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  1. lavielucinda added a post in a topic Thailiian   

    tbh she looks like the typical Asian girl with heavy makeup, nothing special.  
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  2. lavielucinda added a post in a topic ssarahnade   

    Here's a few accounts that I know of:
    Majority of the shoutouts are asian girls with heavy makeup, but some of the genuine people i've found are:
    -viviannn_v (there should be a thread about her lmao) 
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  3. lavielucinda added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Hey first timer starting a topic! 
    But this is Sarah Tran, I'm not sure how old she is (probably still in high school)
    She's a naturally pretty girl who is known for her makeup tutorials. Just like the majority of the "Asian instafamous stars", she began by promoting herself on those Asian shoutout pages. Sarah seems like a nice girl, and she's even followed by camilakilla. Nothing really bothered me about her, I just wanted to know what you guys thought of her. Sorry if this is a useless topic 

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  4. lavielucinda added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    I've followed him before he moved to Korea, and I'm honestly not surprised about his personality. Obviously from the very beginning he was insecure of his Filipino heritage, especially his tan skin. One of his earlier videos was about "skin lightening tips". Tbh I was insecure about my skin tone at that time, so his video was very informative. However, I gradually became more disappointed as I continued to watch him. He must be very insecure about his facial Filipino characteristics. To the point that he got plastic surgery to make his nose appear more slim and less like the traditional Filipino nose. I know its not in my place to tell him how to feel, but his insecurities are tearing him apart. His life revolves around his appearance, and now he's become a monster inside and out. 
    I just wanted to share this because he's leaning towards the road of plastic surgery. But in Skorea there is this term called "plastic monster". It's referred to the people who has lost their natural characteristics due to the overuse of plastic surgery. 
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