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    Jesus Christ dude, you need to relax a little bit. This is all gonna blow over. You call her a scum but she is doing what she can to survive, this world isn't easy. She probably did push her family but she has a reason and for what that is i dont know. She has a job, she isnt a whore if you know what that means, i dont think i've ever heard her be racist, and she would most probably will succeed because she does have talent, you seriously need to stop with name calling for fucks sake. She doesnt do drugs im pretty sure, she smokes and drinks alcohol like other 16 year olds that do the same around the world. She also probably blocked you because you would be fucking annoying, she did the right thing by blocking you because she could of argued with you but didnt so? You dont know jack-shit about her so please shut the fuck up and just stop and read what the fuck you have written you utter twat. God you are ridiculous, about being racist i dont think you are one to talk when you just called Simon a 'developmentally challenged Dan Nampaikid'. 
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