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  1. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I hope lily realizes a big reason why other ppl on her streams are good is because of her. She can make any situation entertaining because she brings out the best in others with her fun and genuine personality. 
    I loved her chemistry with xell, aria, and even Albert (before he revealed himself as a cheating scumbag). I can't count the number of times I've became interested in one of her friends channels because of how great their banter is with lily and when i watch their solo content it's not the same or as funny. 
    Michael can be entertaining on his own which is why when he's with lily it's exponentially that much better. 
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  2. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    sorry but a lot of us here do play league; that's how we found out about poki. And some of the posters here are diamond players themselves. Even so you don't need to be diamond+ to know she doesn't belong there. 
    it's true you can have subpar mechanics and still maintain high elo, but youd have to compensate with good map control/game knowledge which poki lacks in even more than her mechs. 
    she plays safe because she doesn't know what to do. Her lane opponents out class her so the only thing she can do is try her best not to int. Which happens sometimes but in almost all of her games? It just means she's playing above her actual level and best case scenario has zero impact on the game, worse case scenario she's feeding her ass off. 
    Playing safe only applies to professional team play where a coordinated five man can punish even the smallest misclick, in a solo queue environment you're not going to realistically climb if the best you can do is not feed the enemy team 
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  3. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Ugh I'm sick of all the comments on her art insta or YouTube videos with Albert in them that say shit like "this aged badly" 
    It's not original or funny and a massive dick move especially when lily didn't do anything wrong
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  4. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Lsf has always acted above pull even tho they gossip about drama and criticize streamers just as much as we do. The biggest difference is the pull community is mostly made up of women while lsf is mostly made up of men. I won't deny pull can be toxic sometimes but lsf can be just as, if not worse. Lsf also has this weird superiority complex where they shame each other for "caring about drama" while feeling the need to comment on how little they care and upvoting out of context clips to the top of the sub. Just because pull is more open about what it's used for doesn't make lsf better lmao
    Also I've said it 100 million times and I'll say it again, just because a woman dislikes another woman does not mean she's jealous. Like maybe women don't like poki because they don't think she's a good representative as the face of female streamers? Isn't it weird how poki, whos fanbase is comprised primarily of men is considered the role model for female streamers? Like who decided this? It's true she has the largest following but almost none of her fans are women. 
    You'll also see many positive comments for female streamers on pull like lily, valk, hafu, hachu, and with the recent drama, daph; all largely successful streamers but funny how they aren't hated out of "petty jealousy." men can't possibly understand why women would dislike poki because they've never experienced being harassed and stereotyped for daring to have a vagina. 
    To sum up why girls seem to prefer these streamers over poki: 
    Lily: super talented in several things, her growth as a person is inspiring, likeable personality in general 
    Valk: chill, sweet, and always has fun, even though she's drop dead gorgeous doesn't resort to pandering or lie about her relationship 
    Hafu: really good at games down to a competitive level, informative streams with good insight, yet never acts like she's better than other girls 
    Hachu: bubbly and cute, wholesome and funny content, always has a blast even doing the most mundane things 
    daph: honest and upfront which is refreshing in the twitch community, open and reflective about her flaws (she straight up admits ppl didn't like her in high school because her personality was likely unpleasant, and that she's a compsci drop out)
    Reasons why girls don't like poki: unlikable personality that comes off as fake and calculating, panders with ship baiting, terrible at league but always pushes the diamond narrative (even tho there's proof of her being boosted here), always acts above other girls and even shaming her former female eng classmates as boring, slut shaming titty streamers, the "wholesome" things she does come off as calculating, claims ppl didn't like her in uni because they made fun of her for streaming, always calls herself an eng student when she dropped out
    Like shit, is it really that hard to understand why she might rub some ppl the wrong way? 
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  5. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    The sexism is real. When girls dislike other girls, guys always claim its because we're either 1) jealous 2) femcels 3) doing it for clout. Has it ever occured to them that maybe people just don't like other people based on their personality or past actions? 
    These accusations on daph for trying to gain attention for her "faltering popularity" (when she's been steadily growing this entire time), or being jealous of poki are so dishonest and does not address the actual situation; why the hell would anyone ask you if you unfollowed them in the first place if they only had good intentions??? It baffles me to hell and back that anyone could even think the intentions behind that as pure just because poki didn't straight up go "how dare you unfollow me" the reason why daph probably even mentioned the emojis is because she was weirded out by how poki was willing to pretend the interaction was nothing but pleasant with some smiling emojis. Like this doesn't even require some crazy mental gymnastics to figure out.
