many times they had to listen to this and how long it would take for them to become Asian??? Wtf??? 
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  13. kohh added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - 13 reasons why is overrated and boring af. (I skipped so many scenes)

    - I find very pale White skin and very dark Black skin so beautiful

    - This ''body positivity'' movement can be great? but I dislike how people who support it think that being very fat&obese is okay, that very fat-obese ppl shouldn't change their bodies for society and if you dare think otherwise, you are fat shaming and fat phobic lol. (Being overweight-obese isn't healthy)

    - I hate how most ''feminists-activists'' online only post about ''stupid'' problems in the West(aka America) and never talk about real actual struggles women face outside the Western world

    - I can't wait for this baddie-huge lips trend to die

    - Kpop is not unique. All kpop does is copying American pop-rap culture and Japanese pop culture

    - I understand that some ppl want even more Black representation in American media but I wish there would be more Asian, North African, Arab, South American representation since they barely or never get represented compared to Black ppl who are represented a lot

    - I hate this recent trend of some Black Americans claiming Egypt and their culture, pretending to be Egyptian and saying everyone in Egypt is Black. (96% of Egyptians are like, not Black lol)
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  14. kohh added a post in a topic NickDominates   

    I like him. I think he's really funny but I also find him sometimes to be a bit cringy to watch because he ''overreacts'' a lot? and also put a lot of those memes in his vids which I think can be annoying-boring.
    But I like the type of videos he does (trolling on online games) and also that grindr video was hilarious but nearly caused him to get sued lol
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  15. kohh added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    I have nothing against her but I also have no idea why she have 100k followers.
    I remember I found her account randomly last year and she had like around 3k followers. Tf.
    Ive read that she got many followers and more popular because some ppl made memes of her but they arent even funny? + she isn't that interesting or amazingly beautiful (she's not ugly tho) and all she does is posting selfies and trying to look like a Japanese girl? lol
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