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  1. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I believe its somehow of a false statement since feeling the need to say that those traits are beautiful, defies the purpose of the positive message.By saying it beautiful you are at the same time saying its not. 
    I dont know about you but if someone came to me and told me my acne is beautiful, I wouldnt be flattered by it at all. Cause I know those are empty words that are said to make me feel better about myself. Thus bringing back the fact thats its hypocrisy cause I know too well those are empty words.
    But again I personally see it that way tbh. For me this positive message goes against its purpose.
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  2. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -I follow tons of activsitl/feminist accounts on Instagram and while they post some relevant shit on racism and acceptance, I cant help but get annoyed at how they can make everything about race. Im a poc too but sometimes activists and feminists really like to drag things too far. Why so much hate against white people? (white pee people like they call them) I think being so hateful and aggressive wont contribute to anything positive. They tend to always jump from one side to the other, making me wonder if these people are really truly educated or simply repeating stuff they heard?
    -I have been seeing alot on those same accounts black female activists complaining about white people appropriating black features? The big lips and the curly hair for example. I think that saying that big lips comes from black features is very farfetched and nitpicky. I have a north african heritage, while we look pretty white/caucasian ( I get confused for a white person all the time)  we certainly have big full lips and crinkly ass hair. The world doesnt only have white and black people.
    -oh and did you guys see that girl on buzzfeed that is dating 2 guys at the same time? She was highly preached while im pretty sure if it was a guy doing the same he would have been called out for it because hes a "fuck boy". Damn buzzfeed back at it again with that one-sided opinionated video (sorry I had to use that reference 😂 I suck)
    -why does beyonce matters so much? We all were born from a strong women. Why cant my momma be idolized for having 3 kids too? Americans are weird
    - I like our prime minister Justin he da best
    -I cant express enough how wrong and hypocrite this picture is. I dont need to elaborate on it .. like you know 😒

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  3. zakka added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    I really do not like him.
    He exhales this unberable and sickening negativity that I do not need in my life.  British humor? no you just like being an ass. And frankly speaking he just look dead ass evil in his thumbnails.
    Also I didnt keep up with the Tana drama very well but I think its really unsensitive to point fingers at a person going through something so serious. Like who are you ? what do you know? have you ever been in the same position? Tanas response video to the conspiracies about her stalker really seemed to put light on how bad and serious her situation is. I teared up and im not a sensitive person whatsoever. To me his videos about her made me remember highschool and those gossip bitches that talk in your back about your own life when you dont even now of their existence.
    Plus why would you feel the need to make a video on something you are not a 100% sure about? 
    Im not a tana ass licking fan, but I believe in the fact that one should be sensitive to certain things and not act like trash. He is total trash.
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  4. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I never heard of these do you have any suggestions I wanna try watching them too😮
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  5. zakka added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    guys... I unraveled the mystery .. I found him 

