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  1. sysy added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    I want to chime in with my two cents on why I think a lot of girls tend to lean towards support/'girly champs'. Its not innate with female gamers to want to play supportive roles, it's an issue with sexist gaming culture.
    Gaming is unfortunately, still pretty much a boy's club. When a girl plays a game, there's this unspoken rule that it isn't her domain so she's most likely to be shoe horned into the leftover role, which more often than not is support. 
    Like how many guys have you played with that insist on auto locking mid/top/jungle/riven/zed whatever? No one wants support, it's not flashy enough. 
    I just hate how support is often seen as the skilless role because it's not. Any good adc main will tell you the quality of their supports make or break their lane. A mediocre adc can do amazingly if a fantastic support spoon feeds them kills, while a terrible support can render even a decent adc useless. 
    I have met many people (guys and girls) who solo queued their way up by playing traditional 'e-girl' supports and they are amazing players. Playing a 'girly' champ or role should NOT discredit your achievements or skills. And girls who attack janna/lux/lulu players for 'fufilling the stereotype' are wrong. If you're only playing non-traditonal roles to prove a point and not because you actually enjoy it, you're still being dictated by people's expectations of you as a girl. Feminism is about having a choice to do whatever you want, regardless of what society expects from you. 
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  2. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I actually think thats her biggest issue, she doesnt have a consistent identity. For someone whos always touted as a 'genius' for studying engineering and climbing to the top, she really neglects the basics of marketing: forming a distinctive image. 
    I don't play fn but I can recognize ninja a mile away because of the hair and headband. Toast has his toast in disguise, lily has her flower and temmie as a mascot, and alberts stream set up is very easy to recognize because of the unique lighting and atmosphere. 
    The problem with poki is she doesn't stand out in anyway, she's only known for wedging herself in groups without fully committing herself to their interactions. Like how is that smart marketing? That's just shameless. Anyone can dangle their famous relations for clout and growth but that's called being a leech lol
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  3. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Dunno why they keep mentioning PULL when LSF comments are essentially the same thing lol
    The only difference is the LSF community is predominantly made up of males while PULL has a larger female demographic, so the style of the comments may be different but the nature is the same. Like toast goes on about how some pull comments bitch about pokis fried hair but LSF will have comments about how she's not even that hot, making fun of her 'schnooze' ect. 
    I think a huge difference is because lsf is full of males they want to avoid being called incels so they'll defend poki w/o really being fans or wks. It's really odd but it's an increasing trend I've started to notice. 
    Also I don't think lily knowing mutuals who browse here implies shes posted. Streamers just have large social circles, they're bound to have at least a couple mutuals looking them up and finding this forum. 
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  4. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    you're not a hypocrite. Idols dont tell their fans they're 'just as single as their fans' or shame other idols for hiding their relationships (while doing the same thing)
    I don't care who poki is dating either, it's just the fact that she's gonna bitch at other girls for doing the same thing while pretending to be an advocate for them is hypocritical af
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  5. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Idk why people say destiny likes and wks poki. To me its always seemed like he was always just throwing subtle shade at her. 
    I never thought ruthless business woman was a compliment, even if he insisted it was. Someone who wants to foster a wholesome image like poki does not want to be known as ruthless. Destiny knows she'll use and toss anyone to get what she wants, she shamelessly climbs up the social ladder thru leeching, and calling her ruthless just highlights that side of her. 
    Destiny only pretends it's a compliment to cover his own ass from pokis wks. But seeing how he'll just expose her and hassan like that confirms my suspicions that he never really liked her in the first place. 
    Also lol at her saying she'll never tell anyone if she's in a relationship yet she shames other female streamers for doing the same
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  6. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I feel like with lily she just tends to wk her female friends a lot, no matter how problematic they are (ex. Coco) Lily is a people pleaser, and toast has even told her to stand up for herself more. 
    Janet is just as fake as her so I wouldn't be surprised if they actually got along. They have the same mindset of doing the whole fake wholesome pseudo gf shtick while shaming girls who are more open about it. 
    Anyway im sure everyone's at least genuinely her friend to some degree. It's not too far off to assume a bunch of streamers with lifestyles and values in common would be buddies. I just think they way overdo it with the whole 'uwuwuwu I luv her we're like family' bs and that's why everything comes off as fake and disgeniuous. 
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  7. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I feel bad for lily. She's always taking shit to defend and wk poki. She advertises her merch, and always tries to be nice to her. 
    poki never defends lily from the slew of 'fake voice' comments, or supports her merch. And you know, even that would be OK if she wasn't always being condescending to lily or throwing shade at her. 
    poki cries about her friends not congratulating her on 3mil subs (or whatever it was idr) when she's living under the same roof as them?? Like can you imagine how awkward it is to live with someone who subtweets shit about you? 
