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  1. IhateWCK added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

     Vitamin D, K2 and B12 are recommended to be supplemented for almost everyone regardless of their diet. since the majority of people lack these nutrients even though they're not vegan, to rely on animal products to be adequate in those nutrients is ludacris, you'd have to eat ridiculous amounts of them to meet your needs. It's weird how people will say you need animal products to meet your daily nutritional need and yet countless of Health institutes have adviced to eat meat only twice a week. If you claim to need a certain food(group) to be nutritionally adequate, while you can't consume these in the amounts you need to meet your needs; how can people still see that a reason?
    Foods high in iron: https://nutritiondata.self.com/foods-000119000000000000000-w.html
    (we need anywhere from 8 to 27mg's a day depends on gender, age, if menstruating or not etc.)
    I don't know if you we're serious about protein I thought for a second I was actually dealing with someone who has some nutritional knowledge... but anyway, We Need WAY less Protein then we think (for the average woman its 46grams average male its 56grams)

    (also very interesting website: http://www.pcrm.org/health/diets/vegdiets/how-can-i-get-enough-protein-the-protein-myth)
    What did soy ever do to you that you need to be so negative about it? (JK) unless you consume more than 5 servings a day, you can stop worrying about the phyto-estrogens.
    You probably mean that the vegan (gluten-free) meat substitutes suck? you can make your own you know? (youtube is a wondurful thing for vegan recipes) You don't need to eat meat substitutes, just don't eat them if you don't like them search for recipes that don't require meat/or substitutes.
    Lol I don't even know what point your trying to make but if people want to eat unhealty it's their choice... but eating meat isn't a personal choice. I encourage you to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwV2iVKEimU
    Wait hold on a minute are you insisting that supplements that are beneficial to your health are unhealthy because it's unnatural? and could you please further explain why you brought processed food into this?
    I was insisting a (whole foods) plant based diet (vegan diet) No matter how much you balance or moderate food that is detrimental to your health, it's never gonna be healthy... 
    I honestly don't believe you were actually truly a vegan since you insist protein is an issue, the way you explain yourself just doesn't sound very educated to me (I don't mean to offend you in any way shape or form) which almost every vegan even vegetarian that I've ever met is.
    What did made you wanna go vegan i I May ask?
    (Sorry If you can't fully understand me i"m pretty tipsy right now)
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    For now this is enough i think 
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    Justin Bieber <3
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    I don't think she's lurking PULL, maybe she's just noticing the comments on IG.
    She's in a Music Video (horrible music though)
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    look at her (split) ends it bends, waist shooping much...
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    Look at her hair lmao
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    Most overrated/underrated singers?
    I'd love to hear your opinions on which singers are overrated/underrated please share them!
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    Found this on Reddit


     Does she really think she's gonna get away with this?
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    There are 2 Instagram accounts that have a lot of evidence that she's indeed fake.
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