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  1. Froggish added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    True Geordie has just released this interview with Logan Paul:
    I don't think I can hold a decent opinion of Logan Paul yet, however, this is hands down the best interview I've seen of him - It's a civil conversation, Brian doesn't let him escape hard questions or statements, but they still seem to have a good rapport and he gives what appear to be pretty genuine responses (until the fight stuff, but that's expected) - can't decide if he's acting or not, but again (no matter what, you can't deny that he's a smart lad, and it's apparent in this, especially compared to the abysmal responses his brother gave in the previous interview). Overall a really good interview, Brian's done a lot of research, and hit's him with the hard stuff in a very genuine manner. It's the kind of interview that Shane should be working to aspire to.
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  2. Froggish added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    why does it look like her nose is about to Jet off the the moon?
    Is she entering the space age phase?
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  3. Froggish added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 4]   

    First time replying to this thread but its been keeping me entertained in the breaks at work. Can I ask - what does this even mean? ''We live in a world that demands personal change but refuses to give you room to grow'' what does she expect - someone to plant her in a 10/10m greenhouse with lots of food and water? Oh wait no she's 'smol' better make it a 5/5.
    But seriously, how can you be this stupid? The world owes you nothing, especially if you're a narcassitic wannabe know-it all, who steals art and fetishises a race. She's done nothing for redemption and wants a free pass? Is she having a fucking laugh? She's got an $80k trust fund, and somehow can't find a way to invest it into making herself a better person? GIVE ME A BREAK, If that's not having room to grow I don't know what is. smh...
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  4. Froggish added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    Dragging out this old thread to ask a question about Qipao/Cheongsam dresses. I'm going to a wedding this year, and so far I have found nothing, that I like, to wear - there are a lot of current fashion trends that really don't suit my shape (alas, I have the curse of the rectangle) - I can't find anything that flatters me that much, though I know from an old long Cheongsam dress and a dress I currently have - that has obviously been inspired by Quipao (but is more night-out than wedding) - that the style is one I feel quite feminine in, and I think flatters me a little more. However I am white, and with current opinions  on cultural appropriation being what they are, I just wanted to ask for advice - am I treading on a thin line by going for Qipao/Chemongsam?
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  5. Froggish added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    People who don't completely read the facts, when doing their research and analysing the triumphs or faux pas of someone else on social media; FOR EXAMPLE
    *Situation* Someone talking about Zoella
    *Topic* Girl Online
    *For/Against* EITHER
    *'Statement to prove they've done their research'* 'Girl Online sold more copies than Harry Potter!!!!!!....'

    [Sing. A, 2014 'Zoella breaks record for first-week book sales' The Telegraph. Available at: ] !!!!!!
    Pettiness is one of humanity's greatest attributes.
    Fucking amateurs.
    I also realise I'm quoting a newspaper as actual stats.
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  6. Froggish added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Rant/potentially unpopular opinion - really irritates me that a majority of Vegans/vegetarians push for organic non-GMO veg without considering that it might be a trend. Like yes to organic for no herbicides or pesticides, duh, but non-GMO - like wtf, why?! The plants being produced under GMO, are so, so we can stop using all the shit that's killing off ecosystems? I don't get it - it's bad science that's painted this horror-version of GMO crops, when not only is it really our only option to create enough food for everyone on the planet - its being developed to optimise yield and not destroy the planet 
    (I know theres the issue of exploitation of African farmers by the big companies, and purposefully selling suicide seeds - but the general premise of GMO - particularly if it's aiding developing countries - is a good thing?) 
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  7. Froggish added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Anyone else just got major goosebumps at the unified Korea team coming out in the opening ceremony?  
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  8. Froggish added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