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  6. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree
    I am as fair as it can be and I too have a difficult time finding foundation. But where we can draw the line here too, is the fact that some drugstores dont even carry the range of color up to the darker complexions for foundations AND concealers (at least here in the drugstores in Canada). I came to this  realisation a few weeks back with my friend as we were looking around and we didnt see any foundations going darker than medium tan. And when I went to grab my concealer I checked if there was any darker shades than light ..but no. I dont know if the brands are to blame or its the actual drugstores who refuse to carry them (maybe they dont sell wtf ?). But for me its still absolutely crazy
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  7. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I too believe so to which brings me to another unpopular opinion:
    -I feel the need to censor myself on some threads here on pull depending on the way the thread swings towards.But that being said if you go on another thread and the opposite opinion is dominating then the users would go with it. What I am trying to say is that there are a lot of low quality bitching. People run out of things to say so they find it alright to point out things that are straight out not true. (Makes me cringe so bad cause I want to point it out but the dislikes would make my comment invalid, plus I would seem like a sjw when Im not ugh)
    What I mean is that some people like to hop on board the hater boat. I saw straight out bullying on ones physical features that was really unjustified. Yes It is interesting to come here and state the black and white of that youtuber or that influencer but sometimes I feel like people are really immature. I really dont like unjustified hatred, its toxic.Plus it derails the thread to nonsense.
    I feel thats why some people have negative views of pull and such.
    ''eww she has a flaky nose''
    no shut up contribute to the thread with some juicy new content 
    (I dont know if this makes me a sjw which is ironic cause I dont like them, so tell me Im not  )
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  8. zakka added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    exactly what I thought but wasn't she a new immigrant?When my parents came to Canada we barely had enough on our table. Maybe she's actually new money ?
    Plus is her dad american I cant tell ??
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  9. zakka added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Some more came to my mind:
    -I really hate being a city girl
    I know I should be considering myself lucky to live in a big city with skyscrapers and such but..I really hate it.
    Growing up my mom didnt really let me take the subway and go downtown. But years passed by and now I am a full grown adult and I can go wherever I want...aaand I came to a realization that city life sucks .Every time I take the subway, I get that anxious feeling when I look around me. People starring into space  waiting to get to their stop and other walking super fast to get their errands done. It all seem so unnatural and sad to me. Even downtown when I look around I always feel awful, maybe it because it makes me realize how fast life goes by and how vain and empty it can get.
    Really, it makes me so depressed so when I get home after that I always do stuff that I enjoy to slow down the tempo of my whole day, if it makes any sense?
    -I hate how certain people like to create themselves a special personality. You know the ones who think they are sooo special compared to anyone. Snowflake symptoms 101. For example, there was one girl I recall that was complaining to me of how forgetful she was. I proceeded to tell her that she wasn't alone and really it wasn't that bad (which really was the case). But of course being the self entitled girl she was, she had to say how it only happens to her and that her case is far worse. Its a little example but you get what type of people I am referring to. 
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  10. zakka added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    the noodles seemed so good tho
    made me droll
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  11. zakka added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    I am almost positive that its due to her click baitty hack videos she has been doing lately. Her thumbnails call for viewers (overly saturated, colorful, bold titles etc.) so some of them made it to the recommendation list so she gained alot of exposure.
    If she really brought her subs the views would have stayed like before(even though you can also buy your views but its highly unlikely that she did so). And again why would she buy 2mil subs when she was a pretty huge youtuber before
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  12. zakka added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    wth guys ..what happened to her channel?? I stopped watching her around the time that she got that ugly blue and pink ombre on her hair but I went back today to see that:
    - she suddenly reached 3 mil subs and her videos have gotten tacky as hell. I didn't like her to begin with but know its a whole other level. Plus I realized how her voice became super high and fake like those beauty gurus bullshit.
    I am baffled ...
    -Another thing I have been thinking for a while her vlogging channel might probably be the worst one on youtube
    breakfast in a hipster cafe  (THE CAFE LATE EVERY DAMN TIME)+HER CAT that no one cares to see+her boyfriend +oh and netflix
    -Also anyone too finds it weird how she doesn't have any top comments. I bet she deletes them 
    Some more came to me while reading here: th fact that we dont need to forget that wengie is an entrepreneur to begin with! For the people who have been following her since the uzzlang phase remember how she started hard with all the equipment and the good quality intros. Also remember how before youtube she at multiple time appeared in the medias for random shows. She from the beginning was looking for that fame, she follows the crowd with motive: fame and money from my perspective. Since we never saw her genuine side never ever. She is just a social media puppet
    Crazy how someone can change so fast, she went from reviewing lenses to doing cliche hacks videos that have been seen over and over again everywhere on youtube. 
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  13. zakka added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    Yeah thats most likely the case, I would find myself doing the same thing if my backgrounds were from a minority group too (which is the case).
    But again she is a korean kiss ass so Im pretty sure that if she was handed the choice of becoming one she wouldnt think twice.
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  14. zakka added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

     OK that was unexpected. Now that I think about it, not once did I hear her talk about her origins,is she ashamed or what ? weird why do you need to be so secretive 
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  15. zakka added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    whats her origin I was sure she was korean?? cause she doesnt speak chinese, nor japanese nor vietnamese so what is she ???
    I like her shes bubbly and I find her funny.Her videos kinda put me in a a good mood her happiness is contagious?I watch her once in a while for a change. The content is not perfect but she did make videos on product I never saw before
    On the other side she is a bit of a cringey koreaboo gotta admit that. Did anyone see her got7 reaction.That was instance 
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