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  1. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This was my exact experience. I'm still surprised I was able to turn some things down. Actually, her ability to "blossom" (for better or for worse) online makes total sense to me. Social anixeity is one of the only things I believe about her, in fact.
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  2. nicotine added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I don't think people harshly criticizing Megan are jealous of her or want to live in Korea so bad and are, thus, again jealous of her. That's reaching to me. However:
    BlackInKorea, you need to calm the f*** down, seriously. You make some valid, accurate points, but some points are pure conjecture and make me think you're not okay. Yes, she's a failed business woman who probably married someone who's not a top-pick Korean guy. But that doesn't make her a bad person, and it's her life. I mean c'mon, why is it a big deal that she created an e-cookbook? So many influences have created them before. Cheap shots like that just weaken your good arguments.
    If she wants to live in financial uncertainty in order to have an autonomous schedule and more freedom, that's her prerogative. I don't know if you have a personal beef with Megan or what, but I don't know why it seems like you want people to actively hate her for not using her platform and money smartly. At the very least, that's too bad for her. At the very worse, that's too bad for her and it will affect her life down the road. But there has been healthy criticism of Megan way before you joined this thread. 
    To summarize what I feel is valid criticism, from my perspective, Megan rubs me the wrong way for the following reasons:
    1) Lack of Korean Ability: She inflates her ability to speak Korean a lot. Now, I don't know Korean, but I do speak a foreign language, and when I saw her on My Neighbor Charles, it was clear she needed assistance to interact with the hosts on the show, two of which are foreigners who have learned Korean, which she also claims to be. She couldn't control the editing like she does with her videos, so it was disappointing for me to see that she can't possibly be as advanced as she's claimed.
    2) Lack of Fitness Videos: I think she came out with a couple, but people have asked time and time again for a fitness series or a fitness channel. I don't know why she hasn't capitalized on the niche of Korean fitness videos. There are so many possibilities from interviewing people in the Korean fitness community (like her trainer, CutieHulk) to nutrition to vlogging about her shows and show prep. It just seems so lazy to me for her to not dip into this.
    3) Tired, clickbaity content: I'm simply tired of her videos like "Koreans try American Cookies" (I think it was something like that). Like, why not travel to a small village in Korea and film that, or show us some culture?
    4) Styling: I think Megan is beautiful, and with the help of Hulk, she's sculpted her body. As someone the exact same size as Megan before and after my transformation, I can relate to the fitness side of her life a lot, and I like that. But I can't for the life of me understand why she uses tacky wigs or does her make up in an unflattering way. It's her body, but I don't really get it.
    5) Boss bitch myth: It's laughable that anyone would believe Megan's business(es) are successful. At this point, I think she's trying very hard to not have to teach English. Nothing wrong with teaching English, but I think it's clear that Megan sees it as beneath her. 
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  3. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Of course people are blasting the twitter user. PULL is not responsible for Ashley's depressed narrative that she's using to detract from all of her lies. She's self-aware to the point where she tries to cover up her tracks so she doesn't have to answer for anything. The string of problematic Ashley videos were inspired by one a former fan made, all based on things Ashley herself did and said. 
    I think Ashley needs to take her inconsistent, immature self offline if she doesn't want people (like us) to comment on her. She has 3M+ followers. If they're so confident she's right, what does it matter what we say?
    There's a proverb that goes something like if you pee in many places it might be hard to track down your location, but if you pee in one place, it will foam. She pees constantly in the same problematic places, and people have simply pointed it out, using her own words and actions.
    I've asked this before, and now I'm seconding the sentiment again: Why this gurl not in the snowflakes???
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  4. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Hot take, but there's a lot of assuming her parents were abusive and thus should be exposed. How do we know she's not lying to fit her "smol bean" narrative. Even if her mom is a bitchy teacher, that's totally different from being abused and "forced" to eat spoiled yogurt. What if her mom encouraged the family to eat the yogurt rather than waste it and throw it away? What if it was expired, but still looked okay? Is that abuse? 
    Honestly, I would be a bit concerned in my kid wanted to pursue art because it's difficult to make it. She's clearly making the money and getting somewhere with it, but that's not how the majority end up.
    All we see is what Ashley gives us. She gives us tons of evidence to prove she's full of it, but we have no definitive proof of her parents being complete assholes. 
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  5. nicotine added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    A little OT, but I can't stand how fake her speech is (see around 8:02). 
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  6. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I can't believe it's lost on her and her fans that making a video with all of these offensive jokes and content, then saying you're going to give the money to an organization is a huge insult to the cause. 
    Her mother wrote an albeit a little tone deaf ("What I see is an America to be proud of.") article on race relations in America based on her own experience: https://www.baltimoresun.com/opinion/op-ed/bs-ed-op-0808-proud-america-20190807-oub3phwiavhdvhru4mfmucvv7m-story.html
    And Ashley claimed to have not known how black people are treated in America...? Okay. 
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  7. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She shouldn't even bother, really. She won't do this consistently. She should focus on sustainable, actionable change. But that would take effort, and you would have to honestly care to do that.
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  8. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This has been happening to me, too. This is just so, so well-stated. Honestly, thank you. 
