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  1. Veeja added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    There is a difference between being  gluten sensitive and completly gluten intolerant. People often mix it, but of course if you are already sensitive you should stop or eat it so less as possible.
    Even if you are intolerant it is possible that you wouldn't feel it instantly if you take a few bites especialy if you had a long break eating them. It also depends about the gluten level of the product. Cheap wheat is worst whereas organic spelt long risen traditional backed is less problematic. But still the more gluten you eat the more bad for your health. 
    In central europe 25% of the population have the genes but only few percentage develop it in life time. Compared to older days the percentage grows because we eat from the oungest age way too much very cheap overbreed(?) unnatural wheat for decades. Most of the bread has not the quality it had 60 years ago and before.
    If you have already a tendacy being intolerant to something and don't switch to a general interstine friendly nutrition it is possible you will develop more intolerances allergies and other interstine problems.
    For me it seems the opposite. The doctor seems way more hollistic as typical the western dermatologist for the masses with only cortisone and synthetic hormones aka birth control bill for skin problems most of the time. Lots of people have skin problems because of eating wrong (too much sugar, too much milk products, too much carbs or unkown allergy) and having hormone imbalances (often linked as well to wrong lifestyle choices especially not enough god fats and high-density lipoprotein).
    Even if it is not about lifestyle choices there are still so much more possibilities like bioidentical hormon-like products and not the cheap synthetic ones. Also it can be up to two years till the body is again in natural regulation after BC pills. In lots of asian countries the content in doctor education has been always more hollistic and not so strictly seperated in pharmaceutics and naturopathy at least in older days and it is sensible. In the west such doctors are part of the functional medicine or similar networks and they have to train themselv extra beside the normal education path.
    I find it a bit insolent that so many rush to claim wrong-information-in-my-country-they-do-it-the-other-way she-is-worng instead of thinking I-never-heard-of-it-mabye-I-should-reasearch-about-it. The whole health sector is incredible corrupted and it is ridicioulus how even in the west even only europe doctor education conent and approved treatment differs extremly. How even some acknowledged diseases by the WHO are completly not approved simply non existend.
    And before now many grump nah-not-true-want-facts-and-studies it is all out there and maybe not easy in the beginning to find but also not that impossible. Usually people only starts dig deep enough when terribly ill like myself. All what I have written I experienced first hand and maybe some feel inspired to reasearch more being affected themselves. If not also okay.
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  2. Veeja added a post in a topic Adora Batbrat   

    She is a lots of things but definitly not self confident. She is a tryhard and attention whore and lots of people always excuse everything about her what would have been criticsed by others even here on PULL because she is so~ alternativ and such~ an inspiration for her age....
    She isn't the worst out there and she had some good messages like staying skinny in a healthy way but many tend to glorify here only because they like her. And like HerleenQuinzell she fatshames between lines. 
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  3. Veeja added a post in a topic KotaKoti ( Dakota ) GENERAL thread   

    This whole only make-up trends from one country suits only this ethnicty is rubbish.
    SO manny asians look absolutly ridicoulus with their own make up trends like too light make-up ton for their skin, too much of the so called glass skin that it looks sweaty,...etc Same for westeners where lots of people wear ricidoulus eyes brows they will feel deep shame in ten years or countouring like clown.
    If make-up , hair and fashion trends suit you or not deepnds if you pick the right choices for you skin tone, face and body form, proportions, colours for you type,...etc.  David Kibbe the best for understanding what suits and not as a beginner and how much in detail it can be.
    And it is in general a good thing that you have different trends around the world so that you can inform yourself and be inspired to try something new. So many in the west use these overly matt very thick foundations what makes already dry not fresh looking skin even worse looking. Only thanks to the korean make-up and skin care hype we have more products these days which focus on a healthy dewy but not glowy finish,... etc.
    Most koreaboos are teenagers who have no idea and simply want to look like their idol and simply cake their face in the same way. Lisa Ring is a huge koreboo but her comparison video with one half of the face with typical german make-up and the other half with a back-in-the-day typical korean make-up showed that a mixture of both would be best for her.
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  4. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    This is not funny it is plain sad. When she keeps her lifestyle she does at the moment she is going to be very ill in a few years.
    When people have a though time in life regardless of the reasons it is hard for most to function properly in any way. Even when you once had everything under control and know what you should do you simply don't have strenght mentaly and physically to do it. Of course not all but many.
