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  1. atypical added a post in a topic Kelly Morita (previously LoveLyzKelly)   

    It probably does hurt to read this stuff, and sometimes the comments are mean/spiteful, but I think most people here actually want the best for her in the end.
    personal side stuff:
    I really think once she gets a little older and chills out her dumb health anxiety stuff will disappear. And when she has a real, actualized home life, a life where she sees value in herself in her own local community and family unit, she won't be so desperate for validation online. I want that for her and she's gonna get there but for now, I love the gossip... so what can I say, lol.
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  2. atypical added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    lol She's going to get a pet from a pet store (though she'll certainly say "breeder", not that that means much in Japan tbh) and try to push the blame onto her allergies, even though there is no cat that has hair that won't produce allergens. What a ridiculous excuse. A cat is a living thing, not an aesthetic choice.
    Also girl lives in Tokyo, there are 101 cat rescue organizations out there run by Japanese people, foreigners, multi-language, etc. Hell there are cats all over the streets. But no, chances are she's going to end up with some cat farm kitten with a dumb allergy sob story.  Ridiculous.
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  3. atypical added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Youtubers on an entertainer visa are generally part of bigger companies that sponsor them. For example, I believe Sharla has been sponsored by Yoshidamasaki Inc. and Breaker Lab  in the past (who also sponsored Simon and Martina if I'm correct), Micaela by Yoshida Masaki Inc. (who still rep Rachel and Jun). To self-sponsor you need to make a certain amount as an entertainer and I doubt mikan makes enough.
    Anyway she's probably not visa overstaying or whatever. Even if you leave school/get fired it isn't like your visa just disappears immediately. You're supposed to self-report most changes in status and if you don't say anything, and your school/job doesn't, it isn't like immigration is going to care until it runs out according to their records. On top of that, because of corona all visas were given an automatic extension so she may be riding out a grace period if her visa did switch in the past few months. 
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  4. atypical added a post in a topic Kelly Morita (previously LoveLyzKelly)   

    This whole self-start entrepreneur kick is really baffling. What exactly has she done that would make her worthy of being someone's mentor? Got married? Got a basic white-girl job in Japan? Girl can't even handle her own affairs, and has been in expat groups whining about how she can't figure out how to get her US stimulus check...
    The fact that she considers her "starting from zero" story to be that she moved to Japan all on her own, despite doing nothing with her time but develop a nice case of health anxiety, really says a lot. 
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  5. atypical added a post in a topic Ryan Boundless   

    the saddest thing is, you know the top reason he's still here is because he's in too deep. Like it's just a big sunk-cost fallacy, but as he's constantly reminded us, he's been here for ~16 years~. He's like.... in this 30's at best? still working entry level jobs. owning no property (that I know of). pretty ignorant of financials.
    if he did leave, what would he do? start over in his mid/late 30s (early 40s?) with no real marketable skills, no impressive resume,a "teacher" for years but with no actual certification. his skill set is "speaks English" and "is not Japanese" and that works for him fine but where outside of Asia can he swing that?
    no money, no skills, no assets. he's pretty much stuck because he probably doesn't see any way out. no wonder he's depressed.
    (of course it would still be better for him to LEAVE JAPAN because people always start off, in way worse situations than his. at least he has his health.)
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  6. atypical added a post in a topic Ryan Boundless   

    the best was his video about getting a credit card, which apparently he had mastered enough to talk about in a video because, get this.... after 15 years in Japan... he was finally able to get a credit card..... for the equivalent of $1000.............................
    he also said that, as far as he knew, there weren't cards that give like, air miles and points and stuff....
    I mean either he's absolutely shit at Japanese and can't even manage a google search, or he's a seriously stunted human being who probably needs his girlfriend to survive in the real world. I mean 15 years.... FIFTEEN YEARS. fifteen. 
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  7. atypical added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    zzzzzz... I can't even watch her videos through for laughs anymore, it's just so dull. when I saw the title I thought, oh well this should be good/dumb, but I couldn't do it. 
    please, please, please learn about editing videos. try a new angle. cut to some, I don't know, relevant footage? anything else. no one wants to watch you stand in front of an empty wall as you talk about popping grapes or whatever.
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  8. atypical added a post in a topic Sere aka Kabukicho's so called No. 1   

    It's hard to even see Sere as a snowflake. It's  just depressing. Bitch will never leave Japan willingly because she can't get attention for being a worn out white girl anywhere else. As she gets older it'll get worse as she stops being able to get by on her fading youth. It's already getting close... Hope she's saving her money now and not blowing it on hosts and dumb shit. Really seems like she doesn't have anything else going on. Once her face goes she'll have nothing but her mom body and no real friends who like her for herself... ugh I've depressed myself. 
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  9. atypical added a post in a topic Asian Beauty/Skincare   

    It sounds a lot like DET Clear. Same concept: gentle, gel exfoliator, and a lot cheaper. It works pretty well.
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  10. atypical added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    That new video of hers' was actually not horribly, ear-piercingly bad. She actually shows a bit of critical thinking. Sort of. I skipped around so maybe there was a lot of dumb in there that I missed.
    It's still full of those dumb half-subtitles, and girl, you've been making videos for how many years? It's time to learn how to make an interesting video.  You just had a camera pointed at you in shitty lighting for all that time, waving your hands around. Look at any other 'talking head' style video. They jazz it up by switching up angles, inserting cutaways to something visually stimulating, or at least putting on some music or using title cards to break up sections.
    No one wants to stare at your face while you gesture wildly and rant.  You've been at this for years. It's time to step up your game.
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  11. atypical added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    I'm glad she did us a favor and included an English version, so we could tell wtf she's trying to say in some of that garbled Japanese.
    I mean, she does realize that language ability is a prereq of gaining citizenship, right? girl better pray for the kindest interviewer ever... every step of the way.
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  12. atypical added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Didn't she mention before that she's stopping the 'cutesy' voice because she was pressured into by her agency, but doesn't like it? So mixed up without pages to peek back at, haha.
    Anyway, anyone else find it weird how she uses pretty much only foreign brands? I would have expected to see some Japanese or Chinese brands thrown in there, but nope. Guess if you find something that works, why change, but... must be pricey.
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