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  1. littlelurker added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    Lol that's so cringey. 
    on another note, i can't put my finger on it but I feel like she's not as "wholesome" as she makes herself out to be. Her twitter posts are littered with an overly positive attitude that feels almost manufactured. 
    Also, random but I was scrolling through the AX tag  months ago and came across a super rare candid of her. She's still doing the face hiding thing 😂 wondering why she's the only person that disables tagged pictures when she looks perfectly fine irl and is the prettiest e-girl imo

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  2. littlelurker added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    It's for halloween yes, but she's still replicating belle + if you look at her whole instagram she has the same aesthetic and outfits. She also mentioned on a highlight that she's inspired by Belle. 
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  3. littlelurker added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Oh that was quick lol...seems like she changed her Instagram name which leads me to think her cosplay insta was supposed to be kept a secret. Kinda stupid considering people will find you evetually LOL. 
    And the pics are definitely edited, as we attend the same University and ive seen her around. Her instagram is basically just carbon copies of belle-esque pics lol, someone mentioned before that we should just make a whole new thread for belle copycats 😩
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  4. littlelurker added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Kinda off topic, but are these two profiles the same person? If not the resemblance is uncanny. I've followed this girl for years but never knew she was doing this kind of thing on the side. 
    That being said, she looks 10x better than Belle does..sadly LOL. it's kinda disappointing though how we're seeing an increase in copycats. Like how can you like her enough to want to cosplay her, considering she's cringy and problematic as hell.
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  5. littlelurker added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    Oh yeah I know annytf since I'm in the Twitch artist community and she's a pretty prominent name there. 90% sure her voice isn't real. I hate to accuse people of faking their voice (like people did with Lily in the past, only for her to prove that it's actually her real voice) but this girl literally has a voice that's an octave higher than Lily LOL. Unless you have some sort of...condition idk? it's kinda difficult to believe that a normal human being possesses that kind of voice. 
    like you said, she also sounds "stuffy" and barely talks conversationally on stream, which makes me believe that shes likely straining her voice. Can't blame her though, as it seems like the bulk of her popularity comes from her voice. Heck, the highest donator has given her $9000 USD worth in bits (stupid imo), and we also can't forget subs + donations etc. 
    Aside from her voice though, I've interacted with her on someone else's stream before and she was highly rude and unpleasant. I won't give all the details about it though because it'll make me instantly recognizable LOL
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  6. littlelurker added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

     yeah I'm pretty positive she lurks here considering her recent activities (posting unedited pics, slowly phasing out of shooping, experimenting with art style). speaking of that, I mentioned earlier how her bio says "i stream drawings most of the time" but all she shows for the past month is her face; her bio now says something along the lines of "i bounce around from drawing to games to chatting." (not that there's much wrong with these actions btw, it shows that she probably is aware of what people say about her and is somewhat making an effort to accommodate) " 
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  7. littlelurker added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    new piece. honestly, this piece is really pretty; i gotta give it to her. the breasts are realistically proportioned, mercy at least sort of resembles mercy, and the outfit and wings are well done. the hips are still the signature sakimichan style (meant that in a bad way) but at least they're not whoppingly huge to the point of disgusting like the azur lane x ahri racer piece. 
    don't know if it's just me, but i feel like she goes through phases where she seems listen to people's criticism and tone down her anatomy (like this one) only to take five steps back and post shit like the ahri x atago piece lmao.
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  8. littlelurker added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    it honestly irks me that her twitch bio says "i stream drawings most of the time" when her streams for the past...year or so? is her just chatting.
    it also goes to show how little people care for actual content and attractive people like hyoon capitalize off of that. how nice it must be to make money off of just sitting in front of a camera answering questions. i know i come off as bitter (which i pretty much am) but thinking about it, it really is unfair how there's a surge of people who do so little work for the amount of money they make (belle delphine, etc). /rant done
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  9. littlelurker added a post in a topic Dabin Kim   

    damn i wish i could see one of these people inrl too x.x
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  10. littlelurker added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    thoughts on her newest instagram "no makeup selfie" post?
    one of the most upvoted comments is claiming that she's still wearing eyeliner, to which she responds that it's just her "short, stick straight eyelashes that appear like that when she looks forward" from personal experience i find that only people with really thick long lashes look like they're wearing eyeliner, not the other way around. plus, do eyelashes even extend as far up the lid as hers do?? i'm willing to give her credit that it's actually her with no makeup because i don't think she's stupid enough to lie about something as obvious-looking as this, but wanted to know your thoughts!
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  11. littlelurker added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    does she even play Azur Lane? LOL
    I'm not necessarily against people drawing fanart of games they don't play etc. but knowing sakimichan it kind of irks me that she just seems to hope on the bandwagon and lewd things that are currently popular. It makes her seem very disingenuous and greedy for money.
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  12. littlelurker added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    ///deleted my reply something went wrong i'm a PULL noob 
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  13. littlelurker added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    it's probably just me, but these days I don't find her looking as good as she did before. It's weird because it's not like she drastically changed her style or anything, but I remember when I first discovered her back in her "weeb" days, I thought she was stunning. now she just seems okay to me, as if some sort of bubble popped lol

    she looks different, but I can't really pinpoint what. Her cheekbones seem a lot more prominent maybe?
    Not bashing her in any way, she's still really pretty, but I just wanted to get this out of my system lol. tbh I really miss the her anime videos and her cosplays u__u
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  14. littlelurker added a post in a topic fnkgirl   

    she posted her side of the story, honestly I haven't looked into this drama much yet so I'm not taking any sides atm. Iris's smoking caption was freaking cringe tho lmao 

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  15. littlelurker added a post in a topic smallbootymary/trn.mry   

    she does/did. there was an older post with very visible scars where she captioned "these scars have come a long way" or something along those lines.
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