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  1. sysy added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I actually know ppl who are that clumsy and incompetent irl and this is exactly why I have a problem with ppl like wolfy who try to romanticize and fetishize it. It's not cute, and people who are like this themselves are actually super frustrated and hate it. Most of the time something prevented them from developing the necessary skills to survive as an adult and its debilitating.
    I posted earlier in this thread about my bro diagnosed with ADD and he's clumsy and has childish tendencies because of it. He acts like a typical anime character: hyper active, random and impulsive, clumsy and walking into walls. It's not cute at all, being around him is frustrating af he is constantly breaking shit and spilling stuff but he is definitely even more frustrated than me. 
    I also have a friend who has SPD and she is also clumsy, trips on her feet, and gets tired and is weak like a uwu loli girl but she hates it because she can't do anything without getting exhausted, sick, and troubling others to take care of her. No one thinks it's cute irl, it's a huge detriment especially when they become adults and can't seem to do the same things as ppl their own age, and my friend is always depressed and frustrated over it. 
    This is why I think wolfy is bullshitting. Either that or she's spoiled and has her bf or a bunch of people just picking up after her lack of adulting skills. Because being a uwu delicate clumsy anime girl isn't viable in reality and it's depressing to those who actually suffer from those traits.
    Sorry I went a bit OT again but I just want to explain why I think fetishizing being a useless frail child is problematic. 
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  2. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    While I think poki gets nitpicked more than most steamers I don't think most of it is uncalled for. Imo:
    - I agree that she doesn't have to support everyone but ppl point this fact out a lot because her friendships seem more like stepping stones which is a little off putting in itself, but the fact that she easily let her chat shit on fed while milking moki after hyping up foki is selfish and shows bad character. There are also a few fed fans on pull that feel he has been down lately, and with how sweet he is to poki and how she often treats him like an afterthought it's natural his fans are upset. 
    - personally I would not support/watch any streamer if they were bitchy or shitty people
    - criticising her makeup is pretty valid seeing as she launched her own brand and wants to be a ceo while her own makeup looks mediocre, her hair is fried, and she is known for her gaming. (which she isn't even good at) no one knows her for her beauty tips or make up application. I am in the minority on pull when I say i believe that poki is quite pretty. But being pretty does not automatically mean you get a credible voice in the beauty industry. I would criticise any streamer who had mediocre maintenance and makeup skills but decided to launch a beauty product, it is not exclusive to poki.
    Like I said on an earlier post, poki is very ambitious, but she directs her energy poorly which results in criticism. She wants to dip her foot in everything without putting effort into excelling or even being competent at any of them. 
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  3. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Seeing as poki and lily are the two girls of otv it's natural the two of them will be compared and imo lily is much better in every way whether you think her voice is fake or real, or her content/personality is enjoyable. I used to dislike lily, I think she did pitch her voice higher and act fake cutesy in the beginning but she's toned it down and always stayed consistent in her morals which eventually won my respect.
    - lily has never leeched, or used her friendships for clout. All her friendships seem genuine and the ones that seem fake (poki janet and I'd throw coco in there too) seems more like the other girls having issues making genuine relationships rather a problem with lily
    - she's undeniably talented musically and her drawings are cute, yet she never blows up her skills. She will even include herself feeding/doing poorly in her league videos even though she's not that bad (prob mid gold I'd guess?) unlike poki who always advertises herself as diamond
    - imo she is pretty even though she styles herself questionably at times, and is much lower maintenance than poki
    - she can be overly eager to argue at times and i don't agree with several of her views and opinions. But I respect the fact that she fight for her beliefs whereas all of pokis opinions seem so fake, like they're just there to further cultivate her stream persona and she doesn't really care for them
    - lily grew because of her music, art, voice acting, ect. And while I actually don't think shes an amazing voice actor she really works hard to cultivate skills. Poki can't even work hard to get good at games which is her selling point 
    - I have mutuals who know lily and even when I disliked her early content I've heard nothing but good things about how she's chill and very friendly in person
    - also pokis makeup application isnt terrible.. But why the fk would anyone buy makeup from her when her application is mediocre? While I do agree poki is ambitious and that in itself is respectable she directs her energy in the wrong direction and imo that reeks of arrogance
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  4. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah imo most of lily's friendships seem genuine. She can bounce off her friends naturally and they all seem to have a genuinely good time. The only exception is poki (and Janet actually) , and after seeing clips of them together I feel like it's more of a poki issue than a lily one. Poki seems hard to get along with.