    It is sad how her fans one the one side praise her and do not see what a trainwreck she is at the moment and on the other side here where people judge so hard and being so unemphatic regardless so many claiming being at a smilar situation in life.
    Of course her shit has to be called out and not be whitknighted but a bit more understanding of general realistic human behavior would be helpful. Always interesting for me how perfect so many here and their whole social circles seem to handle life.
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  5. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Like Minzgruen said it depends how deep the feelings has been and still are. Sometimes people like each other but never has been crazy in love or both feel how they drift a part and it comes to a point where seperate ways make more sense. With such a constellation it isn't too hard to stay friends especialy if you have the same pals. In other constellations it is a different story of course.
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  6. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I don't like to be that pessimistic but when she lives that lifstyle she portrays at the moment she will have major health issus in 2-5 years. She is already at a stage where her bodyfunctions and metabolism doesn't work properly anymore (her skin, her eyes, her interstine, her sleep rhythm,...etc.). And even when the doctors didn't tell her what to do after the second rescue surgery (what I cannot imagine especially in japan where even the hospital food is extra healthy and was shown to us in the hospital video and mentioned by herself)  it is even with her limited edcucation and commen sense clear that she shouldn't eat such a garabage and especially avoid alcohol completly. She is destroying herself at the moment (I guess out of desperation).
    It is not the most ideal dream for her to open up a special girls bar but at least not a complete unrealistic goal. But how would she know how to do it? She has zero experience in the catering and bar field. She should at least work some time as a barmaid and learning how it really is and what qualities she should educate herself. This would at least fit her actual rhythm and her interests. Not the healthiest for her but still better as what what she is doing now and an apportunity to meet new people and experience real work life outside YT for the first time.
    This is sad to read. I always thought the treatment in the US depends on your money and the level of your insurance (often said by lecturers in context of cancer and autoimmun theraphy because the innovative holistic treatments mostly come from the US from well known top medical centres and certain networks of specific doctors). It is a different story in some european countries.
    You have "open" psychic wards with different focus like addiction, psychosomatic,...etc. and the stay is 6 to 12 weeks where you find different options for theraphy but of course group and privat sessions are essential but the rest can vary from clinic to clinic and you don't have to take drugs if you don't want (expect you are extremly mental ill and a potential danger but than they wouldn't let you in an "open" ward but instead put you in the classica one). There are not many though especially in rual areas and it needs long waiting periods and the most problem you need a doctor who attests that you need this form of theraphy and not only one week session. You have to fight to get in, something most ill people have no energy for. But it exists. Because it is even worse for the public system here when you aren't able to work anymore at some point and be a welfare case.
    I know that something like that doesn't exist in japan but this is something Venus needs and it was written in that context and she is european (I don't know how it is handled in switzerland though but she knows german and this definitly exist in germany).
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  7. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I have to disagree that most of her content expect her vlogging with school friends is always cringy. She did some nice videos and I personaly really liked her japan culture exploring videos like visiting Kyoto or the history photos with her boyfriend. But sadly these videos don't get much views and I am sure she is not going to produce more of that kind . Most people out there want the anime/fashion/kawai culture stuff and she goes by what brings the most clicks.
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  8. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I am verry irritated that people here be it pro, critical or neutral still take so seriously what she says or does. I feel for her and hope she will be better but it is clear that she is absolutly in no condtion to think straight and rational. She is so ill on psychical and biologcial level (effects of the stomach-interstine operation; her skin + her eyes seem to yell I-am-ill obvious for everyone who is trained in that field even through the editied camera and no this is NOT the normal I-am-very -pale she is yellow-grayish) that she is in no position to act normal.
    She was already very off since her hospital stay but the last weeks she seems mentaly disturbed and deranged. Going outside and trying to get better doesn't change that fact like so many want to interpret that. She finaly realised to some extent in what a horrorable condition she is and that she cannot function anymore and needs to do something. Sadly because of her condition and her lack of wise supporting family and no proper health care insurance it is very unlikely that she is going to be better.
    This one-week therapy session is laughable for her condition. It is a right start for her realising something is off and starting to do something but it is a drop in the ocean. She needs minimum a full 3-month intensive stay in a psychatric ward and 3 more thorough aftercare all in a language she can properly explain herself!
