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  1. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Gehe's Instagram Story about BlackFace/Cosplay a character with a different skin color from yours.

    Am I the only one who finds weird this part..?

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  2. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    This! I do not understand, why Gehe is calling himself " thicc " if he was complaining about being called that.  
    Also, From the creator of "look at my underpants" comes "look at my legs".
    I just don't get it. 
    Gehe: uploads a pic of himself obviously showing his legs.
    People 1: look at his legs!
    People2: you are thicc lol
    Gehes makes a big deal about being called that.
    Also Gehe complained about the fact of ppl commenting about his legs instead of commenting about his cosplays.
    Also Gehe: uploads photos about his legs with cosplay stuff and he calls himself thicc.
    This behavior is really difficult for me to understand. Can you figure out why he does this?
    Maybe off topic but he uploaded this and I just don't get it, it is a kind of meme or something? As far as we know he's not vegan so.. 
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  3. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Of course, but that how it works in your country. In Spain you (still) need to pass a process after changing that word. But I think that the point is not being called male in your documents, the point, as you said, is the fact about Gehe indirectly saying that he's cis-male.
    In Spain he's not going to be able to be 'male' until (whatever). But, even with it, he has been writing that until the beginning so..
    somewhat, he has been lying about it
    I'm so sorry, I hope I will not sound rude, it not my intention but Gehe is not male yet, Gehe is a boy, guy, whatever, so I'll use he/him for him. For me is valid a person who is not even on T but goes for he/him. You don't need to be male to be called he/him. You just need to go by those pronouns. Gehe goes by those so I'll use them without any problem.
    Off Topic: am I the only one who thinks that write in your bio male/female is a bit awkward?
    Hello, I am a male human. I have a female dog.  ._.
    It sounds so weird to me. Like, it's more common say male/female in animals (in pokemons) but in humans.......?
     I am not a native speaker so it can be normal for natives.....? For me, it sounds more natural say something like: Hello, I'm a guy/boy/man (whatever).
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  4. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    me neither like, I'm not saying that he should say it but...lie about it its like......no dude no, for me it's even transphobic
    hide it is questionable, but lie about it.....?  
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  5. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    dunno, i don't even know Gehe irl and i just don't like some behaviors of him but that's all, there are many ppl out of PULL that now him in real life, I know that he has many trashy behaviors on the NET and irl
    But PULL is about talking about bad ppl behaviors so..not rlly hate, people just don't like something and they tell it here lol 
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  6. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    sorry if I made you feel bad by copy-pasting that here, I didn't pretend to do that if I did
    It's just that English is not my tongue language and for me is easy to copy-paste something that try to explain it cos I'm totally going to fuck it up if I do lol
    Yes, intersex people exist and that definition doesn't "fit" with them but Gehe is not the case so yeah.. that was my point
    For me you can totally say that you are a man, boy, guy whatever but pretend to be cis is..like nope 
    I hope I explained myself properly, sorry again
    It's ok! I probably explained myself wrong or something lol 
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  7. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Copypasting some NET info:
    Sex = male and female
    Gender = masculine and feminine
    So in essence:
    Sex refers to biological differences; chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs.
    Gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine.
    So while your sex as male or female is a biological fact that is the same in any culture, what that sex means in terms of your gender role as a 'man' or a 'woman' in society can be quite different cross culturally. (...).
    It's a fact that people born with a male or female sex, it can be changed with hormones, whatever. But we decide our gender, Gehe is a man, boy, guy. etc. But he is not male. If he says that he's "male" in his bio, he's literally saying that he's cis. Which is wrong (and transphobic for me). 
    I thought that I did a double post but nope omg
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  8. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Why?  That how that works. A "man" doesn't have to be a "male". There are so many Transmen who doesn't even go on T and it's totally fine.
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  9. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I agree with you where you said that Gehe had a brat attitude many times, also about he lies about photoshop.
    But I totally disagree about the part where you said that present yourself as a cis man is fine.
    Let's imagine that a random male person is gay.
    This person doesn't have to wear a rainbow everywhere. This person doesn't have to write " L(G)BT+" it in his bio. He doesn't have to say it.
    BUT, FOR ME, it would be absolutely wrong if this person were doing homophobic jokes with his friends and in his bio were written "HETERO".
    This would be a homophobic attitude for me. 
    Same goes for Gehe.
    Gehe doesn't have to say that he's trans. But lies about being cis is totally transphobic for me. He did cis-jokes and he still has in the bio that he's male, which is wrong. Until you are 2 years on T (...) well, we all know how this follows. 
    For me, it would be absolutely right if he had in his bio something like: man, boy, guy, etc. But 'male' is about your sex, not gender. And until you don't pass a process you are not technically male. And even with that, he was saying it when he was...14? 15? I don't know. He wrote it in his bio almost since the beginning and it's there yet. So nothing will change that he has been lying about being a cis many years and he still does. .
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  10. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Knite, your smile is beautiful, your teeth are ok, and even if you were a person with bad teeth, you should smile. 
    Everyone deserves to smile, everyone deserves to be happy and I think that you are a person who can illuminate a photo with a smile.
    There are characters with this face .__.  ok.
    But when they are characters that can smile, like Kaito Kid, it's refreshing see you smiling while you are portraiting them.
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  11. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    About Gehe saying that he's small:He knows that he's small, maybe he just wanted to say it. Also, people see him at CONs. People can notice Gehe's size approx. It's ok to be proud and conscious of how you are. 
    On the other hand, we are not 100% sure about that Gehe is lying about his size, nobody here measured Gehe.
    But it's true that he seems smaller than a friend of him (Elle). And Elle said that she got the mark of 1,60 when a doctor measured her. According to Gehe's F.A.Q, he's 1,63. So it's kind of weird.
    We are not 100% sure if he's lying. Anyway, even if you see Gehe at a CON, you are not going to measure him so even if he were 1'60 or less nobody is going to notice it.
    I think that this is not enough to know certainly if he's lying about his size. Depending on the photo/day, he could be using elevators inside his shoes so is something difficult to prove.
    About misgender:Just don't misgender people, You earn nothing doing it, you can have the same opinion of Gehe or Knite without misgendering them.
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  12. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    About Gehe's topic:
    Yesterday I saw too many stuff that I want to comment here:
    1. Cynarin and Gehe were friends from a long time ago. I don't know about Piccolo. 
    2. Commenting about a photoshop edition or a pic is easy to do. Commenting about a relationship or more abstract subjects it isn't.
    3. When you comment about something, try to add pics, proof of it. Otherwise, we can look like idiots.
    4. Yesterday on Twitter, someone shared a random conversation about some cosplayers talking shit about Gehe, their friends, and more cosplayers. They were misgendering them, calling them bad stuff (ugly, whatever) and being really rude. If you find that conversation, don't share it here, please, it was really disgusting.
    I don't like this attitude, you can comment about Gehe's stuff without misgendering him. 
    5. We are not taking part in this misgendering shit so I've asked the person who posted Gehe's topic to delete all stuff related to Gehe's past. I don't want that people like the ones from the conversation have access to it.
    So the interviews, video all that stuff related to Gehe's "deep" past are still online but not on PULL. A new it's just a new but after seeing that conversation, I just don't want them to be here. I want these people to understand that people's gender/sex is not something that can be used against someone. 
    6. IG story, posted by Geheichou.