    I really hope I'm taking this tweet out of context and she's not actually shading the friends that she lives with, because that would really suck for them. 
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  8. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think ppl on lsf are afraid to hate her because they think it'll make them incels lol
    Every time something negative is posted about her there's gonna be some comment below it implying op is an incel
    Pretty sad because a lot of the criticism she gets is valid 
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  9. sysy added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    yeaaa like idk I do think they are one of the more genuine e-couples in terms of feelings / getting along ect but the proposal on stream along with him moving the mic closer to her in the moment was so weird and off putting 
    both of them come off as calculating to me, esp with Leslie shitting on her chat that one time she thought her mic was off, and Edison removing all posts from the justfriends sub asking about the no kid hungry fiasco.. 
    I don't doubt they were genuinely happy and love each other, but they definitely both took the opportunity for content and donos which is pretty tacky imo 
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  10. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Because even if she's a level ten catfish her fan boys will never call her out because they want to believe everything about her is real
    I mean look at janet and igumdrop ect.. No one has ever called them out except on pull and they catfish harder than poki. Delusional fanboys won't change even if they see a totally different girl in person 
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  11. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yep, I've known some support mains who boosted. Just because someone doesnt net all the kills doesnt mean they didnt carry the game. From what ive seen support boosters feed their adc and the rest of the team, secure map objectives and shot call to quickly close games. Most of them ive known played nami. I dont think this was possible a couple seasons ago but support is much more impactful than they were in the past 
    I'm sorry but seeing how poorly poki plays I just can't believe she got up there herself 
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  12. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Poki is often absent from otv get togethers. She wasn't there for christmas, altho tbf she flew back to Canada to be with her family for the holidays
    She missed someone else's birthday too (I think albert?) because she was spending time with her boy toy of the month (dont remember which, I've lost track a while ago)
    Imo missing birthdays especially to spend it with some dude is pretty scummy. I hate how she barely gives a shit about the smaller guys in the house (albert, yvonne, aria, xell) and barely interacted with toast before he blew up. Its so blatant and off putting. 
    It's obvious she doesnt quite fit in with the house anymore which is why the otv fanbase has started turning on her. 
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  13. sysy added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Oh shit I'm like pretty late to the whole sex work thing so this might be OT: 
    I don't follow Mikan closely so I don't have any opinions regarding her lying / being dishonest about her past or situation / ect but I just want to address that imo doing sex work doesnt make you any less self made compared to working a normal pt time job. 
    I cam girled my way through uni and let me tell you, the work is hard, and the pay isn't as high as you think it is. 
    The more effort you put in, the more money you'll make. But if you don't genuinely enjoy the work or get off to it, you can only grit your teeth for so long, and having too many boundaries that don't overstep your comfort level means less potential for money. The pay is inconsistent, and clients often harass and degrade you. 
    It doesn't pay significantly more than a normal part time job, the biggest upside was the flexible hours around my classes. I made more money waitressing and doing internships. That being said, some top tier girls make absolute bank, but you can tell they love the work, and they'll pour their time and souls into it. For a young girl trying to make a quick buck on the side, don't be fooled. It's shitty, unreliable, and a hard hit on your mental health. Work is work. Being a cam girl didn't mean I worked less hard than my friends who paid their way through school with retail jobs. 
    Anyway back to mikan, as bad as I feel for her having her past leaked like that, it was short sighted of her not to cover her tracks or even use a name so fake and left field no one would ever be able to trace her. I symphasize with being exposed like that, but i got into the industry knowing the risks, and spent a shit ton of time mitigating them. Even if the posts are removed from this thread, that wont prevent someone else from finding the info in the future. The only thing she can do now is manually remove her profile ect herself. 
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  14. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    wow she is terrible at rp
    it only takes one bad egg to ruin the immersion. Why can't she just give 100% in the things she does instead of half assing every trend? She's so unlikeable
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  15. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Otv used to be cringy but still enjoyable. Like they were aware of the cringe and embraced it, and I enjoyed a lot of their pre harem content with poke and yoona
    Then they realized they can milk more money pandering to 12 yr olds with ship baits and lazy memes
    Idk a lot of their content is stale now. I still enjoy a few of their individual streams but their combined content isnt entertaining to me anymore. 
    The original concept was a bunch of streamers and shut ins try new things together, that ppl of their type don't usually do (rock climbing, boxing) and those videos were genuinely wholesome and fun
    Now it feels like a group of overgrown children doing lame shit like playing mafia for the 100th time. Also as much as I like lily, her getting drunk on stream feels so childish? Like that's definitely the sort of entertainment that caters to a younger demographic which is why the otv fanbase has a reputation for being yikes af
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