    With poki and Janet all lily does is uwuwuwuw like I get some friendships are actually like that. But like I said earlier about poki (and the same can be said for Janet too) it seems like ppl are just afraid to offend them so that's the only way lily can act. Like I think on peccas channel she had a video of a behind the scenes shooting of the finding love for toast otv video and lily asks if Janet was plat and she gets offended and goes 'I was diamond' and the exchange is kinda awkward. Then lily hastily apologizes. Maybe they didn't know eachother that well back then but then we have the more recent clip of poki getting pissed because lily didn't want to go to that makeup convention or w.e with her and lily reacts in the same way, just quickly apologetic. So it's like the only option for her is to act in that fake omg I wuv u ur so perfect way with them because God forbid you slightly offend poki and someone's whos literal ign is 'the queen' 
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  5. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Pretty much describes how most of her relationships with other girls come off to me. Like they're all scared to offend her or something. None of her friendships with other e girls looks natural or genuine. 
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  6. sysy added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    ugh a little OT but I hate it when ppl romanticize being clumsy. My little brother has ADD and he's clumsy in the same way wolfy and her bf describe herself as. It's not cute. He's constantly covered in dark bruises and scrapes from walking into walls and tripping. He has several cuts from dropping and breaking things. Miraculously wolfy never gets injured, which just shoots up my bullshit meter lol
    Like why do ppl think it's cute? Spilling shit, breaking cups, making messes, and getting hurt is nothing to be proud of, it's a shitty inconvenience 
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  7. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't get pokis fans insistent narrative that she's good at games... like she really isn't
    Also I find the Japanese aesthetic merch cringy af. Poki isn't Asian, and doesn't have any ties/interest with Japanese, not even at a basic weeaboo level, it's just so out of place 
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  8. sysy added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Ikr? I remember a year or two ago when Amber from f(x) posted about her frustration with SM because they wouldn't let her release music/be musically active as she wanted to be. Amber was being a lot classier than Coco, voicing her concerns in a far more mature way. And ppl still gave her shit for airing out her dirty laundry. 
    So if coco ever goes big she's going to get slammed.
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  9. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Regarding valk, I too, am not entirely convinced yet. There's no doubt her selling point is her looks (she's undeniably gorgeous) but imo she's easier to stomach than poki because she she at least puts effort into playing games and improving. Well idk about now that she's growing but that was my initial impression of valk.
    But I also felt that way about poki before she blew up so..
    I agree that it's a steamers job to be entertaining and being good at the game isn't an absolute requirement (I used to love sivhd) but the issue I have with poki is she pushes a 'diamond solo queue' narrative to separate herself from other e girls, and her entertainment value is pandering. If she was open about it I wouldn't care (I personally don't have an issue with ppl like pinksparkles) but poki attacks titty streamers and prides herself on getting diamond without playing support. Even if she was a dude she'd still be getting shit for claiming to be diamond when she's not very good. 
    I agree with the insta thing tho, idm if a streamers insta is full of non gaming related content and has personal stuff instead. Hafus insta is an example of this but when hafu streams she plays her games quite seriously and imo she's a great example of a good female streamer. 
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  10. sysy added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    I haven't been on her Instagram in a long, long, time but it looks like she's editing her pictures less often and omg shes adorable haha. I've always thought she was cute but she looks really nice these days. 
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  11. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Exactly, I would not mind her if she was just honest about her rank. I'm a girl and high elo, I've met a few girls who were also diamond~masters. None of us streamed or had any interest in streaming (except one girl but more on that later) but we all dislike girls like poki and Janet. They are obviously boosted and push their rank as their appeal while low key pandering, flirting and pretending to be shy. Girls like us get harassed and accused of being boosted and we don't even stream. Guys will tune into poki and Janet feeding their asses off and think that's how diamond girls play.
    This is more of a criticism of the twitch community than poki and Janet. They will only watch girls who flit and flirt regardless of skill and then wk and insist they're actually good players because they don't want to admit they like having a pseudo gf and pretend they're here for the ~gameplay~. That one girl in our group that streamed barely broke the single digit in viewers even though she was a beast. Unfortunately most of twitch consists of thirsty guys and if you're not a girl caked w/makeup and talking in a baby voice no one will watch you. I will mostly blame the gross gaming community for this, but Janet and poki really do not help because they further perpetuate this stereotype. Like just admit you're gold or plat and that people watch you for your pandering or 'personality', no one is here for your gameplay.