    And you know what's funny? This thread was temporarily locked a few weeks back because I engaged with someone about racism in regards to Ashley's behavior. Now post-George Floyd, what're we all doing...?
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  9. nicotine added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I’m sorry, but as someone who lived abroad for almost 5 years, things can get very tough very fast for you if you don’t have an advanced command of the local language. As was stated above, there’s no way in hell she can run a business without that. Then there’s going to bank and conducting personal financial business as well as caring for your health. By the time I left where I lived, I could speak the language at a high fluency. And as a language teacher (who has done language research), fluency DOES NOT mean error-free  the problem is Megan often implies she’s near native when apparently she’s not.
    Sure, you can choose not to learn and rely on others help, but Megan has constructed an illusion of independence. She also does things like trying to teach people pronounciatikn, etc. Potential isn’t reality (which is why in regards to romance, people say not to fall in love with potential!) Megan has the potential and time to capitalize on it, but she didn’t. Therefore, she is a caricature of what she could’ve been, and insults people who have worked hard and did the things she claims to do. 
    Regarding her lack of fitness videos:
    This one seems quite easy to explain, too. I’m into weight training, but I’m not an expert. Megan did not build her body; Hulk was heavily involved with the process to the point where I doubt Megan can consistently create fitness content that’s accurate and informative. Now, I do think it would be interesting for her to get with Hulk and create a Korean fitness channel, but I don’t see that happening, particularly because of the effort level it would take on Megan’s part.
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  10. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Oh, the answer to why she said black and brown issues take away from Asian ones is quite simple: Their lives don't matter to her as much as Asian and white ones do. I have heard Asians spin this narrative over and over again to align themselves with white people and solidify their place as the "desirable, docile POC." It's disgusting, and Ashley rides that narrative as hard as she claims to ride white D. 
    I can almost 100% guarantee you she is not attending to that course in any way. She is passively stepping on the backs of POC in order to win a gold star. It was for social media. I mean seriously, does anyone really think she's sitting there, taking notes and internalizing anything she's seen in the lecture? As an individual who hasn't even made it to 25, Ashley might as well have been brought up in the 60's. Sooo many black and brown lives have been taken and their deaths have been publicized since she was little. Yet she *just now* figured out this was an issue?
    This girl has officially proven herself to be dangerous. Spewing bad advice to minors regarding healthy sex and relationships, promoting passive wokeness, insulting mothers over and over again. I mean, she said it was disgusting to give birth IN FRONT OF HALEY PHAM'S MOM in her Vidcon video. Haley's mom had to correct her. 
    I hope Ashley becomes a case study of how passiveness can be just as—if not more—dangerous than overt harm. 
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  11. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Here's the deal: butting in with your experiences is not the way to empathize. Even as a black person, I don't think it's time for me to share about things I've experienced in the same breath as that murder. It's a time for solidarity. Any time you take a tragic situation and shift it back onto yourself, particularly when you can't relate, you're being self-centered, not empathetic. 
    She should offer condolences and move the hell on, if she needs to mention it at all, because I'll be an amount of money that I don't have that most of her fans don't give a damn about George Floyd anyway.
    Also: This is not the first time Ashley's realize her race causes her harm, lol. She has no problem flexing her Asianess to white bois who fetishize her. 
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  12. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    >is a perfectionistic lil bean, guyz
    >spent 20 hours perfecting the lighting and composition of that post. #art
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  13. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Ashley reminds me of those grown ass men who need to remind you constantly that they, *gasp*, drink lots of alcohol and know so much about beer and drinking and whatever.
    It's like she's dying to prove that she's part of Team Adulthood. However, mature people don't speak that way because the implication is drinking and having sex are things adults generally do. It's like she's flexing having sex on her young audience. "Hey, you can be fashionable BUT nerdy! You can be nerdy BUT have lots of sex (like me)!" Duh, Ashley, we (real) adults already know that, kthx.
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  14. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This is the issue here. She's basically lying against them by omission with that Tik Tok. We've seen some of the men she's (indirectly) told us she's intimate with, so the assumption would be she's had painful sex with perhaps one or both of them, but didn't want to be "rude" and say anything. If she's so "awkward" but also so "girl boss" as she claims, she would not be grinning and bearing painful sex. But she lacks self-awareness. Here's the deal, no one should harm you, but if you can't take ownership of your needs, you're not mature. If you're not mature, you should not be taking part in a sexual relationship. Period.
    And I'm not talking about age—age and maturity are different. I know many mature people Ashley's age, people who have had children at Ashley's age and are raising them wonderfully, people who work and take care of themselves at Ashley's age. But as someone who has almost 10 years on Ashley, who has experienced unsavory things in life due to bad choices, you need to own your life and grow from your mistakes. 
    The Amazon incident was a perfect chance for Ashley to "not be like everyone else, hurhur," and make a video calling herself out. That was a great opportunity for her to take ownership of her mistakes, and ask her following to hold her accountable. And she blew it. And that, my friends, is one of the many reasons Ashley is both immature and fake. She was aware enough to know it was wrong (took down the video), but didn't have the balls to talk about it. Premeditated and sneaky. She often forgets there are real adults watching her who will call her on her bullshit. 
    Please move this girl to the snowflakes, Jesus.
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  15. nicotine added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Everything. Very, very well-said.
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