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  1. Makocchi added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    What is she a doing? 

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  2. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    The comment sections on her Facebook posts are so depressing. 
    How people can be so cruel even tough there is couple who tries to tell them it was the fans,  not her. 
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  3. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    Thanks for telling!  It didn't say that they we're just friends before.  
    And I can't agree more with that makeup.  Just made me feel sad for the guy.  I think the video would've been more nicer with a proper makeup and not jus some splashing his face with things.
    I'm kinda sad about her situation and wellbeing 
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  4. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    @M  oh, okay. Maybe i just didn't understand that when they were calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend they meant just friends!
    (Just watch the videos )
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  5. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    Okay there was a new video and it seems Marina got herself a boyfriend?
    Girlfriend does makeup
    Im sorry idk how to put a link better.
    Theres another video on her bf's account too
    Try Not To Laugh Challenge
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  6. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    So, those two videos about Marina are basically uploader (idk her name) talking about her experience with people who have schizophrenia. She is saying that there are multiple sings pointing that Marina is not kidnapped or abused, simply she might have a mental illness and she doesn't even realize it herself.
    In the video she is pointing many things, expressions and talking style which gives hints about her mental state.
    I think what she says makes the most sense taking into account all the accusations about her being fake and being kidnapped by Isis (how tf even??) 
    It is a very good video and I recommend you to watch it even it sounds boring. 
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  7. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

     Nah, none taken, just wanted to be more clear lol  
    If her own mother says she is alright, police says so and her friends, then she is somewhat okay and case closed.
    It's so sad to see so much hate and shitposting (pardon) on all over internet. 
    It isn't her fault ffs.
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  8. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    I didn't mean that she HAS to do a video, I'm just as confused as everyone else why she acts and says as she does.
    It maybe could ease up her fans and such, but if she decides not to do anything that's just as fine. 
    I really can see that she is under a lot of pressure right now and I just really hope she takes care of herself as well as possible. 
    Mariana is not accountable to tell everyone what is wrong, but making people getting worried is kinda harsh.
    I'm disgusted the way people started to attack her after she said nothing is true what has been said about her.
    It's been pointed out that she didn't say or confirm any of those accusations so is it that those ppl are mad because they made a fool of them self? 
    And, I didn't say that it was a stunt to gain attention. We are all speculating here what has been going on and we will never know if she herself doesn't want to tell us.
    So, just hope she is alright and somewhat well and she gets her things sorted out.
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  9. Makocchi added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    I just want to point out about the bb gun in the bedroom that it's been there before christmas already.
    Published: 27.11.2015
    AND I can see it almost every video which has been recorded in that bedroom.
    (Like, how did u guys miss this thing and you can see a sign language when she hugs a tree ffs)
    I came across of this drama when one Facebook page shared a video and now I'm just confused?
    Maybe she should do honest video about whats going on and stop dodging the questions.
    But if this was just a stunt to get more subs, it was clever in one way and absolutely stupid on the other.

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  10. Makocchi added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Long time lurker here!
    I was just watching Venus' new video and I saw the interview video on the sidebar and watched it again after a long time.
    I hated Venus before, I thought she was just a stupid puppet who wanted to be kawaii uguu dooru-chan but now I really see what was going on.
    Like, its not hard to tell who is really controlling that drama circus
    ''you cant have fans for living''
    ''you cant live doing Youtube videos''
    ''Venus doesn't understand what you're saying''
    And as someone said before, Maggot interupts her ALL THE TIME.
    I just cant believe Vexxed (or whateva) did a good job with the ''research'', like he likes to say.
    (IDK if this makes any sense bc I just want to let my steam off I'm so pissed at Margothel)
    So, first she said you can't live off youtube and now she demands the money made from youtube. Well she wanted attention but everyone knows that is not healthy one.  As she said so herself in the interview.
    (''there's getting attention and not getting attention and I don't  know if I can handle it'') 
    And Venus looks so happy and alive in her newest video, nothing like before. 
    I really hope she keeps her head up and positive attitude! 
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