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  1. PopRocksCafe

    Being on a Diet SUCKS! im so Grouchy!

  2. PopRocksCafe

    When your to Truthful and everyone's mad at you but you just don't give a [email protected]#$!!!!!

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    2. PopRocksCafe

      Ha Really ?! I would love to get in a screaming match with everyone in my family. Just get out all that anger everyone has! Throw some food, yank some hair !  

      Your family sounds healthy😜

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    3. AppleCrumble

      Have you tried just screaming at them ? Or secretly, your just as bad as them ... 

      Maybe I'm wrong, but you may miss silence when you argue with people who don't think their shit stinks .. My family finds any and every little thing to get salty over .. Did you show too much cleavage ? your upset and not wanting to talk ? Oh no, you don't do drugs or drink ? why wont you tell me you sex life ? Their up in my shit 24/7 ... I can't even fucking fart without them having a say... 

      Please, take them. 

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    4. GhostAccount

      I used to try to argue with the fam, but I've just come to the realization we're just never going to agree on certain topics. For example my mom has these weird dating rules I don't agree with. I've never been in a "traditional" relationship, so her rules never really apply to my dates. But trying to get her to understand this is pointless, so I just kind of nod my head and move on.

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