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  1. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Onision   

    This all is making me sick to my fucking stomach. Those kids deserve better. 
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  2. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    so much of the internet is in parasocial relationships with YouTubers and streamers and it's so fucking unhealthy. worst of all these content creators enable these behaviors? and they exploit it. 
    like you can like/admire whoever you like, but the after a certain amount of subs the feeling will Never be reciprocated in a healthy way. No matter how much they say they love and care about their followers. They will not provide you the support and care that you need from real friends/loved ones.  
    They are not a viable substitute for real relationships. Stop idol-worshipping them. 
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  3. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    See, I like YouTubers in other countries who go through the struggles of learning a new country (without being disrespectful, mind you). When you're just some broke English teacher or student you have no choice but to learn how to survive and integrate with the culture around you. Once upon a time that was them in Korea. But now Simon and Martina live cozy lives with money and a house and do they even have to talk to anyone unless they're ordering food? I won't make assumptions, if they have friends who don't feel comfortable being talked about or shown on camera I get it. But I somehow don't believe they talk to anyone other than fellow foreigners.
    I liked the eat your sushi segments when they'd talk about getting used to things. It was so wholesome and nice to hear them get along with their neighbors. But now there's nothing they talk about that tourists in Japan don't already talk about. High end sushi chef this, combini this, high tech toilet that. Its not interesting to me. 
    This isn't me judging them for how they enjoy their life fyi, it's just me as a viewer expressing what I like to see. And what they put out is not interesting at all. 
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  4. jadedotgif added a post in a topic "Why am I your friend?" experiences?   

    Ive been friends with a girl for a year and she's a damn drama magnet. Every friend circle we've interacted with she managed to piss off one or many. And I'm always the one playing damage control for her. Like I've been essentially groomed to put up with her annoying condescending bullshit, so I always explain to people 'no no she doesn't mean it's blablahblah. Well it's finally gotten tiring to the point I just sat there thinking "why do I do this? Why are we even friends?" Because even I'm unable to stomach her condescending attitude. Like I no longer believe the excuses I make for her lol .
    Anyway, she stirred shit with people again, they blew up, and she tried hiding behind my skirt again. But instead I stayed out of it. Got called a bad friend and she tried making me jealous by going on about some fuckboy we know who defended her lol. 
    Anyway we Still talk but I don't consider us as close as we used to be, or whatever I believed we were anyway. I hope she learns to pick her own battles some day. 
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  5. jadedotgif added a topic in Health & Wellbeing   

    Being the only sober person?
    I feel I can never find any spaces to talk about this without getting blasted or mocked for being straight edge or made up 'i dONT NEED ALCOHOL TO HAVE FUN' lines I never said to begin with. 
    Basically I just want to know of anyone else is in a situation where everyone around them is always drunk and/or high?
    I feel so alienated and unhappy. I don't want to come off as jugemental so I keep my mouth shut. But I legitimately can't stand being around my friends and family when they're like this. Sometimes I want to tell them I miss spending time with them when they were sober. They feel like strangers and it's hurting my heart .
    How do I tell them I don't feel comfortable around them without coming off as stuck up? I just feel so alone right now. Does anyone else feel this way with friends or loved ones?
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  6. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    oh my god this 
    its similar to the kenna thread. I go in looking for tea but all I see is cattiness and reaching. I legit think belle's haters are just as cringe as her fans and yall are why she even managed to be relevant in the first place. 
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  7. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    taylor is in her 30s right? that's not old at all, yet all the botox and fillers she has on her face holy shit... i don't notice it until i look at her mouth and it looks like she got socked in the jaw. idk she seems too young to be doing this shit to her face and it gets more and more bloated each time i look at her.
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  8. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    i like the haircut on her. i think it'd look better if she dyed her hair a more solid color. i actually think korean fashion could suit taylor? 
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  9. jadedotgif added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    for me i was very much singing venus's praise around the running away from margret saga. i was sympathetic because she came from an abusive situation with a controlling and manipulative mother. however it lead to a lot of bias with venus. i made lots of excuses for her and constantly wanted to see the good in her. i think back on situations were i got super defensive of her and i lowkey cringe. i dont think its wrong that i sympathized, because i still do btw i am well aware shes the product of an abusive parent. but what makes me cringe is that i kept making excuses for her. and for people like venus the LAST thing she needs is people making excuses. she should grow out of the toxicity, not be enabled. and since she knows striking emotional chords in others will get her asspats and enabling to do fuckall, she's going to take advantage of it.
    literally no one, not abuse-victims or people who know abuse-victims, want to hear that a victim can take after their abuser. but it's a well documented occurrence and a vicious cycle. i feel bad for venus, i really do. but feeling bad for her does not justify her harming others or setting a really bad example for her impressionable ass audience. 
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  10. jadedotgif added a post in a topic pastel/kawaii fashion and darker skin tones   