    If you unfollowed some mutual friend or coworker who 1) has a history of latching onto lsfs flavour of the month for "networking purposes" 2) treated your friends like shit 3) and most importantly never talked to you until you became famous enough to leech off of, and even then the interaction was barely meaningful or memorable, and she dms you asking why you unfollowed them.. in what planet is that seen as an innocent question? Ppl are purposely ignoring the prior context to make daph look bad. 
    Tbh I don't think daph is handling this well at all. Daph has always been very honest about expressing her unfiltered thoughts which is one of the reasons why she blew up in the first place. Unfortunately she really can't hide the fact that she dislikes poki and everyone is interpreting it as daph being catty while imo she just can't mask her feelings very well. Just because ppl don't say how they're feeling out loud like daph doesn't mean they only have well intentioned thoughts all the time. 
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  6. sysy added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Yeah idk about this one. She's claiming she "won" but she's awfully vague about what she won other than the fact that she was able to break her contract (even though mole ent was definitely dumping her ass anyway) 
    This is just typical coco, feeding her English audience vague half truths. Like I don't get how anybody even sees her as credible anymore when she cries about being a starving artist while driving a Porsche and buying designer clothing and accessories. How she's always had a handful of excuses for why she's under performed. Why does anyone even see this vague ass video as a proof that she was the victim all along lol
    What'd she win? The right to continue slandering sori and mol? Like good for her she doesn't have to pay 500k but what is she leaving out? Maybe she still had to pay a hefty fine but it wasn't as large? Either way her attitude in general is still disgusting and I can't support her whether mole mistreated her or not. 
    Like maybe she's not allowed to talk about the case for legal reasons but then it's like don't make a fucking video about it lol. How can people even find the things she says as credible, it's insane. 
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  7. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Lol at lsf saying daph is doing this for clout?? She's clearly stated several times she doesn't give a shit as long as she has enough money to live comfortably (which she does) the turtle stream should prove it when she could've cashed in a massive viewer count. 
    It doesn't take a genius to understand that daph is just done with pokis fake shit and the fact that everyone has to tip toe around her. Maybe daphs reaction wasn't the most mature or effective but with the way poki oppresses the twitch community theres really little room for how one could possibly react 
    But what can we expect from lsf? Most of them have never interacted with typical mean girls (or girls in general probably) who act passive aggressive without directly saying anything offensive, so they can back track and claim they were just asking innocent questions
    I respect the shit out of daph because despite the fact that she is a public figure, she doesn't participate in this stupid culture of communicating indirectly so she can save face when things go sour. There's no room for interpretation with how daph speaks, she means what she says. She's not playing manipulative mind games like poki. 
    And if poki wasn't being aggressive why did she have to ask if she unfollowed her because of sliker? Or even ask if someone freaking unfollows them in the first place? She doesn't even talk to daph like who the hell cares lol.. Ocassionally I'll unfollow coworkers/classmates/mutuals and theyll unfollow me if we never interact. It doesn't mean anything, it just means I want to keep my feed clean with people I know or follow. 
    Poki is 100% trying to bully daph and daph ain't having any of that shit
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  8. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I have mutuals w George and lily (altho they are closer to george) and I heard they were super cute together. George cared about lily a lot but at the end of the day I think they just didn't match which is unfortunate because they're both nice people. 
    everyone was happy for lily when she found Albert because it seemed like she found someone who was both sweet AND matched with her. I also heard some speculations that they broke up because of Albert, but hearing how Albert pursued lily while she intended to friendzone him initially, I'm inclined to believe that wasn't the case. George and lily also broke up on good terms which most likely indicates there wasn't any shady shit going on. 
    Lily wasn't that open about her relationship with george. Although she didn't hide it, she wasn't comfortable sharing parts of her personal life with an audience until Albert arrived. I just feel so sad that she felt safe enough with Albert to be affectionate with him in public and he totally humiliated her.. Liberty clips are so easily found, the way Albert rejects her hugs and kisses, the way he's so cold.. Even if this situation isn't her fault at all, it must be so painful to look back at all these clips with a different context. 
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  9. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    God I think this is why it's hurting and upsetting so many people to see lily like this. Like you said, lily has always been so open and honest about her confidence issues. Seeing her growth all these years was truly amazing. She went from never showing her face, to covering a part of it with sunglasses, to getting jaw surgery (and being awesomely open about it btw), to wearing makeup, dying her hair, and wearing cute clothes. She always talked down on her own skills and abilities, but now she's a well respected pianist, and has a large fanbase for her art and entertaining personality. And Albert just fucked it all up. 
    I think the reason why ppl like lily is because she's transparent about her flaws, worries, opinions, and weaknesses. In the sea of twitch that's full of putting on fake faces and clout chasing she's stands out as someone refreshing. 
