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  1. derin added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Aspyn Ovard
    aspyn's tweets from her private twitter got exposed today. well, never had an opinion on her. now im thinking negative stuff about her idk// her ig is private now

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  2. derin added a post in a topic Currently Reading?   

    one of john gribbin's book
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  3. derin added a topic in Skincare   

    hi guys! i need tips for:
    old poppep pimple scarswensnoseblackheadswhiteheadsi used to have an amazing skin and i've been dealing with these for the past 4 months ._. 
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  4. derin added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Amanda Steele
    A 16 year old youtuber trying to act like she has lips and boobs.
    spoiler: she doesn't
    and she used to have great videos but not now ._.

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  5. derin added a topic in Music   

    Song Tips
    kali uchis - lonersky ferreira - everything is embarrasingfoster the people - pumped up kicksdillon - thirteen thirtyfivekodaline - all i wantcage the elephant - how are you truecaravan palace - lone diggeroh wonder - technicolor beatglue 70 - concussionparks, squares and alleys - we're not just friendsyears & years - breathe
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