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  1. * added a post in a topic joanneneko/minuit.1995   

    why do people in the wrong ALWAYS assume that others that call them out on their behavior must be jealous? oh the haterz don't like me it's probably because they wish they were me!!1!1 it's such a childish mentality. why would anyone be jealous? 
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  2. * added a post in a topic joanneneko/minuit.1995   

    every time i visit this thread i feel like i'm rubbernecking... this girl is a trainwreck that i can't look away from lol
    i don't really understand why she keeps bringing up the fact that she goes clubbing with supposed hot "oppars" all the time. of course there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun when you're young but it's pretty much all she ever talks about. most of society looks down on people like that... it's nothing to be proud of.
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  3. * added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    i find it really interesting that she used a lot of romanized chinese words and not korean for her usernames lol like 'hunxie' and 'xiaoboys' 
    no hate,  just an interesting observation (but those were really cute users!)
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  4. * added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    yeah, color contacts are pretty common over there. i remember being very confused when i was younger and my cousin (who lives in taiwan) told me that contact lenses were banned in her school. the only thing that came to mind then were clear prescription contact lenses for people to see better with so i didn't really understand why they were banned until i realized that she must have been talking about colored circle lenses. in western countries contacts aren't an accessory like they are in asia.
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  5. * added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    this thread is pretty much just basic discussion and criticism (as well as plenty of good comments!) 
    he really shouldn't let anything on this site get to him or even have it fly under his radar... there isn't any true hate on here. lolcow or 4chan or even some reddit places i would understand... but this is rather tame stuff...
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  6. * added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    they all try to have the exact same features... if you're going to photoshop, just take out blemishes and even out features at the very most, don't create a whole new face lol
    their eyes and jaws creep me out the most. the eyes are too wide and the jaws are too pointy.
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  7. * added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    afaik she's not asian at all.
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  8. * added a post in a topic snowbabyq/Cai Ruixue   

    i stumbled across her yt channel before i knew she was on idol school and i did find her videos to have that sponsored/only doing it for exposure feel to them. she's not exactly well known (even in taiwan) and i'm surprised that tw netizens had so much info (they do comment a lot on mnet's videos of her)
    she has the standard east asian celebrity look to her with the typical 'desired' features but i find her kind of boring and plain jane. i think her major problem was that she wasn't honest with everyone in the beginning that she wanted fame and to be a celebrity. most of the flack she is getting is from taiwanese who say that she keeps changing her dream. i think tw netizens are being a little too harsh.... droves of them comment lots of mean things and dislike her videos. i sort of understand why they don't like her but at the same time she hasn't done anything that's truly awful. she just wants to make it big and do what's trendy i guess which strips away any authenticity to her.
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  9. * added a post in a topic moistpuffins   

    i'm.... disgusted... not only by her beliefs and cringey fetishization and unhealthy obsession but by her attitude. have some dignity. 
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  10. * added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    ^ i can't believe that guy.... that's taking lying to the cringiest level imaginable. it's a good thing that these liars aren't the brightest people. if you really want to lie, do your research... pick something believable to lie about at least lol
    (and his lies make him so unlikable.... like unfriending friends on fb because he needs to be friends with people who are on a better level??? that was unnecessary and super cringeworthy)
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  11. * added a post in a topic Instagram Kpop spam accounts   

    they're a bit like general meme accounts except that they tend to get very personal and a lot of their captions can be problematic... they're the kind of people who call out koreaboos but also tell them to drink bleach and also the kind of people that are really vocal about not sexualizing minors but say really cringey and overly sexual things about idols that are of age. a lot of them try to be funny by using the 'oppar' and 'unnir' phrases to make fun of koreaboos but a lot of them are koreaboos themselves. some of them just stick to the memes but a lot of them just have way too much time on their hands i think.
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  12. * added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    abby was the girl that katie's bf supposedly cheated with, the girl in the photo is https://www.instagram.com/julietshii/ 
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  13. * added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    it could also just be that he's trying to promote himself... he may not have a musical passion or desire to have a music career but he is a youtuber and obviously is not averse to fame and recognition. youtube still isn't the most mainstream form of fame and releasing music kind of legitimizes someone as an artist or celebrity. lots of youtubers try to make that jump from internet fame into actual fame (like amanda steele, youtuber turned model).
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  14. * added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    if this is true then he's gross... why would you attack other people's asian-ness in the first place, especially as a person who so desperately wants to be asian? if you're going to be a cringey liar, at least don't be a rude and disgusting cringey liar. does anyone actually believe that he's asian....? because unless you are legally blind, he looks as white as can be.
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  15. * added a post in a topic hxneul   

    just came here to say that i can confirm that this girl is not asian at all... 
    some simple, non-invasive (as in nothing i looked at was privated in any way) facebook searches brought me to her mother's fb page which can be confirmed via shared last name and a family photo that includes her father (the guy in one of the photos on this thread). 
    her mother is a blonde caucasian woman. whether her mom can speak korean or not is non-confirmable but i found evidence of what we already knew: hxneul is not half korean. 
    i don't know how she managed to convince that chloetaylorlauren girl otherwise but these are the facts.
    (tbh, i almost wish i discovered that her mother was korean... it makes me sad that she would just deny her mother's heritage like that just for the sake of some internet cool points...)
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