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  1. butto_n added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    lmao her jaw doesnt fucking look like that who does she think shes fooling? 
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  2. butto_n added a post in a topic shoppingcartfullofpinkturd   

    his art is garbage wtf are they fawning over and its clear he's a pedophile disgusting piece of trash
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  3. butto_n added a post in a topic Halsey   

    does anyone know how old the minor she kissed was? 
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  4. butto_n added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    thanks for explaining bc i had no idea what she meant and she would've been better off with her original nose it was so cute 
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  5. butto_n added a post in a topic Halsey   

    even though this is cringy as fuck, i have to say she writes really well anyways i've never really cares for her i did like her song colors 
    idk shes nothing interesting and her music is nothing great imo 
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  6. butto_n added a post in a topic timmythick   

    lmao he's arching his back so hard
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  7. butto_n added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    is it the angle she's in or is it me? because her nose looks slightly crooked. they really fucked her up.
    and can someone quote me on this explain what celia meant? i was lurking her comments on her ps video and she said something about how koreans have similiar nose shapes to african american people and correct me of i'm wrong but no? i don't think so? if that was the case she wouldnt have came out with a toucan nose 
    im sorry for being salty but absolutely hate their nose and the side angle is absolutely horrendous 
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  8. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    well i didn't know snowflake meant that on here but i'm still trying to get used to forums and the lingos
    and okay that's your opinion but there's stuff you have to take into consideration maybe someone grew up around a certain race all their life or their parents want them or prefer them to date inside their race
    i like everyone honestly but i don't see myself dating someone that's trans or disabled, unless i have been dating someone for a while and they happen to have an accident that causes them to become disabled 
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  9. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    To be honest I'm extremely confused on the definition of snowflake on this site, when I hear snowflake I think of SJWs not scammers and liars so I can understand why @vanilla put Riley here 
    I thought snowflake was someone who had like SJW behavior, I don't visit the snowflake forum often so yeah
    And I was just giving general information because that stood out to me because I don't understand how having dating preferences are racist, ableist, or transphobic? People can't help who they're attracted to. 
    Sorry if I didn't quite answer your question, but according to the rules or description of this forum I think Riley would be better off in Online Personalities 
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  10. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    it's my opinion she just reminds me of milo tbh and oh well people aren't nice on the internet 
    idk why but even though riley has the opinion and thought process of every sjw she doesnt bother me or make me upset and i can watch her videos even though i don't agree with her maybe its the tone of her voice and how she comes off nice and non-aggressive idk i can't explain 
    it actually makes me sad when i see people from the right or anti sjw debunk her videos bc theyre just so mean about it and so harsh idk i have a soft spot for her and im not going to lie but she is attractive
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  11. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    i understand that, that's disgusting and rude but what did i do? i was just adding more information. maybe its because this thread is in the wrong forum, i personally think it should be in online personalities 
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  12. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    what's with the downvotes?
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  13. butto_n added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    was lurking and found this gem 

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  14. butto_n added a post in a topic heyitsfeiii   

    I read through this whole thread and wow this was interesting. I found her because I watched one of her skincare videos and for some reason I am addicted to like watching people apply face masks and pop pimples etc. 
    She seemed like a nice girl but the only that irked me was her nasally voice and the bits where she would randomly dance to kpop (cringy). 
    I feel bad for her, considering her whole acne issue I think she should just lay off the Korean skincare products.
    Also I thought I was the only one who noticed her smile, like I thought she had a huge overbite at first.
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  15. butto_n added a post in a topic Riley J Dennis   

    I pulled this from "her" website but:
    “Riley J. Dennis (formerly Justin Dennis) is a writer, editor, YouTuber, and public speaker.

    She's an intersectional feminist and a strong believer in equal rights for everyone. She tries to use her platform to talk about things that matter.

    Oh, and she's a huge nerd who loves Harry Potter, anime, and Pokemon. She's also super queer (transfeminine lesbian to be specific).”
    From what I've seen from videos of her:
    • She thinks not wanting to date or not being attracted to a transgender, disabled, or black person is transphobic, ableist, and racist (video here)
    • Believes in that non-binary and 62 genders junk as stated above 
    • She claims to be a lesbian and is currently dating another snowflake Youtuber by the name of neonfiona
    This is my personal opinion of Riley but I don't think wearing eyeliner, growing your hair to your shoulders, and wearing female clothing makes you trans, cross-dresser? Yes. Trans? No. Even though I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo 62 genders, I will still respect their pronouns because that's the respectful thing to do.
    I don't agree with Riley's opinions at all and she's another band wagon rider and fearmongerer but I don't necessarily have a problem with her even though her girlfriend is quite cringey and annoying 
    (Feel free to add because I know I left stuff out but it's literally 6 AM here) 
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