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  1. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Princeroxychan   

    Her Ann one where she's wearing the school uniform and had a more "professional" photoshoot was so jarring to see idk how she thought that shoop was acceptable let alone believable... but holy shit those 2015 pics is that really her?? I have mutuals with her so it's weird to see her not pretty (??) I know her aqua made her pretty popular too and she was in a cosplay vid and she did look like her photos there, unless shes shooped in that too?? 
    What is her real face??? 
    Also I feel like her craftsmanship is pretty subpar for how long she's been cosplaying but she does really seem to get into character and love what she does which is really rare with cosplayers nowadays!! She really does seem like a sweet girl cause she does respond to everyone and seems honest for the most part but i also side eye her for associating with momokun 
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  2. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Post on [email protected]   

    Yikes this sounds like a vendetta post than an actual curiosity thread lmao lili seems sweet and doesn't seem to try to potray herself as Asian passing, I like her makeup and tutorials are kinda nice compared to the super loud and overbearing yt'ers there are, I think her sakura is really cute and she uses a lot of affordable things !! Anyways I don't think she deserves a thread 
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  3. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Idk do you guys think she got her butt done?? It's hard to tell cause she puts filters over everything but hmmm she's getting a bit more bold with showing her ass lol 

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  4. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    But for why??? 
    Her captions remind of that old yt "anime" super neko girls or something like that??? Lol like she's trying so hard to be art hoe deep but no girl 

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  5. jolynekujo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Yeah she's done it before when she started the whole eye taping fiasco and then when I posted it about it her supposed broken English she went on that weird rant on twitter talking about how she always thinks in Greek and that's why she speaks broken English but she was born and raised in Aus right??? She should know English lmao and we've seen in her videos that she speaks perfectly fine with no accent whatsoever (albeit her aus accent) 
    knite just take reika's skin why don't you ??
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  6. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    yeah I think she started doing it last year when she started on that butt focus descent of hers
    cause iirc someone took a pic of her in her mccree (??? Idk if I'm remembering this right) and said she had no ass and that's when she claimed she was really tired of wearing it and went to change into a kigu but only wrapped it around her waist lol 
    jess has a pretty small waist so I don't think she's trying to accentuate it (I do that when I'm having a fat day or smthlol )
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  7. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    yeah it was last years comic con iirc??? No one knew who she was and hence the mr meeseeks doll, and iirc too she was trying really hard for adult swim and rick and morty social medias to notice her cause they were posting other cosplayers but not her 
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  8. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    She kinda looks like what Michelle Phan wanted to look like lol 
    what's with this sudden influx of new selfies berrys been putting out??? It's so rare to see her this active in terms of pics lol 
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  9. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    she looks like that pic of kylie Jenner where her eyes are closed and her expression lines are really pronounced, do you know what I'm talking about?? lol 
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  10. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She's so fucking weird I said this the last time in the last mm but it's not a good weird it's like dude wtf is wrong with you weird.... also the chocolate part was really gross, gross food humor is not my style cause I find it disgusting and the possible bacteria and infections make me cringe even more, but like that was really weird and contrived, um this sounds like a reach but the chocolate part reminded me of that video of the two guys who fuse and have the whipped cream all over the face, does anyone know what I'm talking about lol??? Also lol at her not keeping eye contact when "thanking" her fans for sending her stuff, she'll look for a second when she's about to start but as soon as she starts thanking them she doesn't keep eye contact with the camera 
    also that food box looks like a sponsored food sub box, like skoshbox or something 
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  11. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    senpai noticed you @Leah

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  12. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    It's so funny that you point that out because that's like 1 of her 4 only poses she knows, she doesn't even know how to pose in character, you'd think of how many years she's been cosplaying she'd know how to be more expressive 
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  13. jolynekujo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Lolllll what happened to her ass tho??? Also is she going to AX??? I haven't seen her post anything about it and I don't think they announced her as a cosplay guest this year??? Unless it's through sentai???
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  14. jolynekujo added a post in a topic Momonochi   

    Dude what is it with people with a momo username/handle are always so "weird" lol like what is it about a cute name like momo attracts the "interesting" crowd lol
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  15. jolynekujo added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    she basically calls out how he has the audacity to twist people's words and instigate reactions out of them and twists them into them attacking their fan base when he consistently always has to make a video on this certain group of youtubers he wanted to be a part of so he's being a big weirdo child about not being part of the cool kids club when he himself burned all those bridges on his own, and how manipulative he is and how he made countless sock puppet acccounts to throw death and rape threats to everyone who disagreed with him and how he'll doxx people and kill their family, and he has a brother who works with comps and can hack and it's so convenient that these accounts stopped when he returned to yt and how he hit a huge loss in subs but ended up buying views and subs and how he bought mass produced alibaba brushes that cost 8$ and raised the price 8x to 32$ claiming they cost 700$ but his brush set is the very first listing on alibaba for brush sets
    his claims to having a lab being false and he's making cosmetics in his gross ass kitchen and not properly pressing pigments so everything will arrive broken to idiots who buy it and his weird creepy sexual pandering behavior 
    I hope I summarized well lol I'm like half asleep 
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