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  1. digital horror added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    Her calves look extremely skinny here while her thighs are normal-ish? I don't understand why she photoshops her legs or photoshops herself to be skinny. Venus looks much better when she is her average chubby self
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  2. digital horror added a post in a topic ACNE Help & Questions   

    Your chin acne looks like a bit of swelling to me. I get some acne like that and if I were you I would try to put ice on some of the bigger ones to see if it goes down a bit. Yeah, I know it's not swelling but ice has helped when me I've had some of those (I don't know if this will really help but obviously it won't do any harm). DO NOT pop them because those little guys look tight and probably feel tight and will 1. hurt horribly before and after you pop them 2. will scar quickly 3. may be very deep .
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  3. digital horror added a post in a topic Circle Lenses   

    I was thinking of getting circle lenses in place of my glasses but I'm not sure. I can touch my eye but my eyelashes always get in the way of me trying to put lenses in there. I wanted to try to wear circle lenses mostly everyday for school but I don't want to damage my eyes because my sight is already pretty bad. I have green eyes and I've always wanted to try out circle lenses with a dark outer curve like Geo Ultra CK105 for example. I would like them to look sort of natural but I really love the dark outer ring of lenses because it gives the illusion of a younger look. What do you think?
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  4. digital horror added a topic in Skincare   

    What does your skincare routine consist of?
    Hello. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to start a topic or not because I've actually been lurking this (or these) site(s) for some time now but I've never had the confidence to actually create an account. Sorry in advance if I mess anything up because I really don't mean it. Anyway, I saw that there was no topic about skincare in general/skin care routines or products that have worked so I decided I would start one.
    Things that have worked for me:
    Cure Nature Aqua Gel- This takes off dead skin and skin makeup leftover and does not burn or anything even when I had wounds on my face. I do have combination but mostly dry skin so this dried me out a little bit but it wasn't much. I recommend this but it runs out easily if you're someone who does a daily exfoliation (like me)Benefit Porefessional- I know this isn't "skincare" but this really works if you want to close your pores. This is a little expensive but this is the best pore "eraser" I've used thus far. If you want a cheaper alternative go with Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser which wasn't as good for me but it's fairly close (and cheaper).            I don't have a skincare routine as of right now but I'm breaking out badly and I have lots of acne scars and dry skin where my blackheads are. I have mostly dry combination skin and if anyone has any good recommendations for me please let me know. My acne scars are very bad and if anyone could help me with them I would be very thankful.
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  5. digital horror added a post in a topic Asian Beauty/Skincare   

    This is also MUCH better than exfoliating with normal products because regular exfoliating products use actual plastic for the exfoliating beads.
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