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  1. foxing added a post in a topic Has your music taste changed?   

    when i was a kid i liked pop music, then in like grade school i listened exclusively to classic and alt rock and thought i was the coolest and edgiest lol. since then i've expanded my horizons and now i listen to a bit of everything, though i still go through small phases where i'll be partial to certain genres. lately i'ts been hip hop, lo-fi and new wave/gothic.
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  2. foxing added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she's gonna go to japan next to get a bagelhead

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  3. foxing added a post in a topic full coverage foundations?   

    what's your skin type?
    i like spray foundations, either the dior or sephora one. i've also tried nars all day lumious and tarte rainforest of the sea, which both have great coverage but don't do well if u got any texture. i also use the cover fx foundation, but only where i need heavy coverage, so like a concealer basically, it's really high coverage but too thick for me to put all over my face. 
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  4. foxing added a post in a topic VVALLAHHI / NABIHA   

    what is with these girls photoshopping themselves into the uncanny valley? lmao look at her face vs her neck, the difference in colour and texture is insane
    and idk how much of it is contouring or editing, but that nose... she posted a vid where you can see it's totally different from her pictures. not the most flattering screencap but

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  5. foxing added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    lmao yeah honestly whats with all these kids (and most of them are pretty young) who have like no personality/identity outside of their gender/sexuality? its cool to be proud of it but? my orientation is not the first or most important thing i want people to know about me.
    also thinking a guy is cute doesn't make me... not a lesbian... lol... i can appreciate an attractive person... i find him good looking =/= i want his dick, ppl need to chill. 
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  6. foxing added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    just when i think her edits have reached peak ugly....... she always finds a way to make them even worse. it's almost impressive
    got u

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  7. foxing added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    i'm sorry, coming to terms w your sexuality can be a long and hard road and i wish you the best. my family is homophobic too, so i'm not out to them but i've been able to find friends who accept and support me, so i hope you can do the same. ♥️
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  8. foxing added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    lmao i was gonna say... is she going the kota route and photoshopping herself into a literal child now?
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  9. foxing added a post in a topic What are your favourite lipsticks?   

    I love Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, they feel so nice on your lips and the range of colours/finishes is really wide. 

    For drugstore, I like Rimmel Moisture Renew. It's good for everyday wear because it's moisturizing. 

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  10. foxing added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    is it just me or did she use the lengthening thing on her legs like... really poorly. it's like she lengthened from the knees up and it looks disproportionate, like her calves are too short. and that blurry ass....
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  11. foxing added a post in a topic Unpopular Harry Potter Opinions   

    snape is shit. he's not a good person. everything he did was selfish, bc of a creepy crush? and it was creepy not romantic at all... he was so bitter and a huge jackass to his students. wtf can we stop defending him
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  12. foxing added a post in a topic Is it messed up to name your new dog after your deceased dog?   

    I would suggest naming the new dog something else. Otherwise it might get confusing/awkward. It would feel way too much like you're trying to 'replace' your old dog and you'll probably compare them all the time. Obviously you can't replace a deceased pet and I'm not implying that's what you're trying to do, but I still compare my current dog to my old one, and I feel like it would be especially hard not to if they shared a name. It might also be emotionally difficult since it'll just remind you of your old dog all the time tbh - mine died three years ago and I still tear up when I think about her sometimes, never mind hearing her name every day.
    At the end of the day it's your choice. I wouldn't personally do it, but I don't think it's bad or wrong! I can see how it might be comforting to name your dog Tucker in memory, and I know people who have done something like that so it's not unusual.
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  13. foxing added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    lmao i'm pretty sure that you can't sue anyone for for defamation if what they're saying is true
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  14. foxing added a post in a topic Where to get cute, cheap bras?   

    good luck, hope it goes well!
    urban outfitters actually has some pretty cute/affordable bras, though i'm not sure how much of it is suitable for bigger boobs. but worth a look maybe? 
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  15. foxing added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    comments on that last pic
    sure jan
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