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  1. sysy added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    to me Jamie's apology felt more genuine not because she was in tears, but because she talked a lot about how she fucked up and asked her fans not to make excuses for her. 
    That clique of league groupie egirls live in a stupid echo chamber perpetuated by their fans and each other. All of them believe they're flawless and immune to mistakes, and anyone who criticizes them is just a jealous hater incel. 
    When Jamie got a crapton of backlash for her reaction, I think that made her realize that shit, maybe she wasn't perfect. She talked about how she never realized her actions could potentially hurt anybody, which probably popped that delusional bubble cultivated by her fans and friends. 
    I didnt find jvnas apology fake because of her lack of emotion and rehearsed delivery; rather it was the way she insisted she thought she was in danger, and believed that man was threatening her. Even if jvna was sobbing like Jaime, the fact that she's still making excuses would still make her apology seem disingenuous. 
    I don't mean to wk because I still find the loli pandering and shit Jaime does as gross, but this does paint her in a different light for me. Rather than a self aware, malicious girl who panders in a calculated fashion, imo she seems more like an oblivious airhead who has a loooot of growing up to do. Her immaturity isn't cute, it's toxic.
    She's also friends with girls who profit off of the girlfriend experience so I wouldn't find it hard to believe if she sincerely believed her style of pandering was perfectly fine lol. Girl needs to grow up and think properly about her actions, adhd or not. 
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  2. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    wow lily responded to her pretty well by telling her that those kinds of jokes bothered her and hachubby just continued to push it, which was so uncalled for and rude. 
    Anyway has anyone been watching lilys recent vids with sykkuno? It feels like he has a crush on lily or is low key trying to ship bait with her. Just watch the intro to scarras vid: "I enjoy doing anything with you." lmao what 
    Imo he fakes his innotations to sound like a cutesy anime boy, he sounds more natural when he's playing with his other friends. It also feels disrespectful af to Albert that he blatantly interacts with lily in this way in videos or on stream, there's even comments shipping the pair. 
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  3. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Sad how Emiru and Poki are the designated representatives for female gamers on twitch.. when their fanbase is completely comprised of males. Did the female gaming community choose them? No, a bunch of horny, lonely males decided this for us. 
    From what I've seen, most girls prefer valk for the personality side. I don't really watch her myself but she has a decently sized female fanbase. If anyone could answer why I'd genuinely like to know since I don't watch her content, but she seems really chill and genuinely supportive of other girls in the community, unlike Poki and Janet who slut shame titty streamers and always act better than girls who openly pander. 
    For the skill side I've always been confused as to why Hafu is not considered the face for female gamers? She works hard to understand and improve in the games she plays, and anyone can actually say with a straight face that they watch her for her gameplay and insight, and not her tits. But every time she's brought up guys will start attacking her for her nudes being leaked ect as if that somehow makes her exempt from being taken seriously as a gamer. But since poki is so pure for shitting on titty streamers and finding sex disgusting I guess that makes her the face of twitch. 
    It's so damaging for the female gaming community. But guys who have never been harassed simply for existing as a female would never understand that lmao so they just call us incels since the worst possible thing that can happen to a male is not getting laid. Fucking pathetic. 
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  4. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Jesus these streamers and their communities really do live in this weird bubble. They think the only reason people would dislike them is because they're jealous or they're incels. They can't even consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, they do shitty things that are worthy of criticism? 
    The reason why poki and Janet get so much shit in the pull community isnt because we're jealous girls who don't get any attention. It's because poki and Janet are horrible representations for women and always have to act so high and mighty as if they're paving the way for ~female gamers~. Most of us have been faced with sexism and harassment while gaming, streaming ect. And its girls like poki and Janet that make it so hard for us to be taken seriously. 
    Like they need to stop vague tweeting / teasing their personal lives / ship baiting in their content, and then complaining about how people don't take them seriously as gamers. Because their content isn't about games at all. Literally no one believes that, not even their fans. Their fans just don't want to admit they're watching this kind of shit to live vicariously through their relationships or get a little acknowledgement from a donation. 
