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  1. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    Maybe its the fact her breasts looked strange at the angle she was photographed at, or perhaps its because I have a similar diet to her- but I somehow doubt that she got her hands on an actual toddler sized shirt. To me the photo looks at least like a large kids shirt, which again is plausible with her alleged height, but a toddler size? I feel there probably is some photoshop going on to make the shirt look smaller. Than again, I am not an expert on photoshop so take my word with a grain of salt. 
    I have a lot of short friends, I'm a 5'6" female so I am not "smol", and the general consensus amongst them is that they typically dispise or laugh off being compaired to a child for their height. None of them would actively seek looking child like unless it was for a character they were cosplaying, but even then thats not an everyday aesthetic. That's just for special events where they need to be a character. 
    I understand having your own aesthetic and making a persona that is more exaggerated online than it is in real life, but if you wish to come off as more childlike and innocent as your aesthetic there are ways to make the aesthetic work without sorting through actual children's clothes.
    Some ideas for Kenna: 
    💜 Find graphic t-shirts online that fit you and wear them. Forever 21 and Hot Topic occasionally will have Disney themed shirts so look out for those. Bonus points of the shirt background is black, white, or grey. Those colors go with anything! Make sure its a shirt you can theme an outfit around! 
    💙 Patterned bottoms are a must. I'm talking floral leggings and jeans with polka dots on them. Make sure it corrdinates well with the accesories you choose. It doesn't have to match the shirt in color but for a slightly more grownup take on a youthful aesthetic your pants should match your accessories in a primary color scheme, and your shirt should be the secondary color scheme of the outfit.
    💚 While on the subject of bottoms, solid colored jeans are your friend too. Namely pink, lavender, and mint but for the fall and winter try burgandy, emerald, and grey. 
    💛 The DIY earrings made of keychains in the last Tokyo haul done was perfect! Find earrings that feature cartoon characters or "cute" things like big roses or tiny cat faces for stud earrings. For dangle earrings try ones in the shape of little animals or sweets. 
    ❤ Other accessories should be just as cartoony, but also be more subtle. If you have big earrings, opt for a thin lace choker that matches the color of the earrings. 
    💕 To balance out the cartoonish nature of the outfit, neutral shoes and socks are a must. These should match the secondary color scheme picked out by the shirt's background. 
    ♥ Lastly, wear clothes that are meant for adults. You may want to look youthful, but you have an adult body and you should resepct that. Too tight shirts and too small pants are not cute, in fact I'd argue the looser you can make the t-shirt and the nore properly fitted the pants are the more cuter the outfit will be. 
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  2. Tincalconite added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    The very concept of an artistic nude is one that is up to interpretation, see the works of Robert Mapplethorpe who photographed actual anuses for the sake of art, but generally speaking there has to be some thought into the composition. When I personally think of artistic nudes, I think of Reka Nyari in her Valkirie Ink exhibit (one I had the privilege to see in person). 
    The woman used her body to show the beauty of her tattoos, of which she feels empowers her and makes her in touch with both strength and femininity. She even asked a museum to use ancient artifacts for her photos. Girl put some real thought. She didn't just slap a filter onto an existing nude of hers, she went out and photographed what she needed for her art. She just so happen to be nude. 
    At best, Noodle's work reminds me of Nan Goldin who has a very snapshot aesthetic to her photos. She just went around with a camera and shot whatever she thought could be transformed into art in daily life to capture the ugly and beautiful in the world. She took pictures of everything, from a friend masturbating to the aftermath of being physically by her boyfriend. She's a bit less elegant than Nyari in that sense, but she's RAW in that she takes pictures of everything no matter how digusting it may be.

    Noodles can easily go for artistic nudes in the vain of Nan Goldin by taking pictures of her everyday life and showing us what it's like to live inside her world. If she's naked or doing something sexual, so be it. But here's the thing: she can't take pictures she already presented as one thing and suddenly claim they are another. You can argue about whether porn is art all you want, but the fact of the matter is she is recycling old photos we've seen before and now slapping another meaning behind them without thought. 
    If she wants to go in the artistic direction, I support her. But she is going to have to start doing more than taking old photos and start doing new photos if she wants to be artistic. That's just my feeling on the matter. 
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  3. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I once had to make a stop motion animation for a "Constructed Scenes" photography class, so the idea of a college film class making clay figures for an animation is completely plausible. 
    My only issue is that depending on the clay she may end up with a non-movable figure as some clay dries brittle. If she is going to work with wires to make a movebale figure for a film, she may want to use play-dough rather than air dry clay...but even than play-dough can easily dry out too so she really needs to be careful with this project. 
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  4. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    Yeah I think I remember that person's username being mentioned in the simpky_kenna thread too. They seem like the kind of person who backs down when people start giving them hate over critisms they give, so I doubt they are okay with this...
    What bothers me most, like what you said, was the fact that Sky is hella quiet about the whole ordeal. Why is she letting whiteknights defend her horrible choices? Why isn't she going out there and defending her own actions. Is it because she knows she's wrong, or is it because she knows she doesn't have to say anything with her delusional whiteknights? 
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  5. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Oh man. A 17 year old girl who is trying to attract creeps by talking about "kinks". That is really not okay. She needs professional help before she gets hurt. 
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  6. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    Did you guys see the comments on that post though? I can't screenshot it because the comments are so long, but there was an argument where a bunch of whiteknights defended the picture from someone who pointed out that maybe it wasn't the best idea to have an underaged model. Even if it was for a "joke". 
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  7. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    What the actual fuck?! Who would ccoerce a child to do a lewd photo shoot with her?! What is wrong with her this is so wrong?! 
    This is extremely low of her. Just as low as the racism, if not worse because this is pratically illegal. No. Just no.
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  8. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Could it be she noticed that we kept discussing her thinning hair and she's taking action, or is that reaching? 
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  9. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Often extreme kinks like that are indeed a sign of something very wrong in the person's life; learned that the hard way too...
    There are specfic places where people can talk about such things. Places like therapy or special forums for said kinks that also have helplines and support groups. 
    God forbid someone real young stumbles on this rant of hers and starts getting ideas. God forbid someone dangerous stumbles on this rant and tracks her down because its what says she wants. She can do her all she wants, but sometimes things are best left unsaid or saved for proper occassions. 
    I really hope she considers seeing a therapist. Therapy would be the best place to talk about such things. We already have enough confusion with the word rape on Instagtam with all those Instagram comedians trying to make it funny. We don't need more. 
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  10. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    There's this saying in Japanese that roughly translates to "old soul". The phrase is 
    馬鹿  I think someone so intellectual, creative, and deep as Kenna should really have this phrase somewhere on her body- preferably somewhere that is semi-visable like her inner wrist or along her thumb. 

