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  1. Claudia added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    any tips for gaining weight? it's so hard for me. I tried drinking milk, and eat lots of carbs already
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  2. Claudia added a post in a topic Post What You're Listening To!   

  3. Claudia added a topic in Love & Relationships   

    Wedding stories
    are you guys married or preparing a wedding?
    I'd like to hear you story about wedding, the big day, the planning, how you say yes to the dress, or maybe the proposal.
    if you aren't married I'd like to hear how you envision your wedding day and what kind of dress you would like to wear for the big day! ^^
    thanks a lot♥
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  4. Claudia added a post in a topic Distance relationship.   

    I'm in a  long distance relationship too  but I just enjoy every moment of it. I get to understand lots of things by having long distance relationship. being independent, have more times to do what I like to do (paintings, etc), have lots of time to contemplate about "how's life without him". it makes me treasure my fiance even more. I hope you guys rock it out
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  5. Claudia added a post in a topic How to get rid and move on from toxic friends   

    I used to have one really really really toxic friend! no matter what I do she will keep hating me and start a bad rumour behind my back, but she'll disgustingly act super kind and nice in front of me, gross. I just simply ignore her
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  6. Claudia added a post in a topic Getting a Flat Stomach   

    sit up doesn't really help me :c
    I like side planking more, it gives faster result
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  7. Claudia added a post in a topic Moving to a different country   

    I'm all nervous! I'll be moving to Europe too soon and stay there maybe for the rest of my life because I'm getting married soon. do you have any advice? I feel homesick already lol
    I think it's exciting to live in Japan! I've never been there but I have a few friend who moved  to Japan. some are still staying there, working, but mostly decided to leave Japan and back to their home country. I remember one day my friend called me, complaining about how exhausted he was. he rent a cheap  (but clean and nice) apartment in kanagawa, going to school while doing arubaito. he yelled " it's killing meeeeeeee!" and like he barely walk the next day because his body are just RIP , lol. He worked for 6 hours, daily, standing (not allowed to sit) as a server in a coffee shop, and then go to school, and go back to apartment, work on homework, leaving him only 3 to 4 hours sleeping.  He made $ 2.000 / month and was able to live and still a bit money.
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  8. Claudia added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    167 cm, 45 to 48 kgs. I wish I could hit 50 kgs somewhere. I wish I'm not too lazy to do daily booty work out 
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  9. Claudia added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    1. facial cleansing - oatmeal
    2. tone - SKII clear lotion
    3. essence - SKII FTE
    4. moisturize - SKII RNA cream
    1. facial cleansing - oatmeal
    2. tone - hadalabo gokujyun lotion
    3. moisturize - hadalabo shirojyun milk
    switched to SKII recently, I can see that my skin looks better with SKII, really worth the price  
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  10. Claudia added a post in a topic Skincare beginner, need help with routine   

    have you tried hadalabo? it's good for skin without all that additional perfumes, colorant, etc
    I used hadalabo (gokujyun) before I switched to SKII to this month. Hadalabo is pretty good for the price! I still use it for my neck areas
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  11. Claudia added a post in a topic too young to worry about anti-aging?   

    I'm in my late 20 now and I kinda regret not using eye cream sooner. I already have fine wrinkle under my eyes o:
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  12. Claudia added a post in a topic Help! How to clear eczema?   

    I had that problem too, went to doctor and it's all good now. I meant it's still there but not as severe
    I avoid using harsh cleanser too, just oatmeal for now. 
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  13. Claudia added a post in a topic Any tips you've seen that has better your skin ?   

    I've been washing my face with oatmeal and just oatmeal for 2 years now. can't be any happier with the result! after that I follow with SKII FTE, sometimes SKII clear lotion, and then SKII RNA cream. 
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  14. Claudia added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   



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  15. Claudia added a post in a topic Girl crushes   

    I really like Avril!

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