    There are women who are generally liked in this community (valk, lily) with upvoted posts praising or defending them. But toast is just gonna ignore them because it doesn't fit his narrative that his gf is flawless and the only reason ppl would criticize her is because they're "jealous." it's actually hilarious. 
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  5. sysy added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    I like how they think ppl post on pull for attention and posters would get upset over being called randoms, like they can't imagine a life where ppl dont give a shit about clout or their follower counts. 
    Like yeah we are randoms. We're literally random ass people posting on an anonymous forum. What, does she think I post on pull so people could follow my Twitter handle or like my tweets? 
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  6. sysy added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    exactly, whether they actually really like each other or not don't publicize every moment of sexual tension you share together then whine about ppl getting too involved in your personal lives. 
    I've actually made a couple posts before defending hyoon because she seemed like just a benign, shy, insecure girl who just shooped her selfies. But i really cannot respect anyone who uses ship culture to grow. 
    she's a cute girl with a nice style and a talent for drawing. Why does she feel the need to resort to lazy tactics for popularity? she's friends with the otv and jf group, so she should have seen first hand how much harassment Janet and poki got for ship baiting. 
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  7. sysy added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    I also think she's dating him for clout but not because he's a popular league streamer. Shes ship baiting in the same way old otv used to, and ofc their 13 yr old fanbase eats it up.
    it's possible for streamers to have relationships without looking leechy, but sorry this isn't one of them. I don't think it's 100% fake and I'm sure they like each other to some degree but hyoon has always low key been a clout chaser 
    And I don't get why you made this acct to make multiple posts defending them? One concise post is enough, several in a row insisting that evERYTHING IS REAL AnD GENUINE I SweAr reflects poorly on that belief and makes you look like one of those weird otv shipping fans, no matter what your intentions are. 
    Like I do feel bad that she got harassed for the clip being out of context but hasn't she learned anything from joast? Don't let random people on the Internet get involved in a budding relationship. It's tacky as shit to publicize your flirting and the progress in your developing relationship. And ofc its especially suspect if one person involved is someone who had always been trying to grow their e-fame and the other is an established, popular streamer 
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  8. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think it's really sad that poki has had such a huge track record of being fake and chasing clout that even if she was being genuine about etika it still comes off as her trying to band wagon off the news
    Call it a reach but I find it tacky that she said she wished he had pm'd her instead. Anyone following his situation closely would have known he shut out everyone who tried their best to help him, the poor guy was so far off the deep end. It just shows how little she understood about his situation or mental health in general. Idk etikas death kinda struck a sensitive chord in me with ppl pretending to have worried or cared about him during his entire episode. 
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  9. sysy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Regarding her complaining about her weight, I think her mom used to always call her fat and useless so she developed body image issues that she still struggles with. Imo she looks fine though but having toxic ass asian parents can really do a number on ya
    Her hotshot era videos were my favourite but she also seemed really depressed back then. She kinda gives me a slightly more fake vibe these days (tbh I think it's being around the jf crew and poki and she's gotta put up an uwu front for them) so her recent stuff isn't rly my cup of tea. Overall she seems more confident tho so I'm happy for her 
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  10. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think it's better to look at every situation with a gray lense. If we categorize all her actions as purely black and white, it really discredits some genuinely shady things that she's done. 
    While I certainly don't think she deserves any fake nudes of her being made, the nature of her content with the teasing and pandering attracted and cultivated her notoriously creepy and delusional fanbase. 
    It's just like Janet with the joast stalkers. No one deserves that deranged shit happening to her but it's a consequence of dangling your relationship for content. 
    Lonely depraved ppl will exist on the Internet and that's not pokis fault. Discouraging their fantasies and giving them reality checks is one of the few ways you can mitigate this kind of behavior but poki doesn't do any of it.
    Imo it's a bit of a muddy gray but personally I lean more towards pokis side on this, because seriously the concept of fake nudes is murder level creepy. Just because it's a pull thread doesn't mean it has to exclusively contain content shitting on every thing she does and everything that happens to her. It's a discussion thread, after all. 
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  11. sysy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Of all the fake nudes of twitch streamers out there, the most common ones are of poki and janet. Like I'd hate to victim blame but it's no coincidence it's they both give the pseudo gf experience, tease their audience, and attract delusional neckbeards. 