     No, but in all seriousness I beleive that Kenna should get up and get a tattoo while in Japan. It's clear that she isn't going to try going to a traditional bathhouse or any place that would kick her out for having a tattoo, so what is there to risk in going to a tattoo salon in Japan that was designed to welcome those who speak English? Is it going to take up all her time making up lies and editing shoping bags on Instagram? Probably. But maybe it'll be good for her to get out there and get something that is truely unique. Who knows? She may even get sidetracked and find somewhere else to explore while on the way there!  
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  11. Tincalconite added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    *sniff sniff* OwO Whats this? 
    An actual cosplay that is being posted by Jessica Nigri? 
    To be fair, she said in her description that she got it off Amazon prime and "modified it" for her own body- but its...something?
    It's not much as its a very simplistic cosplay, not like any of her big builds from the past, and the wig color is off but...hey it's cosplay! Bought cosplay when we really should be seeing all those big builds she promised to make but...well I'll take Junko over a boudoir PPG photo. 
    I say she's perfect for Junko, as Junko is an rotten girl and recently Jess' work has been a little less than fresh. 
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  12. Tincalconite added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Actually, the smaller one (Popuko) is canonically the more agressive of the two and usually the one who gets herself in trouble- BUT the taller one (Pipimi) is also shown to be scheming and also has some violent tendances. Such examples include asking Popuko to kill people on a hit list, slamming her friend into a wall to the point of breaking the wall, hitting Popuko with a mallet, and even throwing Popuko against a wall to the point of scaring two girls into thinking it's a ghost in the apartment. Both of them are discribed as "profane 14 year old girls" so they both share behaviors that are a-typical to the typical anime school girl. HOWEVER, Popuko's aggressive attitude could be better represented by an exaggerated angry face as that is often how she shows her aggressive nature in the comic. This would have been the perfect time for Jess to make one of her "dorky" faces, but she chose to go with the gun which is...canon but if you're going to use the gun you should have both of them have a gun. 
    And yes, I do think maybe using the gun was a bit in poor taste at this time period, but its also canon to the characters so it can't be helped? There are ways it could have been avoided but still get the idea across. I actually liked this shoot, but it could have been better and they could have done more.
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  13. Tincalconite added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    You know, minus the obvious tapping of the eyes Knite actually looks kind of cute here for once. The smile doesn't make me want to have nightmares like the normal photoshop and makeup coated photos do, which is a major improvement on their skills to look more natural. Too bad Keith would never smile like this in canon. Keith is the kind of character who rarely smiles unless he's in a REALLY good mood. Cute concept, but they could have taken a picture of themselves another more happier character to get the message across. 
    That is not the kind of makeup for your cheeks you would want to wear for a self portrait of yourself. That is the kind of makeup you would want to do for a character that is supposed to look ghastly or frightening. Don't get me wrong, sometines it's fun to play with making yourself look skeleton like with makeup- but for the love of god you need to tag that its just makeup and make a disclaimer otherwise people are gonna think you have an eating disorder or got botched surgery. Knite already makes themselves look terrifying with their "anime like" lip makeup and racist foundation and tape combo, we really don't need to see Knite trying to look "anime" or "Asian" by looking like Papyrus from Undertale with that deep of cheek contour. 
    It's all fun and games until someone starts worrying about your health just because you didn't bother with a disclaimer in the caption.
    On the bright side, at least we know they could cosplay Ryuk from Death Note in the future with their ability to look death-like. So, that's a plus? 
    TL;DR Don't contour your cheeks like that for a "natural" makeup look unless you want to look like a zombie. Also the foundation is too yellow. 
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  14. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Hime/ Himeka/ Angela/ Honey Kitten Momo   

    This is fucking disgusting. It's clear there is something very wrong with her because she doesn't see how much danger she could be in due to her illegal peddling of her own body. 
    I'm glad to hear Tumblr is actually taking her account seriously and trying to ban and delete her content. She really needs mental help, and everyone who has paid her for nudes of her needs to rot in jail. 
    It's times like these where I wish an  undercover cop would go and pretend to be some shady dude promising to do her college essay just so they can trace the pictures she sends and knock on her door the next day to inform her of her awful behavior. Hell, I wish an undercover cop would pretend to be her just to track down those crusty perverts wanting her nudes and arrest them all. 
    This just really makes me sick and I hope some reality can knock some sense into her and that these perverts get locked away. 
    This makes me sicker than sick. 
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  15. Tincalconite added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    No words. Just all the rage in the world for this nasty woman.

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