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  1. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

       ·54m Mira: So the lesson is. Becareful! And stay woke! Crazy people can come to you online. I get tons of crazy mail. It’s always best to use caution.   My god you really are an idiot. "Be careful and stay woke'. I don't think that's the lesson per se, "stay in school or you will be condemned to talking and speaking like a child" may be more apt. Also Mira, don't you see the irony of using the term 'crazy ?' Stick with making videos about oranges in the bathtub, at least you can occupy your time and all of us can "be careful and stay woke" while enjoying your videos. Footnote: I just wanted to use the phrase "be careful and stay woke' in a sentence.
    Footnote: Crazy people cannot come to you online but they can contact you online. Get it?
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  2. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

        ·Jul 2Now I know why my ancestors got out of Europe while they could to make a new world of FREEDOM! . #alhamdulilah I now live in a free country like Japan that doesn’t have such silly and unhelpful rules. Dear Mira: I recently discovered an old yellowed copy of a memo penned by one of your ancestors. The following text is a literal translation regarding the Constable family and their exodus out of Europe.
    "Dammit I wanna go to Univercity. Europe is oppressed and the inhabitants therein cant properly use chopsticks. Let us all go to Japan, a sort of sanctified country devoid of silly rules."Mind you, Miranda's ancestors used papyrus and Parker pens to note their exploits. Another embittered Constable ancestor noted that Japan is a "land of freedom" (unless you were Korean, Ainu or even female) life would have been peachy. Miras sage ancestors laid the groundwork for her worldly wisdom and we can trace her intelligence back to this source. Yes Mira, I can truly appreciate the tenacity and wisdom of your lineage, and would like to ask, were your ancestors insane or just "happy go lucky" world beaters?
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  3. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

         Guys can you just answer this.. Is it called “Sunni” because we follow the “sunnah” ? Or is that completely unrelated? Cause I been wondering that Mira you are brilliant. I never met anyone so well informed. I often find people who are passionate about their faith who can't even understand the basic terminology related to their beliefs.
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  4. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    In other news. For the first time in my life I am riding the women’s only train. Wrong again dummy. It is not a "women's only train". This implies that all of the passengers are female. This is most certainly not the case. Only designated carsare reserved exclusively for wonen. Mira you tend to confuse intelligent people.          
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  5. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

