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  1. * added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    i really liked his new video on the kpop industry and the truth of auditioning. he made some really good points and explained himself well. i'm glad he's making these kinds of videos because let's face it, a lot of his viewers are young/naive/delusional kpop fans and it'll be good for them to hear some truth.
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  2. * added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    whitewashing is so common that people just accept it as the norm now which is sad
    most kpop fansites spend so much time editing out flaws and whitening idols' skin to look just like edward's in that photo of him. lots of kpop fans think that like all koreans/asians have super pale flawless skin and yeah some asians do have pretty nice skin that can be pretty pale naturally but have you seen unedited pics of idols? their skin has flaws and it's really not that pale for the most part
    edward isn't super tan or pale, he's on the lighter side and yeah it's fine to use filters and if he wants to turn up the brightness a bit in photos, who cares, but he's doing it to the point where it just looks damn creepy and sickly
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  3. * added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    ....asian cultures aren't interchangeable like that sis... if she wants to wear ethnic garb, why not wear clothing from her own ethnicity? should japanese people start wearing hanboks to their proms? even as a person with chinese heritage i would feel uncomfortable wearing a cheongsam to homecoming, it doesn't fit the occasion 
    i get that she's young and she has the right to do this blablabla but i just think that for a person that's trying to make it big as a woke ethnic southeast asian instagram twitter girl, she is really not giving off a good impression. i think she could potentially be a voice for other filipina girls and display their culture if she wanted to actually show off her own ethnic background lmao
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  4. * added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    we are all so cynical... lmao
    (would've been funny if it were actually her tho)
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  5. * added a post in a topic Julolaes   

    ugh it's so annoying when people do that. i'm mixed but i don't feel the need to shove my ethnicity down people's throats all the time because no one cares. like being mixed is cool and all but you know what's cooler? being honest and letting your personality and style give you a cool aura rather than a bunch of genetics that were handed to you.
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  6. * added a post in a topic East-Asian instagram boom?   

    i mean..... the asian tumblr aesthetic girl thing has been going on for a while... there's just a lot of them now but they aren't really on anyone's radar or explore page unless you specifically follow or view these accounts in the first place tbh. a lot of these accounts don't have a ton of followers either. 
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  7. * added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    there is something in chinese culture (although probably more played up in taiwan) called sajiao and it's basically the same thing as aegyo (i think it's defined as acting coquettish?) except it has a negative connotation since it's usually used by girls/pets/babies to get something they want from their boyfriends/parents. 
    i'm not sure about the dynamic in korea, since the entertainment industry makes aegyo seem like a good/desirable thing but i can't speak for the actual korean population and their views on what aegyo is. 
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  8. * added a post in a topic @annxhy / @asianult   

    i think she's pretty and it's nice to see an actual korean person call out kboos 
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  9. * added a post in a topic danisnotonfire+ Amazing Phil   

    haven't really seen any of their videos in a few years but i saw one of dan's recently... seems to me like he's still trying for the relatable socially awkward nerdy 'hey-i'm-just-like-you-teens-except-not-really-anymore- thing but in a cockier way since he's rather successful i guess (not a problem, but it can harder to be relatable when people know that you are well-known and successful). 
    phil is still doing the same ol' thing he's been doing except it's getting harder for him to pull off since he's older now. lots of youtubers at his age are married/have kids and whatnot... 
    they have a strong fanbase, no denying that, but their humour is still cringey and childish. i'm sure lots of their 2012-2014 era fanbase has left but tweens will be tweens so there might always be people who will watch their videos i suppose.
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  10. * added a post in a topic IISuperwomanII (Lilly Singh)   

    i don't care for her politics and lot of her political jokes aren't funny anyway. i used to watch her around 2012 when she maybe had like 200k subs? i thought her videos were really funny and relatable but then she started transitioning her channel from just a web-video thing to a brand and i lost interest pretty fast. too many collabs with c-list celebs and her video model starting becoming very repetitive. hm... perhaps this is why daily vloggers have so many subs.... unpredictable content on the daily...
    i mean i know it's hard to come up with original jokes and skits but i'm just personally bored of it.
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  11. * added a post in a topic pangiht / pagtulog   

    she's pretty. i always wonder how these people get so many followers and if the people who comment on their posts are friends or just random internet people... i see so many of these asian/mixed-asian aesthetic instagrams and i'm honestly just wondering where their followers are coming from. it's not like in the older days when people transitioned from tumblr famous to ig anymore and they only have a few posts.
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  12. * added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    i first saw her selfies on twitter and then she appeared on my explore page. she has a cute face but her posts aren't all that interesting so i don't follow her. i understand why kboos/kpop stans would like her though. i liked her caption addressing the different types of asian countries in one of her recent posts.
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  13. * added a post in a topic joanneneko/minuit.1995   

    why do people in the wrong ALWAYS assume that others that call them out on their behavior must be jealous? oh the haterz don't like me it's probably because they wish they were me!!1!1 it's such a childish mentality. why would anyone be jealous? 
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  14. * added a post in a topic joanneneko/minuit.1995   

    every time i visit this thread i feel like i'm rubbernecking... this girl is a trainwreck that i can't look away from lol
    i don't really understand why she keeps bringing up the fact that she goes clubbing with supposed hot "oppars" all the time. of course there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun when you're young but it's pretty much all she ever talks about. most of society looks down on people like that... it's nothing to be proud of.
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  15. * added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    i find it really interesting that she used a lot of romanized chinese words and not korean for her usernames lol like 'hunxie' and 'xiaoboys' 
    no hate,  just an interesting observation (but those were really cute users!)
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