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  1. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Jhulia Pimentel   

    Im just excited for the IP check *insert a young Michael Jackson eating popcorn on the set of the beginning of Thriller here*
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  2. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    So I'm not only shy but super introverted to the extent that I get really tried if I'm around people for too long and when I get angry it gets even worse because I'm typically not the type to get full blown angry in the first place and I start shaking and I start to tear up and my chest hurts and it all happens super duper fast all at once and I just freak out and that's what's happening right now and my chest hurts like fucking hell and I pretty much never know what to do when it happens and depending on how angry I am it can turn into a pain attack so I'm low key sitting in my living kinda freaking out. 
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  3. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    when the fuck did i ever say that ? I was refering to somehing I mentioned in anoher thread stop taking shit out of fucking contex that shits not okay. Insted of getting on the defense read what the fuck I actually said. What I was saying about LILY was the fact that she is another "look at me I'm so cool but I like to hide my ethnic backround unless it benefits me asian socialite riding the hallyu wave.  Jay Park appropriates  black culture not because of liking "thic"( you dont seem to know what that actually means)but 50 other reasons but this thread isn't about him holy fuck that shit got me so heated sorry tothe rest of you but holy slam a fuckin cow man I can't even go back and revise this shit I'm so annoyed there's no need to jump that fucking far. I was saying that he uses skinny girls like lily in his videos just with butt pads and a push up bra no that asian girls couldnt be built that way  when the shit did i ever type that.
    I'm sick of people screaming in horror and in defense and twisting shit you even only took ONE PART of my quote that was right after me saying that it reminded me of a different thread to which we were talking about those sort of generic clownish self hating asians that you can find in California (and since im american i think of cali)  mother of the fucking peanuts christmas special. 
       Lily is just another try hard who only brings up her race when it benefits her and uses kpop and kbeauty to attract that crowd for more followers and likes. THAT IS ALL I SAID I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ELSE IF I WAS IN PULP FICTION MY LINE WOULD BE READING COMPREHENSION MUTHAFUCKA DO YOU HAVE IT.
    I'm sorry you guys that shit got me fucked up like I'm shaking and I REALLY hate getting mad. 
    update: Im less angry still kinda annoyed but i do wanna say that I dont think that lily's popularity is gonna last long she seems to be getting ridiculed every time someone posts about her for the exact same reasons I mentioned like 15 times. Shes a self hating opprotunist.
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  4. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Read the caption on the first picture unless it meant they remixed his music then my bad but my views on him are still exactly the same plus jpark always uses girls with her body type in his videos they just wear a push up bra and some butt pads. She is still always using kpop to gain fame. 
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  5. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I'm not surprised that she would work with Jay Park he has always low key made me cringe. It's like I said in the other thread. Asians that capitalize off of kpop/popular east asian stuff but then have a fetish for or exploit Black culture but then want the privileged life of a rich White Californian kid.  And Jay Park always uses those type of Asian girls in his videos because they are "sexy" and "the cool kind of asian" (aka try hard).
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  6. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I'm sorry but the way she photoshops looks so gross like a cartoon character or something. At least when Jordyn Woods photoshops it doesn't look scary but this girl takes it to a whole new level. I just wish that people would start loving their bodies for what they are but our society tends not to allow that. 
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  7. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Fave trends/clothing stores   

    Public Desire is a nice spot for shoes and they always have a sale. I like colourpop too for makeup. 
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  8. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Who do you love or hate in the fashion industry?   

    I like some moschino stuff but it's really overpriced for the most part and it feels like it's trying to hard to be interesting. I don't mind Gigi or Kendall I just wish that they weren't everywhere or called supermodels so loosely.  I think Gigi has gotten better but Kendall is just sorta riding the wave of her family being popular (for now,  for the love of GOD when will they fall). I don't like people calling Kylie Jenner a fashion icon either. 
      I don't like Project Runway anymore either I find the judge's opinions to be very outdated and they don't actually know what the youth wears anymore and assumes that anything creative is a stage costume and that none of us would wear it meanwhile I'm drooling over it. 
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  9. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I think that a lot of Asians (especially east asian) tend to behave a though thier Asian culture speaks for ALL Asian cultures in the same way that a lot of hispanics do. I also think that she knows that not all asian countries are the same but wants sympathy and for people to call her brave for being overweight and asian. Honestly I've met more "bigger" Asians in America than thin ones but I'm not Asian so who knows. I know for sure that it most likely depends on the cultue though. Again I think she just wants praise. 
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  10. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Youtube child explotation   

    Ooohhhh so like when people take girls who dress up "cutesy" and put it on ddlg accounts?  Dude that's messed up I wonder if that's something you can report to the law their parents must be horrified. 
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  11. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Youtube child explotation   

    I didnt get to watch the video yet cause I'm eating but that shit is distrubing. What kind of parent would do that to a child. 
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  12. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Bbydolly in instagram   

    It hurts plenty of people actually through nomalization of the sexualization of infants and those who are survivers of child molestation having seen it on their explore pages and have expressed their distaste in it. More and more teenagers are starting to see it as normal and the latest "sexual trend with adults" to appear more mature and are putting themselves into dangerous situations. Instagram is not Brazzers keep that shit to yourself it's not that damn hard. I have zero interest in further derailing the thread especially since you keep repeating the same point and you keep disregarding anything that I say anyway. 
    I just hope that Instagram cracks down on these accounts since porn isnt suppose to be on there anyway.
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  13. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic Youtube child explotation   

    I've always felt strange about people using their children for profit in general tbh. I think a lot of people  feed their egos with it too by everyone calling their child cute. 
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  14. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic When does Asian Fashion become Fetishizing?   

    I agree that White people tend not to look nice when asian makeup.  They dont typically have hooded Asian like asians,hispanics,  africans etc. I think when they keep doing it even though it doesnt look nice is when I find other non-asians sus. Like why would you not do makeup that actually suits your face if you arent being a weeb? My eyes are hooded so I cant follow makeup tutorials for eyeliner when it's done by a white person with deepset eyes so why wouldn't it be vise versa if they arent on some old school taylor r or arhipop crap? And because their eyes are so deepset the tend to not have "aegyo sal" and then when they force it they look like they came out of a twlight zone episode.
    So yeah it depends and I think that theres a fine line.
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  15. CloudFairFF7 added a post in a topic using your public handles/photos on PULL   

    I think it depends too.  Like my user name on here has been used on gaia and I use it on anime conventions.  I don't think anything that I say on here wouldn't come out of my mouth in person or on amother social media site. If I say something negative it's not meant to be hateful it's just my opinion and most likely if I'm saying something THAT negative it is something that I truly care about therefore  I wouldn't mind saying it anyone where especially in person since I tend to be more eloquent that way anyway. 
      The most negative things that I've said are about Black struggles or my hatered for adults sexualizing being a child/baby and that's the kind of shit I'll verbally duke out no problem in person. If anyone has a problem with anything that I've said we can sit down and have a debate over it with the knowledge that I've built up from the past 20 years while having a mother with a masters degree who isn't afraid of telling her child the truth. 
      So yeah I ain't got nothing hide. 
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