         So sad this terrorist attack in Japan on the Shinkansen the other day where a man started to stab people.  Sorry Mira you're wrong again. A terrorist attack denotes a political or religious aim of some type. What happened in Japan does not qualify as a terrorist attack nor did the Japanese media describe it as such. Get your damn facts straight. I just remembered, you're the same fool who claimed "Samurai didn't ride horses'. Considering that whacky statement, it seems you're making some progress. At the very least, check the definitions of syntax you are unsure of before you publish your sophmoric thoughts.    
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  6. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    "She became more and more irate until she said that if she had her way, parents that so much as TOUCHED alcohol near their kids should be thrown in jail or receive the DEATH PENALTY!"
    Would that include her ows parents? I can visualize the Constable houehold gathering around the kitchen table and enjoying an Imam approved halal meal wherein the following conversation could theoretically take place.
    Mom: I really enjoyed my 100 percent pork free meal. Think I will enjoy a bit of Chardoney before bedtime:
    Mira: AllahuAkbar!! You must die infidel.
    Footnote (a): Miras new watchdog KM.. I cant remember his name, bit me on the ankle last time I defamed Miras character and questioned her adhetence to her faith. 
    Footnote (b): luckily for me Allah seems like a swell guy, quick to forgive minor transgressions.
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  7. Tony added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It was sunny 5/18. You can google the information.
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  8. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    This is where lot of people would quote “wow! There really is a god” , but we Muslims already know this. سبحان الله#islam #muslimspiderman #france #muslim Well Mira looks like you jumped the gun on this one. It seems you are attempting to put forward the idea that God exists because  a small child was rescued from a burning structure in France. In other words, because certain phenomena can't easily be explained, it therefore points to the existence of an omnipotent God. Welcome to the stone age Mira, you are attempting to speak for "us Muslims " but come off sounding like a fool once again. Your type of thinking goes back to the dawning of our existence wherein people believed that great floods were the result of malevolent Gods. This fallacy of thought isn't solely restricted to Muslims, but it seems to be prevalent among people who dismiss scientific  thought or alternative explanations. Simply put, the "God in rhe gaps" theory is popular among those who are obstinate in thought. As a self proclaimed "woman of science "I thought you would have been familiar with this line of reasoning. Perhaps that burqa is cutting off the supply of oxygen to your brain. 
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  9. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I could only watch her live show for 30 seconds, it was just too painful. She sounded like a little kid returning from summer camp. "Guys uh, I'm sorry um, I am um eating watermelon like, ugh watermelon is ugh like the best. I ugh like have some grapes. I actually felt my brain twisting in agony as it attempted to escape from the incessant stammering of that cretin. I will personally give anyone 10,000 yen if they can listen to that fools entire video . Only rule is, you cannot fall asleep or blow  your brains out. 
    Just got flaggged by Mother's rosario". Possibly Mira as their is no activity on that account. Also 'rosario' should be capitalized. Mira tends to not know these types of things.
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  10. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    A wise person makes a mistake and proceeds to correct his or her error. An unwise person tends to repeat the same mistakes and ceases to maturate. Case in point, a certain ( or cretin) nefarious YouTuber who will remain unnamed, had recently performed a live show and was rewarded by losing in circa of 250 subscribers. This same fool then made another live show and lost an additional 300 (and counting) subscribers.  I would like to provide the name of this fool but out of pity will not release the identity of this vile Allah fearing pseudo Muslim. I expect that "YouTuber X" will probably produce another mindless video or liveshow which will further add fire to the admonitions of lunacy which have been heaped upon her. I think that the best photograph she ever provided was the one where her visage was placed next to a trash bag in the rear of a garbage truck.  For a fool, she seems to have an uncanny ability to accurately describe her existence.
    Footnote: Out of privacy concerns, I cannot state that the aforementioned fool is really Mira.
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  11. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Looks like she is still in Japan. Her shopping bag appears to be from the Al-Flah supermarket in Ikebukuro, a halal foodstore popular amongst Muslims. I hope that I am wrong but it looks like she is still around. It could be possible that it wasn't her bag which she photographed but that seems unlikely. Look at the photo from her twitter account and compare it to the plastic shopping bags from Al-Flah. I hope that I am wrong but as in the case of malaria and the common cold, the virus has surprised me with its survival skills.
    Footnote: it seemed like a nice touch on Miras part to place her photo amongst the garbage bags. Seemed to go well together like wine and cheese or Tom snd Jerry.
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  12. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    One thing I have learned regarding Nihongo is to never say 'I am fluent'. Mira seems to believe she has reached a level of proficiency and is fluent in Japanese. I have yet to hear anyone else make such a statement regarding their own abilities. No matter how much we study a foreign language, there will always be someone who speaks better than ourselves. Most of the Japanese people I have met are very critical of their own language skills. I think they are wise enough to realize that they are in a precarious position regarding their foreign language skills. For Mira to boast about her language skills is obnoxious and insulting to those who speak Japanese better than her,  but  realize there exists a plethora of things that are still unknown. The majority of us are humble regarding our conversational skills and realize that we will be forever secondary vis-a-vis native speakers. Mira seems to take a lot of pride in the amount of Japanese that she has learned, hopefully she will come to the realization that she is a gaijin, and is seen in the same light as all of us.
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  13. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    A sugar glider may in fact be an ideal companion for Mira. Native to Australia, they often dine on tree sap, and Mira is a bit of a sap herself. Armed with large teeth and noted for their inabiliy to bond with either humans or other animals, this little fella seems to have found a soul mate in Mira. Another pleasant  fun fact regarding this marsupial is that it cannot be potty trained. Of course, Mira may be impervious to the 'stinky twinklie' in her midst as she tends to focus on her Quranic studies. I wonder how long it will take for the sugar glider to realize that its owner is insane.  
    Postscript: Does the glider pray 5 times a day? Does it eat Islamic approved 'halal insects?' Does it wear a Burqa? Due to its nocturnal nature, what does the Quran say about gliders and Islamic dress? I have a ton of questions regarding this animal. I assume Mira has already given it its first Arabic lesson.
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  14. Tony added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It is hard to adequately describe the pain and torment that courses through my veins, as the trauma of Miras departure from our virtual existence fills our collective souls with a cold and dark silence. Am I the only one who was charmed by her warm smile and graceful demeanor? Like a warm cup of cocoa on a frigid,  wintry night,  Miras reassuring demeanor eased the burdens of our daily lives and filled our dull, grey days with laughter and bliss. As a self-proclaimed "woman of science " she could unlock the secrets of our world  and enlighten us as to the myriad ways of the universe. I wanted to thank her for sharing her wisdom with us, even though none of us are in the least bit worthy of her sanctimonious teachings. Mira I think I can safely say that we all miss you and that I for one, will struggle to find meaning  in my life as the message "Twitter account privatized " on your main page has sent me into a state of anguish and despondency. To me this sounds like a eulogy, rather like I am burying Beethoven or Shakespeare.  All we have now are your sage teachings and prophecies to guide us through our daily struggles. You certainly lifted my emotional boat when you declared your upcoming enrollment in a 'Univercity'. And what fool couldnt help but marvel at your 'My favorite country is Hawaii' musing?  I learned so many things from you O Mira, please come back I cant take it any longer. 
    Footnote (a): Mira if you do come back, please wait until the Lakers game finishes.
    Footnote (b): Like Kafunsho the pain is real.
    Footnote (c): Hawaii isn't really a country you moron.
    Footnote (d): Please forgive me regarding the above comment, I shall repent at once and wear a hijab while making videos for YouTube.
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  15. Tony added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Sorry for the topic shift. It seems ironic that Mira presents herself to be a symbol of fairness and equitability amongst people irrespective of race or religion. She often mentions Saudi Arabia as her favorite country. While in Japan, she mentioned the possibility of erecting a Mosque in Tokyo for the followers of Islam to have a house of worship. How about building a church in Saudi Arabia?  She is fortunate that she is protected by this double standard. 
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