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  1. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    @mercyforliar welcome!
    I have found very interesting stuff.
    Can you please stop being a Brat, please?

    And talking about Gehe doing cosplay only of popular stuff being a poser, I found this:

    'How do even I manage to looks so fem lol tnx make up'
    Geheichou, trying to fool his followers, again. Very poorly, very pathetic. I feel shame reading it.
    And this is not the best part, the best part if when you read the comments:

    chrisnat Waiting for the photo to load I expected the pokemon not to the LOL ....  That's how I notice that I am from another generation ~ that and although I know it I do not play League xDD
    [email protected] yes. The truth is that I do not play lol either but Jinx is Jinx
    'The truth is that I do not play lol either but Jinx is Jinx'
    okay Gehe

    and Ezreal is Ezreal too for you, I guess.
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  2. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Srly, Knitemaya, Galebana and Geheichou look like the Powerpuff girls transboys

    @Euterpe I prefer to wonder why the Prompto wig looks completely different from the one here?


    weird bump, that could be something very bad for your healthy Gehe or just photoshop, but you don't use it, right? You need to GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW.
    And more screen captures from the live stream day:

    Photo of the same day.

    I want to point something more, but this is just something funny I realised.


    When you said magic and makeup you tried to say photoshop, right...?


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  3. GoMons added a post in a topic Criedwolves (Oliver)   

    I'm wondering the same. Let's imagine that I'm a transboy who likes to dress femenine clothes.
    This is the same as if I where a cis guy, liking to dress femenine clothes.
    But if you are a transguy that means that you felt bad being called 'she'. You had dysphoria so you became 'he'.
    Then...which is the point of being a transguy and wear 'girly' clothes? You're going to be called 'she' again, and you are going to look 'girly' again. Are you not going to feel dysphoria?
    I know that clothes has no gender, no sex, whatever. But that's not my point.
    If you born as 'she', then you turn into 'he' and you keep being 'female' in form and way, which is the point of being called he? I mean, the only difference in this case is the 's'. You keep being a 'she' without the 's'.
    I would like to know your opinion about this.
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  4. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Agree, Knite is not Galebana's shadow as Geheichou. 
    A photoshoot with Gehe? oh my...
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  5. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Talking about Knitemaya and Geheichou:

    Knite it's at Galebana's house.
    I think that I need to edit the first post talking about who Gale is and what Elitechan is a bit cos they are being very mentioned here.
    @Euterpe I'll pray for photos of Gehe without Meitu and Photoshop, they're the best one. Or fan videos.
    I found more of Gehe being rude with fans.
    Basically, he uploaded this to instagram.

    Someone asked if Geheichou was gay and another person replied that yes so Gehe mentioned both and said:
    geheichou @misticalsunset_28
    @natalia_m2000 And where do you say
    you got that? Because I am not.
    Do me a favor and read my FAQ c'mon eh

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  6. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    even more...

    I have noticed how he is forcing neck muscles to hell.

    I could be all day, this person it's just fan service.

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  7. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I though it was Erwin but...

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  8. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    @Euterpe oh my, thank you for the url, I don't know why they don't comment here, or why they didn't comment about the radioactive yellow wig yet.
    I didn't know about the number 10 cos I haven't see that anime yet so...yeah, even if you are not fan, it's not difficult to see the number of the character. But you don't need to be very smart to notice it, I just googled it and, well...

    The boyfriend excuse it's just terrible.
    And talking about the fanservice:
    It it hilarious how many photos he has in underpants:

    There are probably more but I just found those.
    This is my favourite one:

    I mean, what the fuck are you doing?
    And he cosplayed popular series from the beginng, always.

    I'm sorry but it's like a fujo who wants a lot of attention.
    who the fuck is this character?
    This is creepy.

    okay I'm gonna stap I'm finding too much weird stuff
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  9. GoMons added a post in a topic Page Jumping   

    I have a lil problem too, I don't know if it's just me but, sometimes when I write @ someone, I can't link the person because of the box to mark them doesn't appear, If the mention will appear like in Twitter, without being an obligation to mark a name in the box, I think that this could solve the problem.
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  10. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   


    OH MY GOD.
    Why in this photo his hair is radioactive yellow?
    Okay the wig is fucking radioactive yellow.
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  11. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    The Prompto's one say: NOTOF. LOVE AND PEACE. STYLES.
    And the Geheichou's one say: MOTOR. HARLEY-DAVIDSON. CYCLES.
    Gehe's jackey:                                                         Original:

    His friend did the jacket so...yeah.