    Albert deleted his pic with avocado on insta lol but he's kept his pics up with lily. Is he trying to save face or does he really regret what he's done to her? I really hope it's the latter. He had something special and he threw it away for something shiny and new. Absolute human trash. 
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  10. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    same, I know we all want to vilify poki completely but like all things this isn't completely black and white. Let's be real, all of pokis friendships are hollow because she treats them all poorly (lily included) but regardless, lily has always defended her and stood by her side. This is pokis way of giving something back to her: using her influence and power to completely scorch Albert and avocados reputation. 
    obviously it's still selfish because this isn't what lily wanted at all. Poki didn't think about lilys feelings before her own desire for vengeance. Tbh my first emotional response would've been to destroy Alberts chances of ever getting back into the twitch scene too, but poki has millions of followers and with that comes responsbility. Acting on every emotional impulse just reflects on how childish and immature you really are. 
    it's hypocritical of me because I want lily to be happy. But another part of is absolutely loving the shit albert is getting and all the memes being made. Not because it's entertaining but because imo he really deserves this for being such a scummy manipulative asshole to lily. And I have no doubt poki feels the same way. 
    Based on the nature of pokis half assed apology, I do agree she was partially motivated by clout. But I don't think that was the only reason why she did it. 
    Imo lily deserves better friends like aria, scarra and toast who always have her best interests in mind. They love and adore lily and probably wanted to rip Albert a new one too, but they were at least thoughtful enough not to involve the rabid fanbase. 
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  11. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Albert is actually so boring without lily carrying his ass. The reason why their dynamic was so entertaining was because ppl mistook his lack of personality for a cool, deadpan demeanor. Paired with lilys bursting energy and affection, they seemed like a cute opposites-attract sort of pair. 
    Now we know he's just plain as a doormat. Kid takes himself way too seriously, with the tryhard editing style of his videos, (although you can't deny the great production quality) his clothes and the way he speaks. He sees himself as this tortured artist which is hilarious because that's exactly how avocado sees herself too (example: posting "deep lyrics" as her captions on some insta pics) 
    Lily is the total opposite. She likes to banter and have fun, she's creative and witty. She doesn't give a shit about trying to look cool, she'll wear face masks on her streams and laugh at herself when she makes an awkward mistake. 
    Lily deserves better than that overgrown edgelord, and he fits perfectly with avocado. They can go take their cringy ass "deep" bullshit somewhere else, hopefully far away from lily. 
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  12. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    I'm so disgusted rn. Lily has been through so much shit and when she met Albert I thought she had finally found happiness. Her shitty friends are out here farming clout while she's acting like the bigger person. 
    I've followed lily for a long time and I've watched her growth through all these years. I just really want to see a day where things go right for her. 
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  13. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    oh my god, thank you. I posted about this a few pages ago, he's so cringy and fake around her. If you watch his other videos without her, the way he speaks is more energetic and confident, he plays up the cute uwu animu shy boy to appeal to weebs. There were comments shipping them which is so incredibly disrespectful to Albert. Like is he seriously trying to ship bait with someone who's in a committed relationship? 
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  14. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't think you're too far off the mark. She chose clout chasing over her friends for several years and its quite obvious there's a disconnect between herself and the group. As we've seen poki has too much pride to ever admit she's wrong, so instead of talking it out with the people who actually care about her, she dives deeper into trying to form connections w other streamers she can milk viewers from. 
    I don't believe she's an evil sociopath or anything either, she just let the fame get to her head and instead of addressing her insecurities in a healthy way, she lashes out by being bitchy to ppl who have what she doesn't. She throws shade at valk (a female streamer with a large female fanbase), and is condescending to lily and fed (who have friends that genuinely love and support them) Over the years she's certainly isolated herself more and more. 
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  15. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    oh no wonder I haven't watched their content in ages. It's gotten really childish and cringy lately, and I just found out mark and xell stepped down from producing (they work on the company side of things now) and feds been working on the videos. 
    honestly I've run out of sympathy for fed so long ago. Poki cucks him and treats him like trash but he always crawls back, and follows her on a short leash. 
    every time somebody in the otv community criticizes him (very respectfully, mind you) he cries about haters. He's an immature and annoying shit in their group podcasts. He tried to defend Jaime and jvna in their recent controversy by claiming they thought they were being threatened. He went through toasts room and found condoms and showed them on stream and made fun of him. 
    everything about him describes everything I hate about that egirl twitch streaming culture. He's an overgrown, immature child living in an echo chamber where anyone who isn't kissing his ass is a jealous incel hater. 
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