    It's sad that poki is often designated as the representative for female gamers when most of her viewers are guys and the image she pushes is toxic to actual girls. 
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  12. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Haha I guess I'm a page late to the discussion on why we aren't poki fans but I thought I'd chime in. 
    Tbh when she was steadily climbing in numbers and popularity a while back I had no negative opinion on her. All I knew was that she was diamond and had a lot of viewers, and without watching her streams I rooted for her. I think most of us here can agree that we're starved for a strong female representative, someone who is genuinely good at games and doesn't resort to flicking her eyelashes and 'networking' for clout and since she was so popular that's what I thought how poki was. 
    I started watching her because of otv (I'm a scarra fan) and holy crap I was so dead wrong. She not steaming piles of shit horrible at LoL but diamond? Are people genuinely convinced she is not boosted? I wouldn't even place her in plat. Her content was flat and boring, and mostly consisted of her just overreacting and screeching. Even then I didn't dislike her, I mean maybe her content isn't my cup of tea and maybe shes boosted but whatever. 
    Then the T1 thing happened, followed by her leeching off myth, forcing ships. It also rubbed me the wrong way how she treated her supposed 'friends'. like that one clip where shes frustrated with lily because she doesn't want to go to that makeup convention or w.e and acts condescending to her, or how her chat starts making cuck jokes about fed and she just ignores them so she can keep leeching myth.
    Maybe she was okay before but she is the last person I want representing female 'gamers'. And like it was mentioned earlier in this thread if she streamed irl I wouldn't give a shit but she is constantly advertised as the DIAMOND SOLO QUEUE FEMALE GAMER as if she'll pave the way for other girls but she's just making us be taken less seriously. Idc if she wants to be known as an entertainer but stop pushing that diamond/not boosted shit. It's so damaging not even to streaming girls but girls who are high elo in general. I've known diamond and even a challenger girl, and they've all kept their genders hidden because they're tired of being accused of being boosted. People like poki (and Janet which is why I dislike her so much) need to stop representing 'high elo girls' because they're boosted as fuck. At least Janet is actually good at pubg (still trash at league tho) but poki isnt good at any thing. 
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  13. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Idgi when ppl say they watch poki for her personality? Like she doesn't really have one? I'm sorry but if you ask one of her fans to describe what she's like what can they even say lol. The only things I can say about her is that she's screechy and overreacts
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  14. sysy added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Eeeh I don't think gamers are watching her, just kboos. She's terrible at games and doesn't seem genuinely interested in playing them or getting better.
    She's also incredibly obnoxious in the few clips posted in this thread, and knows how to pander to her audience to seem like a down to earth, struggling, girl next door. Imo it comes off as pretty forced but eh lonely kboo wks will watch anything. 
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  15. sysy added a post in a topic Twitch E-Girls (and E-Boys)   

    Regarding Janet and toast I don't think it's completely black and white. I'm sure there is at least some degree of genuine intimacy. What I think happened is there was some mutual interest which the audience ate up, so they both agreed to amp it harder for attention before their real relationship got anywhere near that point. 
    It didn't seem like they even liked eachother at first. If you watch Janet's trolling otv house video she hops on toasts dick super damn hard without knowing anything about the guy other than the fact that he has a lot of viewers. While he's building his pc she just badgers and insists on him playing some games with her and this was before she even broke up with wildturtle wtf 
    Then the battleships video was released and it was dead obvious it wasnt real. Toast straight up even says they haven't talked that much. It wasn't just the fact that they knew squat about each other, their lack of chemistry in general was awkward and jarring. And Janet would always glance at the cameras throughout the video while talking to toast like she was putting on a show. 
    Somewhere along the line tho it felt like Janet seemed to actually like toast more than the other guys she's played succubus with. I wouldn't call it full fledged pure affectionate love but I'm not cynical enough to believe she feels absolutely no attachment to the guy either. They did spend a lot of time together streaming for clout but its still time spent I guess lol. Theyre probably being more low key now because the stalker situation creeped them the fuck out enough to stop publicizing every little thing they do. Or maybe they really don't like eachother, both are equally believable to me tbh
    Does that change the fact that I think Janet is a leech? Lol no. Look at the guys she's dated, all three have nothing in common in terms of looks and personality. The only common factor is they were at the peak of their fame at the time, like c'mon Janet it stops being a coincidence after three times. Even if she really ended up liking toast she still approached him with suspect motives, like I very much doubt she would have tried so hard to talk him if his average viewer count was lower. Having feelings for the guy and leeching off of his viewer base doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.
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