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  1. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    this is as hilarious as it is sad
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  2. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    highlight for me was keem showing the pictures of anisa thirst tweeting at leafy back in 2016. holy shit.
    anyway, over on kiwifarms someone has pointed out that anisa's mom is attempting to do damage control for her daughter.

    her mom has a history of doing shit like this, even going as far as to post unsavory things in regard to lacigreen and chrisrayguns relationship. 
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  3. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    it would appear simpboy has taken one of the people's videos he featured out of context in his reply. this guy doesn't make good content, but he articulated himself very well in this response and ian is looking like the biggest chump right now. very sad.
    [ edit: whoops didnt realize the video was already posted lol ]
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  4. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    but h3h3 HAS turned on felix in public. 
    and i dont think the thing that should be resolved is ian and anisa splitting up, not at all. the reason i find the situation hypocritical is the mockery element. ian is not bothered because people are calling his gf a bitch, people have been doing that well before this situation. ian is bothered because he's become meme mockery. hence why he's taken to deleting comments. that's why youtubers keep trying to spin the "ians the chad ur the incels" narrative in their defences. 
    i think felix had the most levelheaded approach because he acknowledged the meme, didn't try to refute it, but addressed the privacy issues and personal relationship issues. i don' 100% agree with what he said, but he wasn't trying to damage contrtol.
    meanwhile you have people like charlie and others making generalizations like "THEYRE JUST INCEL REDDITORS" which to me reads they dont want ian to be one of the clowns.
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  5. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    lol at how youtubers have to do damage control for ian because his video was that poorly recieved. 
    i have an interesting story to present in relation to this all...
    a while back a less popular (more pathetic) edgetuber Mumkey Jones got his platform on youube removed for his elliot rodgers videos. despite the fact this guy was not really that popular, he was somewhat liked by he youtuber crowd, as when this happened a few of them did videos on it, mentioned the videos on twitter and liked his tweets and stuff. this is the same youtuber circle who is doing videos for ian, mind you. some made videos, but no one caused an uproar the way mumkey wanted them to. in fact he threw a very laughable fit when keemstar rightfully declined helping him out because mumkey made an unsavory video at susan which hurt his chances. 
    fast forward to him making a new youtube (ban evading. oh joy) and slowly trying to regain his audience. but then drama strikes him! he cheats on his girlfriend with a pedophile! a girl who preyed on and manipulated the fuck out of a boy and was let off easy by the law because of where she lives. mumkey's fans all turned on him and mocked him, not too unlike ian. of course in mumkeys case it is worse. cheating on someone? with a PEDO? anisa is no pedo, but this pedo girl did similarily air diry laundry about mumkey to everyone. and mumkey still kept crawling back to her. 
    Now, the youtuber circle who support ian right now actually tried supporting mumkey back then too. BUT! they did not go to the full extent the way they did for ian. no videos. no nothing. just the occasional tweet here and there. even mumkey's fellow podcast hosts kept very silent up until everything was resolved (when mumkey eventually broke up with pedo and got his shit together). but no one would tought that shit with a 10ft pole. mumkey was left to the mercy of his own fanbase and forced to re-evaluate his life without the asskissing of others. 
    The point i am making here, is that youtubers are a whole new breed of opportunist and self-importance. Of course they want to help out people they like, but ONLY if they can do it without facing consequences. by no means did mumkey deserve any help, but i would say ian doesnt deserve help either. he's a big boy. let him take his L and move on. but this crowd seems to want to maintain the status quo that ian is untouchable. they cant let go of it. but youtubers do not realize that time for viewers moves much faster than time for content creators. ian hasnt done a content cop in a long time. no one takes him seriously anymore.
    likewise, the crowd supporting him is... actually quite hypocritical, i would say. here's a list of hypocrisies i found interesting:
    ethan of h3h3 rushing to ian's defense. ian openly says the N-word. but he turned on pewdiepie in the blink of an eye when the n-word schandal went down. not even long after he and ian were saying the N-word in a podcast. he will defend ian because ian is the internet tough guy, but not pewdiepie because felix is 1) on journo hitlists everywhere and 2) felix's actions hurt content creators wallets. all ethan cares about is money, and defending ian will not hurt his wallet. 