    "Now go out, have some fresh air. Enjoy ur day"
    After what happened on Twitter, the bad random conversation, I see this phrase as an "It's ok, I forgive you all for what you have done, now go outside and take a fresh air, enjoy your day".
    Maybe I'm stupid but I see this IG story very mature. Like, yesterday Gehe, his friends, and many other cosplayers saw a private conversation where they were called very rude things and in very rude manners. And see Gehe posting about it in this way is quite refreshing..
    It's like: I saw what you said. Everyone has their opinion but some of them hurt, empathize, please. And then, something like, it's ok, take some fresh air, enjoy your day.
    Like, men, please, keep being this way. I'm quite surprised. I hope that you and the others will react in the same way, we're all humans, we can commit mistakes and this IG story.. I just have no words to express how mature it's reacting in this way.
    7. About me and Gehe's topic, Off topic:
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  13. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   


    When you edit your fangs to make them look bigger but you accidentally end up deforming your lips..
    This type of edits to look more like an "animu boi" seem very creepy to me.

    wtf is THAT thig
    Gehe has tentacles coming out of his eye. lol
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  14. GoMons added a topic in General Discussion   

    Random cosplayers who deserve more attention
    Positive edition
    Hello, I've noticed that popular cosplayers have too many attention so, I would like to create a random thread to post random cosplayers who did a nice work. 

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  15. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Yes, it's mirrored, I didn't say that the pose wasn't accuracy for that haha, I'm going to flip it to make you all see it better.

    Thinking that he was going to paint his skin with photoshop, he basically just had to have an accuracy wig and pose and "everything would fit perfectly".
    The hands pose are both different. The shoe's pose can't be like the drawing one, you just can't pose that way but you can put the hands similar and he didn't. ANYWAY. Forgetting the pose, cos, it can be difficult or have variations.. not even the wig it's the same. 
    He's wearing a different wig, the haircut is completely different, in this pic he didn't even photoshopped the ears. I'm not saying, he didn't make the ears with silicone cos that's too much work for a professional cosplayer like Gehe.. sarcasm. 
    Beast boy's ears are iconic, Gehe as always played the cute anime boy rol, as in many shoots, like the random one from Kirishima (boku no hero academia) and that's all.
    Gehe is not cosplaying Beats Boy, Gehe is cosplaying green Gehe.
    What an attention seeker.. 
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