    thank you so much!
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  11. jadedotgif added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    to add to lesbian, trans, preferences discussion. it's a bunch of topics i just want to discuss.
    i am a lesbian who does not mind dating trans women if they (by my dating preferences 'pass'). i do not mind having sex with one. i vastly prefer biological women, because i vastly prefer vagina, but i still won't rule out the possibility of falling for or being sexually attracted to a trans woman. in fat, i would honestly be more fine being with a pre-bottom surgery trans woman than a post-op (because neovaginas just don't function the same way as a organic vagina and that's a turnoff for me). however i am only one lesbian with a certain set of preferences in a sea of many lesbians who are different. we are all different. preferences are not the same as discrimination the same way as music taste isn't discriminatory. it's tailored to what we like and what we are okay with.
    there are lesbians who are turned off by real dicks, yet still use strapons. there's nothing wrong with that. there are lesbians who don't even like to be penetrated. there is nothing wrong with that. there are lesbians who get off on making others orgasm and don't want to be touched at all. there's nothing fucking wrong with that. when will people understand that women have the right to date what they are sexually/romantically attracted to??? and that not all of them will be the god damned same????
    some people have tried telling me, since i am okay with transfemale dick, that i am bisexual. wrong. i've dated lots of guys pre coming out, and it was miserable. emotionally and physically i did not find them attractive. i could get off during sex, but it was a hollow and empty feeling. no different from using a dildo (and i'm sorry if this sounds rude af towards men i'm not trying to be objectifying). sexuality is a complex thing and it doesn't fit into perfect categories. the LGBT community sure love to parrot this as an excuse to force lesbians to date trans men, but don't like hearing it when it's the other way around (dick repulsed lesbians). you can't have one but not the other, folks. 
    however i think some things do need clean cut categories. for example, the amount of lesbian erasure going on is not okay to me. i'm seeing trans men calling themselves lesbian (????) and saying you're transphobic if you deny them that lable (???????????????) isn't it transphobic in itself? lesbianism is a woman being attracted to a woman. if you're a transman, you're not a woman, aren't you???? or are you just scared of being an ICKY HET MALE UWU i hate hearing straight men call themselves lesbian, i hate it when you do it too. end of story. i am also seeing bisexual girls call themselves lesbian. your relationship can be lesbian, but you are not. this is not only lesbian erasure, but it's also bi erasure. don't do that. embrace who you are and don't take labels from a group that is already being pushed to the sidelines these days.
    now here's a really unpopular lgbt opinion i'd like to open a discussion for. i don't think there's anything wrong with lesbians who only want to date lesbians and not bisexuals. i've seen these people get written off as terfs or biphobic very often. and while i agree, there are some jerks who take it too far and are radiating male jealousy vibes-- i still think it's perfectly valid to chose your partners however you see fit. you should never pressure people on how they pursue partners (if the partners are of consenting age ofc). if there are personal reasons that motivate lesbians from excluding bisexuals from their dating pool so what? it's not your business to tell them what to do. if that's them dating based on generalizing, guess what? it's still not your damn business. people act like not wanting to date someone is the same as saying you don't like someone. it's not that deep. let people live. would ya'll be this up in arms if i (someone who has mostly been with bi girls) said i am only attracted to bi girls??? i doubt it. there's gay men that literally say 'i only want bi men because they're so masculine' or 'i am only attacted to straight men and want to convert one' and ya'll just laugh and think it's cute. 
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  12. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i'm going through one of those slumps where i can't be online because seeing everyone's facetuned/meitu'd/photoshopped faces and bodies makes me really insecure. 
    i lost a lot of fat recently due to healthy lifestyle changes, and everyone always compliments me and says i look good. but whenever i strip for a shower i just look in the mirror and see the same fat body i used to have. i started wearing heavy layers (even before it got cold) to hide my body. and it's gotten to the point where i wear binders because looking at my breasts (which remained large despite me losing weight) make me feel incredibly... i don't know. dysmporphic? i look at old pictures where i was flat and skinny and i feel so envious of my past self. it makes me almost want to get top surgery despite the fact i'm not trans. i know that's a big leap and people will tell me that i should just get breast reduction, but i honestly just hate my breasts now and want them gone. 
    i feel like this is the worst slump i've been in. i think everyone should strive to be healthier, and no one should give up on losing weight (only if they need to of course). but i feel like a discussion needs to be had about the mental issues that come with it. i'm so fucking unhappy with my body and looking at instagram makes me want to die. i certainly wasn't any better when i was chubby, but at least when i was chubby i could tell myself 'you can go back. you can eat healthy and exercise. this isn't you'. but now that i'm small again i have no way to fix how i feel. it's just my brain telling me i'm ugly and that my body is wrong.  
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  13. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Onision   

    kai and gregs are disgusting groomers. i hope they get what's coming to them. my only concerns are the children; do they have any safe place to be if bribe and groomer are punished by the law?
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  14. jadedotgif added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    is she really in that much need of money? whatever happened to her paypig david? (that was his name right...?)
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  15. jadedotgif added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    pastel/kawaii fashion and darker skin tones
    i was wondering if any of you guys knew of any youtubers or instagram users who post kawaii fashion that are of tan, olive, or just dark skin in general. you know, like latinas or indians or south asians. 
    i love pastel aesthetics and dabble in the fashion myself, but as someone with dark skin i struggle getting inspired when i look up stuff on instagram because i just see super pale girls (who look great btw i'm not throwing shade) and i think 'oh that color would clash with  my skin tone'. 
    i was just wondering if any PULL users have recommendations for pastel/kawaii/bright colored fashion posters that have tan complexions? 
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