    critikal's charlie: on the official podcast, charlie and his hosts were all talking about onlyans account. one of his hosts very openly called these women whores and went on tangents about how pathetic the whole practice is. didn't see a lick of charlie popping in all 'well ur just an incel redditor lol'. 
    youtubers defending ian in general is an act of hypocrisy: everyone applauded ian for him calling out leafy's bully tactics. the general message of the leafy video was 'dont dish what you can't take' which ian has proven he cannot take, seeing how he deletes comments and i am hearing of him DMCA striking posts of anisa. as well as 'picking on minors is pathetic', which he did. one of his naysayers was 14 and ian blasted them in the video. 
    tldr: if you were on fire youtubers wouldn't piss on you to put the flames out unless you were a) part of their clique and b) not going to damage their profit in the process. 
    thanks for coming to my ted talk. 
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  6. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    she keeps leaving her mouth hanging open to look sexy but only looks like a mouthbreather. 
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  7. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    content cuck confirmed.
    i like how he tries to spin it as his fans mad because 'they looked up to him'.
    ian. bro. you haven't been relevant for a while. when was the last time you did a content cop? those were what upheld your status as 'untouchable'. but your content has significantly declined since then. your kid and tween fanbase has grown up. the reason they 'turned' on you is because they came to you to laugh at lolcows, and now YOU have become the lolcow to laugh at. your fans were your pet piranhas, and you fell into the tank.
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  8. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i have a hard time believing pet tubers with a shit ton of animals don't have some sort of hoarding issue. there's no way they love each and every one of those animals equally. and it just seems incredibly pointless to have so many animals? like why???? living creatures are not collections. and i know a lot of exotic pets prefer solitude and don't love the same way a cat or a dog does, but that doesn't seem like reasonable justification to treat it like a collector's item. 
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  9. jadedotgif added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    i think you misunderstood i meant
    i meant that he wasn't afraid to look disgusting or gross on camera while in character. everyone can look ugly in a certain light. i am aware he's handsome when out of character lmao.
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  10. jadedotgif added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    venus could never do content like filth frank because part of FF humor was that he wasn't afraid to mock himself and accept his ugly unattractive features. that's part of why he was so funny, because nothing was untouchable in regards to the self-depreciating humor. in fact joji would even mock himself and his earlier attempts to distinguish himself as joji. 
    i think even if venus created a persona that wasn't KAWAIIDOLLYDESU her ego and self esteem couldn't handle being (comedicaly) ugly for one second. nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you're going to do edgy humor you have to have thick skin imo.
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  11. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    i've seen that mukbanger's giant octopus, giant crab, and turtle video on twitter before. everyone was laughing about it, but it seriously disgusted me. why are you playing with a creature that is clearly frightened and fighting for its life? i think the turtle one is what upset me the most (at least i think that was the person who ate the turtle i can't remember)
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  12. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i love rap music but i hate how a lot of them talk about the same egotistical shit. 'i make money and i fuck bitches!' oh and 'i TOOOOTALLY killed a man! really! pls believe me, i'm so cool'. i usually listen to underground rap to avoid it, but even then you get unknown MCs laughably bragging about how famous they are when... they're not. hence why they are underground lmao.
    sometimes i just have to turn my brain off to listen to it.
    (also yes i know the awful subject matter is not exclusive to rap music)
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  13. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    edits the fuck out of her face to hide her forward neck posture and double chins, yet still looks haggard and gross.
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  14. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    i think it suits her too. and in general i just think it's pretty and unique. 
    it also has a interesting elongating effect, because without the eyemakeup her eyes are closer together and smaller. i think she looks cute without the eyemakeup as well, btw. maybe she could learn techniques that are more similar to her natural eyeshape some day, and play with both techniques. 
    my only criticism is that everytime she did her makeup looks, as beautiful as they were they often had the exact same shape to them. and i remember when she was once like 'oh btw im doing this new technique with my everyday eyemakeup from now on' but it was the exact same thing! i think it might just be her crutch. 
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  15. jadedotgif added a post in a topic Chris Ray Gun   

    the fact that he, anisa and ian all speak in that similar condescending ass tone is really fucking annoying.
    are he and laci green still together? i remember anisa was incredibly assmad about that relationship.
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