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  1. Slyve added a post in a topic xxScreamKiwixx   

    Guess who got another relationship-attached pet? Our gal Kiwi. It was totes necessary for her to dump Wilfred uwu
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  2. Slyve added a post in a topic Amy Slaton /Slaton Sisters   

    She's still with him. They are "trying" to have kids. I have a feeling that's physically impossible for multiple reasons. 
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  3. Slyve added a post in a topic Noodlerella   

    But this is a huge development with Noodlerella, though. She changed her entire name (maybe the thread title should be edited). 
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  4. Slyve added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    I feel like her channel is in its early stages of death
    Her views are slipping, even from her generally well-viewed try-on hauls. 
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  5. Slyve added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I don't understand why people are comparing her to Venus when she herself hadn't said her scars are worse than anyone's. She's simply voicing that now she will have to deal with them for at the very least, a long time.
    I strongly suspect this is gallstone related. I could be wrong, of course, but surgery to remove gallstones (or the entire gallbladder as is commonly done) usually leaves three scars. It also often is an issue that is only dealt with when the person suddenly has an obstruction in their bile duct which causes them intense, sudden stomach pain. Unfortunately, Taylor is likely genetically predisposed to this considering she eats healthily. I hope they removed the gallbladder if she did indeed have gallstones because gallstones have such a high rate of blocking ducts again if the gallbladder isn't removed.
    Fortunately for Taylor, usually the incision scars are small and since she doesn't wear many crop tops, she should be able to hide them well. It does require a longish recovery period, so yeah, she's probably going to lose muscle. 
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  6. Slyve added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I wonder if it's gallstones. It requires surgery to correct, and diagnose (sometimes). I hope she's okay. 
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  7. Slyve added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    Just saying.... If you naturally have G cups, then you might not understand that us smaller/midsized-tittied girls are able to practically work magic to make our boobs look big. That, and photoshop. There are bras that literally force cleavage and volume onto your tits and paired with posing, lighting, the right outfit, and makeup, you can morph your boobs into anything.
    I also think it's so weird people always try to justify late puberty for these girls in regards to their change in breast shape/size when most people who go through late puberty don't grow so drastically in shape and size. And FYI that is much bigger cup size difference than just 2 She looks like an A before and a DD or E afterwards, which is totally possible with exaggerated padding, etc. but I doubt "late" puberty is the explanation.
    Also, no one is saying that she has no right to not like being sexualized. No one here seems to think her message in of itself is wrong, but what people don't like is that she's lying about having big breasts and she's using that to make her point. She could complain about being sexualized against her will and even mention her tits (without lying about their size) and I don't think anyone would have cared. 
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  8. Slyve added a post in a topic Stef Sanjati   

    I found her video rather condescending. She said in one of her previous videos when she was getting lip fillers something to the extent of I can't stop myself haha I have an addictive personality and it's like, what, you're backpedaling now, saying that these surgeries are magically exempt from your addictive personality?
    What concerns me is that she is seen as a "mom" to a young audience and although I'm glad she's transparent, she is normalizing plastic surgery to people who are young, impressionable, and insecure about their own bodies. We still don't know a lot about the long term effects of plastic surgery and although, yeah, everyone is experimenting and changing as a person in their 20s, to say a surgical procedure is just a part of that experimentation is downplaying the severity of the fact it's a medical procedure and can stay with you for a long time, and have even more effects potentially than say, tattoos (which I also think is something people shouldn't take lightly).
    I know, she's trans, it can all be considered a part of her transition. But what is frustrating is that she is trying to say she's different and it's all her behind these procedures and I find that hard to believe with how the body she is wanting is exactly in line with current trends. If she admitted the media is indeed influencing her decisions to do plastic surgery, I would have less of a problem with that. Let your young audience know you have decided you'd like to look like what the media portrays and that it isn't necessarily something everyone should do. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes waiting for a while to sit with your own body is a good thing to do. She keeps on jumping from surgery to surgery, I think a break from them would do her well.
    Also, if no one else wants to watch the video - she's getting a breast augmentation. 
    I'm curious on your opinions about her instagram content and sponsorships. There is speculation she is going into porn or adult modelling. I feel like she should ditch the "bread mom" brand personally, if she's going to be that. But idk, maybe I'm just too sensitive 
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  9. Slyve added a post in a topic xxScreamKiwixx   

    I wonder why the owner took it down. One of us could try to reinstate it? 
    She's definitely more interested in Twitch these days, I'm sure she makes more money off of it. Her subscriber growth is getting lower and lower. I think it's a natural progression since she is not good at making original YouTube content. It's only a matter of time as to whether the pattern of growth then stagnation will occur with her twitch. 
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  10. Slyve added a post in a topic Stephanie Brite   

    She's been posting other random, short videos too, all with that triangle symbol. She's probably trying to be edgy or tell a story. Maybe she's trying to announce her detransition, but idk, why keep her screen names as Stephanie? What's really worth noting is all her screen names are changed back to Stephanie. She just posted something a couple hours ago on her instagram:
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  11. Slyve added a post in a topic Stef Sanjati   

    Her content lately has been boring me. She doesn't seem to know what to do with her channel and I notice that she hasn't grown that much. She recently made a vlog on her butt-lift surgery. I wonder what surgery she's going to get next, it seems to me like she's starting to go down the path of being plastic. I just find it interesting when she started to transition that she made it seem like she wouldn't become like that, but I understand in a way, you really can't predict the future. Her adult toy unboxing videos are a tired concept at this point. I wish her videos were shorter, it deters me from watching them because of how long they are. 
    I'm not saying this is how it is, but I wonder if she's getting surgeries in part because a lot of her channel is revolved around transitioning and it gives her more constant content to work with. OT, but that's something I kind of wish I understood more about trans people, sometimes it seems like at some point, they are just getting surgeries for cosmetic enhancement, but they can play it off as part of their transition so it isn't seen as "shallow". 
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  12. Slyve added a post in a topic Lilith levisis/Clare Buley   

    this is disgusting. overdosing is only cute when you have a rich, corporate dad who can pay for your hospital bills with no problem.
    Her face is quite pretty naturally, but it looks horrid in her style of makeup (and with her lifestyle choices). Her photoshopping is ridiculous, her butt looks nothing like it does in her insta photos.  
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  13. Slyve added a post in a topic xxScreamKiwixx   

    pfh, but bigger boobs are a byproduct of thyroid surgery! 
    I also love how she always *forgets* to mention that she had surgery on her thyroid in all her recent videos (when the subject of her thyroid comes up). 
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  14. Slyve added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Thank you, I don't know a lot about tattoos, I was just going off what I saw. Interesting! 
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  15. Slyve added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    i think this tattoo is beautiful, except the font looks so wonky and not uniform at all. Hell, the lolcow photoshopped version looks better because the lettering doesn't look hastily done and uneven.
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