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  1. GoMons added a post in a topic Gender identity (2 genders or +2 genders?)   

    Hello, excuse me everyone for my shitty English and my low knowledge about sex/gender.
    I really would like to learn about them and understand all those stuff, so this is what I think.
    Sex is a biological fact, you are female, male or in a few few few few few cases, hermaphrodite I think, there are some registered cases, I don't know if just one of them is functional and the other one no, whatever.
    Female and male.
    Then is gender, gender is a social construction.
    So I can be a masculine female, a femenine female, etc.
    I think to the point is. Gender is something makeup. In our world exists two sides, the feminine, and the masculine. But if there are two sides, then there is a middle. Right?
    Is difficult be in the middle? Yes, almost impossible.
    Have I ever seen a person who is literal in the middle of both? Maybe not.
    But this is not about what I think, this is about what the person thinks, right? Maybe the person looks feminine for me but this person doesn't belives in genders so no matter how this person dress is going to be neutral.
    There are more than two sexs? Maybe hermaphrodite?? But like, no. Or almost no, idk.
    There are more than two genders? They can be, they are makeup after all.
    Do I believe in only two genders? No. I think that they can be makeup. So I can say that I'm genderpotato whatever. I feel like I was a potato in other life, whatever, insert Tumblr bullshit here.
    Do I believe in genders? Yes and No.
    Yes because we made up them. Like religion. It exists because of we created it.
    No because it shouldn't exist. In a fantasy world, clothing stores would not have a men's and women's section. Just fucking clothes.
    But we're humans, we create things to fuck ourself idk lol.
    So these are my thoughts about gender, I hope you all like it.    I'm sorry again for the language barrier.
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  2. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    According to this video, all are villains, just Midoriya doesn't hurt the machine. Even all might! 
    Its funny, but some characters wouldn't act like that
    Midoriya and the one of the glasses
    btw, I'm starting to think that Knite doesn't give a fuck about ppl opinion about tapping, which is cool and not cool:
    1. Not cool because of tapping cosplaying an asian character is racist fuuuckk
    2. Cool because of, Knite MAYBE is starting to do whatever he wants no matter of ppl opinion, I mean Knite has been always in the middle, in a grey zone, now tapping is wrong now tapping is write, now wrong now right, DECIDE!!!
    If you think that it's not racist for your reasons and you want to openly do it, go for it!
    At least you are defending your opinion, you are being consistent, something that Knite has never been..
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  3. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Maybe a bit off of topic but:
    I really don't like people who upload very often photos of their restaurant food/hotels, etc.
    There many people who just can't do those things, people who follow you. I see it disrespectful and looking at Geheichou's Instagram stories..
    A few are not from a restaurant but still too much food-photos.
    I'm not saying that you don't have to travel, eat in restaurants, it's money, you can spend it on it lol
    But there are many people who can't eat properly, etc, I just don't like to see too much of these photos from a person..
    Gehe.. you are too old to make your mom help you with those things..

    I feel bad because of I've read Gehe complaining about their parents/having fights etc but, God I love her when she's doing my work..???
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  4. GoMons added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    I don't want to sound rude but, are we on PULL or on Tumblr?
    And I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about the other users who are downvoting so badly to Glanni Glaepur for example.
    Photoshop your face to hell and beyond supposse to be dishonest, I'm seeing to much downvotes of people here that actually don't support it on different topics. Why for these two it is ok?
    If you cosplay, I don't know, Katara?? from Avatar and you add magic water to the shoot, well, okay, it's a kind of special effect, if you edit your cosplay to make it cooler and better, that's shitty for me. If you edit your face until you look like a perfect angel that's disonest and fake for me.
    Maybe this is going to sound super deep and you are not going to end this text until downvote it but I don't care.
    I'm thinking on Instagram. On Facebook, and all social networks.
    I'm thinking on the society, on the pressure it put on us. Making all look perfect when human is not perfect.
    Making you look like a perfect alien is not okay for me beacuse of two principal reasons:
    1. You're not that person. That's a cartoon of you, you're being fake. When you look at the mirror, that's not you. When people look at you on the street, you look different, so different.
    2. Inocent or not so inocent people who follows you really think that you are like that, they look at theirself and think: I'm a shit.
    I want to be like Mr/Miss name, who is so perfect. I want to have their skin, nose, hair, whatever, so badly.
    And that's not true, she or he is like you! Your idol is not perfect, nobody is perfect and that's okay!
    Supporting this kind of behavious you are supporting a sickness that society is putting on our shoulders.
    Why that girl need makeup? She doesn't.
    Why that boy need to take their hair legs off? He doesn't.
    We're all human, we're all imperfect and I am proud of all the models in the world who have complained about their work because in their work people have retouched their photoshoot to the extreme, some have even put forward images of before and after!
    It's true that Baozi look more similar irl and online but Hana?
    That nose, that chin...they are, different people for me!
    Hana is not ugly! Hana is handsome. And its human lol. If you totally disagree with me for whatever reason, please, comment. I really want to discuss it. I want to see you point of view, instead of just receive downvotes, lol.
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  5. GoMons added a post in a topic Baozi & hana (包子 & HANA)   

