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  1. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - I never get the hype for kdrama goblin, descendants of the sun, love in the moonlight or whatever those cliched boring drama. There's lot of better kdrama out there that are overlooked because it didn't have *~loveline*~ 
    - Lee Joon Gi / Lee Jun Ki is the most talented actor in kdrama world
    - The drama surronding Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin is unecessary,  people blaming Lee Jun Ki for not defending her but no one knows what happened behind the closed door, and tbh I don't think those hate comments are the main reason why they broke up. 
    - Fate Grand Order and Persona series are overrated af
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  2. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Fencer-X   

    I'm not into the yoi fandom and damn Fencer's antic are so well known lmao, She's pretty much getting angry over people who criticize yoi or the main "ship" (Victor and Yuuri) like chill out, people have different opinion and taste there's no need to get angry over some fictional show and pairing -__-. I still can't believe she's also getting angry over the name spelling, it very minor but that's what happened when you're a hardcore fujoshi.
    Oh and some OT too :
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  3. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - Sakimichan's artwork is very overrated to me, sure she's talented and all but I really couldn't care less for her artwork. Some her artwork are way too similar to me
    - I never understand why tumblr hate white/cis/straight/male person
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  4. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I like suikoden series but suikoden 2 is so overrated, almost everyone and their mom are praising this and ignoring the other installment, actually the plot and storyline is pretty cliche (two friends end up become enemy) and I just can't with the fans that keep bashing FF just to praise suikoden 2. I felt they're more annoying after kotaku(lmao) made an article praising this game.Resident Evil 6 is not as bad as people talked about, most fans are angry because it's no longer a survival horror like RE 1-3 and 0. The ending is little bit weird though...I never get the MGS hype, sorryShip war is the most stupid thing that I ever seen, bickering over a fictional ship sounds pretty pointlessI wish there's more stat raising otome game like tokimemo gs, most of otome games are visual novel based where you just only need to pick a right choice to get the best ending. Tokimemo GS force you to raise your status to get the best end (yeah I'm biased there..)
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  5. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Killing Stalking thoughts?   

    I recently read this manhwa and get addicted xD; The artwork is great, the art style matched with the whole depressing, dark theme. The characters are messed up but that's the point of the manhwa, It's not a fluffy, cute love story but a psychological horror with side romance. I'm getting curios for what happened next. I keep predicting that the ending wouldn't a happy ending tho ;D
    I remember that killing stalking become popular on *coughtumblrcough* thanks to Yuri on Ice fandom that end up reading this and keep comparing both media (mostly comparing how YOI is "healthy" and KS is "problematic, yeah right), I still so pissed off that those fans are keep flooding KS tag just to bash KS or anyone who read this. Some people need to learn that because people like a messed up thing in fiction, it doesn't mean we support it in RL.
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  6. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - I still can't believe people are saying that Yuri on Ice is "saving 2016" like yeah an anime that rushed everything (including the relationship between the main characters) and low quality skate scene (they use the budget for fanservice scene go figure) is indeed saving 2016 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    - Christmas is pretty awkward for me, especially with those family time and whatnot
    - I never get why tumblr really hates white,cis,straight men and most of them are without legit reason
    - HAES is a bs
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  7. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I finally decide to unfollow some artists on twitter since I didn't like the current pairing that they draw...It's pretty sad to me since I have followed them since like 2 years ago and even chatting with them but I don't really want to see my twitter deck flooded with things that didn't interest me or seeing them drawing a ship that I didn't even like. I even asked them whether they will still drew the other pairing since they still mentioned in their twitter profile that they still like the said pairing but they didn't reply it --" Oh well, I guess I just see next month then...
    I actually really like the art style but I just can't get into the pairing at.all -__- , I can understand why people like it tho.
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  8. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Both of my tumblr & twitter will be always exploded whenever a new episode comes out...especially when episode 7 ended. I have lot of friends that watch YOI because they like figure skating and not because of the fanservice or the BL undertones said that they even can't enjoy the anime anymore since most of the fans are more focused on the BL instead of the skating...-__- and apparently ever since the episode 7 thing, people are going to bash you if you didn't like that ship.
    I know that YOI will be the same as Free back then, since both anime are sport anime with ton of fanservice and BL undertones. And lol for those fans that are so defensive when people didn't like it, they really need to understand that not everyone are going to like a sport anime that has ton of fanservice and whatnot.
    Yeah, I really hope the hype will be fade after the show ended...There's only 4 episode left If I'm not mistaken..
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  9. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    This is so petty but...
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  10. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Fencer-X   

