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  1. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Lol, she didnt know paint takes time to dry? Has she never paint before?
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  2. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Forever ugly   

    Oh man, it is such a harsh world out there. As much as everyone says looks aren't everything, I understand the importance of appearances. Having a pretty face definitely makes life a lot easier. In Chinese, we have a saying "there's no ugly woman, just lazy ones". It sounds like you definitely have the inner beauty and intelligence (early congrats on graduating and to med school). You probably need some help bringing it out. There is no harm in getting procedures if you truly believe it will benefit. In the meantime, you could try makeup? I am not talking about generic makeup but makeup that works for you. I would assume that you probably have but try searching for beauty YouTubers or bloggers that have similar facial features and/or bone structure as yours? Even beauty gurus that specialize in makeup transformation. It will take time to find what works for you but it could be extremely beneficial. In addition, you have the added bonus of having good skin.
    As cocaineblue mentioned, having a good haircut could help with the structure and brings out the good features. Never underestimate a good haircut. Even a pretty face can't help a bad haircut. I had a really bad haircut during my secondary school days and it is so horrible that people were asking if I'm alright, wondering if I had an episode and cut my hair on impulse. 
    Most importantly, remember that you are not the problem here. The people that criticize you are. Sometimes it is impossible to change the environment and the people in it, changing your mindset may be easier. Do what you can do and pride yourself on it. At the end of the day, you are the one living your life. You should be the one in control and not those people out there. As Roald Dahl's said, "A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly". I am sure you will find a wonderful bunch of people that appreciate you for you in the near future. 

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  3. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Oh wow, posting the photos such an oversight. Amusing how so many people in her comment section aren't picking it up.
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  4. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    Wow, she looks kinda different here and on instagram. I wouldn't have known it was her if it wasn't pointed out to me.
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  5. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    I agree with the rest that his actual skin condition should not be the defining problem about him doing makeup videos. It is actually quite beneficial to work with people of different skin types/conditions to show how versatile and amazing a product can be. He could definitely work hard on his skin (e.g., vigorous routine, laser treatment) but it is alright if he doesn't. I think as long as he is putting in as much effort as anyone else to keep his skin clean and moisturise, it is fair game. That being said, I do have a problem with him forever reviewing a product being good as long as it isn't on his type of skin. The point of a review is to show how it works on your skin type. If I want to know how it is on another skin type, I would have jolly well go to other reviewers. Reviewers will usually say that the products work in a way for them but to be mindful that everyone is different and it may work differently on you. This is reasonable because they are working with their own skin type/condition. However, Edward saying that a product is good as long as it's not his skin type is just assumption. If he is just giving assumptions, what is the point of the review? This is the main reason why I always avoided his makeup/review videos. Also, his makeup is getting kinda unbearable for me to see.
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  6. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Omg, what is she trying to do with the egg video? I believe a lot of people had accidentally ate egg shells before and it is not a good experience. Why the hell would someone wanna voluntarily bite into an egg and seemingly eat egg shells? She is turning from ridiculous meme to just being ridiculous.
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  7. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Maybe she could get an eyepatch instead?

    Applause to everyone here!
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  8. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Oh my gosh, his account seems very stalkerish so Lily did the right thing to block him.
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  9. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

  10. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    A lot of people on here are already giving out advice freely yet she never did anything. I am pretty positive it won't get any better with her hiring people with money. 
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  11. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I found these two comments under her new post and I am intrigued.

    Also, I am amazed that the water allergy thing came up again. I guess that shows how boring kenna has been recently.
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  12. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I don't really know if Kota's situation will translate well to Kenna. Despite the lies, Kota did put in a lot of effort to get where she is now. Kenna doesn't seem likely to put in as much effort. However, if she really did manage to get and maintain a modeling career, kudos to her.
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  13. mitsukuni added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    She is born in 1986 so 33 this year.
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  14. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    This is totally OT but if you have a cafe let me know because I sure am interested to try your drinks!
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  15. mitsukuni added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Yes, as mentioned by anon1000, the cloud drink is special because of the foam that was made to be like meringue and that can only be achieved with egg white. Without, it'll just be normal caramel macchiato. This means that, changing the milk to soy will not make the drink any less vegan.
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