    But even with good mental treatment she will not be better if her interstine flora and microbiota balance is off. That seems to be the case considering what she always eats and what happend because of her illegal surgery. The interstine is THE organ where food is getting absorbed providing the body, organs and cells. Is something off here you cannot heal. (especially vitamin b12 has a certain part and if this part is cut out people get nurition defficits for example). When someone is in such a condition even the most healthy food routine change would not bring much because the food cannot be metabolised anymore and normal supplements doesn't bring much because they aren't absorbed as well. This is for example also the reason why so many get worse when changing drastical from rubbish unhealthy industrial food to raw vegan or why strict ayurveda centers help so many people where normal western mass medicine fails (because nobody investigates the interstine flora if you have not a special interstine accredited disease).
    I hate to write such negative stuff but everytime I see her in videos or read what she writes I feel SO uncomfortable and I cannot believe how blind her fan base is. She is not getting better, she is not getting her shit together, she is not normal sarcastic and using her normal strange humor, she no girl boss nor conscious manipulating others, she is "simply" going down rapidly and it is a pain to look at it and I hope that I am wrong with my estimation. 
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  9. Veeja added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    She is just without make-up and in comfortable everday cloth
    People really tend to over-analyze these days and aren't used to make-up free faces anymore. She looks normal and the video is just a normal everday vlog so nothing special here. It is just with very pale natural blonds and reds that the make-up free difference is always a bit more extrem.
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  10. Veeja added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I thinkt it is because she doesn't know what to do with herself and her chanel and that she desperatly tries to find looks and content and to establish herself in hong kong. Japan is all about kawai and she tried that but wasn't really successful and at some point too old for it. Even if she copied Dakota and wasn't really successfull with it one could tell that she liked the kawai culture and was really into the doll look. She simply has nothing at the moment what she really enjoys and we all can sense that.
    That latest sugery photos are bad but directly after moving to honkong she looked really good in m opinion in the herve legere like dress or the pink suit. The typical US victoria secret look is something she really can pull off but sadly she doesn't feel well with it. She was/still is at a point where she could develop in a more serious adult person and most here hoped for that when she changed her looks and hair and made more interesting videos like the food series but now it seems she is getting backward.
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  11. Veeja added a post in a topic Kanadajin's visa status   

    She just could have stayed with visa-kun 1.0 and if she doesn't like him searching for another visa-husband behind his back. I know it is mean but this is the way lot of visa-fraudster do it. I don't get her whole story from a rational point of view but after reading all the drama about her it seems she is incapable of thinking straight and rational and is always trapped in her own fantasies and emotional outbreaks. She cannot admit her failures to herself and rushs from situation to situation to avoid realization but the longer she is doing that the more she is digging her own hole.
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  12. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Unpopular opinion but I don't find her that problematic. I am aware that she is fakesweet, whinny and has some tea (but non which hurt others and that make a big difference for me) but the way she presents her channel and content is very watchable(?) / worth seeing it.
    I like the way she vlogs and what she shows and as a non-native speaker I like the way she talks. Very clear understandable british english. And I am very looking forward in which direction she is going to develeop. There were/are lot of vloggers who had/have potentional but didn't make it.
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  13. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    In general it is cumbersome because of all the paperwok however it varies a lot especialy if it is only a tourist visa or if you want to stay longterm. And it depends on the diplomatic ties between the countries.
    For example korea: Only canadians are allowed to stay 6 month visaless as a tourist or business person, most western countries and some others 90 days.
    New Zealand: Only UK 6 month visaless, most western and some other countries 90 days,...etc.
    Of course it always required and actual identity card and if you are suspicous like not having enough money for traveling or a return flight ticket the authorities can send you back. Or if you get in trouble like this shady trash famiy from the UK in NZ a few weeks ago who got deported. Or japan is known to be very picky if your identity card was once listed as stolen even if you have it back.
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  14. Veeja added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Finaly karma kicks in! I hoped so much to read something like that one day.
    I don't wish anybody ill but someone like Margo deserves to get back in touch with reality.
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  15. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    She wasn't a real prostitute like offering her body in brothel. She tried to make money with pictures and certain fetishes especially money fetish.
    I also don't believe Venus is escorting because of money reasons. She still makes enough from YT even without uploading. Escort is mentaly tiring because you have to adept to the preferences of your client and she said often enough the last weeks that she wants to be more herself and not how people want her to be. She is trying lots of different styles latley.
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