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  1. Chobi added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I wonder if she did this herself, there are plenty of apps and filters which do this, hell even Facebook has a weird comic/manga style 
    I live in Yokohama, and I got the siren (not like the videos I have seen but a siren regardless with a warning issued out of a missile) but nothing alerted on my phone, another friend in Yokohama also had the phone alert. Guess it was random? Which seems bizarre... 
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  2. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I literally sat and read that, asked myself out loud what and read it again...
    Still asking what... what...
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  3. Chobi added a post in a topic Mira - English Dictionary   

    I have never considered myself dyslexic but I make those jumbled mistakes all the time LOL for some reason if I really concentrate on spelling I always confuse Z and V despite not looking the same but sounding the same. I switch up the whole Z zee/zed and V vee and my head goes into a melt down...
    but she.. she just spells as it sounds, if that makes sense??  She does these spelling mistakes my ex used to do and he was downright stupid, like booger eating stupid (dear god why did I date him)
    People have corrected her in the past and she just doesn't care at all, and even on your phone, since she has an iphone it will autocorrect - unless she has it turned off.. ugh.
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  4. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I thought this exact same thing, I guess you can be a casual Muslim after all?? 
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  5. Chobi added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I called it! The moment I saw her get her phone and suddenly money came in at a slow trickle, it was hella suspicious!
    I sit on the fence but somewhat agree yet don't wanna agree. What is happening right now is sort of - not vicious, but it is going to leave a lot of bad impressions? BUT if it is all made up for attention they are probably laughing and don't give a damn about the impact as long as their stats are going up, followers etc...
    If they become friendly, it will definitely feel staged. If someone was going to publicly out me on youtube and use it as blackmail, I would be pretty upset... unless of course, staged then it would be pretty easy to recover. 
    I am surprised Mira hasn't addressed this video at all, or reported it to be removed, since she reported all the reuploads of Rody's other truth video...
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  6. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    This is incredible...
    While blackmail isn't the most ideal of ways to do something, sometimes it is necessary? (Maybe this case it is?)
    I do wonder if Rody's girlfriend is sick of it, and she had some demands made because this video also publicly outs Rody to have a girlfriend (or wife? No shame in either!) but the cliffhanger and inaudible to Mira's "and...?" is very puzzling. 
    I have so many unanswered questions! 
    Especially regarding Rody's girlfriend/wife. Dude, if my Husband was going on trips with some girl, who I later find out she love-loves him I would be extremely worried. ESPECIALLY after all the evidence here and on Rody's youtube that Mira did try and make a move on him and make him feel uncomfortable. Damn, I would have slapped Mira stupid. Does Rody not live with her then, which explains how they can do Live casts at his place? Or hers? Man... 
    ANYWAY Back to Mira, this is such a shit card to pull, of course she does this at a stupid time (3/4am?) where most of Japan is asleep but HEY most of the world is awake? Her fanbase is mostly oversea, so they will be awake, see a shit storm and blow it to Rody's way. Lots of little angry Mira-minions for Rody to wake up to? 
    Her friend is really dumb to "hack" an account, isn't it a Facebook Page/Group that she hacked? Is that even possible without going through an Admin of the page??? Any more screenshots on this alleged friend to see if they type the same as Mira?
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  7. Chobi added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    She is somewhat awkward, and it does seem rather forced and badly acted, but she does seem more outgoing even if forced. Venus just seems to sit inside unless Manaki is with her. (granted I would sit inside too if I had Margo as a mother)
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  8. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I am not even Muslim, but this is pretty offensive what she is doing..
    Also, will her lifestyle change? Probably not... so in everything, this is just a phase/joke to her that will fade away.
    I have known interracial couples who will (white woman) will wear the appropriate attire for meeting his parents, but never really converting to Muslim. The most they do is dietry etc.. but I don't think Mira would do such.
    Does reading a book instantly make you what you read, like you are what you eat LOL
    Rodi made a twitter. It only has 1 following and he has only made one tweet, which is probably a photo which Mira took of him?
    Do you think Mira has control of this account and he is completely somewhat unaware of it or just thinking, fuck it... I wanna see proof he is behind it. (Come on Rody, say something instead of RT your newly converted canadian japanese friend)
    The fact that he only has one person he is following seems sad... doesn't he have anyone else???
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  9. Chobi added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    I am surprised no one has covered Venus yet (unless there is a Venus and Taylor thread I have missed)
    I watched an old video of those two, and I guess Venus is rather socially awkward, and doesn't seem to relax, while Taylor is overly bubbly and outgoing. It is a clash of character, but I am not sure if it works or not?
    Venus is definitely out the ordinary for YT vloggers, so it makes me wonder what Taylor sees in her? 
    But I don't mind Venus, even if her voice seems irritating after so long and forced. Again a total clash and contrast considering how mature Taylor sounds too!
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  10. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I watched it (waiting for the minutes lost to be returned to me)
    And she did cover some SMALL minor detail about bonsai, mostly the price. But that was it, then she went on from there and covered other plants, lack of space, putting trees in pots, some pots to look at, lack of space but here is a rake for your garden but people use their hands because lack of space to plant trees, also a broom that is oddly shaped and this bright green broom wow plastic, vegetables because Japanese are very for growing own produce, here are some seeds, some cute pots THE END. (probably not in order but yolo)
    Yeah she mentioned the shape of the broom and color  I am not that weird to take such interest 
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  11. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    She is REAAAAAAALLY scraping at the barrel for video content now.......
    I was trying to think of some actual good video ideas for her and I had to scold myself to not give her any ideas, mostly because I do not wanna see her eating... 
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  12. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    (I hope this loads in some order, I'm uploading from my phone!)
    i was really 'cool' and took snaps from my phone of my monitor  Shh... 
    during the live stream, Mira would occasionally grab her phone? Whenever she did this, someone would send money? Which raised my suspicions. After someone asked Rodi to kiss Mira, Rodi also seemed to become suspicious and actually took her phone. Since you can watch the stream now, anyone else notice Mira's 'oh shit' reaction???
    Isn't the person who gave Mira money the Swedish guy who asked them to kiss? NOK what currency is that?

