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  1. Veeja added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    This always happends when something is getting on trend to intensely in mainstream. At first you have authentic more or less unique people creating something new or at least not seen in that particular way and bring the success, then all the professional money managers try to get their greedy hands in it and built everything around image and psychology strategies to get as much money from teenagers as possible.
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  2. Veeja added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Many people hide behind kidness and friendliness for avoiding respsonibility and not getting involved so that they can rest with a clean slate and halo, but there are situations when this is not working if not even harming. 
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  3. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Do we really know at all that she went to a therapist? Is she really taking meds at all?
    Considering her personality so detailed discussed the last sides of this threat I wouldn't be surprised when this is all made up if not directly copied from kenna or at least searched for this type of this fast diagnosing  psychiatrist by intent. She is someone who needs to be above others and being admired. She has to be better as others and rubs it in other peoples faces masked as british humor and dropping out of bunka doesn't fit in her image and even more doesn't fit in her worldview.
    There has to be another reason for it instead of being her not good enough. Even if she would really have this diagnosis and getting the meds I do not believe she would take them with her obsession being skinny. Yes sometimes the meds can support dropping weight but it can also be the opposite gaining weight not being able too lose it regardless what you do because the meds have such a strong effect in your whole body. And I doubt she would take that risks.
    I know this sounds a bit mean and if she truly have this diagnosis and takes them I am sorry but at the moment this my impression with her and as a public figure she puts it out directly for people to know and judge. If she wouldn't want it she could have kept this privat. Also that she is only handleing this on IG and not YT give me the impression she is testing how her followers react to this topic and is it worthwhile going this route for content or not.
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  4. Veeja added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    I do not know how exactly t is in australia but in many european countries you have an apprenticeship of 2 or 3 years in many fields even for certain types of shop assistants or hairdressing. This is way more as only a certificate nor it is a degree. It is in the middle. You have a big final state-licensed exam and often the success depends how good your company teached you in practice.
    This is why non-european migrants have such a hard time getting in proper paid jobs here. Because many will not accept your graduation and you have to do it again. Even the employees at Mc Donalds have a certain percentage of people with apprenticeship. 
    And I do not really understand why so many get so aggressiv against the WK. Usually people here are so eager for real life informations and require some proof but it seems only when it is in harmony with the general main opinion.
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  5. Veeja added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Okay I even have to unsubscribe junskitchen channel. Why putting a cat training video in a kitchen channel?
    Why just WHY are people so predictable clicking of everything related to cats even if it that boring (and sometimes unhygienic they way how the cats strolling across the kitchn table while preparing food)?
    I understand to do a cat video sometimes for regular schedule when you have motivation hole or just fishing for cat lovers but these two do not do proper content at all anymore like so well dicussed here (last time was the light art exhibition). And I do not understand why these two can get away with it. I liked them very much back in the days and their old videos are good and I stuck to them as long as possible but the last month are so unwatchable.
    So many good cooking or japanese culture centric channels with objectiv better quality content reicive so muss less views and clicks. I really do not get it. It is really all for the perfect japanese husbando fantasy?
    And they aren't even able to exploit this favor properly. It is not that hard to produce a proper cooking video every two weeks even if it is only japanese rice crackers with soy souce.  But no, the fans should be blessed getting a cat video every two month.
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  6. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The outfit is okay. Not very good not very bad. Also people are a bit too obssesive about socks in sandals (same with back and blue or gold and silver combinations). Always depends on the general styling and doesn't have to be bad. And when she feels comfy with it kudos that she prefers this instead worrying about the fashion police  too much.
    I also do not find it very problematic of her not  take over the corona hysteria. Chanels like hers are for distraction people seek at the moment.
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  7. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I am pretty sure they have a certain number of extra places reserved for foreign students which doesn't have to compete with the general japanese candidates. Considering the classes are in japanese the overall applications from foreigners speaking well enough japanese and willing to pay these amounts of students fees is probably not high.
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  8. Veeja added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I understand what you mean and in general you are right but careful, people with real bad social anextiy couldn't do such a job even with a gun pointed at th head or even when managing it somehow in a good way and reiciving positive feedback the stress cortisol level will stay abnormal high and blocks everything.
    But yeah Venus is lacking exactly what you described. Proper live experience what lets you grow and hiding behind the PC. Her current phase should be the eye opener that she has to find a new route for her life (and when it is only doing barkeeper jobs but at least real work). 
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  9. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Sorry but there is nothing weird at all being 2 or 3 years apart. This is really no big deal expect for some nitpickers. Total normal in my school and my country. 
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  10. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Because it is Mikan I agree with these thoughts but sometimes people are so infatuated(?) in someone thanks to hormones in the so called limerence phase that for 3 to 6 month your hormon cocktail is like drugs and you are all over the moon and cannot hold back and share you luck with the whole world. If it is really this phase I am happy for them even if it is a bit exhausting.
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  11. Veeja added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    I think the last month have been a test if they could survive on the korean-girl-and-boyfriend-try-X-in-indonesia alone and it seems to work.
    They have enough money to visit korea a few times a year for the a bit new korean content. Most of her audience seems to look her videos for her as a person.
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  12. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    She is not more or less informed as other normal people elswhere be it first world or not and can express her opinion (and what is going in british media is definitly out of proportion hysteria). Of course influencers in general should not adress it too much because of their influence but this will never happen. Even experts aren't consistent in details and media and governements in different countries act very differently:
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  13. Veeja added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    OMG true It just sad she was once so pretty.
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  14. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Of course not the full amount of tution fees but at least the payment per hour would be more efficent as with youtube. Together with all the other useful suggestions in this thread she could have safed lots of money from the beginning. I am pretty sure her mum (if not the money she already lent would be for nothing) or fans would also pay a bit exrta and she could make it through the next semester.
    180 - 2800 is everything and nothing. I doubt she makes that much money but in the end it is all speculation.
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  15. Veeja added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I am pretty sure she would never admit she isn't talented enough and is doing poorly at bunka. But to be fair studing in a foreigen language especially one so different and complicated is extra hard.
    Even when you research different education and career path you can never understand fully till you are in and if, if your are capable doing it. Many people also fail not because they are in general bad but cannot manage the time schedule or the amount of tests and the stress. Or they pass but with very bad grades and rethink it is still worth to study further because nobody will hire you with such bad grades. Especially when tution fees are that expensive.
    Of course there is. She could do normal weekend part time jobs like being waitress, shop assistant,...etc. I am pretty sure the wage per hour would be more efficent as with youtube where you have to invest time in going out and filming and edit. The few sponsorships with her small audience doesn't make that much money.
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