    Whaaaaat, your post is amazing and it deserves more attention! lol
    This guys seem like different people irl, they are super fake! 
    Hana's nose is huge (beautiful, but huge) and in the photoshops it looks so tiny.
    They have their online persona and it's totally different to them, omg!
    I wonder if there are pages where ppl discuss this, out of pull, japanese, chinese pages, etc
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  6. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    These are the videos of Geheichou with the voice modified:
    And this video is super recent, from a week. A normal video from a CON of Gehe to a fan.
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  7. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    The video title is like: KNITEMAYA turns me INTO a BOY!

    So now for being a boy you need to do eye tapping, okay.

    And Knite has tape too. Great.

    The chin is alive!

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  8. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    in the one from insta the eye is fucked too lol
    A funny instagram comment:

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  9. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

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  10. GoMons added a post in a topic Instagram is making people crazy?   

    Instagram best friends seem to be meitu and photoshop lol 
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  11. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    For me a professional photo is exactly that, a professional photo. Not a photo photoshopped to hell.
    We have seen Gehe in photos at CONs and in normal photos of him and the look its completely different.

    Just compare those Gehes whit this Gehe (his Twitter profile photo):

    I'm not saying that he is ugly, I'm saying that Gehe's photos have too much filters/editions. It's like, there two Gehes, the one from the photos and the one from reality and they are completely different. 
    And I really don't like it, it's like being fake, you are scamming your fans, most of them only like you for your fake onlinesona.. 
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  12. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    (Imagen multiplied) Am I the only one who saw that weird curve in the arm? Yeah, probably liquified.

    Also, where is Gehe's nose bump? It has disappeared. I also see a weird white square there lol
    I really hate when people join the 'i am a perfect human photoshopped train' and start doing this kind of stuff..
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  13. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I was who complained about it, lol. 

    I am happy because of he did it. He used his media to help his friends. 
    Even if he had only done it for what I said, at least he did.
    Tofu is so cute. Poor old cute cat.  
    Okay Gehe, today is my "I am not going to be angry with Gehe" day, enjoy it.
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  14. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I'm mentioning you too to make Lurker2 see the answer of Kenz0 lol
    I have been thinking a while about Gehe "transition" issue.
    Maybe he just wants to be an animu boi in Cons and on the Internet but he wants to have some facilities not transitioning. For example, Geheichou said clearly that he likes boys mostly.
    1.If you are a cis girl, you can date hetero boys. There are many of them. Many-of-them.
    2.If you a gay cis boy, you can date gay boys. There are some of them.
    3.But if you are a transboy, that actually pass, have a beard, acne, go on T, etc. 
    It's more difficult to get a boy who wants to date you. It's not impossible, but it's more difficult. Even if a hetero boy supposes to like cis and trans women, nowadays the reality is different. There are hetero boys who date transgirls but many of them don't want to do it.
    Yes, I know that it's transphobic but this is how it is working now. Same for the gay example. Many gay boys only want to date cis boys. Even if this is transphobic, it is true.
    My point is:
    There are a majority of hetero boys who want to date cis girls. Cis normative girls. Without a beard, with tits, etc. It's horrible, I don't like it, but it's true.
    Geheichou a few years ago had a boyfriend who supported him. But the relationship got fucked.
    But imagine Geheichou, like he is now. He has his male-sona that go to Cons, is popular on the Net, etc.
    And then, if Geheichou wants to date a hetero boy, he can probably do it. Because of he still have the animu aesthetic-sona on the Internet but in real life he looks like a boyish girl. An aesthetic tomboy I guess.
    He can enjoy his animu-sona and he can find easily a hetero boy who will say in Con that he is gay for Geheichou but in front of their parents they are going to be a normal hetero couple. Easy piece.
    I'm not saying that this is ok, I know that this is what is being a fake boi... But maybe that is just what Geheichou wants, being a fake boi, with his Cons and his normal life separated. For his boyfriend and friends he will be a he but if the situation got complicated he will be a she. And that's all.
    Geheichou has a beautiful female body and his male-sona actually works in Cons and Internet so if he's comfortable with his life, he doesn't need to go on T.
    Other thoughts: You can be transgender or transexual or both, so maybe Geheichou it's just transgender but not transsexual. Like, he's more comfortable with male roles but he doesn't want to go on T, change his sex, etc. 
    Plus, he maybe wants to still have his boyish girl appearance in real life for the reasons I said, I don't know.
    This is just my thoughs, I'm not saying that this is true or correct or whatever. what do you think?
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  15. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Now I would like to see Knite on video doing face expressions. 
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