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  1. GoMons added a post in a topic Changing the username   

    You can comment on Gehe's one!
    Indeed, we mentioned you there, we are waiting for your reply 
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  2. GoMons added a post in a topic Changing the username   

    well, 24 are not too much, you can comment 24 times and change it 
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  3. GoMons added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Knite's IG stories

    The dog has a "3" on it chest lol
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  4. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I didn't see a project announced, I just saw that he was announcing the raffle-winners thing 
    btw, many of you went to the CON and saw/listened to him so.. what about the voice or hair thing? we are expecting to read what Peachimchim saw but if there are more ppl who went, you can comment about it 
    Peachimchim commented something about them being rude with fans too, anyone knows something about it? 
    more pics of Gehe at the CON, it's funny how he's using a funny-face to put his chin forward and  force his jawline lmao
     facial hair missing lol
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  5. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Nice research!  Wonderful!!
    Personal thoughts:
    I think that I'm not going to believe that Gehe has started T yet, I mean, there are too many contradictions like the pic he uploaded vs the one from a fan. (This comparison was amazing, thanks ).
    Maybe he has a friend who paints a few facial hairs to him when he's not at home with the PS, lol, we don't really know it. What we know is that Gehe has painted hair on his face, he has also faked his voice so badly..
    So..until someone saw him at a CON with real facial hair and his voice changed, I'm not going to believe it, lol.
    I don't know if I'm talking just for me or for many of us but I think that I don't care if Gehe starts with T or not, I don't care if he's with T now or not, what I don't like is that he has been lying about this and many things too much time
    I still remember when this thread was created 2 years ago, and there were people helping Gehe with his lies, saying that Gehe was already on T..
    btw, isn't the Boku no Hero photo really weird..?
    I really think that it has been edited, which make possible that a person is editing Gehe's photos when he can't.
    Look at this:
    Original pic and same pic multiplied and with more contrast 

    According to this photo, Gehe's has one alar-nose amorphous, the right one is Pitufo-size and the other is normal?????? (red lines)He also has 2 weird dark marks under the nose?? (blue lines) 

    He has a bump on the chin (red line)Also, it isn't weird that he has a bit of hair in a tiny part and there's no hair in the rest? The other side hasn't got hair neither.. 
    I can continue but with this is enough, this photo is cleared edited, so the hair can be edited too, lol, he did it a few times this month, why not on this pic again?
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  6. GoMons added a post in a topic Changing the username   

    I have no idea but I think that PULL works the same in mobile and PC so look at your "settings" area and search for the "Display name" section, if you can't find it on your mobile, try on your PC, I hope it will solve your problem! 
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  7. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Peachimchim maybe hear Gehe's natural voice at the CON. If that's the case, Peachimchim could tell us what's going on. Or someone who went, anyone.
    I searched for the Q&A that Gehe did but nobody seems to give a flying fuck about Gehe. No records of the Q&A, no videos with Gehe, only a few pics on Instagram, it's too weird..
    Any video from Gehe or Gehe's friends can be edited so, don't trust them.
    Also he did the hair thing again:
    both posts are from yesterday..

    "facial hair"

    I had to multiply the pic cos it was too white to see it well

    Normal insta pic without multiplied, Gehe always edit his skin to be super white, this is kind of racist, isn't it? 

    He did it yesterday but I swear that every time he does it, I just can't post, it took my energy, I just can't with it, I swear, and this is the 3rd time, oh my gosh, I don't know how many times I can deal with it..
    I didn't see this interview yet, I wonder how many time take to edit an audio voice..

    A pic of Gehe at Heroes Manga CON lol, look at the change on his face, it's TOO big.
    btw I read somewhere that Heroes Manga CON was terrible but I didn't see Gehe complaining about it or many people complaining about it, any info?
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  8. GoMons added a post in a topic Changing the username   

    I hope it will help

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  9. GoMons added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    S A - Y A
    A S - Y A
    A S - I A
    A S I A N
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  10. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    How were they rude and ignorant to you and their fans? We are all ears  

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  11. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    It seems broken for me too lol, also, HE'S FAKING HIS VOICE AGAIN..!!

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  12. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    Okay, I'm a bit confused, according to Gehe's FAQ from Tumblr his birthday is on 1997.
    I used this shit to get his age and I got this:
    I'm kind of confused now, he said that he's 21 right now but according to his FAQ he's 20.
    What's going on?
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  13. GoMons added a post in a topic our edits   

    Maybe Off topic:
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  14. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

     Correct, he has no nose-wings, excuse me for my bad explanation, @corpse 
    Gehe:   Others: 
    Just compare Gehe's nonexistent nose-wigs with the rest lol, it's so obvious.
    And also the smile marks.
    Gehe's nose and smile marks zone is all blurred.
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  15. GoMons added a post in a topic Geheichou   

    I saw this pic, I don't know if I uploaded it here lol but there's something in the pic that triggers me the most, the photo is uploaded by a Gehe's friend, yes, but it was taken by Gehe, and maybe also edited by Gehe.
    Maybe you are wondering, why do you think that GoMons?

    Well, look at the face marks on Gehe's face, the ones near to his mouth, they have been "erased", but the rest ppl from the pic have them lol.
    Gehe hasn't got a nose in the pic, literally. It has been so obviously edited.
    And the rest of them look normal:
    It's very selfish to edit yourself and let your friends unedited, the pic is obviously edited, probably by a phone App, Gehe your ego has no limits lol
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