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  1. pistoche added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I just wish my parents would separate. I can't take their toxicity anymore. 
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  2. pistoche added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    It's been a while since I've watched her videos and have been on this thread... Welp, her views dipped once she did a face reveal. Kinda puzzled how her Disney Channel Crushes video only received 600k views. I actually found it fun and nostalgic. 
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  3. pistoche added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I swear men have higher standards on women than women on men. All it takes for a man to be dateable is to have a taller height, be funny, with a sprinkle of kindness. Obligatory not all statement but the women around me tend to compromise just to be with a man. Not to be superficial but I tend to see girls dating below average men than vice-versa.
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  4. pistoche added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Nah, give me back the cutesy Twice title tracks. I don't dig this. More and More sounds like every K-pop song with the same formula of catchy verses but underwhelming EDM choruses. Ngl,  their previous side-As take time to be catchy but at least it's gonna eventually get you hooked. I don't see this with M&M. 
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  5. pistoche added a post in a topic Is anyone else not getting notifications for new replies?   

    Same here, but you can refer to the Unpopular Opinions thread a few pages down to know behind the site's clunkiness. There's a reason why PULL is always down...

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  6. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Really sorry if I'm steering the BLM topic away here in the thread but y'all already said what I wanted to say. She doesn't deserve the credit everyone's giving her and I'm glad this thread immediately caught her foolish attempts in twisting this issue about herself.  The ones who actually deserve these praises are the unsung POC constantly fight for their rights and battling against police brutality, and not because activism benefits them fame or w/e. Stay safe to everyone who's going to join the protests.
    Anyways, omg thank you for making my night! Really curious to see this infamous backbend in action so I searched some up on Twitter and lemme just share my favorite ones.
    (It's on spoiler so it wouldn't make a long-ass post) 
    I literally busted out laughing at this - uh -weird Halsey-exclusive spectacle. That dangling thing she does at the end...What even the fuck is that?! This is insanely scary and she got them audience fooled. I swear there must be someone out there, in her company, among her relatives, close friends, who thinks this is ridiculous but don't have the heart to tell her her backbends are embarrassing 😭 Please tell me what's iconic about this because I can't-
    It's even worse when her body's facing at the front. All I see is a humanoid daddy long legs that's coming to get me. 
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  7. pistoche added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    They do make solid points about the forum and some users here though lol. You can't deny (a lot) of users here are closeted weeaboos and Koreaboos and it's pretty obvious with their 'I can do better/I respect the culture more' attitude to the point of powerleveling in some threads. That's why I mostly just lurk on General Discussion or shit on one popstar these days. The way they complain about milked content is ridiculous though as if they don't say the same shit all over again. I've scrolled through the last PULL thread before the latest one and it's just an echochamber of the same, redundants thoughts as the previous ones. PULL users being catty, a-logging, the mods...same old, same old.  And their in-fights are much worse. 
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  8. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Spoiler: nothing about H
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  9. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I'm guessing that Nik user got it from r/popheads so I took a look at their discussion thread and someone also pointed out the same things the users from r/LawShool said. No one was coming at her, btw. No one used the popstar/gender card on her and everyone was genuinely curious why the fuck she was reading casebooks to self-study. So all this anger from her tweet is just so funny. She must've been seething while typing out her response lmao. I'm legit getting real secondhand embarrassment from her. I can't imagine how it feels to have a bunch of professionals/people with more experiences question your authenticity on a subject you claim to be so passionate about. 

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  10. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Found a lawschool-related sub on Reddit and saw their post on Halsey's claims of taking the bar exam. No one is convinced she's taking it seriously and the book she showed is actually useless since it's just a casebook, no other supplemental information, and you'd only have to read an eighth of the entire book. In conclusion, she's only doing it for the gram   
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  11. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    It's obviously for (+) Quirky points. I mean, if she really took law seriously then she would've attended a school for it or some sorts. But no way is she gonna give up her career for that. That's why she opts to self-study so it's easier for her to drop the lie someday. I'm not saying that those who do self-study are not serious and are not capable but imagine having all that money you can use for a better education yet still insists on self-studying is just...so weird. 
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  12. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    It's definitely not well thought out...But I assume Room 93 is supposed to be her own little bubble, kind of like her comfort zone? Whereas in Badlands, she gets to "venture outside" and explore, hence why Tokyo Ghost is sapphic-themed and she's exploring her sexuality... Manic is just herself and her inner thoughts while being stuck in Room 93...
    Oh wow, I forgot she's studying for the bar exam and it's only been weeks since she said it. Watch her studying for the next five years and when someone eventually brings up how she still isn't taking the bar exam, she's gonna quote retweet and lash out saying how there's no need to rush and she's taking it at her own pace then sends her flock of sheep to bully that person. 
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  13. pistoche added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Speaking of Android, Huawei is such a powerhouse phone. I've been using one for two years now and it still isn't as laggy unlike your average smartphone. I just wish the company itself wasn't so shady though. 
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  14. pistoche added a post in a topic PULL Nostalgia   

    Definitely the Kenna scandal. Missed having to see what lies she said next when she was still active on Twitter. Also, Berry Tsukasa. 
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  15. pistoche added a post in a topic Halsey   

    It's either people dragged her for using the tw too lightly and influencing it on her fans or milking the joke and has become unfunny. She won't win either way and I'm supposed to feel sorry for her but I'm not 😭
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