  9. Froggish added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Fed up of the BBC and all it’s Trump schpeil - ffs we get it, Trumps crap, but stop fucking spouting it like we have some moral high ground and are not the fucking laughing stock of Europe 
    On that note - I’m fed up of only hearing people complain about leaving - even discussions on the radio, everywhere it’s ‘I didn’t vote for this, I don’t want this, I shouldn’t have to deal with this, blah’ we’ll guess what, it’s a democracy and this is the hand we’ve been dealt - no, it’s not good, but for the love of god stop fucking complaining about it - guess what, sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just have to buckle up and work with it 
    And leading in from that - I’m fed up of the ‘not my fault/general complaining about everything’ attitude that seems to be rife in social media/the western wold at the moment. Nobody gives a fuck about excuses, stop complaining about fucking everything and for gods sake just try and look at the bloody positives sometimes. 
    The irony this is a rant on an unpopular opinions tag is not lost on me. 
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  10. Froggish added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Feel quite guilty, he's such a manipulative whiny arsehole, but I find his videos really quite cathartic - they're always decently paced and I like that he seems pretty honest in the reviews (even if he still uses more high-end stuff). It's weird, usually I find personalities like his a bit exhausting especially on videos but I can watch them easily. Why does he have to be such a dick 
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  11. Froggish added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Don't usually post on Sharla's thread (perpetual stalker), but I mean come on. Going for dinner (especially if it's in a posh building), just going out in the evening, in any country it's common knowledge and practice to dress nicely. You can even do that in your own style! Ffs even if she had to wear a damn fancy poke ball dress or something she could have. I don't get her, why purposely dress shabby when she's got a decent figure and she's an hour from bloody Tokyo?! It's just lazy. 
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  12. Froggish added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    Forgive me if I've got my facts muddled, but hasn't his youtube red movie been pushed back about 5 times (before this shitstorm) already? So he's literally faced no repercussions? Granted he may not be able to get any further youtube red series, but it's still in it's foetal stage, so it can't really make any kind of dint anyway? 
    Apologies for all the questions, it just seems like youtube is trying their hardest to look like they're doing something without actually doing anything (apart from possibly shoving Shane under the bus) 
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  13. Froggish added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    So the Popblast channel has been taken down on terms of ‘multiple severe violations of TOS’ funny how quickly Youtube responds to that, but put in a DEAD BODY and you’re fine. Fucking unbelivable - feel so bad for Shane, it does seem like a shit-bomb to try and curb attention from Logan, especially since it was taken down after the channel suggested that was the intention. This is getting more and more conveluted, and I feel horrible that Shane’s been caught up in it - for someone who’s been suggesting Hollywood is run by paedophiles for years, it’s interesting they chose him for this bullshit.
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  14. Froggish added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    Just had an old google at him potentially being sued, according to wwd ( it seems like Maverick apparel (surprisingly not actually his brand - he just seems to have a sub-brand inside it) is threatening to sue him if he doesn’t release information on the ad revenue he got from the Aokigohara   video (and lol, they’ve also requested the information from Susan *aha* I hope they take them both down
    Also teenvogue has done an article, I’ll link it in too if anyone wants a peek (I do apologise for any errors, on my phone!)
    okay so, teenvogue is saying that he’s being told to disenfranchise himself with the brand in seven days,  but they’ve also said he released two apology videos - either way I’d take both articles with a pinch of salt, but interesting nonetheless! I hope all his brands fuck him over. 
    Edit: just to say they were the only articles I could find so far 
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  15. Froggish added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    This though. 
    I've only heard of her since reading this thread, but she definitely seems to have an incredibly naive way of thinking. With the earlier comments about alcohol and whatnot it sounds like she has the opinion (and to be fair, it is a stereotype here) that most people only go to uni for the drinking and social part of it, and don't give a damn about studying or getting a decent degree, apart from the 'select few' such as herself who "truly grasp what being at university is supposed to be like". Now, don't get me wrong, to some extent I envy her determination, but this kind of lifestyle just doesn't work. if she does go to uni in Britain (let alone Oxford), she's in for a wake up call, because the system is so ridiculous here (usually per module it's 70-90% exam 30-10% coursework, and that's it. No extra credit, no pop quizzes - just your January (though some unis don't even have these) and then Summer finals to really win and because lecturers can be douchebags, they really can fuck you over (I'll never forgive one of our lectures giving us a question that was based on one line from one lecture with absolutely no hints - just bam, exam hall, and something nobody even considered could be related to a question)). So naturally, it can turn you a little insane - the difference between me and my flatmates at the beginning of term to the end was laughable, didn't matter what kind of person you were, everyone towards exams had just gone completely loopy (I remember washing my face with toothpaste by accident, like, your brain just farts everywhere) - and that's whilst doing sports, going out, letting off steam, playing stupid games in the kitchen - it was all a coping mechanism for the stress and it helped. So if she studies 14 hours a day at the beginning of the year, with no other hobbies apart from reading, bah, I feel for her. She'll run herself into the ground and harm her grades as a result - every single lecturer has always given the advice of make sure you have break and maintain a social life, and it's sound advice. 
    She needs to realise going out, doing a sport, or just having a general social life is necessary to success too. And then she has to go into the real world, where it doesn't matter on your grades, if all you do is study and maybe an internship, it can be less enticing to an employer cause you're more likely to burn out, or not get along with colleagues. 
    I do feel for her, she's going to destroy her mental state with that attitude at some point. 
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