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  1. Nusha added a post in a topic .   

    So, let me get this straight...
    A very young girl with suspiciously plump lips, ambiguous ethnicity, with a considerable amount of Instagram followers, resembles other instagram girls and doesn't seem to posess any talent whatsoever besides doing a few modelling jobs here and there....?

    but jokes aside now, it's saddening that now you have impressionable girls as young as fifteen getting into the bandwagon
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  2. Nusha added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    nahh im trying to look Italian
    Last time I checked Italians were still white. I mean, sure, we southern europeans stand out from others because of the tan and darker hair, facial features as well, but that's literally the same thing as "Are you trying to look Asian? Nahh I'm trying to look Indonesian"

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  3. Nusha added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    @Vanilla I hope neither you nor your partner were particularly affected by this. After all, you have literally been harassed by this petty idiot who's done it in the past to other people. Maybe she won't stalk you again, but knowing how she is it will be difficult for her to let this go. She will probably munch this episode over and over, so you and others better be careful on your social media. Miranda is not dangerous (lol she would wish to be taken that seriously) but social media can literally ruin someone's life, so you never know
    And as for you Miranda (heyyy what's good??), congrats for proving once more how much of a lowlife you can be. Making up vendettas against people you never met in your life, humiliating yourself while actually believing you are putting your "haters" in their place, oh honey.... Not only you seem to have an enormous amount of time but also an enormous amount of space in that head of yours to fill up with hatred instead of good energy. That's all you are capable of. Instead of gathering positive thoughts, knowledge and maturity, your whole mind is toxic and cancerous to anybody who gets into contact with your antics (that's why I've been pretty distant of this thread. While other other snowflakes are just cringey or absurd, reading this thread genuinely makes my good humour disappear). I know it's too late to tell you to grow up, but at least try to act like a normal person for once... It's not that hard as you might think!
    Well, hope mommy and daddy are proud to have raised such a lovely parasite ❤
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  4. Nusha added a post in a topic Lucas David / @lucasbavid   

    Holy crap I loved this guy's drawings so much.... Five years ago, I guess? I don't know, I was a big fan of The Pretty Reckless, that's how I was introduced to his art, but I gradually stopped following him. I am genuinely surprised to hear about him after all these years. I didn't know about his snowflake behaviour either. What I do remember is how some of his replies on Tumblr were pretty cringey, as if he was way above the rest and is indifferent towards all his praise. Lol we get it, 2edgy4u
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  5. Nusha added a post in a topic Amber Scholl   

    Seems that she clarified the 'broke' aspect after all...?
    Because I don't remember seeing this before.

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  6. Nusha added a post in a topic What are the best threads on PULL?   

    But seriously now lol, yeah it's a pretty good thread because it seems well organized and lots of detailed information. Haven't been there a long time because in the meantime I stopped watching Yumi and had more interest in other threads.
    Also wish the chinese living dolls thread was more active...
    Recommended Online Personalities are akidearest and lily maymac, since they always seem active, and tana mongeau for the drama 👀
    Dakota, Margaret+Venus and Kanadajin sometimes have dead moments but they are entertaining.
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  7. Nusha added a post in a topic Mandarin music   

    Thanks again everyone
    Also, since I watch HunanTV I ended up crossing with a Happy Camp episode where they were introducing this new male group called X Nine  X玖少年团 and I was wondering if anybody here is already familiar with them and what are your thoughts.
    I honestly just find them a copy of EXO, really... The MVs, the outfits and even the name when they introduce themselves (ex'jiu) come on', you could have tried a little harder lol
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  8. Nusha added a post in a topic Amber Scholl   

    I watched the video where she won the Price is Right Good on her!
    I am not American and not familiar with that university. I sure can associate Malibu with a very rich lifestyle (and by the pictures this university looks like a freaking resort) but is the Pepperdine that prestigious? I sneered a little bit when I saw that they are are affiliated with the Church, but seeming that their tuitions are high and have a 17% aceptance rate...
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  9. Nusha added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    1.52 and 42kg
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  10. Nusha added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    I guess we should call the mods and ask them to move her to the snowflakes...?
    No doubt she's a liar, clearly a scammer as well, tons of drama involved, she's the perfect addition!
    edit: just a sent a message to the moderators if they agree to put her in the snowflakes' section.
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  11. Nusha added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    First she says she's going to upload it asap and now says it will be live on Friday
    You can delay the video but you can't delay the dislikes that will come at you
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  12. Nusha added a post in a topic Help with paranoia   

    There's a difference between feeling paranoid and having actual paranoia, so I feel that the way of dealing with those things are very different. If you're just going through a really bad time, a good way to ease yourself is writing how you feel, your thoughts and everything you wish writing down. I personally find writing a great help, almost like meditation. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed: a cheerful film, a good book, drawing, a cup of tea, etc.
    However, if you are really concerned with your state of mind, then these previous tips won't do much and I advise you to seek professional help. Doesn't matter if your family/friends think you're exaggerating, it's better to check even if there's nothing wrong than neglecting something that could actually be serious. This is nothing compared to what doctors might do but here are some links that may enlighten you better, in case you haven't read them:
    They seem not only to explain it well but also provide some sort of advice.
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  13. Nusha added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    A compilation of the lies she's been caught so far:
    Also, the video that starts on 3:07, has anyone already seen it or was it really streamed during this time she's "avoided" social media? Because if it's really that recent, then she's not that depressed as she wants to look like. It's so dumb that I'm even questioning if she actually had the nerve to livestream herself all happy and shit, it surpasses all limits of stupidity, even if coming from her...
    Then again, she really is dumb as hell so I can't be surprised...

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  14. Nusha added a post in a topic Ali Michael   

    Goodness she was really skinny back then (her cheekbones were to die for, though)
    Lol Gigi (+Bella and Kendall) are everything but models. They truly represent the fact that just because you have fame and money, none of those things can buy the skills and discipline it requires.
    But returning to Ali, it's sad to see this last picture and see how much her face has lost its charm She just looks chubby and bland in this one.
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  15. Nusha added a post in a topic Korean Dramas (^.^)/   

    I haven't watched Korean dramas for a long time but the ones I loved the most are Marry me Mary (a.k.a Mary Stayed Out All Night) and Trot Lovers. The last to me has a rather cliché plot but it's hilarious and Eunji from APink is such a sweetie
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