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  1. Snowblood added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Yeah, I took a closer look at the thumbnail and I think it's mainly because she's wearing harsh/cold colours right now with a lot of contrast ("winter colours" if you work with the 4-colour or 16-colour system that is used in colour consulting sessions). My guess is that she's a soft autumn (light), but with dyed hair she could also pass as a light or soft spring.
    Which means she needs warm, soft, light(er) colours. 

    It's clear that she did a few things to her face again (and I think that's very unfortunate - she doesn't need it at all), but it's astonishing what the wrong colours can do to you. You can pull of a totally different colour season, but you have to change your make-up and really work with it to make it look good. 

    She should go back to a warmer, more golden blond-ish hair colour (or even a light hazelnut-ish tone on the roots and a blond balayage in her lengths!). If the hair colour is flattering you can get away much easier with wearing something like black/true white. 
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  2. Snowblood added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I can relate, too. I tried almost everything there is, but nothing ever worked out in the long run.
    I never thought she had this severe kind of acne, but I guess it's the lightning in their videos. 
    Jawline and chin acne often points to hormonal imbalance and I know myself how it can get on your nerves when you get unwanted advice all the time. "Yeah, I drink enough, I almost don't eat sweets, I try to incorporate fermented foods, I tried every skincare routine possible etc. blabla".

    I tried to get information on the other medication she takes (besides birth control), but unfortunately it's not authorized in Germany. 
    Don't know if I would have tried though. 
    But it was nice to get her insight on this topic and to learn how long it took her to find something that works for her. 
    Medication is not for everyone, but I myself struggled with this a long time and medication seems to be the only thing that is working right now. So it's a realistic perspective on acne. Sometimes you have to take medication. It was nice of her to show the viewers this side of her and her struggles. 
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  3. Snowblood added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Well, to be fair: Sometimes you can't just "get up and get your shit together" (regarding sleep patterns, mood swings, getting a routine that works for you on your own etc.). That's basically what depression is. Therefore there are many subcategories and we don't know if it's just a mildly depressive state (comes and goes, not so severe, but of course noticeable) or a chronic depressiv disorder.
    Of course there are people (a lot of them on the internet/youtube) that seem to romanticise their mental health struggle or seem to build their whole brand around it. But I don't get that vibe from her at all. I think she really tries to get better, after realizing something has been off for a while. And if that is the best she can achieve, than she should really seek professional help. I think that would be very beneficial for her life, not just work-related. And you should always prioritize your health. It's the fundament of everything else. I know it must be difficult to find a trustworthy doctor in Japan concerning this matter, but I think the effort of trying to find one will be worth it in the long run. There has to be someone that's "progressive" enough to not say "Just get over it and try harder", but sees it as an illness on it's own and not just laziness. Unfortunately that's something you'll get used to hearing way too quickly as person who struggles with depression. 

    An yeah, of course I agree that you should never marketing yourself as a person who is always late etc. if it could come back to bite you.
    But I just wanted to emphasize that I got the feeling that I think she is really trying, but that...well, depression is a bitch. An once you realized that something is off, and you maybe get treatment and/or medication, you feel better at first, because you are finally willing to acknowledge and battle what has caused you trouble for so long. But that's unfortunately just the start of it and you'll soon feel more miserable again, because you realize how much work it will be and that it could came back again, because you have a strong preposition and have to rethink old though-patterns and coping mechanisms. That's why it's so important to get the help you need. Why should you suffer more than you have to?

    I really hope, she can turn this around, because I always liked her videos and though I don't know her, I wish her the best. 

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  4. Snowblood added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    When she started talking about the cook book, you could really feel her passion for cooking.The moment I saw it I thought maybe she should do more videos aimed to her japanese audience where she shows how to make canadian/american desserts and meals in Japanese. 
    Overall I liked this vlog. It seemed genuine. 
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  5. Snowblood added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Now Taylor should get a better sewing machine und start making cute half cirlce skirts and such. With interesting farbics you'll only find in Japan. 
    I think she's on the right path. I would be pleased if sewing became her creative outlet/passion. 
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  6. Snowblood added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I have to agree.
    She just pulled through with this lame "prank" to make herself look good. I don't think she intentionally tried to hurt her, but she could have guessed how someone else would feel in this kind of situation. And if she really felt bad afterwards, she should have thought twice about uploading it and putting it out for the world to see, so I guess she didn't feel sorry or awkward while editing it. 
    It wouldn't have been so bad if she had picked out another outfit that she thought would make her look really good and gave it to her afterwards.  
    Now it was more like "Look at me, I'm so funny, hehe" and done. 

    I really dislike this kind of behavior. Raising your own profile/ Distinguish yourself by putting someone else down. (Is this the right term?)
    I think she really wants to show she has a funny side to her and forgets about everything else while it is happening, and I guess that has happened to almost everyone, but when you literally have the possibility to edit your life to show only the best of yourself...how can you fail so hard?

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