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  13. Chobi added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Who is in the car with them??
    Comment says it is Rodi's uncle.. awkwaaaard.
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  14. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    In the Live stream, Rodi is leaning to one side, constantly. So she keeps moving in, just so her arm can touch him. I would take caps but I am super busy and using this as background noise 
    But they are offering questions for a "Super Chat" ask them to do anything and they will.... OH GOD. I think I missed if this is a paid thing though? Super Chat you send $10
    So far they sniffed each others armpits and twerked... Thats $20.... 
    BUT Mira, did vanish to tweet so I am suspicious that she asked someone LOL

    But the topic went to condoms, and I cannot tell if Rodi is being very.. racist, saying Japanese/Korean/Chinese people have small dicks so they are small condoms here. Someone with a Korean UN said it was untrue and Rodi is like "but your name is korean, of course the condoms are the same, you are korean HAHA" Mira did actually tell him off.
    Someone asked Rodi if he was scared to go back to Pakistan..
    It is amusing because he is talking in his (native?) tongue, and Mira is like 
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  15. Chobi added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    That patreon is so... 
    As always, it is HER name first, duh.
    We all know the 3 is a play on san. 
    BUT WHY? What would they possibly tweet that is exclusive to just this account? 
    I cannot believe they have one paying patron but...
    How can we vote, if there is only ONE person who is PAYING they MUST go.. 
    Whoever that patron is, please say "go home" 
    Extra, please no.. and how will they be able to manage this without giving the patron a direct link? 
    BASICALLY, just check out the patron and then this last one;
    Some people have more money than sense 
    Who bets these presents are just keychains and some rice crackers or tea... Mira is about as creative as an amoeba.
    Can we report such things? 

    (If this post is majorly spaced out I don't know why because it keeps doubling everything, unless it clears up when i post then ignore this!) 
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