    The material is not even similar to Prompto's one.

    1- how pretty!!  Is it for @geheichou ? 
    2+ Yaz : D I make her wigs and she sewing things #ExchangeExchange #Alchemy ( #ItIsDifficultForMeToSew?)
    3- when I try to make the wigs I (fuck?) them so it's cool for us to exchange x D

    He has a black jeans with a leopard print on it, not...THAT.
    Prompto's clothes are like, dirty, with oil and Geheichou's cosplay is...clean as fuck.
    That boots, what the hell.The white part doesn't suppose to looks like a cardboard.
    Isn't the chain in the other side...?
    There's too much wrong on this cosplay to be such acclaimed...
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  12. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Thank you so much!!
    Yes, he only cosplay big fandoms, is so disgusting...
    I think that the reason because Gehe has been going to lots of cons in Spain as a guest is probably because of Galebana, Galebana is an organizer at Cons, he bring guests to very important Cons in Spain and he also has a lot of contacts so yeah...
    This is probably the reason, I don't know if this is true or just jokes between them but Gale seems to be Geheichou's manager:

    More jokes between them in Spanish, if you don't understand them, it's better, cos they are creepy as fuck, if someone can translate it and don't get sick, go on, I'm going to put it on a spoiler because it can cause several issues to who read it.
    Really, I don't know if Galebana is Geheichou's manager but anyway, Galebana has a lot of contacts and that's probably the reason because Gehe is being invited as guest.
    Also because of, WHY THE FUCK, is Galebana also invited:

    If you want to see some of Galebanas's media:
    Our dear Space, talking about Galebana:
    Yes, a lot of people say the same about Galebana.  
    A bit more:
    Resumen, for non Spanish ppl, Galebana is part of a big Spanish cosplay mafia called 'Elite-chan', Geheichou has joined it now due to all what Spanish people call... 'enchufes', let's say, connections that has been forced to give him a nice place in the 'cosplay world', place that problably, another cosplayer deserve more, and that's the resumen, maybe later or tomorrow I'll do a big post talking about Gehe's aclaimed Prompto shitty cosplay.
    I'm started to think that I need to edit the first post and add all the cosplay fails and all the important info we have talked about Geheichou here... 
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  13. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    @Euterpe thanks for the comment! I really wanted to keep talking about this topic. 
    I have one even better. 

    I saw that Geheichou did a streaming on Instagram with a fried, the girl who has the pink hair in your photo, and I saw some screen captures that people uploaded and...

    Everybody is saying that the Prompto cosplay is ok but the jacket was also made by the girl with the pink hair, the patches are different from the orginal one, in the game the patches says a phrase and Gehe wrote another...
    And many things, if someone is interested, I can write properly why Geheichous's Prompto cosplay is not accuracy. 
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  14. GoMons added a post in a topic If you had a patreon   

    I would made pizza tutos.
    Best patreon ever.
    I know that you want to join it.
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  15. GoMons added a post in a topic Criedwolves (Oliver)   

    @Superboy I think that nobody here is talking about if he's ''trans enough''. 
    There doubts about if Oliver is or is not on T. You are right, T reacts different in every single person but now we are like:
    + People: OliverisonTOliverisnotonT
    - Someone: look his voice.
    + Me: voice can be easy edited. That doesn't mean that it's fake, it's just that it can be fake.
    So yeah, I think that we're more like talking about if he's really on T or not. But not about if he's ''trans enough''. 
    EDITION: I'M SORRY I JUST SAW PAGE 3 NOT 4, I DIDN'T SEE HOW ALL OF YOU REPLIED SUPERBOY, omg, sorry for repeat the same as you. oTL
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