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  1. Catherine added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    I have an account that I intended for trolling but I have no idea how to get my entries seen so I gave up on it and used it to follow Sims custom content creators and the Avatar co-creators. I have thought about starting a new one where I only practice my photography since the platform isn’t all that bad, but I just couldn’t be arsed.
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  2. Catherine added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    Moriah made videos long before the Poppy project started so videos of her is still out there.
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  3. Catherine added a post in a topic Membership overrun with SJW’s.   

    Rainbow_Girl kind of holds that SJW mindset though but I get the feeling that she might be a preteen or a teenager and has that rebellious attitude that she’ll grow out of.
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  4. Catherine added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree with this statement right here. It’s like when people choose monikers based on their sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian, it’s just that nobody cares.
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  5. Catherine added a post in a topic Why are people obsessed with Disney?   

    You can see whatever you want in anything much like patterns can be found anywhere. Also, you can’t relate to a character unless they are one hundred percent like you? I’m seeing some narcissism in that post, but maybe I’m just seeing a pattern much like you are. Also, doubting if heterophobia exists is a strong indicator that you’re heterophobic. Much like how homophobes make the claim that homophobia doesn’t exist. Of course, you’re likely young with this sense of rebellion so I don’t expect you to understand.
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  6. Catherine added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    Good for you.
    You felt it necessary to make this your  moniker?
    You don’t see me using the screen name, “Tranny.”
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  7. Catherine added a post in a topic Why are people obsessed with Disney?   

    I’m beginning to see these social justice warrior posts that I keep hearing about now.
    There was always a strong Disney following that has likely grown since they now own Marvel, Lucasfilms, and 20th Century Fox. In what way are the plots misogynistic? Also, if they are, then it is likely due to it being a product of its time since most Disney fairytales were lighthearted retellings of older more twisted tales.
    And the only parts you deem good is the part with a lesbian couple? You are supporting my hypothesis that the LGBT community is heterophobic much in the same way that straights can be homophobic.
    In short, Disney can most times be overrated, but not in the way you’re describing so fuck off.
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  8. Catherine added a post in a topic What purpose does life being unfair serve?   

    How do you know free will exist?
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  9. Catherine added a post in a topic Michael Stevens / Vsauce / Mind Field   

    Check out Mind Field. It’s just as good.
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  10. Catherine added a post in a topic Membership overrun with SJW’s.   

    Are you upset because this place isn't more like KiwiFarms?
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  11. Catherine added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    Watch some of these old "Poppy" Moriah videos feel weird knowing this is the same girl. Just hearing her talk regularly is enough to make me think this is an entirely different person. And yes, "Poppy" was an old nickname she had so she was always Poppy.
    Someone in the comments also posted a link to another video where she  dances like a robot which I think pre-dates this bathtub video. I sometimes wonder if she named her first EP "Bubblebath" as a subtle reference to this since she knows her fans remember it all too well.
    Just figure I'd post some of older videos from before Poppy was, well, Poppy. 
    When I submitted my application I just wrote it within the lore so I made it sound like I wanted to join the cult. I said that I wanted to join the church so I could pay tribute to my matriarch Poppy. When worse comes to worse just write your application in-character. But I know for a fact that b isn't the answer here since the church fairly recently accepted a bunch of applications and most of them were just trolls bringing up Mars Argo with some of them changing their name after being accepted to Mars Argo. They would also circumnavigate the word filters to mention Mars Argo's name and would constnatly try to start shit with the natives. My friend is right. The Mars Argo community is a fucking mess and likely isn't even about Brittney Sheets or her work anymore. I wonder how many accounts were banned, but also around this time "The Hole" become so filled up that it nearly crashed the server.
    Holy crap, that is such a nice feature. I like how when you go to make another post and instead of it double posting it just appends your post to the end of your last one. This is fucking amazing and more forums should utilize this idea.
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  12. Catherine added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I wish gender dysphoria didn't exist and we actually had a choice at birth, but no the universe thought it would be a fucking hilarious joke to put that in the overall design especially without giving humans, in particular, any means of changing without having such possible changes come from invention that doesn't even go all the way. You know, I like to think the reason why God makes people who are gay, transgender, disabled, or anything you would normally question why they exist because he is an author telling a story from a character's point of view, but if this were the case then God must love writing tragedies and have a somewhat sadistic sense of humor. I really want to contribute more to the reason why "transgenderism," "gender dysphoria," and other such things even exist in the first place and likely existed before we had terms for them. It also makes things even more weird because some species can actually change their gender biologically. Perhaps it's a remenent from the days of reptiles and marine life long before the first mammals evolved yet it carried over into their genes? I don't think we found evidence for other mammals, but if this shit exists in humans that means it exists in mammals since we're nothing but mammals. Maybe we should do it like we do on the Discovery Channel.
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  13. Catherine added a post in a topic Who else feels lonely?   

    I am an ugly person and I am in an eternal state of isolation even when in social gatherings.
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  14. Catherine added a topic in Entertainment   

    Michael Stevens / Vsauce / Mind Field
    I personally love Michael Steven's YouTube channel called Vsauce. It's a pity that he doesn't really update that channel much anymore since he started Mind Field, that YouTube Premium show, but I have started to watch it since I took the 1 month free trial. This is just as good as Vsauce though I honestly think Vsauce was formatted better than Mind Field. I wish Rob Gavagan gets his own show since he would be very good on an Unsolved Mysteries program. Anyway, yeah, who else here likes the work of Michael Stevens? 
    Note: Vsauce1 isn't the only channel as there are, at least, two others with two different hosts though they don't captivate me as much as Stevens does. That isn't to say they are awful and there could still be some interesting content, but not to the extent of Vsauce1.
    Whenever I started questioning about the current and next generations I always retreat back into this video realizing that my generation isn't that good either.
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  15. Catherine added a post in a topic What purpose does life being unfair serve?   

    But what is the meaning behind life being meaningless?
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