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  1. tachs added a post in a topic KinaShen   

    I follow her on ig, personally I think she is prettier without all the makeup and photoshop she usually likes
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  2. tachs added a post in a topic hyulari   

    Lol the prom look wasn't anything unique, she didn't have to take down the photos. 
    Jw what's wrong with being basic af
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  3. tachs added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    She got more popular after she started a store and she got into this circle of other asian girls who also owned stores (one of them was Iris/fnkgirl) and that group rose in popularity since a lot of people followed all of them. I don't think any of them own stores anymore and it's mostly Joy who consistently makes posts anymore
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  4. tachs added a post in a topic @syrupcoatedheart / Jenn   

    You can tell she's not skinny by her old clothes she sells on her depop. They're always size L or similar
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  5. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    Same, now that I've read her side of it, the problem mainly lies with the creepy guy.
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  6. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    This guy sounds disgusting and he hasn't spoken up for either of them either. I don't get how neither of the two girls can't see he has raging yellow fever
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  7. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    Lol one of her close friends finally said something about this. Sounds like they're also blindsided by her bullshit or they're just equally as shitty people who think what Iris did is okay, which is a real shame I actually liked gradientlip.

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  8. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    This blew up like crazy I wonder what her "close" IG friends think about what she did and if they blindly support her like all her dumb followers.
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  9. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    Someone commented on one of her recent posts saying that somebody screenshotted her long ass caption about her smoking and posted it to tumblr where it got a few thousand notes because it was so cringey. Did anyone come across that?
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  10. tachs added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    I think I remember it was her korean teacher who assigned that part in the show to her and said it was okay for her to wear it, but my memory is fuzzy. Either way she's not really a good example for perfect nonproblematic behaviour. 
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  11. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    I agree, she should've just kept her stuff off the internet if she cared so much what people would say about her.
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  12. tachs added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Yeah, I just meant that I can see Mei wanting to show off their friendship. Sorry worded it badly.
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  13. tachs added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Knowing Mei, I'm starting to think she personally contacted ayumi and convinced her to have a day out with her so she can take pictures and show off the fact that she's "friends" with a famous japanese model
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  14. tachs added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    If anything, they should just ignore it. Plus, most of these threads are not even hating on the person, just making observations. Sending all her white knights here to call us sluts is just embarrassing for her.
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  15. tachs added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    This is what she says about her smoking.
    "I remember my first puff from a cigarette, the way the smoke traveled into my mouth and throat, the slow foreign yet familiar exhale that came after. I started a month ago, but I've been a smoker since I was born. I grew up around cigarettes, my parents both smoke and I was taken to houses and places where everybody smoked. My mum almost got cancer and I even forbid her from smoking after. But there was no escape for me. When my boyfriend smoked and I would tag along, the urge was hard to fight. "I'm already spoiled milk, what's the big deal?" I said to myself. So I took his cigarette, probably an American Spirit or a Marlboro at that time, and I put it into my system. Not once did I cough. Not once did my body reject it. Instead, my anxieties are relieved. When I hold a cigarette on the streets I feel braver. To me, it's like carrying a designer handbag you're proud of. It protects me. I do not smoke to impress anybody. I don't give a shit, who is there to even impress? I do not smoke to be cool. I smoke to feel better when my mental illness gets overwhelming. So don't make your fucking conclusions when you know nothing about my life and the reasons behind my choices."

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