    I'm ngl, I ran into a couple while digging for tea and old tweets ect and as soon as I saw one, my stomach turned. I know they're both obnoxious, and literally make a living out of tantalizing a fantasy but christ no one deserves to have their head cropped on another girl's naked body to be jacked off to. I can't even describe in words how disturbing that shit is
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  12. sysy added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    tbh I've always suspected she has adhd. She displays a lot of classic symptoms such as stuttering a bit when she speaks, zoning out to gather her thoughts, being ditzy/air headed (yet ppl getting the sense she's not really as stupid as she seems), generally not having her shit together, being over emotional, impulsive and short sighted decisions/reactions, missing important social cues (like the recent controversy and getting too chummy w boxbox), like shit the list goes on.. 
    I think a huge giveaway was her reaction and apology vs jana's. Whereas Jaime genuinely did not even seem to realize the expression she made and running ect wasn't a shitty thing to do (which is incredibly ignorant given that she's American born and lived in nyc), jana was definitely aware of how racist she was being and just didn't care. 
    My issue with Jaime is that she plays up her symptoms as a fetishizing selling point. Ppl with adhd really do appear more ditzy and childish even when they don't mean to be. I'm not saying she has to change these things that she can't help, but there is a huge difference between embracing your symptoms and being ok with being airheaded sometimes, and using the symptoms of your disability as selling point for loli pandering. 
    And if she actually doesn't have adhd, then she's being super shitty. Ppl really shouldn't wear disabilities that fuck up ppls lives as accessories (ex. "haha I'm so ocd xd")
    Like I said, she doesn't seem like a malicious person and its easy to miss important social aspects with an attention deficit disorder (a lack of self awareness is a common trait) and it would explain a lot about her behavior. Even so, this girl needs to stop living in a bubble and accept how obnoxious and problematic her behavior can be. I sincerely do believe she can learn from this experience compared to jana (who is still living in denial lmao)
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  13. sysy added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    After watching the apology video, i actually do think Jamie at least feels genuinely sorry for her actions to some degree. The excuse about thinking the guy was being aggressive is believable given her expression but it just shows how racist and stupid she really is if fear strikes her heart as soon as she hears a black man speak lol
    This really does drive home how absolutely immature she is. The face she made, the way she didn't call out jana and just laughed with her. She didn't even realize how offensive and ignorant she was being in that moment. 
    The most pathetic part of her whole persona is how she seems to think her childish behavior is cute. She loves milking jailbait memes, jokes about her age, and how she sleeps with and boxbox and Annie when she's scared ect. But she's also childish in her ignorance, at how toxic her loli pandering and joking at the expense of minorities can be. When Zirene mentioned jf members not taking care of the house the first person that came to mind was Jamie (she would cook and shit in her room)
    This girl is an adult and she needs to act like one. It's fine to wear cutesy clothes and like pink plush toys and bows or w/e but she really mixes up being cute with acting like an immature and selfish brat. 
    I really hate Jamie's try hard fake pandering persona but tbh she's never come off as a malicious person to me, (just incredibly naive and ignorant) and i hope she grows tf up from this experience. Jana is a lost cause tho. Her apology was the most insincere bs I've ever seen loool
    Also fed and Edison trying to defend them is just sad. Idk why it's so hard to admit your friends fucked up?!?? Like being a good friend includes being honest with them when they do dumb shit so they can continue to grow, not giving them a circle jerking safe space to enable their bs. Really shows how fake that whole group is.
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  14. sysy added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    I thought they were laughing because the dude was using crude language all of a sudden
    But then they start running?? 'hold your purse'?? Really lmao
    Literally just proves how immature Jaime is if she's still laughing at blatantly racist jokes 
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  15. sysy added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    Lately i feel like she's ship baiting with moe. I mean i do feel bad for her in a way, she doesn't seem malicious or ill natured at all, and everything iffy she does seems to stem from a place of insecurity. 
    But i can't respect milking ships for content at all, it's so trashy and lazy. 
    Anyway i do enjoy her art, her picture of lily, Albert, and temmie is super cute. Her style isn't the most dynamic, but it's pleasing and she has a strong foundation. 
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