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  1. Curiouskitty added a post in a topic What is your general everday style??   

    It isn't bad to be versatile when it comes to style 
    To be honest, I can't really settle on one thing, routine kinda bores me . I'm particularly fond of comfy feminine though .
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  2. Curiouskitty added a topic in Gaming   

    Until Dawn
    Do any of you guys play Until Dawn? If you haven't its pretty interesting. 
    It's about 8 teenagers that come back to the mountains for vacation after a very traumatic experience. What's cool about the game is that you can make your own choices. The choices will affect the outcome of the game and the fate of the characters. Also the graphics are really good..
    The game is available in PS4 but I don't have any gaming devices so I just watch game plays on Youtube. So.. if you've played it do you have anything to share?.. (forgive me for bad grammar and social awkwardness) 

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  3. Curiouskitty added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello fellow lurkers!
    I'm a constant lurker in this website but I haven't mustered the courage to comment or post on a topic. So to start off, I just wanted to say hi and have a good day. 
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