    I also watch YOI since I'm quite interested on skating but sadly the animation has been pretty wonky =/ and I don't even want to talk the fanservice thing lmao, I felt the fanservice is way too much most of them are forced like you said...
    The whole fetishizing real life skater are pretty creepy, I heard most of YOI fans even leaving message on facebook to a real life skater to leave his wife -__- Those fans can't differentiate between fiction and reality and start harassing real people over their fictional ship / character orz. I hope the hype will fade out soon.
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  11. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Adding some things here...:
    - I still didn't understand the mystic messenger hype, I have played it and honestly it's a good game but not really that spectacular or special
    - Yuri on ice is just...ugh, I didn't understand why there's the need to insert a fanservice for every 5 minutes -__-
    - Most of people need to learn the basic of business instead of accusing a company as a "greedy" or "evil"
    - People can spend their money on whatever they want to, I have seen people guilt tripping someone who spend money for designer bag, makeup, automotive hobby or gaming. As long as they didn't get into a debt or borrowing money from other people, then what's the problem ?
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  12. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Fencer-X   

    I actually never following free or their ship, but I've seen some of my friends getting a fight over a ship and I keep seeing fencer-x name appeared a lot of times on my dash like few years ago. I still remember the controversy about her scanlation team and the Japanese IP block which makes people angry since she blatantly ignore the doujinshi artist wishes to not upload their work...I didn't know she also keep using rape joke which it's never funny in the first place -___-.  I felt people are sucking up to her since she's a non Japanese person who manage to get a job on Japan and ignore most of her antics.
    To be honest, seeing those ship wars thing reminds me of the infamous snk (attack on titan) ship wars between ereri and eruri lmao, I used to ship ereri back then and even get into fight with some eruri shippers...It's makes me embarrassed whenever I remember it, especially since both ship will never become canon. I also remember when people accuse ereri shippers as pedophile since the age gap thing along with the spam on ereri tag lmao, it's makes me laugh how far those people are so invested on fictional ships..
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  13. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    What with that caption...She really sounds very desperate for attention so she cater down to the sexual thing. Why can't she improve her costume and props instead making suggestive caption..
    And the photoshop makes her looks like a completely different person compared to her other photos...She should be more consistent since her face is always changing (along with her boobs lol)
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  14. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Adding some more things :
    - Mystic Messenger is pretty overrated, I can appreciate the game system but the server is very unstable  I don't want to play a game when the server is often having an issue for almost everyday. I don't think the story is that good either
    - People really need to stop accusing people as "hater" or "jealous" whenever they see someone disagree with their opinion
    - Confession blog on tumblr can be a good place for people to release their frustration, but mostly are screwed up by the person who manage the blog
    - LJ is more better than tumblr, you can set your blog or community blog to private where on tumblr people can see everything you post
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  15. Lemonadetea added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    I decide to quit tumblr few weeks ago thanks to some people from the fandom I used to be active (it's pretty small fandom, hence there's lot of clique group where they act they're more better and there's lot of drama too), basically I got into an argument regarding the translation which end up me getting harassed by some of the users, they stalk my tumblr and responding my reblog posts. I didn't delete my tumblr, but I use the "deactivate theme" so those users can't access my tumblr anymore. Beside the drama, I also can't stand the sjw / feminist things on that site along with HAES movement. It's pretty sad since back in 2011 / 2012 days, tumblr is the place where I can find ton of inspiration for makeup / fashion but now it just place for people to spewing hatred
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